Zhan Long Chapter 1315

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Drinks the attack of fire to be violent, hits to do the standard of sword keeps off falls directly on the overlord armor, chops person HP to surge, the blood strip also fell a big truncation, my total HP already less than 20%, hurriedly left to draw back anxiously, said loudly: „Who helps me go against?"

Li Mu and Wang Jian two opened the god shape to clash, about converging attack, stiffly blocked with the body has drunk the attack of fire, who once thinks that the attack of king level BOSS was too fierce, a Axe anxious spin Li Mu and Wang Jian blowing, by the strength, they are the god level player by far does not compare king level BOSS!

Was flushing in this time distant place person's shadow together like lightning, is Q-Sword, has not arrived to condense the Black dragon broken ray on the sword blade edge, „bang" a hit on the body of BOSS, is wind Long Fu, afterward shouted at starts combo of thunderous Liuhe, instantaneously the BOSS hatred value overtaking.

„Roar, your this base and low reptile, courts death!"

Drinks the fire to roar, he planned takes the lead for the dark blue billows, has not actually thought that fell into the mire of god level player, finally kills a present person not to massacre, HP cannot return, fell big section of HP by the surrounding player bang on the contrary. Q-Sword resisted less than ten seconds to continue the hatred value to give to issue to me, his defense capability was inferior to me obviously.

Was Q-Sword, [Hero's Mound] other top players also came incessantly, in the Tang Qi distant hand rocked six to tell fortunes by the eight diagrams, „" dizziness lived has drunk the fire 2 seconds, in striving to attack Cooldown to 2 seconds also broke to drink the fire the [Whirlwind Slash] effect, this fellow was truly intelligent, the skill elected is the time.

Again shortly, Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Simple, Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others came, the god level player in Chinese area almost gathered here completely, I solidly locked to drink the hatred of fire, came to square to keep off the injury by the stars shield, [Frost Armor] Armor, [Wall of Dou Qi] and other skills unceasingly, but was unprecedented, the Chinese war zone major Class King level players joined up, Fang Ge Que, Dong Cheng Yue, Simple, Mu Xuan, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and other top Mage unceasingly by various skill wanton bombing, but Dancing Forest, Bai Li Ruo Feng and purgatory dawn, general Lian Po and other top archer unceasingly suddenly to launch, making the greedy desire drink the fire HP to brush to fall., Evidently, over 20 minutes cannot solve this wild fellow.

„Be careful!"

Is killing the plan of BOSS carries on the superheating the time in us, suddenly Lin Wan Er distant shouting: „The main warship of Hybrid Demon territory started, that sky sharp knife blade Dahlen trod the water surface to clash, what to do?"

Q-Sword hurried [say / way]: „Tang Men great master, you lead the [Hero's Mound] brothers to block the sky sharp knife blade, must the fire to separate it and drinks, cannot let two big BOSS meeting, otherwise was difficult to hit!"

Tang Gu is stunned: „My excrement what to do?"

„Resurrecting, comes again, you fear anything!"

„Good, Guildmaster is wise!" The eyeglasses brother braced oneself.

Fang Ge Que raises Ao Tianzhang release spiral figure skating, while the vision swept to the distant place, said: „It is not right, but also Dahlen came incessantly, as if that qin song must come!"

„Was bad!"

I knit the brows, said: „Who blocks Qin Ge, she will fly, needing the god shape change the player of body is good."

Fang Ge Que said loudly: „Scenery, you and Xuan Yuan Feng, Lu Chun Yang led our [Legend] brothers to block Qin Ge in the past, separated the position, cannot let several big BOSS meeting, otherwise we could not hold this stretch of position!"


Enchanted Painting raised the water deity halberd to start the god shape changes the body flew.

The battlefield flash turned into a purgatory, not far away, Dahlen has raised the magical instrument seven to kill the sword to erupt together the sword blade edge storm in the crowd, strangled to death the fragment [Hero's Mound] over a hundred people directly, Tang Gu has been raising the lance, the remnant blood round trip walked, the complexion was pale: „Grass, this anything striking power, did not make the human play simply!"

Jian Feng Han after having a drink together fire [Blade Rush] combo, said loudly: „Ball ball not silly, said goodbye is also the tears, you helped the [Hero's Mound] brothers, controlled the BOSS lethality, defended the coastline!"

The ball ball is not silly progresses to overrun: „Already waited for your words!"

Simple turned head to look at one hurriedly, said: „Do not die, you are the [Vanguard] first knight!"

Ball ball not silly tears in wind disorderly: „Vice- Guildmaster, I know that you most love my, actually, I also"

„You shut up" Simple to fight a shiver, rhythm was also chaotic.

Three big king level BOSS arrive together, immediately makes the Chinese player battleline on coastline pot gruel, Dahlen's attack is having the greatly strengthened AOE injury, frequently carries over together the sword blade edge storm, creates extremely violent killing to the surrounding player, drinks the fire to be attracted by our one group of top players, must kill one first, otherwise is not easy to do!

At this time, airborne has heard Qin Ge the tweedle!


The tweedle changes to the sacred storm to erupt in my side crowd together, but strikes, Thousand League Spring and Who's Blue face, young person Weiyang and other group of Healer together were killed by the second.

„It is not wonderful!" Q-Sword shoulders an attack of BOSS, hurried [say / way]: „The Healer dispersion, Qin Ge the long-distance second kills the skill seems locking long-distance!"

Drinks the fire to brandish Axe, is [Whirlwind Slash], strikes to fly me and Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others together, the numerous axe fell to Lin Wan Er, the attack of Lin Wan Er double dagger was too swift and fierce, absolutely is to the injury that other party became first 5, therefore extremely easily hatred value displacement to her.

But our beautiful woman vice- pledges are not the persimmons that good to pinch, holds up the tapping umbrella to keep off in the front, „bang" a spark spatters in all directions, stiffly had not been killed, the entire server can also be able to block on her such assassin approximately drinks the fire strikes, but by the second had not been killed, other assassins all hide by far, no one wants to drink the fire to touch the mildew head close.

Airborne broadcasts Qin Geqing the colorful voice: „Drinks the fire, your this boorish fellow, has not been worn adult's order to dare to start has attacked, you have disrupted our plan, the dark blue billows Sir will certainly punish your, but you have not been able dead now, I will add for you hold the god dance to play, you may do not die, otherwise the dark blue billows Sir enters certainly 18 purgatories to build up your soul, making your eternal life not probably be peaceful."

Also is tweedle, this time was in addition holds drinking a fire BUFF condition, Cooldown drank the fire the body to rise suddenly at least 20%, roared, Axe brandishes to me is striking!



Perhaps, unexpectedly can hit my many HP? Perhaps that dozen of Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others possibly the second will kill.

My hurried [say / way]: „Who also has large-scale skill, do not save, drinks the fire also to have 24% HP, seizes the chance to kill him, otherwise did not have the opportunity!"

A Q-Sword nod, the ring rotation on finger, the ripples surge immediately together, in addition holds to the surrounding friend side unit 80% striking power, the Jian Feng Han also armored hand fiercely smashes the ground, „bang" an earth shivers, blood red Saint light drop from the clouds to fall on each of us's body, commands the skill sacredly, everybody entire attribute within 1000 yards promotes 10% completely , to continue for 20 minutes!

Eight immortals crossing the sea, shows special prowess arrived, everybody releases the skill that oneself collect, immediately character fence nearby BUFF folded layer by layer, no one has thought for a long time does not have Jianfeng each other has that big promotion unexpectedly, on me was only protects the shield skill to fold five, NND, this time did not need to be afraid drinks hot!

In fact, everybody's such being outspoken also has other single layer very important factor.

This Hybrid Demon territory attacks the strategy of main city to fight the conflict with the country unexpectedly, this has never had in the past . Moreover the Hybrid Demon territory only attacks Tian Ling Empire unexpectedly, what did this explain? Explained that the US war zone and Russian war zone and Hybrid Demon territory had some compromise . Moreover, the player in Hybrid Demon territory also added fuel to the flames, since the sky rose and clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk these people to destroy completely the Chinese area with the Hybrid Demon king's hand, the player in that Chinese war zone must share a common hatred, we must gather all robe Ze's strengths to contend with the powerful enemy, this fights important, either called the king, either degenerated into the defeat invader!


The surrounding shock-waves are walking in the violent, our enemy not only three big BOSS, 8 levels and 9 in levels of Hybrid Demon ground as well as join the players of Hybrid Demon camp also to resist, Cooldown our seacoast defense lines were hit tattered and torn, the first several rows of players almost completely died in an instant certainly, the beach was been rapidly incarnadine by the bloody water.

Drinks the fire to lower is roaring, HP are getting fewer and fewer, quick already remaining 7% blood.

„Drinks the fire!"

Airborne, Qin Ge worries wants to reenforce, was actually constrained by Enchanted Painting, Xuan Yuan Feng and the others, can only long-distance plays a stringed musical instrument to promote to drink the restoration of fire, together after the tweedle, restored to drink fire near thousand HP, but how, my one set rode the wind to cut to drink fire nearly surely HP, his HP restored to approach in the god, that was also useless, blood strip as before naked eye obvious crash downward.

„Firepower Qi Kai!" Fang Ge Que said loudly: „Cannot make these two BOSS coordinate again, we must massacre one to drink the fire first, otherwise the overall situation is not quite easy to do."

The people nod in abundance, at this time, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds also caught up, joins to fight the circle rapidly.

Finally, after is miserably howling, system ting from the sky is surging


System announcement: Congratulates the player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Kills king level BOSS successfully 【Greedy desire drinks fire】, Obtains the reward: Level + 4, charm value + 200, gold coins several + 1000000!

Very good, I 253 levels, had the one pace from the top 255 levels!

Simultaneously drank left big pile of equipment irritably, I looked to Fang Ge Que, said: „You are festival yue of day imperial book repository, do you assign equipment?"

A Fang Ge Que nod: „Thanks."

He walks to go forward, has a look at equipment that this king blows out, suddenly in the vision passed over gently and swiftly a pleasant surprise, works on handle Axe, said: „God Tier, drinks the fire, assigns?"

Q-Sword said: „According to output principle?"

Jian Feng Han knits the brows: „That is not quite as if good, I support according to the strength principle, uses to strongest Berserker, this is the country war, we should not rigidly adhere that many, who can maximum degree the strength of display this handle Axe, we should give anyone the axe."

Fang Ge Que looks to me: „Xiao Yao, your opinion?"

I deeply inspire: „I support the speech of Jian Feng Han, most does right by the axe his person!"

Fang Ge Que is also the refreshed person, lifted the hand to lose this handle God Tier Axe to Ye Lai, said: „Chinese first Berserker belongs to you, this turned over to you axe."

Ye Lai joyfully: „Any matter, just came to pick the treasure"

I: „Quick minute of equipment, then kills Dahlen!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1315

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