Zhan Long Chapter 1326

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The god shape changed the bracing cold of body already transformed for the flame, this contained the thunder and lightning, incorruptible, flame, sacred four is the godship of principle is truly powerful, even can change the god shape the ray of body transforms is the destruction strength, raised the butterfly sword rapid replication direction, the opposite party has been building the heavy artillery to prepare to bomb me, however my speed quickly also how was how flexible, wants with attack me to have a dream again simply!

With „" the report, warships decompose in the sea level for the fragment, in an instant had been ruined dozens warships by me, but they take my means not to have, archer dizzy does not produce the results to me, wants to kill me actually unable to massacre, physical defense promotes 225%, in addition god level 7 [Wall of Dou Qi] 300%, the archers and Swordsman basically are broken defend, even is the god level player hits me also to have several thousand injuries.

Also no wonder , a Sif sword king level Hybrid Demon can only hit my 10 thousand + HP, let alone is the player?


Over ten thousand players fall in the water, miserable is struggling in the sea water howlingly, tour of going all out to seacoast, but here distance shore was too far, they will exhaust Stamina to perish.

Continue, with „dashes the attack destruction of type not to turn over to the marine warship good" continually, these warship few one batch are one batch, if I ruin this batch of warships, possibly the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk and other Indian players to be stranded, in did not turn over to the sea the north bank unable south to invade, such suited me, the maplewood was drunk, the clear pupil to develop good that black ink and the others can not meet do not meet.

This unusual interception way received the extremely marvelous effect, after the opposite party has destroyed about 200 warships, unexpectedly does not have a warship to pass my swift and violent firing line.

Even they started to order NPC not to want the raising sail, comes also to court death again.

Therefore I killed, the man was ruthless, you did not come, I went, when didn't want their lives also to wait till while 225% attribute additions?


Flame illuminates a piece by piece does not turn over to the marine dark night, only blamed them not to beg some 9 levels of thousand strangely, sword spirit cavalry soldier and other flight branch of the services to come from Hybrid Demon king there strangely, even came on a number of spirit flowered insects to be also good, but did not have, therefore has formed my such absolute crush superiority, on the other hand, the body of dark blue billows had been destroyed, Sif, qin song and the others returned to the Hybrid Demon territory not to have the sound, after experiencing the disastrous defeat, Sif and the others also not necessarily also had the thoughts to start has attacked, therefore may not dispatch troops to give the player the direction.

In an instant did not turn over to the sea to become a human purgatory.

Is buried in warship under my sword at least has been over 500, 200 000 + the player has struggled to wait for death when the sea water, complete warship even does not dare by far to save others, looks at companion being drown to death, the warship is I destroys, has created the secondary attack effect, therefore these players died in battle points also to divide my some, this directly causes my country to fight points to progress by leaps and bounds, has almost cast in 20 minutes off second Fang Ge Que, over one time

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) country fights points: 【1175840】

2 nd, Fang Ge Que( China) country fights points: 【500320】

3 rd, Cang Yue( China) country fights points: 【482300】

4 th, sky rose( the US) country fights points: 【473740】

5 th, Mu Xuan( China) country fights points: 【441270】

6 th, Dancing Forest( China) country fights points: 【437330】

7 th, Cang Tong( China) country fights points: 【424220】

8 th, to like tracking down( China) country to fight points: 【409280】

9 th, demon mountain( Germany) country fights points: 【373290】

10 th, Drunken Spear( China) country fights points: 【362220】


This third round country fought MVP is quite steady, only if Fang Ge Que had any superelevation to erupt, but almost was not too possible, this initiative choice defended a city in Tian Ling Empire, was almost equal to giving up the qualifications of MVP, this was the Fang Ge Que charisma is , the capable person cannot, I know actually that he made this choice to be equal to the achievement I, making my this round country war be able the making contribution behavior, this third round country fought was also doomed is I most magnificent one to carve, is in the entire destiny annals most [Epic] one page, was one. [Legend] of person.

Fang Ge Que is very intelligent, knows that I will be reaching the peak that moment to go into seclusion, the later first person as before is he, the legend also as before is him.

In I shuttle back and forth in the warships, goes crazy same after having ruined 20 +, suddenly the distant place heard the battle drum sound, the opposite party finally about half warship started to organize to attack after the buckle, above an ultra-large warship was standing by far a person, was the maplewood is drunk, similarly had the man of superior god godship.

Another direction, is a warship, above is standing the person is the demon mountain, has eternal the waterwheel, ocean waves, pure gold horseshoe and other god level players in his side, they turned out in full strength finally.

„Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

The maplewood is drunk to fly to airborne, god shape opened, the corners of the mouth are having the angry smile: „You sufficed not to have, massacre our that many people, very satisfiedly? Stops!"

The demon mountain distant loudness said: „Maplewood is drunk, rubbish with him, on, present Xiao Yao Zi Zai has 225% addition effects together, was not 12 individuals can kill, must on together!"


The maplewood is drunk a nod, draws out the long sword slowly, said loudly: „Can fly, on, kills Xiao Yao Zi Zai together!"

My war boots almost tread on the water surface, raises head to look at the day, the god of journeys level ray flies together, the airborne altogether 40 + god level players flew, is really magnificent, but their goals are I, therefore looked like had not enjoyed, the body trembled slightly, [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor continued Shua newly, met head-on!

Raises the butterfly sword slightly, I laugh: „Come, I one step will not leave today do not turn over to the sea, is not you dies, is I perishes, come comes, today you cannot massacre me, must submit to me!"

„Extremely arrogant!"

The maplewood is drunk to drink greatly: „On!"

The god level player in all directions has attacked together, the rays of various skills are glittering, is really gorgeous!

The raging fire that the maplewood is drunk strikes + detritus to strike + combo, as well as the combo + lance of demon mountain punctures continuously suddenly comes together, close has not made people feel one bone-chilling cold scalding hot, my goodness, the attack of this intensity was too fearful, in a flash, my HP pit-a-pat falls, fell 1 200 000 from 300 thousand directly +, close remnant blood!

Does to sweep away the sword, swings several people, simultaneously lifts the hand to condense the shield of stars!


Explosive sound in one after another, I look at clearly, weakest several god level players near my right hand, comes well! A ray shoots up to the sky, rides the wind to cut the direct bang to kill Going out, ripped the smashing the bodies of 6 god level players, even they opened the invincible skill the opportunity not to have, because my riding the wind cut to practice the top, gathered to be mad Cooldown almost to ignore, but 15 waves of attacks of eruption instantaneously were actually erupting, they simply have not responded Cooldown!






Fearful injury digit occurred repeatedly, almost the flash my HP has attracted completely, boldly thrusts forward to rush crazily, the double sword interlocks the anger to chop on the body of demon mountain, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Demon mountain, came from you first!"

Two swords have made into the remnant blood the demon mountain, his reaction rate is not slow, direct was invincible.

The attack that the maplewood is drunk, coordinated several god level archer and Mage bursts, the speed that my HP drops is quick, full Xue was just rapid half blood, returns to turn around by the shield of standard parry maplewood stars to be drunk with one crowd of long-distance attack injuries, the butterfly sword violent walks to go, wields a sword to launch three attacks single-handed instantaneously!

Where the maplewood is drunk can resist, miserable snort also opened the invincible effect.


Although does not have the enemy and ourselves unable to attack, actually opens the left hand suddenly to hold the breastplate chain that the maplewood has been drunk, makes an effort to wield by the great power that he is unable to resist, „whiz" threw to fly Going out him, numerous hits on the body of demon mountain.


Two people miserable snort stumble in the same place, the demon mountain are raising the fire god spear, on the face completely is the startled color: „Day...... When he became that fierce, this forms of combat or person?"

The maplewood is drunk: „...... Other people?"

Two people gain ground together, actually saw dragon shape storm, is the Longteng nine days of attack effects, was held up by me in the hand, is pounding on the bang to two people, „bang bang bang" the sound is unceasing, the Longteng nine days have formed a steel and iron wall, like this press speedily to crash two people!


The sea water flies upwards, two big god level masters were rumbled by me in together the entering the sea water, and speed does not reduce, the maplewood is drunk, the demon mountain to roar is promoting the Longteng nine days of iron walls together, but the strength could not contend with me unexpectedly, the sea water spread in all around, two extremely masters turned somewhat frightened from the anger and resistance, in deep sea a darkness, but the ray brightness of butterfly sword!

[Strength of a Thousand Men]!


Sword broken landscape!


The bone-chilling cold storm flushed the sea level, just liked Shenlong shooting up to the sky, has started bigger marine storm, entire did not turn over to the sea to be stirred to turn generally, simultaneously two system ting reverberations by me above the sea level, lets all Indian players and German players almost felt to suffocate fear


System Announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the superior god level player successfully 【Maplewood is drunk】( India), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!


System Announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the god level player successfully 【Demon mountain】( Germany), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!



In the guild channel, Li Mu scolded directly: „Mother, Xiao Yao are you a person? How this is achieves! Now you absolutely are the first person that the entire server recognizes, can simultaneously strike to kill the person who the demon mountain and maplewood are drunk, only then you!"

Wang Jian laughs: „Attractive! Great the Xiao Yao elder brother, was too strong!"

Wolf also with joy said: „Hey, it seems like did not turn over to the marine war soon to still!"

Matcha hee smiles: „Worthily is my Boss, is strong!"

Lin Wan Er: „This was the fool boiled for two days two nights of results......"


Zhan Long Chapter 1326

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