Zhan Long Chapter 1313

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This thinks that unexpectedly rested the country to fight the day third day, near woke up at noon, the chef has completed the delicious meal, got out of bed to wash, stood looks at itself before the mirror, did not have the chest of reason to be stuffy, Cooldown in the game was too probably long, the body somewhat could not withstand, and after Shen Bing died in the line of duty, could not find the Wang Ze Cheng trail continuously, the short of breath chest stuffily was also natural.

Is good because , the matter in game also soon is near the end, fires off this round country war to believe that can make the situation in entire destiny mainland enter a relatively stable environment, not to mention the clear pupil of seven luminaries city develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk to stage a comeback, at least in this fought must Ze deep pool city and iron skull city stilling!


In living room, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Tang Qi and Qin Wen.

I walk to sit side Wan Er, asked: „What last night had to have?"

Lin Wan Er moves the cell phone to me in front, said: „, The main important matter is Fang Ge Que dispatches Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang to lead [Legend] elite to coordinate Q-Sword to attack Jiu Li City together, regained Jiu Li City at the price of blood, in this fights Q-Sword, Lu Chun Yang and Enchanted Painting to hang respectively one time, but the sky rose had also been killed by Fang Ge Que . Moreover, your country fought points first to be instead surpassed by Fang Ge Que."


This is natural, Fang Ge Que were not less than me many points, let alone he has killed sky rose one time, the sky rose murder are countless, points definitely will not lower, 10% points have given Fang Ge Que, made the first throne exchange ownerships sufficiently.

„A bit faster eats meal, should get online instead surpasses."


This lunch has eaten for one hour, because knows that then does not know when also has free time offline to eat, can therefore eat many many as far as possible, Qin Wen in side looks that our three people wolfed down have been shocked, thought us, for this game has also spelled, the class on, now soon has not neglected to eat and sleep.

Finished eating gets online!


Appears in the city wall in highest heaven city, such as I expect, the gunsmoke has subsided, the entire highest heaven city almost entered the boundary of all sea Thangbinh now, the rows of patrol cavalry soldiers walk on the urban main road slowly, the small merchant also walked out of the door, the player of massive Portuguese server moves into this city, just like the Port City player, their primary missions is to guard these two cities, actually also guards these two cities for the Chinese area, otherwise the Chinese player quantity is insufficient, cannot defend seven big main cities.

Nearby, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue get online one after another, „drop", the Yue Qing Qian news has sent: „Brother Xiao Yao you get online finally, we are in the highest heaven city west gate direction recuperation, you come!"


Had two female god shapes to fly, when we arrived discovered that Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha and the others was fitting out the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry, Li Mu raises the long sword to instigate [Zhan Long] to walk in the formation front, said loudly: „Do not say that my Lao Li did not uphold justice, hangs over 2 times brothers to leave the participating country to fight again, the price of death was too big, you lived are practicing the level, lived can Going out in the reality travel for several days, once otherwise hung is 4 levels, you wanted the guild not to want, everybody was the mainstay of [Zhan Long], one's own, the death surpassed 2 times brothers aware points to stand to come out, a bit faster."

Quick, in 1 thousand + melt god cavalry went out of a group of people, about 2000 people, the Level almost uniform 232 levels, fall from 235 levels, one of them said: „The Li Mu elder brother, can like this, we go to the endless place to practice the level, waits for the guild to summon, three days of Cooldown we practice 3-4 levels to come back as far as possible, the country fought day final two days if needed to summon us at any time, these 4 levels of we could fall, how is it?"

Li Mu laughs, stands up from failure to leap Dragon Bei, pats his shoulder: „Good brothers, truly good...... That has such decided that everybody goes to the endless place to practice the level, all hung over 2 time Brother [Zhan Long] to go to the endless place to reserve all seats for a performance to practice the level to be good, whenever necessary your I will be definitely impolite, quick went quickly, Guildmaster must arrange the following combat task immediately."


2000 + melt god cavalry in addition about 7000 auxiliary and long-distance Class players left the highest heaven city together.

I raise the butterfly to walk to go forward, ordering all [Zhan Long] players to go to outside Western city to build up, about a half hour, gathered 7 thousand + people, looked like we also retained the main force, was many people have not gotten online, otherwise [Zhan Long] at least can put out 10 thousand people simultaneously online, this was a very fearful military strength.

Was a pity very much, in Fan Shu City my Dragon's den armed forces already battle loss completely, will otherwise be stronger, their battle losses also valuable, at least drags the sky rose in dragon certainly restricted area one day night , will otherwise fear the consequence inconceivably, will lose may not be Jiu Li City, but was fire Yun City, by the fire Yun City solid defense, once fell to others' hand on is not easy to snatch to come back.


„Which battlefield needs us?" I asked one.

The Lin Wan Er delicate eyebrows raise, say with a smile: „The fight of fire Divine Mountain had not ended completely, the Russian player about 1000 thousand people in Ze deep pool city are attacking as before also the mountain . Moreover, does not turn over to the sea direction the Hybrid Demon offensive to be also getting more and more violent, really needs us."

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „Um, the battlefield is short of manpower in all directions, it is said western the person of boundary treaty of alliance gathered about 2000 thousand people on the wilderness, prepares garrison troops that attacks Fang Ge Que to leave behind, there also needs the person."

My knitting the brows head of: „This was a little thorny."

Li Mu asked: „Do we reenforce fire Divine Mountain? Ye Fatty, Misty Clouds they now at the military strength of 100 thousand + people 1000 thousand people who resists the match, was too bitter, let alone they are the allies."

I think that shook the head saying: „It is not good, their true intentions are not fire Divine Mountain, they besieged fire Divine Mountain to attract we many main forces reenforced in the past, now their breach is not fire Divine Mountain."

„That meeting?" Wang Jian hesitates, said: „Sky rose returned to the iron skull city, the demon mountain brought about 1000 thousand the Germany war zones and other server of the people to go to the wilderness."

„Wilderness?" I am startled suddenly: „Determination concrete whereabouts?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Along does not turn over to the sea to go to the wilderness."

„I have the unclear premonition......"

„Any unclear premonition."

„Demon mountain can lead these 1000 thousand + people to join the regiment of Hybrid Demon territory to be systematic......"

„What?" Yue Qing Qian has opened the small mouth: „Brother Xiao Yao, is this impossible? Do all meritorious services that the demon mountain can give up have join the Hybrid Demon territory?"

I smile bitterly: „When we all NPC armies of highest heaven city that moment that changes the flag to change thought that the meritorious value of demon mountain completely became invalid, he is in a rage to join the Hybrid Demon territory is not impossible, moreover military strength enough of Hybrid Demon territory, they can the strengths counter-attack with the aid of in Canglan, Sif and other king, perhaps their present goals were Tian Ling Empire."

Thinks of here, my even more fearful, hurried [say / way]: „Anything was needless saying that immediately marches forward to Tian Ling Empire, our goals did not turn over to the sea the seacoast defense line, full speed advance!"



The [Zhan Long] several thousand cavalries started in abundance, bring to assist Class and long-distance Class to fire into Tian Ling Empire, now the highest heaven city stilled, no longer needed us, needed our places truly instead is continuously peaceful Tian Ling Empire.

Hoped me to guess mistakenly, if were the demon mountain also has joined really the Hybrid Demon territory, that to us simply was one time hits hard, the dark blue billows were very strong, now also obtains the help of demon mountain and the others, if this is really the case, Tian Ling Empire this time was dangerous! Thinks of here, immediately cannot bear summon the warhawk of palace guard to ride to search, making him cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den for my signalling, making Frost early make the plan, the next battlefield of dark blue billows possibly no longer was defends stern cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but was Tian Ling Empire!

After one hour, the people entered in the Tian Ling Empire domain, pushes onward to north along the fire crystal basin.

Yue Qing Qian flew, blinked saying: „Reconnoitered the latest news, Brother Xiao Yao your this time has guessed right, our warhawks rode to search to reconnoiter dozens Hybrid Demon warships never to turn over to the sea the north bank to approach the south bank, received 1000 thousand + people who the demon mountain has led in the shore . Moreover the demon mountain just the forums had posted in the German war zone and Indonesian war zone and other server, summoned that they joined the Hybrid Demon territory, first hit Tian Ling Empire, then regained Port City and highest heaven city, our people also saw the form that the maplewood was drunk, maplewood being drunk lead the players in several hundred Indian war zones also in the seashore together to aid the demon mountain."

I clench teeth: „Clear pupil develops black ink not to make us obtain without labor the world eventually, she makes the maplewood be drunk to act to receive the demon mountain, this explained that the German and Indian were starting to collaborate."

„We now what to do?"

„First goes not to turn over to the sea, defends Wu Shenhe and in Tian Ling Empire domain does not turn over to the sea seacoast, did not make them land can guarantee safely."



At the forum of Chinese area, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword one after another have also posted, summoned that everybody gets online carries on this outstanding defensive war, our matches have attacked Tian Ling Empire with the Hybrid Demon territory union, at this time the words of everybody absolute sincerity cooperation will not miss the golden opportunity!

However biggest the good news regarding us is the players in iron skull city majority in has not turned now over to the sea direction, they were away from us to be too far, at least took 5-10 hours to enter the Tian Ling Empire domain, this also means that if we can rout the demon mountain and maplewood to be drunk in these 78 hours with the allied armies of Hybrid Demon territory, the following country fought can fight.

...... The dark blue billows are so tyrannical, do we destroy completely him with what?

Depending on words of Frost person, extremely in forcing.


At the same time is thinking, we had brushed past with Tian Ling Empire, directly soar do not turn over to the Hainan shore to go, all the way almost everywhere is the Chinese players, our military strength retreated comprehensively, Chinese server altogether 5000 thousand + the online player, this time must finally together the common onset and retreat.

I and Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han discussed that mobilizing in 20 + about 200 thousand people of small guild to reduce heat Divine Mountain, change Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Han Bei Song , etc. had the person of greatly strengthened strength to return to the Tian Ling Empire domain to defend, this time I was also notch Going out, even if were Fan Shu City is attacked and occupied had not related, must defend Tian Ling Empire!

Perhaps, this time we can seize the chance to tidy up the dark blue billows and Sif and the others together!


Thinks that unexpectedly is somewhat excited, entire world with us for enemy, but how, the genuine King must conquer all enemies in world domain!

Zhan Long Chapter 1313

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