Zhan Long Chapter 1324

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„How, how was day a moment ago black?"

In the guild channel, Lian Po does not have offline, asked in consternation: „The Hybrid Demon territory exactly what happened, the day starts from that side completely dark, isn't this high noon in game? How to turn into the midnight suddenly . Moreover the direction of Hybrid Demon territory transmits the tremors, the sign that soars to the heavens thunderously, exactly what happened?"

The milk that the violent walks said: „Perhaps only then the Guildmaster Boss can explain to you, but he thinks that now is also busy maintaining life, has no free time to respond you radically."

Wang Jian: „Does not need to manage the Xiao Yao elder brother, he can certainly handle, you continue to march, strive for the quickest speed under the arrival iron skull city!"


Northern boundary, the scarlet mountain range of Hybrid Demon territory.

The whole piece map was almost ruined, here which any scarlet mountain range, looks like simply does not have what difference with the human purgatory, with the blood stream thousand li(500 km) described that does not exaggerate.

In my dead ahead, the explosion of stars chains has formed a hundred meters deep big hole, the dark blue billows, the monarchy in this legend disappeared, the dust turns over to the dust and earth to turn over to the earth.

„Finished?" Seurre kneels on the ground as before asks, on her both legs the wound deep obvious bone, is very fearful, could not stand.

„Perhaps death started." Frost light saying: „Seurre, are you all right?"

„All right, this wound is anything, is only my making reparations."


Frost quick number of lines step, holds from the ruins me, looks left arm that I am cut off, said: „Xiao Yao, can't your hand your hand have the matter? This"

Her eye has covered mist, soon cried.

I clap on her fragrant shoulder, said: „All right, do not forget me not to be different from you"

„Right, you are strange people." She transfers Bei Weixi, the so-called strange people, are actually NPC to player's name, formidable who we from the different world summoning, is the same with the hypothesis of «Charm Treasure».

„How a bit faster had a look at child Queen Shu, her injury was more serious!"


I and Frost rush to the ruins together, child Shu is away from the explosion core to be quite near, Dragon's Tail in the ground, simply could not see her who was buried, when I and Frost unearthed from the soil her, child Shu coughed again and again: „, I also think that I must be buried below, in vain my peerless grace and talent"

„First do not blow, having a look at the injury to be what kind." I said ill-humoredly.

The injury on Frost inspection Shu arm, said all of a sudden: „Is good because has not injured the dragon muscle that and dragon god essence grows, but broke an arm, by the physique of dragon god, two months can degenerate a time body, when the time comes naturally can give birth to the new arm, becomes the perfect shape."

The child Shu Dakou respite, front twin peaks high and low fierce fluctuating, said: „Right arm broke, this month can only work as alone arm Shenlong"

I too could not bear this red dragon flour queen, turns around to go in the ruins to seek for the dark blue billows the remains, but could not find, moreover that moment that the dark blue billows died as if has not blown out any thing to us, has been a pity, was my output was too certainly low, has not arrived at Frost and Seurre, child Shu's that degree, otherwise properly speaking should also to explode.


The autumn wind passed over gently and swiftly, suddenly black energies scatter in all directions to walk randomly in the ground.

„Is the aura of dark blue billows!"

Child Shu raises the alone arm hurriedly, to the tread is a dragon flame bombardment, the soil flies upwards, but the black aura rapidly has actually seeped the ground, Seurre also stands up, is holding the long bow, said: „Ended, although the dark blue billows the body broke, but however his soul as if had not been destroyed, did our we waste time?"


Frost shakes the head, said: „I can induce, dark blue billows before the strength intensity two Chengdu does not arrive continually, he however does not dare to come back to life absolutely, otherwise I will butcher him conveniently, if as expected, the dark blue billows need to wait till an enough strong body to dare to reactivate, even if reactivates cannot achieve the primary 50% strength, to fear insufficient."

„Seeks for the body?" Child Shu Dao: „Dark blue billows , to resurrect certainly will seek for strong the enough body, who then can be?"

I and Frost look at one another, almost also said: „Sif!"

Right, Sif is known as the female war-god, various war techniques are perfect, and own strength is also tends the peak, I do not have overlord rebirth the words of 225% additions definitely am not her match, moreover Sif was injured in the fight of Tian Ling Empire retreated, once she returned to the Hybrid Demon territory, the substitute person who then the dark blue billows sought for was most likely is she!

„Do we want to massacre Sif?" Child asked.

Seurre said: „Eliminates evil thoroughly, should."

Frost actually shook the head saying: „No, does not want you to receive that heavy wound, our Dragon Rider soldier buckle half, this fight almost sufficiently has also let our cold uncultivated land Dragon's den destruction, again the army who met Sif perhaps, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den really must be cancelled, moreover my long-term usage stars fell with the stars chains, the star territory strength in within the body had almost been consumed only, within 35 days were not suitable begin, made the dark blue billows resurrect, when I arrived at the Hybrid Demon territory once more, will hit thorough state of mind Ju Mie the dark blue billows! Now, withdrawal of troops return trip, made the dark blue billows seek for Sif, or Qin Ge works as the substitute person to be good."

„Wears?" I in consternation, said: „Wears is impossible, she was held by us, had been imprisoned in the Tian Ling Empire underground in-depth icehouse."


The Frost great happiness, said with a smile: „That was really good, so long as held to wear, I had confidence her within the body evil pursued spirit, snort, had, on this day under inevitably Dading!"

„Really this?" I was also joyful, it seems like I order to capture alive to wear am affirm right.

At this time, the sky has shone gradually, the domain storm that the dark blue billows condensed also dissipated, the surrounding, many Dragon Rider soldier and Dragon's den armed soldier was tidying up the corpse and battlefield of companion pointed weapons, took back the ice to run all over the place the loose warhorse, to wounded and injured big dragon treatment, a half after about hour, started to remove, all the way everywhere was the wounded ** the sound, this fought truly is too frigid, but the result satisfied us , the dark blue billows died in battle, what merit but also there is compared with this in a big way?

Moreover said according to Frost, the body that if the dark blue billows captured Sif the strength will also drop 50%, that was really good, let alone Frost will arrive at the Hybrid Demon territory to kill him once more, I can consider to lead the [Zhan Long] person to come to the Hybrid Demon territory tidying up this first BOSS!

Has a look in the BOSS ranking, was the first dark blue billows is not the death death grey, but was the red blood red, did not know is being up to mischief, it is estimated that other player will see blurry, probably will think that first BOSS was wild, soon will bring a peerless catastrophe to arrive at this mainland.

Is good because, basically I have been able to confirm that the threat of Hybrid Demon territory has cancelled, was our revenge fighting to iron skull city.

The Americans most like the dry matter launching the war in others' territory, this time was good, we can launch a war in their iron skull city domain, made them taste the taste of war well.

In an instant the three hours in game passed by, the player of our offline rest also one after another gets online, said that is rests for three hours, but many people so are long on the rest, after all it is reported that the players in many iron skull cities did not have offline, our time offline were too long could bungle the military opportunity.

The name in good friend list has shone, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue ID almost same Cooldown glitters, has reported a news to me

Lin Wan Er: „Pig your not offline, for 225% attribute additions spelled"

Dong Cheng Yue: „Oh Brother Xiao Yao is strong, I am very gratified"

My 11 replies, Lin Wan Er indicated that saw my over 30 hours of offline somewhat does not love dearly, Dong Cheng Yue expressed that somewhat loves dearly Wan Er, thinks that I am continuously long Cooldown online the effect on the kidney not to be very good, will cause later and Lin Wan Er X quality of life drops, I explicitly said this is minding others'business.

Again shortly afterward, Q-Sword sends in a news: „Xiao Yao, [Hero's Mound] probably thousand player majority arrived to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, the iron removal skull city probably also takes about 5 hours again, however the following player has not followed, our scouting players have fed in the news, looks at semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate iron removal skull city the terrain of all the way to be complex . Moreover the iron skull city direction at least surpasses thousand player to looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate sets out, they must attack Tian Ling Empire, can definitely encounter, what to do?"

I think, reply: „First makes everybody be stationed in keeping watch semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, as long as there are people in iron skull city to enter looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate in the domain immediately to repel, although we intend to the iron skull city, but defends to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate first, after letting everybody enters looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate Dashengtang, is in sight the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate resurrecting place binding, when the time comes died in battle can look at semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate resurrecting directly, reenforced fast."

„OK, your how long?"

„Not over 3 hours!"

„Um, [Vanguard], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild the people also one after another arrived, some [Zhan Long] also many people are in sight Wolseong-ri, we will make best effort to defend to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate."


When I fly sky over Tian Ling Empire, the players in many Chinese areas formed groups marched to the western boundary, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others are gathering the melt god cavalry, probably gathered 5000 + people of appearances . Moreover, the palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and flame Long Jun and other empire main force regiments 11, from afar looked at the past, Director Han Yuan soldier of one crowd of temple knight ranks is transporting the heavy Long Jing artillery, 25 invincible might artillery to looking at semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate on the way, so long as under these heavy artillery delivery iron skull city cities, definitely sufficiently made the sky rose overturn the heavens crisply.


A news, came from Ye Lai: „Xiao Yao, the iron skull city some people entered look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate within the boundaries, our person plans attack, knows that you in Tian Ling Empire, must a bit faster fly the murder to gain points, after all on you 225% attribute additions did not need to waste."

„Um, good!"

Suits me, earlier passes, murder!

Zhan Long Chapter 1324

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