Zhan Long Chapter 1319

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245 levels, feel weak and are attacked by the attack that the Level crush had MISS to be also weaken, at least absolutely did not have the issue to king level BOSS single Tiao, cracked a joke, has promoted 225% entire attributes, in addition the god shape changed the body, can this wave defend the major kings' attacks to visit me actually.


„Next, Kate strength!"

I turn around equipment that looked at BOSS to blow out, said: „Distributes equipment with the strength first principle!"

Lin Wan Er nods, walks to go forward equipment that opens Dahlen to blow out, when finally she mentioned a sword, the whole person has been shocked, this handle sword was passing the purple all over the body, was Dahlen's that seven kills the sword, next quarter Lin Wan Er can attribute sharing in the team channel, Cooldown all people be dumbfounded

【Seven kill】( World Country Weapon)

Attack: 27000-35500

Strength: + 1050

Stamina: + 1020

Magic: + 1000

Agility: + 970

Additional: Promotes user 235% attack power and 30% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 55% physical defense

Only effect: Kills Mt. Liba , to promote 120% weapon attacks

Only effect: Two kills the broken ghosts and gods, disregards the goal 80% defense skill effects

Only effect: Three kills the counter samsara, when 30% probability attacks restores own 10% HP

Only effect: Four kills the startled purgatory, when strikes kills the goal, causes in its 4 hours unable to come back to life

Only effect: Five kills to shake the nether world, to bright is the unit creates the extra 50% injury effects

Only effect: Six kills to seize the fine soul, when strikes kills dark is the unit can provide 40% empirical values for oneself additionally

Only effect: Seven kills the broken thousand armed forces, promoting in the surrounding 500 yards 100% attack power of friend side unit, the corona to continue to provide

Special effect: Has a familiar task and handles it with ease, reduces to need Level to request 30 levels

Introduced: Seven kills, the sky sharp knife blade Dahlen's pointed weapons, quenching ten thousand years of demon soldiers in the purgatory, it is said grasps the person who seven kill to be able fully able to move unhindered the purgatory, the god demon flinches

Needs the charm: 2000

Needs Level: 255


„Mother, is world Country Weapon......" Ye Lai opens the eye, said: „This Chinese area was developed, this seven killed the sword sincerity blockhouse! Has?"

Fang Ge Que nods: „Has!"

Saying, Fang Ge Que looks up to me, asked: „According to the strength distribution principle, Xiao Yao you thought that whom should give?"

I said confidently: „To Q-Sword, his fight points slightly is higher than Jian Feng Han and Matcha."


Therefore, seven killed the sword to the hand of Q-Sword, he was excited, even if [Hero's Mound] Guildmaster attains the peerless [Soul Army] definitely feeling pleased completeness unable to bear like this, after all the five-star magical instrument saw, God Tier was rare, but under this day Country Weapon on is almost topest equipment, at present entire server also three, the Dancing Forest shooting day bend, my butterfly sword, in addition this seven killed the sword.

Probably does the clear pupil develop black ink and sky rose has not thought? Their secret adding fuel to the flames make the Hybrid Demon territory attack the Chinese area, but has not actually thought that this helped us obtain world Country Weapon indirectly, and perhaps also incessantly was this, then possibly also had!

As for giving Q-Sword, such can also enhance the team combat capability, in this moment, the powerful enemy ring raises, lets the player unprecedented unity of Chinese area on the contrary, seven kill seven of sword to kill the broken thousand armed forces effects to fight to prepare for the country absolutely, is similar to the ultimate strengthening of my butterfly, is promotes in the surrounding 500 yards the attribute of teammate, the ultimate strengthening promotes all equipment 20% effects, but seven kill the sword promotes 100% attack power, this two superimpose, is that a how terrifying boundary?

„Xiao Yao, thank you!" Q-Sword distant raises seven to kill sword to thank, after all I am control who this time kills the BOSS motion, reason that he can obtain this sword also because of my agreeing, if I did not agree that this must fall other sword mostly.

I nod: „Continues to refuel!"

Saying, has reported a news to Matcha: „Supple, should not be angry, seven kill the sword to have the reason to Q-Sword."

Matcha throws to me in the distant place smiles, reply: „Boss, supple is not a fool, naturally knows that you want with seven to kill the sword to unite [Hero's Mound] Guild, after all their 15 thousand online players, are the country fight the main force, secure, I know that said again my points truly instead had been surpassed by Q-Sword little."


Also then, the top close combats was the players has reported a news to Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other [Zhan Long], explained why seven killed the sword to give Q-Sword, Li Mu and Wang Jian has the person of general situation view, naturally understands reason, only Old K was not quite clear, tampers to tamper the air/Qi saying that „why must such good weapon to a bystander", I naturally have nothing to say in reply, ok, he was a muscle, later explained again slowly, perhaps the small wolf and Fox can explain for me.


Comforted the people, divvied up two five-star magical instruments that Dahlen blew out again, the people fights in controlling wind immediately!

Nearby the city wall, controlling wind Kate strength grasps a handle wind system lance, is controlling the forces of nature, the innumerable storms wreak havoc in the city wall, strangles to death pile of hashed meat one group of palace guards and imperial guards, and several giant exceedingly high storms in the city internal rotation of Tian Ling Empire, have twisted to break to pieces the pharmacy to construct, and makes the player also continually be injured, the attack capability of this controlling wind is very strong, then examined his physical defense.


I just like advantage arrow flying high overran, „" layer on layer hits on the body of Kate strength, the double sword dance moves erupts several swords instantaneously, the blood strip naked eye of Kate strength is reducing obviously, a palace guard Yorozuo on city long is holding up the long sword, the foot pedal city wall, said loudly: „Held the spear to begin greatly personally, everybody should not be afraid, the archer, killed that control storm to me the thing!"

Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Matcha and Lin Wan Er and the others has killed, attack in all directions, but Kate strength is not silly, roars: „Your these mean humanity, think that this can massacre me? Wind shield!"

At the same time giant wind system shield appears in his about, I make use am one set ride the wind to cut, 15 golden sword air/Qi rapid wind shield tearing into shreds, his skill also immediately enters CD, is unable to use again, Matcha tittered smiles: „Always goes all out attractively!"

Kate strength was instantaneously startled, brandishes the lance is being distant strikes to me, „bang" one group of storms sweep across to come, I open the shield of hand stars, has resisted completely, he Bai Ai Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que and the others one set of skill, HP Shua Shua fell, is in 11 kings ranks end, the strength of Kate strength truly wanted Sif, Pearl and the others to miss is too too far.

„Be careful, Sif came!" Q-Sword said loudly: „I block Sif, you were careful!"

Saying, Q-Sword was bringing Tang Gu, Tang Qi, Sword Tears and other [Hero's Mound] the players to turn around to fight Sif, although could not hit, but the support moment definitely is not the issue.

Among the Hybrid Demon kings has AI to maintain, was attacked, other also will reenforce, Kate strength was besieged later zither Ge, Pearl also to appear around the battlefield, especially the attack of Pearl, a handle sword may be possible to be small in her hands greatly, in an instant rumbled the city tattered and torn, this must, the quick Beicheng wall to be solved.

In the city wall, Han Yuan treadons crenelation, in the hand is raising flood the blood light long blade, on the face completely is the color of pain, said: „Didn't Your Highness Pearl, you know us? Are we palace guards? You how......"

Which Pearl will also know them, but fierce smiles, long sword from out of the blue under!


Han deep pool kite with broken string falling in the distant place, Xiao severe flew to help up it hurriedly, exclaimed lowly: „Han Yuan your this idiot, you have not understood that she already was not our Your Highness Pearl, present she is only Hybrid Demon, did you understand?"

„I do not understand!" In pair of tiger of Han deep pool is holding the tears: „Why I do not understand Your Highness Pearl that good person to degenerate into Hybrid Demon, why I do not understand you to your highness being able to get down hand, my Han Yuan rather was killed by your highness, will not hold up the pointed weapons to your highness!"

I who is attacking Kate strength am also the whole body tremble, today discovered that looks down on Han Yuan, such a straightforward man, really made the person admire.

Distant, I order to say loudly: „Xiao severe, leads the palace guard and Pearl socializes, do not kill her, other all are easy to do!"

„Yes, Sir!"


Under a Xiao severe order, one crowd of dark Moon Elf archer uneven Shua Shua has aimed at Pearl the arrow arrow, they must attract Pearl, holds on her in Tian Ling Empire, these time cannot make her run away absolutely, otherwise next time does not know when can have such opportunity again, even, a familiar person's shadow appears in the city wall, is a body mail-armor and helmet and hand grasps the shallow forest of sword of king!

„Older female cousin......" the shallow forest looks up the upper air, is silent.

On the face of Pearl brings to kill intent: „Snort, Tian Ling Empire young sovereign? Hey, perhaps today I should bring your head to return to the Hybrid Demon temple, otherwise the dark blue billows Sir was also disappointed!"

For the stability morale of troops, I said immediately loudly: „Frost led the innumerable Dragon Rider gentlemen to go to the Hybrid Demon territory to kill the dark blue billows, Pearl do not have a dream, after you perhaps, did not have the opportunity to see dark blue billows that devil."

„What you said!?" Pearl turns around to visit me, on the face wrote all over was angry and unbelievable.

The nature, my this is boasting, Frost can massacre the dark blue billows the probability absolutely not over 30%, but Pearl does not know that her strength under Frost, naturally will dread to the powerhouse of Frost this Lord level, I said that Frost can kill the dark blue billows, she will at least believe 50%, this made her vacillate the will sufficiently.

To kill Pearl of shallow forest to anchor the hand, grasps the sword from the sky to clench jaws, suddenly is supine the chest, is bellowing to upper air one: „Hybrid Demon, retreat!"


At this time wants to retreat, where was so easy!

I said immediately loudly: „Wan Er, Matcha, Li Mu and Wang Jian, you constrain Pearl, even if were massacred by her do not make her leave, multipurpose hunts for Longwang, reduces the battle loss!"

Lin Wan Er nods: „Yes!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1319

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