Zhan Long Chapter 1325

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Issues an order, [Zhan Long] majority of players rapidly from Tian Ling Empire, but can the god shape change the player of body does not have the same place, but has fired into Full Moon City using the speed of flight, present Full Moon City needs us . Moreover the god level player basically is the country fights the points list to go forward 500 players, points was too for them important, no one has the authority to limit them to obtain points.


I have the dragon god's daughter raspberry speed in addition to hold, moreover Movement Speed that superior god godship in addition holds is also highest, therefore most is also about to arrive in Full Moon City, lasted less than one -and-a-half hours to arrive in Full Moon City merely, the speed has can be inferred.

Looked at the past from afar, after Full Moon City dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona took over, appears prosperous, now might be considered as a firm city, not only in city all around fence has constructed the firm galvanized iron, and also mounted a handle handle pointed knife, increased the defense of city by this, promoted the match attacking a city difficulty, this was also the sky rose and clear pupil develops black ink and demon mountain and the others not to attack one of the Full Moon City reasons ; first, to attack the attack to Chinese area was not big, the price that its two were to attack was too big.


The cape bone-chilling cold trembles to swing with the wind, I floating fall on the city, Q-Sword, Tang Qi, Tang Gu, Sword Tears and other [Hero's Mound] the players, temporarily have not attacked to meet all around hostile player.

„Xiao Yao, you come, the speed may be really fast enough." Q-Sword proposes seven to kill the sword, said with a smile slightly.

I nod: „Um, here situation how?"

„Fortunately." Q-Sword puts out a hand to north-south one finger, said: „The south has a player team of Ze deep pool city to kill our completing the order form players in You Yi, their total numbers of people in 200 thousand about, the north it is said demon mountain and maplewood being drunk are bringing about 70 thousand + the player are probably coming in the cross-ocean, but the warship of Hybrid Demon territory has almost exhausted, person over 50 thousand that they can transport each time, cannot pose the too big threat, the western threat is biggest, the sky rose arranges the battlefield personally, planned and us fights a decisive battle on Full Moon City and plain between iron skull cities."

„Does she want to fight a decisive battle fights a decisive battle?" I cannot bear smile: „Sky rose rather thought beautifully, now results in the battlefield to grasp on own initiative, in we went well, does not need to listen her, immediately the organization people went out of town to attack the people in Ze deep pool city, but cannot walk too, absolutely do not leave the Full Moon City domain."

„OK, I arrange immediately."


Nearby, Tang Gu is raising iron spear, said with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao, you may be really imposing now, [Zhan Long] Guildmaster, Chinese war zone holds the spear greatly, you said that your how long didn't return to the bedroom to have a look at me?"

I smile, racket his shoulder: „Eyeglasses brother you lives is not good?...... You were lonely, needs me to help you introduce a [Zhan Long] younger sister paper?"

Tang Gu rubs hands hurriedly: „Good good, the brothers' and others is your words, a person lives truly is not familiar with!"

Sword Tears female throws smiles: „As far as I know, the Liu Hua University male student apartment is not the men and women mixes? Or Xiao Yao Guildmaster introduced that a guy lives together with Tang Gu, how is it?"

„This suggestion is good." I laugh.

Tang Gu was anxious: „Leaving of mother...... I may not have that heavy taste . Moreover the skill does not think that cousin Tang Qi is so strong, I was a person live."

Looks at the Tang Gu appearance, after Q-Sword told the duty, has shown a main house gate unfortunate expression, but pulled the calf in not far away also one group of people there well, was Jian Feng Han and Don't be Foolish, Goodbye Tears and North Pole and the others, compared Tang Gu weakly to explode with the talking nonsense degrees of [Vanguard] three giants simply, Q-Sword was also probably secret perspiration, had Jian Feng Han fortunately, otherwise this Guildmaster worked as too awkwardly.

Goodbye Tears grasps a handle yellow golden color monk's staff, a foot pedal on the city wall crenelation, is looking into the distance, puts out a hand to touch the chin, said: „Yesterday evening my night view celestial phenomenon, saw the alpha of ursa minor prosperously in the East, a Western brightest general creakied, thought the sky rose destiny already completely, hey...... The mother, why doesn't my this game modeling have the beard? To stroke the beard not to have, a vicissitudes feeling does not have!"

Don't be Foolish places the ground the shield, by said with a smile in the city wall: „You is a Buddhist, can have the beard of wool, you think that frees from earthly desires what's the matter, beard plant root naturally also only, a you such incomplete man, or my rogue store buys several bunches of herbal medicines to paste to you, making you retrieve a dignity of man?"

Goodbye Tears slightly one startled: „? Do the Buddhists free from earthly desires are really not long beard?"

„Or you looked that Tian Ling Empire Monk Class who is long the beard?"

Goodbye Tears was more shocking.

Nearby, was known as that floating of Tian Ling Empire first Monk lives ten thousand blade edge vision one coldly, said: „Mother do not visit me, father blow, originally some......"

Don't be Foolish claps hands to laugh: „Confessed without being pressed!"

I think them to tease, is very at heart uncomfortable, such intelligence quotient wants to defeat the sky rose and clear pupil to develop the black ink and brown pupil class of is really too reluctant they, the road ahead is difficult!


Again shortly afterward, under Full Moon City converged about 1 million Chinese players, is primarily [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Judgement] and other big Guild, enormous and powerful met Ze deep pool city the invading enemy to go to the south, I did not have to go together, but made in the city several thousand [Zhan Long] players also together urge to go faster, but my direction was north.

The demon mountain and maplewood are drunk to lead hundreds of thousands of people of cross-oceans to come, has to guard.

„Holds the spear greatly." Transmitted the spooky fragrance, Moon Elf Queen Fiona grasps the long bow to walk slowly, said: „Did not turn over to the sea to come the lackeys in many Hybrid Demon territories, what to do should we? Currently in Full Moon City altogether has 60 thousand dark Moon Elf and 50 thousand humanity armies can enter the war, dragon crystal artillery 900, hot crag artillery 1800, should defend sufficiently imperial does not turn over to the sea."

I shake the head: „No, do not attack on own initiative, these military strength remained to defend the city to suffice, did not turn over to marine Hybrid Demon to make them land, has not related, they arrived under the city to massacre them, defended Full Moon City is basic, as for the attack, gave me to be OK."

Fiona beams into a smile, deep looked at my one eyes, said: „Xiao Yao, you were away from your dream to be very near, right?"

I also smile: „Is close, is difficult."

„Um, yes."

„I walked, Fiona you must defend Full Moon City."



Jumps, god shape changes the body, has fired into the north like lightning, since gains points first, that anything was needless saying that first took the demon mountain and maplewood is drunk the operation to say again, by I 225% overlord rebirth additions, even if these two people collaborated me not to fear that their this group of people have joined the Hybrid Demon territory, that present makes them taste with the human player for the taste of enemy!

Similarly as the conquered city, UK , France and Japanese Han players has not joined the Hybrid Demon territory, in principle, the demon mountain and maplewood were drunk, the clear pupil to develop black ink and the others to lose one section.

Flies to does not turn over to the sea, over a thousand warships are marching forward in the sea level by far slowly, they have not approach shored, was just good, the present is the golden opportunity of murder!


Near body drew close to the sea level full speed flight, the air current of body week behind towed together the storm, cleaving the waves has been raising Qi's strong wave, the front surface was one is anchored the warship of head by the black steel and iron package, on the ship has been able to see the Indian players, some 8 levels of Hybrid Demon above, an demon palace rode has discovered me, has raised the long sword, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Be careful, some people sneak attack!"

One crowd of archer urgently anxious arriving bows, a player of group team leader rank loudly said: „With the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, the dizziness is occupied by him, is the god level player, was careful!"

I do not have the meaning of deceleration, lifts the hand to draw out the double sword, has not approached on the screw rotation makes the impulse stronger, the double sword is the front, the entire photograph was a drill bit of high-speed screw same pierces the bow, the body Zhou Shenji bracing cold bone-chilling cold has wreaked havoc, ripped the smashing the deck and crowd, „", penetrated the entire warship instantaneously, cut in half it directly, looked like a marine catastrophe is simply ordinary.

On this warship at least 300 + players and NPC, are in the deep-sea area at this time, fell in the water, the words that in short Cooldown cannot come ashore will drown to perish, nearby warship must reenforce as soon as possible, but is not simple, because I will not allow them to do.

The personal appearance speed does not reduce, I have fired into the second warship rapidly, distant saw on the face of players faced with the death fear, Knight of vice- Guildmaster rank stands up from failure, enters the god shape, grasps the shield to keep off on the bow, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Brothers, block him with shield to me, cannot make him continue to destroy the warship!"

Finally, some people have recognized me, shouts loudly: „That is Xiao Yao Zi Zai...... is the war-god of Chinese area, the day, will he rush to here? Damn, damn!"

His angry pounds with the hand bang on the broad side, but does not help matters.

In the hand butterfly sword Zheng called, I not silly dashed the flesh tactic of match with the flesh and blood, but raised the long sword is sword broken landscape attacks, the picture scroll launched, „" this warship decomposing, my attack power superelevation, the destructive power strongly to the extreme, the sword broken landscape of LV-7 god level has also been crushed including the mountain top now, let alone was small warships?

The massive players fall in the water in the shatter hull, I sweep away, [Tempest Sword] + [Thundering Heavens] falls together, the instantaneous second kills over a hundred people, wields single-handed, antiquity [Legend] roared born, treads the water surface to start treads the [Burstfire Raid] effect, the sharp claws raises, in addition [Fierce Roar], the player of this ship almost killed off immediately.


System Announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【Endless night】( India), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!


Zhan Long Chapter 1325

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