Zhan Long Chapter 1314

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Does not turn over to the sea, noisy, the fire soars to the heavens, the innumerable players and NPC defend imperial here, and here almost did not have any together complete sand beach, everywhere is one piece in confusion, the rich smell of blood floods in the noses, just arrived here to see several people, Drunken Spear, Yan Zhao Warrior and six his and the others.

A Yan Zhao Warrior face is speechless: „From the beginning fortunately, Hybrid Demon is delivers points, more and more was not afterward good, to the present, presented the player to mix in the monster group does us......"

Six he is digging the small mouth: „Yes, you do not come, we must result in whole army has been annihilated by the resentment."

Drunken Spear is slightly calmer, on the lance full is the black blood, progresses the line, hey said with a smile: „Since Xiao Yao and Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword came, that also some hit, haven't you fallen the level?"

I shake the head: „[Zhan Long] I and Wan Er, East city, Little Demon and Li Mu they have not hung, but Q-Sword has as if hung one time, Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han and Simple should not hang."

„That is good, the main force has not hung, Level suppresses cannot be too big, some hit!" Yan Zhao Warrior said excitedly.


I turn round to look to the [Zhan Long] people, puts out a hand a finger of not far away stretch of vacuum position, there is a small guild guarded, but had been massacred by the fire complete bang of Hybrid Demon battleship, said loudly: „Li Mu and Matcha, direct everybody to enter the position, prepares to defend!"

Saying, blows a whistling, immediately a warhawk of palace guard rides to search to drop from the clouds, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, has what instruction?"

„Transmitting orders flame Dragon Jun, the vault of heaven armed forces, the hot axe armed forces, crazy Lei Jun, the farm tractor armed forces and purple spirit armed forces, the navy all rushed toward does not turn over to the Hainan shore to prepare to defend the imperial position, all ships the dragon crystal artillery that they had . Moreover, the palace guard and imperial guard defended Tian Ling Empire, cannot idle."

„Yes, holds the spear greatly!"


The messengers controlled the warhawk to whip the wing to fly away, Yan Zhao Warrior appreciation visits me, said with a smile: „The feeling of empire commander is different, such imposing manner...... The player who several of us command the level does not have."

I smile: „If some day the uncle sits to my this position, certainly also understands that this was the small gift."

Naturally, this time I do not think that some day Yan Zhao Warrior truly will substitute I become the day of plume empire holds the spear greatly, that time I also already real Xiao Yao Zi Zai.

The distant place, battle drum sound thunders, in sea level a dense warship came, the Hybrid Demon territory rested lives to rest up for a long time, thinks that the dark blue billows definitely also summoned many not dead biology from the purgatory, this was their old tricks.

„Was this several wave attacks?" I asked.

Yan Zhao Warrior shakes the head: „Does not know that nobody goes to number, I only know that we died in battle here at least 3000 thousand people, intense degree that you conceivable one fight."

„Really fearful......"

Perhaps does not turn over to the sea campaign intense degree to strive to excel compared with the dragon certainly restricted area and highest heaven city, really pressed them.


Is opening the god shape, I stand in the formation dead ahead, raises the sword, said loudly: „Prepares to meet head-on!"

Just said that suddenly heavy artilleries rumbled from the sea, was heavy artillery bombing of Hybrid Demon territory, NND, although their heavy artilleries are unable to move . Moreover the accurate aim was very bad, but the shore everywhere was the Chinese player, their casual bang can rumble to the person approximately.


A shell is coming to my direction, several melt god cavalries change countenance in abundance: „Came, aims our!"

„Don't be upset!"

I raise do the sword, shouted at suddenly, the shield of radiant incomparable stars appeared in the front, „" a bomb blast, shook my whole body to tremble, but has not retroceded actually, the toughness of shield of stars fell 35%, but also was good, at least can resist the attacks of three heavy artilleries, at least in my behind player absolutely was safe and sound.

In the battleline, shells explode, pitiful yell sound continuously, but our dragon crystal artillery also start to counterattack, what a pity the fight projects on the present, the shell soon ran out, the Tian Ling Empire stored shell almost two nights had been polished by our two days!

I have ordered the Fan Shu City artisan to step up to produce in a hurry the dragon crystal shell, the quantity of but with enough time, producing in a hurry will not be many, is similar to the resources in my remote operation Fan Shu City completely is used to recruit Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry is ordinary, without enough time, were most for these days also collects about 1 thousand military strength, radically is the futile attempt, these things must accumulate over a long period of time.



In the battle drum sound, Hybrid Demon warships were rumbled the fragment by us, but more started to approach shore, the next quarter, the deck falls, is raising the denticle blade and long sword, the ferocious demon palace rode to overshoot with the barbaric wolf outrider warship, they promoted 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, attack power was intrepid, the quantity was also numerous!

The distant place, a main warship not near stay in the sea, that is not their direction battleships.


Li Mu is narrowing the eye, said: „Xiao Yao you look, the person on that ship is Pearl!"

Actually I already saw, besides Pearl, I also saw Sif, Dahlen, drink the fire and zither Ge and other Hybrid Demon king of the forms, this warship carries our nightmare simply, where does not know the dark blue billows, once the dark blue billows appear, perhaps the entire war can reverse?

Frost, what she and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Zi Shu and Seurre and the others is making, when will reenforce us? Won't they reenforce us?


The player in ashore goes all out was shouting, the shield held up high, greets the barbaric wolf to ride with the impact that the demon palace rode, but these 8 levels of Hybrid Demon cleared later attack power to promote in the player flying upwards edition much, few players can contend directly, therefore the flash the line of defense presented many gaps, can only depend upon by the life trades the life the tactic.

„Be careful, some behind also people!" Li Mu loud [say / way].

Really, on following warship scattered appearance player, and is the person in Indian war zone, the quantity are many, this batch at least surpassed the Indian war zone player of 200 000 person, the present is the person in seven luminaries city, subordinated in the Hybrid Demon territory.

I clench teeth, overruns directly, the sword blade edge raises high, the next quarter picture scroll goes nonstop to unfolding of sea level together, twists suddenly broken, about hundred players almost will cut to massacre instantaneously, the body revolves, [Tempest Sword] covers the surroundings, coordinating the double sword to attack to kill swiftly and fiercely swiftly and violently, in three clocks has destroyed completely several people, kills, while opens the good friend to list, found to settle the pupil to develop the name of black ink, lightened has later sent an information

„Clear pupil, you comply with my third round country to fight you not to participate, but the people in your seven luminaries city arrived in the Chinese territory now, said?"

About a half minute of Cooldown, the clear pupil developed black ink to reply: „Xiao Yao, I only promise your me not to participate, but I and my Guild truly has not appeared, is right? The maplewood is drunk with his person wants to take points, I block cannot block, this does not have the means that said Xiao Yao again, you want series seven big servers, this is the price, you are doomed with all artificial enemies!"

I am silent, good, she said is reasonable, is unable to refute.

That slaughters, defeats enemy completely, making them kneel down to submit, this is the roads of our King!


Mixes with the Hybrid Demon offensive of player is very truly violent, the Indian players who comes majority are long-distance are the players, making the demon palace ride, the barbaric wolf to ride to the front, they actually in the rear area outputs, the output that the demon palace rode is worse, but there is the archer, Mage and Musketeer makes up the blade quite to be strong, melted the line of defense of god cavalry to start one after another people dead in battle unceasingly.

[Prague], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard] and other position of guilds is more miserable, Jian Feng Han opened the god shape able to move unhindered to cut in the crowd of Indian player, his fight style is quite ruthless spicily, the situation of very suitable present, Jian Feng Han is the entire [Vanguard] strongest close combat is a player, opens the god shape not to be killed by the second easily, leads the offensive of entire team by a prominent strength of person, wise electing!

Also bases on this point, I and Lin Wan Er, Matcha, Li Mu and the others is opening the god shape in the formation front attraction firepower and output, the rear area is massive Healer is treating to us, must constrain them, waits for the Tian Ling Empire NPC reinforcements, our at least also 1000 dragon crystal artillery available, if these dragon crystal artillery erect in do not turn over to the sea, that enough A San well ate a pot.


„father cannot bear......"

The distant place hears one to call out suddenly, a huge person's shadow from declined spatially, is wrapping one group of flame, „" erupted in the crowd of melt god cavalry, 4 melt god cavalries were rumbled to massacre directly, in the sand beach the flame aura revolved, a famous artisan grasped combat general standing up of Axe slowly, unexpectedly was the greedy desire drinks the fire, NND, king level Hybrid Demon this begins?


Before I open the god shape to rush, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Non- god level player all withdraws, I resist, the Healer milk is occupied by me! To the opportunity that the greedy desire kills people, will return to the blood! Called Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Simple and Mu Xuan they come!"

Solely is the [Zhan Long] god level player, and is not enough to massacre this king, must more top players come, otherwise this king level BOSS will teach us to cultivate the behavior.

After edition renewal, drank the fire attack power to promote much, the attack melt god cavalries can create 50 thousand + injury, but my defense has also promoted much, moved forward to meet somebody is [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo attracted the hatred value.

„Li Xiao Yao!"

Drinks the spout corner/horn flood the cruel happy expression, unexpectedly knows me, carries Axe to laugh saying: „I must massacre you, your this base and low human leader, I must raise your head to go back today to the dark blue billows Sir to ask higher authorities!"

„Please M13 merit!" Old K Axe already layer on layer rumbled from side on drinking the forehead of fire, but I directly start skill [King's Domain].

One set rides the wind to cut under the output, drinks the attack of fire as before on me, Axe consecutively for three times cuts to strike!


The shield of stars was held up by me before the body, three times attacks resists completely, the surroundings, the long-distance output chaotic bang in all directions, drank the fire HP to fall 3% to be many together in an instant, MD, this was he courts death, cannot complain about others!


The present stage, the massive players have realized flying upwards, but also is only few of player total, but was enough, these elites gathers together, kills sufficiently a king, although single Tiao the words god level player definitely will lose, however gangs up on, before killing the BOSS difficulty must be much lower than the edition, at least I saw very high hope.

Zhan Long Chapter 1314

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