Zhan Long Chapter 1320

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Hunt for Longwang from the sky to open to dance in the air, the flexibility that however wears is unquestionable, lets hunt for Longwang consecutively for several soaring to come up empty-handed all, next quarter Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha several people opened the god shape to kill, several people withstood the injury in turn, but could not resist as before, they were different from me, after dying in battle, do not have the attribute addition, will be only getting more and more weak.


Lin Wan Er raises the dagger speedily to fly, suddenly crashes, is wearing the side is a beautiful woman dance just right, the body delay that wears in a flash, two greatly hunted for Longwang slightly „brushing" covered her and Lin Wan Er together , the look that immediately wore became is ominously severe, looks at Lin Wan Er saying: „Young beautiful woman, you are courting death!"

„It is not!"

Lin Wan Er raised the dragon tooth sharp knife blade to leave to draw back, has used the twinkle effect on ring, moved 5 meters, left has hunted for Longwang's immobilization.

Wears stares, actually smiled: „You think that this does reach the goal to hold me? Daydreams!"

She calls out one, the body dark strength surges, „bang" the demolition, will hunt for Longwang to explode the smashing, the long sword one cold layer on layer has chopped to Lin Wan Er, but the Lin Wan Er speed is not slow, the iron umbrella enters the defense attitude in the front rapidly horizontally, the attack that but wears is too strong, the skill turns, the long sword surges consecutively for 7 pulsations on the iron umbrella, surpasses the 200 000 injury figure to fly, Lin Wan Er shared HP of silver dragon but unable to withstand, sobs to hang, but also blew out the dragon tooth sharp knife blade.


In Matcha flew high to hold dragon tooth sharp knife blade to force in wraps, said loudly: „Blocks her, retains her, waits for Wan Er to reactivate!"

But wore ordered to retreat, thousand of sky strange were flying toward the north, naturally cannot be without a fight by her intelligence quotient here, and Sif already only then 30% + HP, raised the sharp knife blade to retrocede, Qin Ge in airborne was also shot the screen, after massacring on the Beicheng wall hundreds of thousands of guarded the player and NPC, they now have to draw back.

When wears prepares to walk, the shallow forest actually raised a sharp knife blade foot to step the city wall, the sword blade edge has pointed to is wearing, exclaimed loudly severely: „Wears, you run away, running away heartily! Tian Ling Empire will certainly counter-attack, my shallow Lin pledged that does not trample flat the Hybrid Demon territory oath is not the human, you run away, today you do not kill me, another day I kill certainly you!"

I look at dark to praise cannot help but, shallow forest boy was too intelligent, the time of attraction hatred value first-class.

Really, wears killing intent greatly Sheng on face, after all she is not genuine, but is one attaches is wearing the evil spirit in within the body, by calm and calm she to wear inferior is too too far.

„That such as you hope, I do not walk!"

Wore depends own strength to fire into the shallow forest, having the roaring sound, above the sword blade edge to reappear the strength of death, this sword getting down average person definitely could not bear, although the shallow forest was brave, but actually also knows that should not die in battle in vain, grasps the long sword to leave to draw back anxiously, the movement was very of outstanding ability, my instruction was really usually useful, Li Mu and Wang Jian welcomed immediately, and Long Xing, Xia Ye, Lin Qiong, Chi Yu Han and other NPC military officers also in abundance encircled the surroundings that wore, the chaotic sword divided to cut, has them, should also be able to insist a meeting.

But us, Kate strength by everybody punching helter-skelter to 5% remnant blood, Fang Ge Que had been grasped Ao Tianzhang passing clouds and flowing water, almost does not have the stagnant feeling, at the same time said loudly: „BOSS, only then the time all people of 1% blood call a halt, treats Xiao Yao, making homicide BOSS reply Level, his Level was too bad."

Yes, the Fang Ge Que 254 levels, I 245 levels, truly need to experience.

Therefore, smiles to the Fang Ge Que gratitude , to continue to output fully.

After several minutes, Kate strength miserable howling, following Dahlen to hang together!

Hence, this Hybrid Demon attacks the Chinese area, merely because of my, therefore, has hung to drink the fire, Dahlen, Kate strength three king level BOSS, and dies completely in my hands, if this time can also stay behind wears, that was equal to cuts off the dark blue billows was right-hand!

Looks at equipment, finally Kate strength some are not powerful, has not blown out world country and God Tier, best equipment is a lance of five-star magical instrument, has given [Legend] Xuan Yuan Feng.

„Detains to wear!"

War aggressively carries on, wears wants to walk, was actually grasped seven to kill Q-Sword of sword to block off, when I and Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han and the others arrive in full, she wants to walk the watch was not too possible, airborne is dancing in the air a leader big dragon and god level player, over a hundred hunt for Longwang to launch together, simply is the unescapable net.

Fang Ge Que said assuredly: „BOSS, when was killed to 1% blood will have the weak effect, held her while that time!"


I rush, has played the MT role as before, the striking power that wears although is fierce, but the second cannot massacre me, that has been doomed her destiny, my body in addition is holding the 225% entire attribute additions were really too strong, was other players has a dream simply cannot think that wore hits me one, only then 200 000 high and low injury, but my total HP reached as high as thousand +, over a hundred Healer added the blood, the second did not fall absolutely.

HP that Cooldown every little bit passing, wears are also getting fewer and fewer, finally, after massacring our several thousand people, her HP also had 1%, people neat calling a halt, my rapid hit!


It stiffly according to the city wall brick of Tian Ling Empire Beicheng wall, swoops goes forward, the napes of the neck that draws out the sword blade edge that on Long Xing, the summer leaf blade are scarred horizontally in wearing, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Honest, do you want dead really?"

Who once wants to wear really has also raised the head, hits the sword blade edge with the nape of the neck, my hurried hits to fly their pointed weapons, said: „Cannot massacre her, this body is Huppe, I can feel, soul that wears also in this body"

Shallow wood-road: „Li does Master, you want to reactivate to wear?"


I nodded, said: „What means has to surround her?"

„I know." Lin Qiongdao: „Was known as ‚medicine god' Chu Feng develops one ultimate [Lullaby] medicament in the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace, can god formidable to sink unable to awake generally, can use this."

„Good, goes to come."


I take the shackle in Han Yuan hand, will wear the bunch on a stone column, has bundled several, but she is struggling crazily, shackle enters in the skin, the blood crossflow, looks at the human very to love dearly.

Again shortly afterward, Lin Qiongfei came back, in the hand is grasping light yellow medicament, wearing to fill her certainly to bite, therefore used the earth formula the injection method to call her, the wound wound at least three centimeters were so long, look that thought to hurt, but after this [Lullaby] medicament got down, she no longer has truly struggled, murky has rested.

Shallow wood-road: „Imperial palace underground has the icehouse deeply, year to year frozen, hides him in inside, how is it?"

I nod: „Um, dispatches to guard with large army, cannot make her be robbed by others absolutely."

„Knew, then later matter?"

I looked to the northern boundary, deeply inspired, said: „We, although is also the god, but is not that type, in the body that wants from wearing the evil spirit pursues to wait for Frost to come back, but I was worried"

The shallow forest puts out a hand according to my shoulder, comforts saying: „Li Master, don't worry, Sir Frost certainly safely will return."

„No, I am indefinite."

I am biting the lip, said: „I must go to the Hybrid Demon territory to lie down, Tian Ling Empire gave you to defend personally, your majesty, shallow forest"

Shallow forest body trembles slightly: „I know that Li Master"

Returns to turn around, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and the others are visiting me.

„Now what to do?" Ye Lai asked.

I said: „[Legend], [Prague], [Flying Dragon] and other Guild remained to defend Tian Ling Empire, after other guilds adjourn for 4 hours, immediately gets online, sets out to enter the wilderness, was one's turn our hammering skull city!"

„Good!" Ye Lai makes a fist to say with a smile: „Already especially on the day of waiting."

Lin Wan Er looks at the tidal retreat Hybrid Demon and German war zone and Indian war zone player, said: „Demon mountain and maplewood are drunk unable to wipe out Tian Ling Empire, should the iron removal skull city reenforce, we must have this psychology to prepare."


I arrive at side palace guard Yorozuo long scenery sound, lowers the sound saying: „Some shell also how many of our invincible might artillery and invincible might artillery?"

Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Sir, invincible might artillery 25 have not lost, the shell of invincible might artillery probably also has about 1000."

„Good, ordering the palace guard heavy cavalry to protect these invincible might artillery, now can embark, attacks the hammering skull city also to need them."

„Yes, Sir!"

Orders 11 to issue, the NPC army of Tian Ling Empire effective strength divided about 70% military strength to rush to the front battlefield, I and Fang Ge Que, the Q-Sword three people have posted a post jointly, about the expedition iron skull city, had gone against about 100,000 buildings at the forum, the player responded warmly, the third round country war projected on fourth day we also to defend near, but now, arrived at the opportunity of Chinese area counter-attack finally.

And, this counter-attack can be a fatal counter-attack absolutely, looked how the sky rose has dealt with, if she cannot block, the fate of that iron skull city only then suffered a defeat and fled a road.

Moreover, in the fire god the direction has also dispatched the near thousand player resident defense, is used attack that resists Ze deep pool city direction possibly to come, but should, the iron skull city not be attacked, the Russian is unable to stand by, otherwise next was they.

After arranging all, players majority of offline has rested, Cooldown is precious, only then 4 hours of rest Cooldown, because I have the relations of 225% attribute additions, therefore is doomed unable offline, I must continue online, perhaps, must wait for that settles down to be able offline, that was about the 2-3 days later matters.

For the country war, four days do not rest, can try actually.

Repairs equipment, jumps, changed into the meteor to fire into the northern boundary.

At heart full is disturbed with worrying.

Frost, do not die! Is waiting for me!

Zhan Long Chapter 1320

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