Zhan Long Chapter 1327

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„Retreats! Orders the NPC sailor to turn around the bow, return!"

On warship, Indian war zone fourth Guild Guildmaster Thunder Xiongwo Axe, but does not fight intent, looks that the maplewood is drunk, the demon mountain to be cut to massacre together, soon courage entirely to crack, has bellowed the order to retreat, in fact he does not have other choice, here is the deep-sea area player is unable to go to sea to fight, but I am a god level player, advances freely and quickly and goes easily and freely, and depends upon the formidable attribute and impulse can destroy the NPC warship with ease, this is they are unable to imagine.

Hits and does not hit, oneself is also difficult insurance, in this situation also only then retreated a road to walk.


The battle drum sound from turned crowded slowly, strikes hit that as if on the heart of everyone, this was the signal of retreating, the people in Indian + Germany two big war zones starts to retreat, never turned over to the strategy that the sea cross-ocean fought to miscarry, but the instigator was only I, does not know that their is what Xiang at heart now.

Thinks very heavily.

The sea is floating many corpses, but equipment of player crashes into the seabed completely, I am unable to salvage, the sea water was too deep, in the deep sea also has various sea-nymphs, is not necessarily able to grab any bargain, will delay Cooldown and country fights the rhythm, even the demon mountain and maplewood are drunk equipment that blows out I not to sneak in the seabed to seek, but gazed after the warship of opposite party to vanish after the curtain of night flies on a spin body to the iron skull region direction between city and Full Moon City.

Soon, arrives in a piece of green jungle the sky, this forest lands called „eating delicacies wind forest", was known as that the continuous 700 li (0.5km), in fact about 400 li (0.5km), the player walked to take 5-7 hours, rode the good words to take about 3 hours, at my flying speed, one hour of traveling schedule was similar, this piece of eating delicacies wind Lin Heng between the iron skull city and Full Moon City, became natural blockades between two cities, if were not this eating delicacies wind forest is very vast fears Full Moon City already unable to escape the oppression of the people of sky rose to trample.

The flight altitude at least above 5000 meters, hides in the cloud layer, looks at all on earth, almost every action and every movement in ground can receive the view, even of lion killing antelope can clear seeing, after the flying upwards god territory , the field of vision was actually clear much, at this time „drop", Q-Sword sends in the news, they have encountered with the people in Ze deep pool city, in Full Moon City south, the war is just luxurious.

I have not thought that many, there fight makes them solve, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han and Misty Clouds several people, sufficiently dealt with.

Continues from the sky to fly, seeks for any detail in 700 li (0.5km) eating delicacies wind forest.

Properly speaking the sky rose is impossible to let the entry iron skull city domain of Chinese player vast stretch of flat land, this is certain, the consistent style of American is also this, the battlefield out oneself, that these 700 li (0.5km) eating delicacies wind forests obviously has become the best battlefield.

Shortly after flies again, really in discovery jungle presented the player in threes and fours, but is not the player in iron skull city, but is west the person of boundary treaty of alliance, the Japanese Han, Philippines, Vietnam and other server of the players have, from the beginning is only minority, afterward were getting more and more, total number of people already enough over 1000 thousand, intensive distribution in the middle of eating delicacies wind forest.

To examine again carefully was not good, they hide under the big tree, I was hindered in the airborne field of vision enormously.

Get down!

Took possession to clash, sought for the crowd quite scarce place landing, „Shua" crashed in the shrubbery, immediately enters the thick patch of grass technique the stealth effect, they could not see me as before.

The thick patch of grass in jungle too are luckily many, and continuously, has provided the extremely good safe house for me, some of their also people hide in the thick patch of grass, but cannot see me, this was too good.


Secretly [Stealth] in the jungle nearly one hour, had soon after discovered that the front presented the NPC army, is the army of iron skull city, all trades tower under the shield of branch and sod under the tree, is pointing to the East, and a troop grasps the NPC cavalry soldier of heavy shield also to cover vine static bending down there, NND, NPC knows that ambushed we, the preparation of sky rose may be really complete enough.

Under the tree, the several important personages in Japanese war zone, JBN fight net first person of Frost Forest to caress the main item of mount dragon lightly, another hand is pressing the sword hilt, standing of being silent there.

Crecent moon Guild Guildmaster, beautiful woman Yao Yue is raising the lance, instigates the warhorse to move slowly, leading one group of people, on the face to pass a impatient look, said: „Frost Forest, we here waiting without limits?"

„Otherwise?" Frost Forest looked at her one eyes, without the slightest show of feeling.

Crecent moon sip the red lip, said: „Are you resigned really?"

„What is resigned to?"

„Sky rose makes our Japan and player in South Korean war zone lay an ambush in 700 li (0.5km) eating delicacies wind forest, obviously is makes us take the lead, Chinese area tendency Sheng, this clearly is makes us work as the cannon fodder, does your being resigned make more than ten million Japanese players accompany you to work as the cannon fodder really together here? Don't forget, everybody hangs at least 2 times, hangs one time to fall 4 levels again, we have not advocated the city, the resilience are well below the Chinese area and US area, such consumes again, we cannot lose." After crecent moon words, sighed, started to speak but hesitated.

Frost Forest raises head to look at the day, long breathing a sigh of relief, on the face appears several points of helplessness, said: „Can that be what kind of? We on no choice, except for cooperate with the American radically, did not have other escape route, Xiao Yao Zi Zai of Chinese war zone was too strong, struck to kill the demon mountain and maplewood to be drunk at one fell swoop, what strength this was, but Yao Yue you should also know that these players in China had hate the Japanese, we helping American, other choice?"

Nearby, crecent moon vice- Guildmaster fights thunder to grasp the long sword, grins: „In fact the true situation is this, if the US iron skull city achieves the success of this war, we can also divide to 12 secondary lord cities rest live to rest up, but if the Chinese war zone won, perhaps by Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and temperament of Ye Lai these people, must the player to our Japan war zone be ruthless."

Frost Forest nods, said: „Still remembers that we initially did enter the brave words determination of this game? We pledged that must make the world fight to shake because of the Japanese war zone, we must make the world know our names, but the situation does not imagine like us now, reason that I help the American , because I have not given up, I also want to continue to try hard for this virtual war, otherwise, you thought why I can look for the sky rose to come behind the NPC armies as well as 300 heavy artilleries of these 10 thousand people? Even if we will die in battle today completely here, I must make the Chinese shed a skin, not?"

Yao Yue somewhat changes countenance, said: „Um, had your words I to feel relieved, you were the glory of Japan! Contacts with that side the South Korean, LEE they should also prepare prepared, what our times must face was the Chinese war zone surpasses 70% strengths, [Zhan Long], [Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Vanguard] , etc. was good at the guild that attacked coming, we must whole-heartedly."

„Um, yes!"


I hide in the thick patch of grass, deeply inspires, my goodness, the luck was good, comes to reconnoiter that useful information, immediately under recorded the Coordinate as well as the ambush Coordinate of NPC of cavalry soldiers this demon crystal artillery, so long as we early made the protection, these 300 demon crystal artillery can ruining in vain here.

Actually, I even can choose massacre Frost Forest and Yao Yue these people here, but does not need, like this was equal to exposing me, was equal to that made them know one has exposed, made them lay an ambush here, I had here most exhaustive deploying troops for defense Coordinate chart, this did not have what issue, I had the percentage hundred confidence regarding the hard strength of Chinese area.

Retreats slowly circuitously, after looking for an opportunity, immediately the direct impact clouds, leaves here.


Continues marches forward to the west, in 700 li (0.5km) eating delicacies wind forest also laying an ambush layer upon layer, the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries player many of small server gathered as before here, flies again forward for a half hour, a giant basin appears at present, is the immortal trace basin, the natural blockade to iron skull city, the low-lying land of immortal trace basin at least lowered about 400 meters compared with the level line, looks like a large bowl is ordinary, got down is very difficult to come up, very suitable encircling war in all directions, wants to come the sky rose should not to let off a such good ambush place.

In toward the forward flight, the distant place impressively is one black „Great Wall", right, the architectural style is almost without change with the Great Wall, just all city wall bricks are the black, and be continuous several hundred li (0.5km), only then an important pass, this important pass is called the cold blade edge pass/test, to iron skull city must by it place, this time cold blade edge be closed the tide of people to be turbulent, the players in massive iron skull city lay an ambush here, the innumerable hot crag artillery, the demon crystal artillery and crossbow car(riage) has erected above the important pass.

My moral nature sinks slightly, cold blade edge Guan Bi has a bloody battle!

The cold blade edge closes again toward the west, distant has been able to see the shadow of iron skull city indistinctly, this main city is away from us so near! Looks at the iron skull city, I cannot bear the heroic spirit have, this time I must conquer this main city inevitably, making 3000 thousand American players experience the strength and boldness of our China war zone!


After crossing again for a long time, „drop" an information, came from Li Mu: „Xiao Yao, the [Zhan Long] main force almost all arrived in Full Moon City, you hurry, Wan Er vice- Guildmaster and Q-Sword have discussed that after we one hour, attacks!"

„OK, you prepare first, I come back immediately, did the NPC army come? Does the heavy artillery prepare how is it?"

Li Mu turns on communication, smiles: „Came, Tian Ling Empire this time has at least used over a million the NPC army strength, almost turns out in full strength, I noticed that the invincible might artillery, the dragon crystal artillery and the hot crag artillery palace guard have pushed, you can long-distance transmitting orders make them launch the attack ahead of time."

„No." I shake the head: „Player on first, NPC finally on again, otherwise too wasted."


The monthly ticket list was surpassed, asked the monthly ticket, looked at my look T. T

Zhan Long Chapter 1327

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