Zhan Long Chapter 1317

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Dahlen roars, sword air/Qi arouses soars to the heavens the mighty waves, tries to prevent his [Hero's Mound] to ride the war one crowd directly is the player second kills, Sif raises the long sword to advance in the crowd repeatedly, Matcha, Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior, Enchanted Painting and the others retreat in abundance, did not fall back already without enough time, but I led one group of people to remain to bring up the rear.

Suddenly body one cold, the surrounding temperature as if flash fell suddenly over 20 degrees, airborne grows cyclones, the next quarter, the distant place has heard the controlling wind Kate strength fierce calling out sound: „Tears into shreds all, death storm!"


The hurricane of wide scope almost started in flash, „whish" is sweeping across many wind edges, the unceasing cutting surrounding player, I operate the shield of stars unable to resist, can only look helplessly surrounding player was torn into shreds by the death storm, a piece of dense and numerous white light raises, was too frigid, did not turn over to the sea is the affirmation could not defend!

„Walks quickly!"

Looks that behind also one group of melt god cavalries are defending there, I am burning with impatience, angry scolded: „Did you turn into the idiot? I was good, walks quickly, do not bring death together, Tian Ling Empire also wants you to defend!"

Tang Xin female is nipping the cherry lips, hum called the sound, turns around to say loudly: „Walks, returns to Tian Ling Empire!"

One group of melt god cavalries walk I once more have fired into Sif, the butterfly sword belt the imposing storm, „clang" spatters in all directions dazzling Mars on her long sword, [Tempest Sword] + rides the wind to cut to howl, rumbles together on Sif's body, immediately her HP naked eye obvious has been short of a big truncation, this makes her angry, the violent shouted to clear the way: „Li Xiao Yao, do you want dead really?"

Actually I want dead actually, but is I must shield Fang Ge Que, Wan Er, East city and the others to leave, moreover Tian Ling Empire that many NPC heavy artilleries retreat also need Cooldown, I at least must persevere here for 10 minutes, folds the overlord rebirth for oneself while convenient the attribute, then must have a person to assume sole responsibility for an important task, otherwise how many big king level BOSS attack Tian Ling Empire together, who can resist?

Must depend on the overlord rebirth, moreover at this time also only then I can stand, is only I to have the superior god godship as well as the formidable attribute of overlord rebirth, this point is Matcha, Q-Sword, Wan Er and the others does not have.


An under foot hemp, had been struck to fly by Dahlen's swordsmanship, was Sif destroys the day to extinguish the place one move, HP falls suddenly about 20%, the distant Kate strength was storm, I was also hurried the [Cleansing Rain] technique to return to the blood to delay Cooldown as far as possible, 3% HP, but above top of the head one cold, Qin Ge does not know when played a qin to arrive in my top of the head, the skirt pendulum rippled, the tweedle got up, changes to the murder sharp knife blade to drop from the clouds!

The whole body severe pain, hung.

In same place rebirth, falls 1 level, promoted 15% attributes.

Early has the preparation, [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] Armor and stars shield of almost added instantaneously holds successfully, flies a foot to kick in Sif's front, compelling her to retrocede several steps, turns around the [Combo] + sword broken landscape skill bang on Dahlen's body, I must pester these BOSS, making them be is unable to return to the condition of blood fast, that many HP that otherwise the Chinese players wiped out before were returned to fill.

„Impenetrably thickheaded!"

Dahlen roars, seven kill the sword consecutively three swords to fall on the shield of my stars, actually sees only wipes out the shield of 47% toughness stars, is very good, my entire attribute has promoted, while convenient also has been promoting the toughness of shield of stars . Moreover the defensive power also rose a section, ate the Sif two swords also only to fall less than 50% blood continuously.


The butterfly, does the sword almost does not have the delay on Dahlen outputs continuously, the luck is good, consecutively for several times triggered the Dinghai effect, absorbs 70% HP, can delay Cooldown, I chuckle to oneself secretly, a person and one crowd of 9 levels of Hybrid Demon monsters surrounds to beat savagely by four big king level BOSS, but actually depends upon the returning blood effect of 30% [Drain] as well as Dinghai of ring endures does not draw back, many Chinese players look from afar dumbfoundedly, but they know that this does not belong to their fights, retreats rapidly, therefore my surrounding Hybrid Demon on were also getting more and more.

Again shortly afterward, the Indian players also gathered several thousand people on the coastline, they have broken through our lines of defense, was good has missed because of the Tian Ling Empire NPC regiment and heavy artillery all did not evacuate, and Wan Er, Matcha, Li Mu and the others were leading the melt god cavalry in rear map You Yi, prevented our NPC armies to be chased down, the heavy artillery was too important regarding us, without the function of heavy artillery, Tian Ling Empire was not a firm city, experienced many that many countries to fight, this was our profound experiences.

„That is Xiao Yao Zi Zai"

Beyond about hundred meters, one group of Indian players visit me to monopolize numerous kings dumbfoundedly, probably from the bottom of the heart feels to send coldly, in the crowd presented the form of highest heaven city player quickly, the demon mountain, is raising the fire god spear, distant looks, on the face passed over gently and swiftly a chill in the air, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai truly is a unique fellow"

„What to do, Guildmaster?" 12 gods a pure gold horseshoe will raise Axe to ask.

The demon mountain clenches teeth, said: „On, coordinates NPC, kills him, cannot make him constrain the king, the step that otherwise we march forward must receive to affect, asks quickly, the person who the maplewood is drunk how hasn't come?"


After a half minute, the allied armies of Indian and German started [Assault], many archers and Mage started the long-distance burst, I very much could not bear the attacks of several big kings, the blood strip 35 seconds see the bottom, can only maintain the intensive attack, depended upon 15% probabilities Dinghai to restore 70% HP, but the player together attacks now, could not endure completely!


Archery suddenly to strike, hung in 12 gods under an evening light arrow, his attack broken against effort was too big!

Rapid resurrecting, loses 2 levels , to promote 30% entire attributes, in that moment of resurrecting, I does sword „whiz" departs, directly soars the evening only, in that moment that he fends, left hand, [Great Realm of Desolation] starts!


The direct second kills, the system ting passed over gently and swiftly, the good and evil opposite party was also the god level player, the system announced.

Such one, I fell 250 levels, but the entire attribute has promoted 45%, sees this attribute cannot help but secretly angry, if not they reported that equipment will not be weakened, that was 90% entire attribute promotion!

„Massacres him, do not fear, all people on together!"

The demon mountain raised the fire god spear to clash, called out one of the very-long-range time to puncture suddenly, the fire god spear passed my breastplate, that moment of going well he crosswise walked the position to depart, the demon mountain compared with evening light intelligent many, could not kill him, continued to tow several BOSS!

Was the butterfly sword of world magical instrument rank dyed completely the blood of major BOSS, I one step has not drawn back to the present from start, the double sword just liked decorative lantern in the periphery chaotic dance, reduced BOSS HP large scale, simultaneously provided the blood effect for oneself, moreover after promoting 45% resistances, was punched is not painful.

But the surrounding player were too many, many people even start skill to restrain me, including knight started has been similar to disease skill, making my attack present over 20% MISS probabilities, this was really hateful, after my consecutively several swords killed, my output was also greatly affected, the hateful surroundings did not have the Chinese players, therefore did not have Healer to purify this effect for me.

Retreats fighting, moves to Tian Ling Empire slowly.

But was less than two minutes, HP really could not resist, was struck consecutively for three storms by Sif killing!

Falls 4 levels!

Now fell 246 levels from 253 levels, altogether fell 7 levels, the entire attribute promotes 105%, is not general, even Sif, Dahlen large scale shrank to my attack effort, chopped thousand to chop about 200 000 from the beforehand draw to the present draw.

However my Level reduced, the MISS probability about 10%, this point is also at least headachy, if I fall the level again, that must fall 8 levels directly, to 238 levels, with the major king level BOSS disparate 17 levels, attacked the MISS probability at least about 50%, that was quite terrifying.

„Drop" a news, came from young girlfriend Lin Wan Er: „Husband!"

She has not called me, a Cooldown bone quick was crisp, was almost cut by a Dahlen sword, the reply asked: „How, dear?"

„You can retreat, the heavy artillery camp of palace guard arrived in the Tian Ling Empire city to get down, perhaps you did not walk could not leave, some people noticed that purgatory Jinlong and flower bud drew two king level BOSS to cross do not turn over to the sea to come, perhaps wore also came, crossed again meets you to take a person to meet head-on 7 king level BOSS, the entire attribute strengthened 1000% also to die!"

„Um, immediately!"

Like her said that must have the Healer treatment shield, otherwise the god also hits these savage king level BOSS!

Shouted, swept away butterfly sword, shook together Sif, the Dahlen two people, MLGBD, crisp! Unexpectedly can shake king level BOSS, this showed that my strength value already above them, this is first, should also be an only player can achieve this, has been able to read out on Sif and Dahlen's face shocks.

„Did not accompany you to play, had to plant Tian Ling Empire to look for me, I was waiting for you!"

After the provocation, the direct [Blade Rush] rearward movement 5 meters, jump to leap afterward, by full speed flew to Tian Ling Empire, but I want to result in some to be too simple, suddenly the front sword light broken day falls together!


The sword blade edge enters the earth, that is a handle at least hundred meters high sword blade edge, making me hit directly above the sword blade edge, on face burning ache, looks up, above the sword hilt of this handle great sword, a young girl of seeming to have met before is standing in the place above, the corners of the mouth is having the happy expression of teasing: „Li Xiao Yao commands, how wants to walk? You played enough, we may not play to suffice, you think that today you can return to Tian Ling Empire?"


Zhan Long Chapter 1317

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