Zhan Long Chapter 1316

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Afterward is a five-star magical instrument armor wrister, was walked by Jian Feng Han ROLL, five-star magical instrument cloth armor shoes, in addition many Magic penetration effect, was walked by Mu Xuan ROLL, king level BOSS is gets rid extravagantly, lowest was also the five-star magical instrument, must be more natural than these star-level BOSS.


Moreover, drank the fire also to blow out a star card, was drinks the hot star card, Fang Ge Que loses to me directly, said: „Xiao Yao, you are team leader, leading us to kill Dahlen together!"


Has a look at the card in hand, somewhat cannot help but astonished, is really the good thing

【Star card & drinks fire】 × 2: Promotes 200% attack power( the team physical defense + 120%, HP quantities to promote 30%) with 60% Military Control effects , to continue for 120 minutes!

Directly has used the card, then opens the team, making Fang Ge Que, Simple and Ye Lai and the others join my team voluntarily, soon after, about 500 people of teams have formed, and what is most terrorist is this team almost gathers in the Chinese war zone to surpass 80% god level players, might be considered as world top one team.

Not far away, roaring sound and pitiful yell sound are mixed, Dahlen raises the long sword to slaughter in the crowd crazily, a sword goes from out of the blue, directly twists a troop player and NPC together broken, Don't be Foolish and Goodbye Tears had made into the remnant blood, can only raise the shield unceasing escape, how Dahlen's Movement Speed to be too quick, moved sideways to arrive in front of Don't be Foolish suddenly, drank one severely: „Brat, you hold my many, but also wants to live is walking?"

„Father is holds you, must live walking!"

Don't be Foolish does not believe in evil doctrines, the lance delivered came in Dahlen's chest, afterward the shield trembled, the surroundings reappeared the golden color to protect the shield, unexpectedly must open the invincible skill to escape, good!

Dahlen is angry, seven kill the sword violent to walk, has stabbed to death to a sword Don't be Foolish behind Goodbye Tears , to continue closely associated is pursuing him, seems waiting for invincible disappearance.

„Rescues Don't be Foolish!" Fang Ge Que loud [say / way].

I and Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Matcha overran together, our four people might be considered as Chinese war zone strongest Heavy Armor are the sect divisional level players, the so magnificent lineup as before has not actually rescued to obtain Don't be Foolish, protects the instance that in his invincibility the shield vanishes, a Dahlen sword puts on the chest it to massacre, but my one set of [Strength of a Thousand Men] falling in Dahlen's chest, has carried over fierce flames






Digital very bright eye that finally strikes, unexpectedly is ten times of injuries that the star explodes, was Dahlen is quite bad luck.

„Is you, Li Xiao Yao!"

The expression on Dahlen face is very fierce, laughs saying: „Dark blue billows Sir cannot massacre you, Sif cannot massacre you, Sir Pearl cannot massacre you, but today, my Dahlen must pick your number of people!"

The left hand raises the shield of stars, standard keeps off Dahlen's two attacks, butterfly sword, „bang" shaking of blade edge of champion drew back the effect to trigger, drew back several meters to the after shock Dahlen, about Q-Sword and Matcha covers to kill, one set of skill output, but Jian Feng Han lowly ate delicacies, [Vanguard] reveals completely + cold wind sweeping series to attack, afterward put a flame everywhere skill again, making BOSS withstand the continual injury.

At this time, not far away airborne Enchanted Painting loud warning: „Elder sister, was not quite good, came two king level BOSS, is Sif and Kate strength!"

The female war-god and controlling wind came, lets feeling that the person cannot bear plant soon suffocates.


The defense of our coastline was soon torn to pieces, five big BOSS are having mighty force killing, but, short less than 30 minutes at least has slaughtered over 500 thousand China players, this is in the beforehand activity edition has never had, gets down according to this tendency, perhaps we kept here person to be conquered by killing one to return to the city completely.

First makes Q-Sword and Matcha block BOSS, my leaving retroversion several meters, a whistling called a warhawk to ride to search, his double fist hugged, asked: „Holds the spear greatly, what has to order?"

I said in a low voice: „Coastline will not soon be able to defend, making all armies retreat to return to the city, must transport completely the dragon crystal artillery, erects in the Tian Ling Empire barbican wall, has a news to your majesty, making him deploy troops for defense Tian Ling Empire, soon after, the Hybrid Demon army will arrive at Tian Ling Empire, our allow Sheng cannot defeat, knows?"

„Yes, holds the spear greatly!"

With it makes NPC army death in vain here, might as well remain to defend a city their strengths, I had underestimated from the beginning attack power of Hybrid Demon territory, thinks they are only the exploratory attacks, the main force as before is a player, but they have given me a pleasant surprise, Sif, Pearl, the qin song came, the Hybrid Demon territory is attacking obviously fully!

Will soon be returning to the body in me goes back to help in the fighting, suddenly airborne Dragon Howl, is the Dragon Rider gentleman, a silver Dragon Rider gentleman from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den dives, had found me, said respectfully: „Dragon Rider the Sir, Sir Frost will make me bring a verbal message to you."

„When does she come?" I asked anxiously.

„Lady Frost will not come not to turn over to the sea."


I am surprised: „Doesn't Frost want to manage us?"

„It is not, Sir, Lady Frost has led Dragon Rider and Dragon's den main force goes to the Hybrid Demon territory thoroughly, Queen Zi Shu and Queen Seurre and Odelia also along with together went, Lady Frost she said......"

„What did she say?"

„She said while oneself comprehend the strength of star territory completely time challenges the dark blue billows, this line, she must cut to kill the dark blue billows, stills the entire north domain."


Originally Frost must look for the dark blue billows the unluckiness, actually this but actually is also good means that but I somewhat am worried about her, previous and dark blue billows confrontation completely has not occupied little cheap, now the thorough Hybrid Demon territory, how side the dark blue billows possibly does not keep some lackeys, in the overall strength a Frost side is in the absolute inferiority as before, now but I can do also prayed that she can return safely.


Dragon Rider gentleman eyes one red, said: „We obtain the latest news, the dark blue billows opened the purgatory crack, the ten big devils of summon deep sleep, it is said...... These devil each surpassed the strength of king, Lady Frost has braved hardships and dangers enters the Hybrid Demon territory, but to constrain dark blue billows and ten big devils, making you not need to face the dark blue billows is the devils of head......"

My nose acid, said: „Good, I knew, you reenforce her quickly, many person many strength!"

The Dragon Rider gentleman holds the fist in the other hand: „Yes, Lady Frost said that if she did not come back...... You are the lord of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, making us give loyalty to you."

„Let alone, went quickly!" I almost am shout these words.


Looks that the Dragon Rider gentleman recedes, my at heart actually hundred taste mixed Chen, really what to do if Frost didn't come back should? 10 also want the strong match compared with the king, added on dark blue billows again, Frost possibly won this war?

Almost is grieved must suffocate, what is hateful is I am not able to leave, this battlefield also needs, entire Tian Ling Empire needs my this to hold Ge to come to map out strategic plans in an army tent greatly, if I am not, they follow the lead nobody, the war that after all loses the commander in chief will become very dangerous.


A cry of keenly blowing, was Sif, Sif comes finally!

Above Sif's long sword is reappearing the destruction strength, kills the defense line that thoroughly one group of melt god cavalries have composed directly, drinks greatly, chops the bone-chilling cold sword air/Qi, the direct impact above the back of Q-Sword, said loudly: „Dies, boy!"

Q-Sword HP fell the larger part suddenly, Dahlen actually turned round a sword, „bang" created has struck the flying effect! Strikes under the flying effect, the player is unable to carry on any behavior, this also means that opened the invincible opportunity not to have, Sif lifted the palm, in the palm the blood of strength of destruction light rises suddenly, fell suddenly, immediately caused AOE damage within 100 yards, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others remnant blood retroceded in abundance, but in striking Q-Sword in flying effect unexpectedly stiffly was killed by the second! Before hanging, he said loudly: „You have been careful, divides them......"

Sif advances forward, the body week reappears the war guard shield, the attack of Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian is not being able to attack real HP, but I also flushed at this time, one set of [Combo] + [Seven Star Fragment Slash] strangles to death on Sif, said loudly: „Fang Ge, Jian Feng Han, you find the opportunity to direct Dahlen, our [Zhan Long] is responsible for constraining Sif!"

However all carry on are not smooth, Sif raises the long sword is being an advance attacks, Old K cutting, even has not given him to use the startled day counter opportunity, was the second falls directly.


Dahlen's sword blade edge pulls down, changes into under the pointed cone shape attack the plate, once more striking to fly Jian Feng Han.

Sif corners of the mouth passed over gently and swiftly a happy expression, the sword blade edge deliver to go.

„Treats Jian Feng Han, quick!"

I shout was late, Jian Feng Han was pierced the chest by Sif's sword blade edge, the blood has welled up crazily, his no use looks at the sky, has closed the eye, yes, but can also have any means that Sif and Dahlen will have the skill combination in the same place unexpectedly, is unable to prevent simply, what is most essential is Sif's war guard shield has almost opened, we can only wipe out her skill toughness, is actually not able to cause the real damage, this also means that dizziness, deceleration and other skills are unable to start to Sif, this is the reason of failure.

„Boss, divides unable to leave, what to do?" But Matcha asked.

I raise the sword rapidly closely associated attacks with Sif, at the same time said: „Maintains the strength, you find opportunity to be separated from the battlefield, I constrain them here!"

„You want to do, Xiao Yao!?" Fang Ge Que asked fierce.

„With overlord rebirth!" I crack into a smile, is quite frigid: „Mother, projects on this share not to need the overlord rebirth also to be what kind, our no choices, must some people sacrifice, some people can resist the attack of Hybrid Demon king."

Fang Ge Que grips tightly proud Tianzhang, a pain of face: „This...... Mother!"

This is everybody first time sees Fang Ge Que to scold the bad language, was called the person of first person and scholarly god of scolds the bad language unexpectedly, this was helpless!


Right, this is a unfair war, but also is we becomes the war that on the road of king must go through.

Zhan Long Chapter 1316

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