Zhan Long Chapter 1323

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Monster different flames in cutting the wound place of Hua sword and dark blue billows burst out, the front of dark blue billows condenses at the same time very strange armor gradually unexpectedly, the deep purple ray little accumulation, only listens to „Bang", cuts the Chinese sword stiffly unexpectedly had broken off, Frost was shaken continually draws back dozens meters, in the mouth a blood spouts.

On the face of Queen Zi Shu has written all over astonished: „The stars armor, the day, this bastard also stepped into the star territory......"

The dark blue billows Jie Jie's loudness was ridiculing, drew out the half to cut Hua sword from the front slowly, said: „Your this do cultivate to also wants to massacre me? Has a dream, Zi Shu, your this female dragon really does not know good from bad, you think that proclaimed as the dragon god is really the god? Told you, in my eyes you were a pitiful reptile, with god thousand li(500 km)!"

Zi Shu does not have the escape route, roared to start Dragon Hua, red scales covered above the body, the image also became fierce, Dragon Claw raised layer on layer whips on the stars armor of dark blue billows, but actually greatly shook, her dragon claw disintegration, the blood crossflow, by the absolute strength, the dark blue billows must piece by piece by far above her.


Dark blue billows roars, opens the hand suddenly, the palm transforms is huge evil clutches, holds the meat wing of Zi Shu to make an effort to tear, only listens to „tittering", the giant dragon wing stiffly had been entrained unexpectedly directly, the blood crossflow, Zi Shu is miserably is being howling, the solemn dragon god, is unable to contend with the dark blue billows.

„Does not want!"

Frost stands firm the mind, grasped to break the sword to clash once more, above the sword blade edge was reappearing stars, struck to rumble suddenly, „bang" dark blue billows speedily retroceded 78 meters, on the front stars armor presented a fissure of faint trace, he looked down, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly doubts, said: „How possible, your this strength, how possible......"

Frost is nipping the silver tooth: „You sacrificed the strength to summon ten lava devils, this is the price, if you use strength more than enough, perhaps I am not your match, but you must die today!"

Saying, Frost has been raising the right arm high, drinks tenderly: „The stars fall!"

Also is a brand-new star territory skill, airborne turned into a darkness suddenly, the sky of entire mainland almost because Frost the struck to turn into the dark night, in starry sky innumerable stars circulation gathering, above our top of the heads, the Frost whole body shivered, on the arm withstood the greatly strengthened strength to make a false counter-accusation, the blood vessel ruptured, blood crossflow, but bit the silver tooth to support as before forcefully.

Zi Shu restored the human form, falls in the ruins, the entire right arm was torn, she looks up Frost, said in a soft voice: „Do not lose, do not die......"


Airborne, stars crash rapidly, hits directly on the chest of dark blue billows, erupts the shock-wave certainly to sweep across the surroundings together, the ray shoots up to the sky, is better than the dark blue billows is also miserable howling, the anger exclaimed: „I like this will not be killed, do not have a dream, Frost!"

However, his stars armor has been defeated and dispersed, has been resisting the Frost bang to kill by the flesh and blood, fell to strike the later dark blue billows consecutively for seven stars the shoulder, the both arms and chest already one covered with blood, but in this purgatory the strongest devil had not been struck down easily, continued to roar, moved suddenly, speed like light!


The long halberd layer on layer strikes, Frost retrocedes immediately several steps, the shoulder is penetrated a deep wound, the blood spatters in all directions flows, but the position of dark blue billows became drifts from place to place, Frost can only open the bright eyes, is inducing the surrounding aura carefully: „Here!"


Also is stars falls, layer on layer rumbles in one piece takes void, but has also transmitted the dark blue billows miserable howling, this is she and Frost gambling, contests between two top gods!


The speed, the spirit sleep, this time they can only rely on these two points, even Frost also holds up everywhere stars to move, but increase new wounds, she has been incapable of condensing [Frost Armor] armor as before, dark blue billows every time will go well will add a new wound above her body.

In inverse proportion, quick Frost could not catch the dark blue billows position, the multiple stars fail continuously, finally the self-satisfied big laughter of dark blue billows transmits in the air: „You Frost, is this your limit? Ha Ha, you are the hope of humanity, the emperors in south seven big kingdoms think that your this goddess can guard the world of mankind exist, your present appearance likely is a useless bitch, how, were you dying?"

I raise the double sword to open the god shape, actually cannot help, I raise the sword [Assault] advance each time time, actually the remnant shade of even connected Canglan clothes cannot overtake, perhaps he has not had the person of superior god godship to pay attention to my this.


Queen Zi Shu looks from afar to me, said: „Xiao Yao, cannot wait again......"


I raise the long sword to graze in the wind, sharply stops suddenly, the shield of stars horizontal, an evil strength attacks fiercely from the right, „after bang", the shield of stars broke instantaneously, the long halberd of dark blue billows comes running free, „tittering" one punctures thoroughly my overlord armor, has created 70 thousand + injury, good terrifying!

Cannot avoid, otherwise definitely will lose his trail!

Is enduring the severe pain, I lift the left hand to get the handle of long halberd hurriedly, does not let loose, the butterfly sword exerts however to erupt to ride the wind to cut, a thorn of sword sword thoroughly the body of dark blue billows, but the injury effort was too small, how this BOSS, was the Frost sound transmits on the contrary: „Xiao Yao, does not want, my stars strength can injure and you......"

Originally the strength of her stars is the non- difference attack, shares everything.

I fill next health potion hurriedly, said loudly: „Has not related, you attack freely, cannot make the dark blue billows continue to injure you again, otherwise you really will die, relax, I have to subdue the Buddhist musical instrument, will not die!"

Saying, was opening the Invincible Body effect directly!

But the attack of dark blue billows as if has to neglect the invincible effect, can as before each time to I create 30 thousand + the injury, at the same time the Frost stars fell also fell, the consecutively five overwhelming stars fell from the day, the bang resulted in the earth to shiver, but opened in me well invincibly, the Frost skill attacked to me actually invalid.


The dark blue billows were entrained pointed weapons by me, is unable to move, is miserably howling, the body starts the disintegration piece by piece, he as if also reached the limit of withstanding, but in the surrounding, the cold arrow has shot together, Seurre has crashed finally also in the storm center, distant uphold long bow, consecutively four arrows, arrow arrow through, making the dark blue billows HP fall once again much.

My sustained attack, is maintaining own output, although is the single-handed attack is unable to display the double sword class strongest strength, but has also sufficed.

„Damn brat!"

The dark blue billows roar, unexpectedly loosened the long halberd, does not want the pointed weapons, the palm wields, the scarlet ray gathering, is being distant strikes to distant place Seurre outrageously: „Rebel, dies!"


The courage vigor erupts in the air, elf queen Seurre miserable snort tumbles in the pool of blood, merely dark blue billows strikes, she whole body is the wound, knees down, on face pale, actually as before works on deep red Yun Gong, is nipping the silver tooth, said: „Dark blue billows, I am making reparations, redeem the evil that I once violated, but you, you is a devil, is...... Is a bastard!"

Lifts the hand, is the consecutively three arrows, this effort is bigger, penetrated the dark blue billows and my body directly, even I visit the chest shooting thoroughly by Seurre's advantage arrow, is good because, my invincible effect also has 5 seconds!

„Hurry up!"

Started the countdown, my fast holds the wrist skill of dark blue billows, raises the long sword to tie down the dark blue billows to start the [Strength of a Thousand Men] + [Thundering Heavens] + Longteng nine days and other set of continual skill, while shouts greatly: „I am about unable to support, a bit faster massacres the dark blue billows, is now!"

Seurre kneels to sit on the ground, the both arms catch up, the bowstring by pulling the full moon, three flood the energy arrow arrow of blue ray was being condensed, but Frost tightly bites the silver tooth, the body slowly float midair, stars condense the chains to linger around her graceful body, that is the stars chains, is the Frost lethality strongest, speed swiftest most and violent one move, but can also consume her life strength a move.


The dark blue billows are roaring, turns around the gathering palm is the blade, having overwhelming strength one to break shouts to clear the way: „Do your this ants also want to kill me? Breaks to me!"


The left arm hears a clear sound, the good pain, mother, unexpectedly the entire arm by BOSS shutting off, system System Notification me in 10 minutes was unable to use the left hand, this is the disabled effect that the system brings, is good because of me is a player, after 10 minutes , the arm should be able to recover.

Dragon Yin, two dragon shape strengths dance in the air, lingers in my body week, the Shuanglong effect was hit, the dark blue billows raise the arm, to my front is being a palm, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Annihilates to the father!"

I do not draw back instead enter, „Shua" one approaches him, after the rapid sinking body circles, again [Blade Rush]!


A mysterious occurrence, top BOSS struck is walked + skill to fall to MISS by me unexpectedly, this was I have also rescued a oneself life! The [Seven Stars Teleportation] position falls to the ground, treads star aspect to move 40 yards rapidly, Seurre's arrow arrow pierced the chest of dark blue billows, but has not put on, three contain the strong strength arrow arrow to glitter densely the ray, is waiting for the final eruption.

But at this time, the Frost stars chains also crashed, was mad field forcing to keep the dark blue billows from moving, stars chains BOSS twining, Frost distantly looked to Seurre, but a latter gently nod!



A bang, the ground detonation centered on dark blue billows, the shock-wave even swept across me hundred meters away, can only turn on the shield of stars to come to square to keep off, simultaneously filled big health potion, otherwise could this be struck to the second has killed, Frost strength strong, but did not divide the enemy and ourselves, sometimes simply did not have the human nature!

Zhan Long Chapter 1323

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