Zhan Long Chapter 1312

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Near two hours of engaging in fierce battle , the offensive of original highest heaven city player has appeared feels weak more and more.


Li Mu and Wang Jian instructed by my, leading the elite teams of 40 thousand + people to sneak attack from the side were retreating Xia Huojun, the Longxu Armed forces and transportation troops of ice shield armed forces three big regiments, almost destroyed their dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, enabling they final taking advantage not to have, this year the head, hand inside did not have the heavy artillery to attack a city simply is the wishful thinking, only if were the sneak attack, or looked like I am same, hand inside can grasp 300 Dragon Rider!


Li Mu sends in the news: „Duty is accomplished, the dragon crystal artillery of three big regiments turned into the scrap iron completely, now they also remaining altogether about 200 000, are the highest heaven city final NPC armies, wanted me and Wang Jian has the person to go to kill, we most sacrificed 50 thousand people high and low definitely to surround and exterminate them!"

„No, does not use. Told me their exact location, is now."

„On asking the day icefield endures the hunger frozen by, was forced not to have the means by us."

„Very good...... Then gave me!"

I laugh, such situation suits me!

Immediately confesses, making Lin Wan Er, Matcha and Yue Qing Qian and the others be responsible for defending the city, I return to the imperial palace, took the imperial seal of highest heaven city sovereign, afterward attains the military tally that holds military authority high, the god shape changes the body direct impact clouds, flew to ask the day icefield from the upper air, my flying speed was fast, ten minutes were less than arrived at sky over the icefield, when I descended saw that the soldiers of three big regiments rustlinged to shiver in the wind and snow, was too miserable, the highest heaven city three big regiments that once was insufferably arrogant fall this situation today unexpectedly, they were almost 200 000 always. The population establishment, actually ends up to turn out each to have 70,000-80,000 now.

„What person?"

Several warhawks ride to search take off forcefully, the wind and snow have soon charmed their eyes, has actually raised the long sword, loudly was shouting to clear the way to me by far: „What person, dares to excel at the camp that rushes to the highest heaven city to garrison?"

The demon mountain died in battle, could not attend to them, these NPC armies were also brought the person to scatter by Li Mu and Wang Jian wandered about destitute here, the demon mountain is unable personally the acting awe into submission submissive they, now happen to be my golden opportunity!



Ventilates, I arrive at their front directly, said: „Tian Ling Empire holds spear Li Xiao Yao greatly, must see all senior generals of three big regiments, leading me to go?"

Several warhawks ride to search some doubt, but sees me, has not said anything, leading me to fly to the big camp.

The armed forces account is also warm, lived a trough fire, about 20 + senior generals here, at least are Yorozuo long above the military officers of post, Xia Huojun the commanding demon mountain is not, vice- commands in the deacon, commanding of Longxu Armed forces is a heroic woman, who she saw me is, draws a sword to shout to clear the way suddenly lowly: „Enemy leader, how do you have the guts to come to here?!"

One group of military officers draw out the pointed weapons, as if momentarily the appearance that I will tear into shreds.

I show a faint smile, holds the sovereign imperial seal in the control places on the table, said: „The highest heaven empire ended, the sovereign was killed, the imperial seal here, now the highest heaven city became one of the day of plume empire possessions, I am the day of plume empire hold spear Li Xiao Yao greatly, so long as is willing to assist me to capture the world together, does not go into one's past!"

Saying, I have pulled out the military tally, presses suddenly on the table, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The Longxu Armed forces command Ai zither, do you recognize the marshal military tally?"

Ai zither stares, the tears gush out the eye socket, said: „Highest heaven...... Did the highest heaven empire end really?"

I nod: „Ended, if you are impenetrably thickheaded, will only be hit by the total destruction, thinks to follow your officers, do you want to make them die in battle in vain? Since the highest heaven city has become the possession of day of plume empire, we definitely will not commit the slightest offense to the common people, you will also change the flag to change thought into the empire officers, almost protection this national territory, Ai is zither, you willing to give loyalty to Tian Ling Empire?"

zither whole body shivers, she is here military rank highest captain, tears cannot help but falls following the cheeks, making me shock secretly, this game molds so really NPC, how can change countenance, finally, the qin withdrawing several steps, the long sword column on the ground, single Xi kneel down, said: „The Longxu Armed forces command Ai zither, wants...... Is willing to give loyalty to Tian Ling Empire, is willing to follow to hold about the spear greatly!"

Ai zither kneels down, immediately nearby ice shield armed forces commanded allow Ying also to kneel: „Ices shield armed forces allow Ying to be willing to follow to hold the spear greatly!"

Other Yorozuo long kneel down to accept a surrender in abundance!

I nod, said: „Since you belonged to Tian Ling Empire, is the officers in day of plume empire, that does not need to endure the hunger by freezing here, walks, immediately sets out, goes to the Zhenhai pass/test along with me."

Ai zither is stunned: „Sir, do we go to the Zhenhai pass/test to do?"

„Changes the flag to change thought!"

„Good, yes...... Sir!"


After dozens minutes, the enormous and powerful 170,000 people of NPC armies, left asked the day icefield, but Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others led the player to clear the way, protects these precious NPC resources, when arrived in the Zhenhai pass/test, here had been seized by the Tian Ling Empire army, those who defended the pass/test was a Yorozuo of purple spirit armed forces is long, saw me to arrive, immediately rolled off the saddle to discontinue: „Subordinate see holds the spear greatly!"

He looks to me behind the army of innumerable highest heaven city, cannot bear say: „Holds the spear greatly, these enemies once encroached upon our country earth, you how...... How with these people in same place?"

I said joyfully: „They have decided to surrender, did not need to ask, immediately makes the artisan produce in a hurry the military insignia of day of plume empire, wore to these officers on, some of your here originally how many?"

„Symbol has, here altogether 30,000 people guard, but symbol at least everyone has 3-5, this was enough."

„That takes!"



Is less than one hour, Ai zither and other NPC have exchanged completely the Tian Ling Empire symbol, has become the Tian Ling Empire army, all highest heaven city war flags destroyed completely, changed into the Tian Ling Empire war flag.

If approximately the demon mountain saw this time definitely will remove firewood from under the pot to irritate by this move?

Now, inside demon mountain had not controlled the tiny bit NPC army, but player also after the first time was killed was everywhere attempted the transmission, wants in this round country fought to organize to attack again was difficult, but this may no wonder I, probably blame unable to withstand the clear pupil to develop instigation of black ink and sky rose on the monster demon mountain.

After rallying the army, in addition the Tian Ling Empire original army, altogether collected the 200 000 troops, I direct them to detour, the army who avoids the German war zone player from the north of Luming forest, one hour of marching, arrives in the east side of highest heaven city unexpectedly, here had not been besieged, orders to open the city gate, puts Ai zither, allow Ying and the others to command the army to enter, I order to be linked temporarily the highest heaven city, red rock city and Qingyan city and other cities establishes the province, appoints the pretor in Ai Qinwei this province, such comes Ai zither the authority to be equal to that is older than the highest heaven city sovereigns, naturally can also to the day plume. The empire was loyal and devoted.


Under the city, original highest heaven city player armies more hits are less, until only the remaining few several million people, Li Mu and Wang Jian leads the Tian Ling Empire player to cover from the north finally kills, but our Kaesong leads the NPC army to kill Going out from the city, inside and outside attacks from both sides, the German war zone has met with from the unprecedented disastrous defeat, but at this time the demon mountain had hurried back finally, the air/Qi results in courage entirely to crack.

The Jiu Li City direction is still engaging in fierce battle, asked that the price leads the Chinese players to fiercely attack Jiu Li City, but the sky rose is not good to cope, western boundary treaty of alliance player from each direction reenforcement on Jiu Li City, even there is a player never to turn over to the direction of sea and Hybrid Demon territory to come, had proven the sky rose really has the secret treaty with the Indian, otherwise the player wants to kill from the Hybrid Demon territory, that simply in dream of a fool.

Has a look at Cooldown, we online 36-hour-long, -and-a-half days of Cooldown, the country have fought continuously next day already.

Subsequently decides offline, everyone must the rest full 12 hours be able to get online again, otherwise everybody's body can unable to bear.

Our one group of people in highest heaven city offline, the following defense mission gave the person of 7 K and cold winter were good, the person but who wants to come the demon mountain was scattered . Moreover the main city also fell to the enemy, wants to gather the player price of rank again is almost is surely impossible, the threat to Tian Ling Empire also almost can disregard.

Before offline, has counted merit, the Chinese area in fact had Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City, Port City, the highest heaven cities and Full Moon City these five Daijouike now, the seven big kingdoms in south humanity territory had been conquered by us five, then only then iron skull city and Ze deep pool city these two firm cities, so long as can conquer them, my dream was also completed.


offline, gathers in the living room, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were tired somewhat thinly and pale, quite looks at the person to love dearly, is good because of their appetites is also good, after the chef cooks the dish, ate many to rest, but I, online for a long time fell down from weariness continuously am a little, but the spirit but was actually not as if bad, and within the body strength of Yang Flame the grew continually, made my endurance want by far average man.

Called the protector base, had not found the Wang Ze Cheng whereabouts as before, no one knows where this bandit chieftain hid, but will certainly crop up, now we are almost issuing a warrant for arrest him by the strength of whole nation, so long as he cropped up definitely cannot run away.

Before sleeping, has a look at the forum, at the forum of Chinese war zone noisy, our battlefields have been divided into many, now the Fang Ge Que direction has not been considered as that the main battlefield, because he divided forces three batch, one batch resisted the enemy on wilderness, one batch did not turn over to the sea to resist Hybrid Demon to go, another batch hit the highest heaven city with Q-Sword.

Thought so that the battlefield of highest heaven city turned into the main battlefield on the contrary, the entering the war population or the fight scale are second to none.


Did not think that many, slept! After getting out of bed, joined together to accomplish a great task with everybody again!

Zhan Long Chapter 1312

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