Zhan Long Chapter 1321

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The rumor howls in the ear, after entering the northern boundary , is not peaceful, I have massacred the sword spirit cavalry soldier of several batch of air patrols all the way, such alert degree by far in the past, does not need to want certainly to enter the Hybrid Demon territory to be related with Frost and Zi Shu and the others, only what now needs to determine is their exact location.


The bird's eye view earth, the front ascends bunch of mist and dust, as if had gone through the war for a long time, this is a small Hybrid Demon fort, in the fort everywhere is the corpses, majority is Hybrid Demon , the part is humanity, these humanity wear the mail-armor and helmet, the side residual break pointed weapons are Dragon's den are specially-made, the Dragon's den armed soldiers encountered here have fought!

I from the sky circle for one week, all around has a look, has not seen the corpse of big dragon, luckily, the Dragon Rider gentleman has not had any casualties here, wants to come Frost, Zi Shu and Seurre and others to have NPC of god level strength not to make the Dragon Rider gentleman die in battle easily.

Suddenly, sees a form of limping in the corner, is one is dragging to entrain the blood demon of Dragon's den armed soldier corpse, 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, use the corpse of humanity as the food, thinks that looks for food here.

I dive rapidly, the numerous foot tramples in its abdomen, stumbles its dozen in the city wall, goes forward a foot to step its chest, the butterfly sword arrives on the nape of the neck, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The words that does not want dead answered me an issue!"

He frightens trembles, already saw my body week the god shape corona, knows that I am a powerhouse of god level, nods to say again and again: „Chivalrous person you asked at will that I know say all, do not kill me, do not kill me!"

I asked: „Was the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den regiment has attacked here?"

„Yes! They kill and burn to plunder, killed off my brothers completely."

„Few idle talk, now which do they go?"

„Probably is......" his eyeball one round, said: „Probably is......"

My direct right hand catches up, a small section of butterfly pricks in his body stiffly, I sneer saying: „You spoke are best to pay attention to a point, otherwise this sword got down you definitely dead!"

„I know! I know!" He is almost calling out loudly: „They went to the scarlet mountain range, the dark blue billows Sir was summoning all Shen from purgatory, the Dragon's den people goes to the scarlet mountain range!"

I show a faint smile, he visits me immediately anxiously: „You had said does not kill my!"

I also smiled: „I truly do not want to kill you, but keeps here you, you will swallow the corpses of these dying in battle, they are the brave warriors of humanity, should not by like this treatment, therefore, I must kill you!"

Was saying sword blade edge delivers, passes the nape of the neck, carries over over a million injury digit, comes one set of skill again, this blood demon tilted the head to hang immediately.

Cooldown is urgent, cannot allow to delay, immediately locks the scarlet mountain range the direction, full speed flight!


Near 20 minutes of full speed flights, the scarlet mountain range has heaved in sight by far, the mountain range surrounding even can see wreckage of all trades dragon crystal artillery, in the ground full is the corpse of Hybrid Demon and humanity, here has certainly experienced a brutal fight, after I fall to the ground saw Kozayama uneven Shua Shua cleft in two, this certainly is the Frost behavior, under the attack of sword air/Qi, the corpse of two ancient times giant beast lay down there, the wound was neat, was divided into two.

The blood of giant beast is still flowing, obviously the fight ended is not quite long.

I jump hurriedly , to continue to pursue the line.

All the way almost everywhere is the battlefields, quick, I saw the corpse of first Dragon Rider gentleman and big dragon, is a fire Dragon Rider gentleman, his big dragon nape of the neck place was divided a deep wound, the entire head was almost unloaded, but the chest of Dragon Rider gentleman was penetrated a Dadong, who god knows is can have such skill, punctures the body of Dragon Rider gentleman all of a sudden, can this need the big monster strength?

Continues to fly forward, quick one after another sees the Dragon Rider corpse, one after another, about 50 Dragon Rider gentlemen have offered the life here, Hybrid Demon that however died are more, dense and numerous piece.

Wait / Etc.!

Above the earth is lying down a monster, is a whole body is throwing over the soldier of lava, the body is very huge, about three meters high, grandiose incomparable, the chest has covered entirely the sword and trace of bow arrow, should fight randomly is killed, the mortal wound is the dog marks of nape of the neck place, that is the damage that the dragon claw causes, should be Queen Zi Shu the behavior.

Then this lava soldier should be the dark blue billows one of the ten devils from the purgatory summoning? By his corpse, altogether the corpses of several Dragon Rider gentlemen, the price to kill him paying were too many are too many.

Walks quickly, fight distance here is not far!

My low-altitude flying goes rapidly, cannot be too free, if possible I will choose the sneak attack, will kill the opposite party main action, after all the sneak attack will be quite more sane, because this will be the best self-preservation way.



Long-distance transmits a startled day the bellow, the entire mountain range as if has blasted out generally, is away from me approximately inside and outside three, that hill top spatters in all directions crushed stones, the sword air/Qi shoots up to the sky, is having stars strengths, that is Frost is fighting!

However, above the earth is dense a light black energy, that is the dark energy, dark blue billows also.

Combat that airborne starts to circle shadows, the Dragon Rider gentleman gone all out.

Cannot wait, now goes!


Draws out the butterfly sword rapidly, my full speed flight goes, after crossing the mountain peak, the present fight scene has only been able with stirring to describe

The Frost whole body covers entirely the star territory supernatural power, in the hand holds up the energy shield to resist fiercely attacking of dark blue billows, dark energies wreak havoc in the surroundings, corrodes her body unceasingly, but not far away, in the ground dense and numerous full are the corpse of big dragon and Dragon Rider gentleman, Queen Zi Shu changed into the Red Dragon shape, whooshes to prey in the working from before light until after dark color lava soldier together, Dragon Claw brandishes to bring together the lava fragment each time, but the defense of lava soldier was too high, Axe falling in their hand on the dragon scale of Zi Shu, chop the scale breakage and blood to spatter in all directions straight, this fight scene. Too frigid.

Seurre dances in the air in airborne, actually encounters two to wave sharp claws chasing down of devil, can only draw out the waist dagger to come to square to keep off the attack, and some standards could not block, the dark blue billows this time the lava soldiers who summoned from the purgatory are the strength of king level, Zi Shu Queen this Dragon Shen strength also can only select two only.

Had not discovered that the Odelia sound, does not know which she went.

In the ground, large quantities of Dragon's den armed soldier and Hybrid Demon army fights with all might in the same place, here is a scarlet mountain range Oyamadani, but also turned into the human purgatory, had the massive people dead in battle every second.

Must grasp Cooldown, when otherwise Sif, zither Ge and other kings ran away, here could not resist.

Lava soldier strength of dark blue billows summon is very strong, is equal to the king, but understands at a glance the intelligence quotient to be not much, is unable to place on a par with Sif, qin song these genuine king levels, must catch up before they come back ends here fight!


First helps Queen Zi Shu, she is here beside most powerhouse except Frost!


Fights the boots to erupt in the air to attack together, overrunning of quickest speed, with the camp attacking mode, flies high to release eternal boundary skill, people attack power promotes 50%, physical defense to promote 150%, restores 20% HP every second, but Zi Shu and other NPC have not withstood this to restore the effect obviously completely, probably restores 2% HP every second, is good, better than nothing!

The double sword is together uneven the sheath, I settle on wound between the lava soldier napes of the neck, the meteor bang pounds!

„" The crushed stone spatters in all directions, he sent out the miserable howling sound, the wound is ripped open by me, the blood spattered in all directions, I settled on the opportunity to hold the butterfly sword directly, calls out attack effect that initiated rides the wind to cut, golden light greatly Sheng, superior god god shape changed the body is more brilliant . Moreover the luck was good, in 15 attacks blew out 10 times of injuries that three times stars exploded continuously, made HP of this lava soldier fall suddenly directly a section!


Queen Zi Shu swinging head, suddenly head one crooked, has bitten the right arm of this lava soldier, stiffly cuts by biting it, that Axe „clang" a landing lava soldier did not have what battle efficiency, Queen Zi Shu does not give up attacking, the yawn is incorruptible Dragon Xi, directly the fiery heart of lava soldier cooling, but I take advantage of opportunity a sword, that heart disintegration also means that this lava soldier died in battle officially.

But at this moment behind a bang, was the dark blue billows has used the skill, the long halberd erupted a terrifying to injure, rumbled Frost bangs into the mountain massif, luckily her [Frost Armor] armor also.

„Frost!" My hurried [say / way].

She actually looks to me, sound is very severe: „Xiao Yao, do not help me , helping Zi Shu!"


I understand that her meaning, solves the Zi Shu match first, then I and Zi Shu help her together, should three dozens of words, have a stratagem which ensures success? After all Frost now and dark blue billows hit slightly drop the wind, is not the complete inferiority.

Calls out, lava soldier has assumed an awe-inspiring pose, Axe layer on layer chops to divide above my back, really good pain!


This Sif and Pearl are high to my attack injury, these lava soldiers are really the goods of strength big non- brain, but I have 300 thousand + HP upper limits now, restores 20% every second, is 60 thousand, does not dread this degree of attack, turns round is combo, [Strength of a Thousand Men] rapidly fiercely hits on his body, unexpectedly shook it has drawn back, was really good, in the strength value I did not drop the wind, this was the might of 225% entire attribute additions!

„Does attractively, is this!"

Zi Shu sends out Dragon Yu, the sharp claws numerous rackets after the lava soldier carries on the back, creates fatally strikes the effect, this lava soldier HP were not many, almost soon had been broken to pieces by around the middle the racket, miserable howling, Axe falls on the Zi Shu right wing, the blood spatters in all directions, the wound the deep obvious bone, I looked think the pain, but Zi Shu is Dragon Shen, the Dragon Clan inborn vitality is formidable, this wound as if could not prevent her from continue fight.

Zhan Long Chapter 1321

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