Zhan Long Chapter 1322

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The cutting edge of butterfly sword pricked in within the body of lava soldier directly, I said loudly: „Child Shu, you helps Frost, this gives me, I solve it immediately to come!"


Child Shu roared, soaring turned around, changes into the human form to raise the long sword on the bang to the back of dark blue billows, but as if rumbled the guard shield of airtight dark blue billows, but has left behind a crack above, roared one phonochemical for is the dragon, the sharp claws and big mouth kills together above, but Frost the meeting again strength, the hand has grasped to cut Hua Jian being built on airborne, big mouth puffs, the blood flowed following the arm, following cutting Hua Jiandi splashed in the ground.

„Ka ka ka"

The butterfly, does the undifferentiated chaotic bang, I was only depend upon the [Drain] effect to be able with this lava soldier Shan Tiao, moreover after I massacred Dahlen, Kate strength, drank the fire , the rebirth to rise 251 levels, the king level BOSS Level crush superiority vanished, even, besides the dark blue billows, I had the confidence to select any king level BOSS only, perhaps was female war-god Sif comes with grasp, after all the godship of superior god I selected me also to probably only win, in addition 225% entire attribute addition and body top equipment . Moreover the hand grasped the world country. As strong did not have what to be accidental as this degree.

Moreover I want to kill this lava soldier also to have the selfishness only, his empirical value is not definitely low, massacres him also to be able for me to reply some Level again, is helpful to battle dark blue billows.

Finally, this lava soldier numerous dropping down of under the [Tempest Sword] flame, the miserable howling acoustic shock penetrating mountain valley, hence, 10 purgatory devils that the dark blue billows summoned already only remaining 7.


The golden light flows swiftly to fall, I rose 253 levels.

When I soon jumps to attack the dark blue billows, suddenly Frost in the flame looks to me, said loudly: „Xiao Yao, do not come here, the dark blue billows consumed his life strength to summon 10 lava devils, his own strength was weakened about 50%, this was the good opportunity of our bestowed by heaven, you massacre all lava devils now, every time killed a head, the strength of dark blue billows will weaken, so long as killed off these 10 lava devils, dark blue billows insufficient to fear!"

So that's how it is!

I cannot help but dark crisply, do we have the opportunity to massacre the dark blue billows today really here? If is really this, the Chinese area was equal to being reassured, after all the clear pupil developed black ink and sky rose to plan was the Hybrid Demon territory of head keeps in balance the Chinese area with the dark blue billows, but we can massacre the dark blue billows unexpectedly, this was to their dealing a head-on blow, to the west the morale of boundary and in northern boundary was also a fatal blow, what was most important was strikes to kill the dark blue billows the system ting to deliver to their there!

First helps Seurre, she is strongest long-distance.

Jumps, the abdomen of lava soldier the long sword penetrated one soar, erupts [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo, he roars to brandish Axe to divide lowly to cut, was actually blocked by the shield of my stars, during the body maneuvers erupts time [Combo], shifts the hatred value of another lava soldier, simultaneously said loudly: „Seurre, I divert them, you use the bow and arrow!"


Seurre turned around to depart joyfully, has pulled open about hundred meters, opened draws the arrow, violent arrow arrows pricked the body of lava soldier, that blood strip also brushed to fall on the nature, the attack injury between BOSS level NPC was very terrifying, Seurre aimed at a strategic point attack of arrow to create near thousand injury this is my sycophancy cannot catch up, the god + star exploded the effect to come out not to have this injury digit certainly together.

Lava soldier brandishes Axe to divide to chop on me, while violent anger is bellowing: „Seurre, your this rebel, you are the king in Hybrid Demon territory, you have hired oneself unexpectedly humanity, your this rebel, shameless rebel!"

Seurre's eyes blood red, the arrow arrow that projects has also made an effort, clenches jaws saying: „I only hated initially not to have the courage choice death, will otherwise not be enslaved to slaughter innocently, I only hated me not to have the authority of choice, otherwise not by you ** my body, controlled my soul, my hate, you will never understand!"

This feeling, I can realize 12 actually, especially to Seurre this noble elf queen, she, even if were the death is also controlled the soul, will be reactivated into a monster, she hated such, hated own involuntary, but all have extricated, remoulded the body starting from Frost for her moment.

Whins, another lava soldier was killed, I also divided an experience, but has not promoted.

Continues to kill, quick and solves the second lava soldier.

In an instant on only the remaining 5 lava soldiers, I led Seurre to fly everywhere , helping the Dragon Rider gentleman bang massacre the lava soldier, reviewed the fight of Dragon Rider gentleman is really too frigid, about 30 Dragon Rider gentlemen circled to surround a lava soldier to attack, but was actually divided by opposite party Axe horrible to look , the statures of many Dragon Rider gentlemen directly divided into two has massacred, even the formidable big dragon is unable to survive under such fight, they did not have dragon god child Shu's such powerful body, usually could not withstand the lava soldier this king level powerhouse's attack, the meat wing in time Axe Divides to chop to break is two sections.

In the mountain valley, everywhere is the injured big dragons, Dragon Rider that can fight already less than 50%, even the blue radish has been injured, grasps the long sword to socialize with -and-a-half lava soldiers of blood!

„Blue radish!"

I drop from the clouds, cuts into the double sword the head of lava soldier.

The blue radish looks up me, in eye emerges pleasantly surprised: „Dragon Rider the Sir, you will come, good, we could be saved"

I am also happy, yes, I was very weak before, goes to battle with the duty each time is actually Frost, the blue radish and child Shu they in protecting me, but this time, I already flying upwards superior god, under 225% entire attribute additions, was the time protects them with my strength.

„Massacres him!"

The double wrist catches up, the sword blade edge twists the [Tempest Sword] effect, I attract the hatred value of this lava soldier successfully, Seurre flew high several arrows to shoot in his head wound completely, probably caused heavy losses to the skull, made him miserable directly howling, held the head to lose the battle efficiency unexpectedly, has thrown down including Axe, finally by the blue radish with one crowd of Dragon Rider soldier crazy bang a while, was struck to kill at the scene.


This time more person with us, Seurre, the blue radish, with joint forces together attacked makes the fight simpler, has killed continuously three heads, helping many Dragon Rider soldiers break through, but that moment that 10 lava devils died in battle completely, the dark blue billows have sent out startled day whinning, he planned with these lava devil attack humanity camps, has not actually thought was attacked by a Frost bold sneak attack, in lava devil before the world of human beings body has not concluded completely killed them.

It can be said that the dark blue billows this time have misjudged, but one time misjudges, will ruin his life.

„The Dragon Rider soldier, spheres the battlefield, do not bleed off!"

The blue radish issues an order, Dragon Rider soldier but who can also fight flies in abundance to the sky, starts the fire to solve here Hybrid Demon army, after once that 10 the lava devil of king level strengths hangs, the Hybrid Demon army truly does not have the too big resistivity facing the Dragon Rider gentleman, falls into a slaughter completely.

As if I truly have become this fight key point, the fight of both sides is a balance, falling of my this board game piece makes the balance crazy tilted in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction.

„Be careful, the dark blue billows have the strength as before!"

In the Seurre double pupil is passing the wisdom, she too understood that the dark blue billows, know this true devil will not be easy to be ended.

The people approach the main battlefield rapidly, actually discovery could not see the form of Frost, child Shu and dark blue billows, the dark strength surged crazily has raised one to soar to the heavens the storm, this storm radius probably about 300 meters, the surrounding unexpectedly formed to settle, the Dragon Rider gentlemen are unable to approach, try close Dragon Rider gentleman to be rumbled by the wind blade edge directly fly to draw back, are scarred.

„Quite fearful"

On the face of blue radish also passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, obviously she has not seen such weaponry, it seems like that the dark blue billows truly were going all out, to fight tooth and nail with child, Frost!

„Blue radish your cultivation for insufficient, you lead everybody to defend outside, do not go, making me come."

My mark time goes forward, the double sword gathers the strength slightly, must clash in one vigorous effort!

Blue radish grateful visits me: „Dragon Rider the Sir, you do not die"


I catch up suddenly, the whole person just liked to the arrow of string flushed!


The front surface just likes the sensation of pain of sword cutting face almost makes the human collapse, I think that has not opened invincibly, saving, against the wind is flushing, with the [Cleansing Rain] technique health potion back and forth blood, after several seconds , the breakthrough surrounding, which however inside environment also very to goes, everywhere is the Black dragon waves that hovers to wreak havoc, that is the magic of dark blue billows release, was attacked to lose certain volume of blood by the Black dragon wave each time, resists by my demon, probably loses 200 000 + appearance.

The storm center, the Frost form in the rapid traverse, is almost flying by the speed that the dark blue billows cannot catch, but child Shu brandishes the sharp claws and dark blue billows preys together.


Dark blue billows grasps the long halberd, the whole body strength emerges, fierce laughing said: „Do not hide, comes out to suffer to death! You think that massacres ten lava war-gods to massacre me? Useless, your strengths were too weak, when I massacre after this smelly dragon you, I will level off single-handedly entire cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and entire world of human beings!"

Child Shu roars, she knows that the dark blue billows are are not talking big, if today not, when he is quite weak massacres him, perhaps will not have another day such opportunity.


In the air hears the keenly blowing sound, the dark blue billows raise the long halberd suddenly, „biting" the flame spatters in all directions, Frost sword in a rapid traverse was resisted outrageously, that moment in resisting, she disappears once more, after one second, layer on layer a sword bang on the guard shield of dark blue billows back, has not caused the massive damage, but has also made the dark blue billows very uncomfortable.

„Absolute domain speed?"

The dark blue billows are laughing, said: „I go all over three, sees has said as the person of god, but sees the genuine god today, Frost Frost, you cultivation in military study to let me broaden the outlook, main road 3000, only then you can be joined to god phrase, if you are not my enemy, but is my ally, that this good, massacres god who your such exceeds the mortal, really makes the human grasp the wrists!"


A sword punctures thoroughly the guard shield, cut Hua Jian to pierce the chest of dark blue billows directly, Frost has let somebody cool off or calm down said: „Massacres you, is matter that I am interested in only."

Zhan Long Chapter 1322

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