Zhan Long Chapter 1328

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Full Moon City, battle drum sound Zheng called, the innumerable players have flooded into the eating delicacies wind forest from the north-south two wings of city tidal, when I flew to nearby Full Moon City, saw that Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha and Wan Er controlled the big dragon from the sky to circle, in the ground the dense and numerous [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry recuperated the spirit, the sword armor bright entry eating delicacies wind forest.


Instructed by my, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan, Jian Feng Han and Drunken Spear and the others gathered in the Full Moon City west gate square completely, altogether 40 + people, were the characters who major Guild could speak.

„How?" Jian Feng Han progresses to come, his mount is a rush of blood to the head red war beast, as if promoted, looking at the attribute should not be worse than Dragon Rider.

Ye Lai also raises Axe to say with a smile: „Brothers wait to kill, what but also there is to arrange?"

I said: „Needs to leave behind at least 500 thousand people to defend Full Moon City, I worried that the people in Ze deep pool city and seven luminaries city will have the idea of Full Moon City . Moreover, here has an exhaustive iron skull city deploying troops for defense chart, just drew up, the players of each Guildmaster level share, remembers that do not divulge a secret, otherwise they know that we know their ambushes selected."

Q-Sword nods: „OK!"

I then also said: „The branch of the services of what flight department major Guild have to take, strongly in the same place, one will arrive in their ambush ring surrounding the time, we gather the flight directly are the unit drop from the clouds, first has destroyed their 300 demon crystal artillery, then coordinates the ground forces easily accomplished defeats them, what kind, what objection has?"

The short spear trick raises the long spear to say with a smile: „Direction of your Xiao Yao Zi Zai, but also who will have the opinion? Proper, such managed!"

„Um!" I nod, lift the hand to draw out the butterfly sword, said with a smile: „Thanks everybody to my trust, this time we must take the iron skull city at one fell swoop, from the country war ended also only then two days, is our final 48 hours, this fights, so long as wins, we basically were series seven big kingdoms, each of us's ID will go down in the history of Chinese virtual game."

Hears here, the short spear trick could not bear somewhat excitedly said: „That attacks, what also waits for?"


Major guild Guildmaster go out of town, gathers outside the city waited for that our more than ten million players overspread the less than half map, uneven Shua Shua marches forward to go toward the West.

This all the way truly is easily accomplished, how the person of western boundary treaty of alliance possibly can resist this to be known as the Chinese player team that 3000 thousand military strength, the several thousand people of teams of small stock collapses at the first blow completely, after a half hour, I led the [Zhan Long] about 2 thousand melt god cavalry to arrive in the team frontal line, acts as the entire front the pointed knife, the place of butterfly sword direction, the person of western boundary treaty of alliance is also heard that fled.

Near three hours of jungles go through, the army arrived at the middle of 700 li (0.5km) eating delicacies wind forest, was away from day Han player the main ambush point 800 meters distance, proceeded again, in the jungle open field has been filled with the person, they were ready in full battle array, shield brought up the rear after and bow and arrow before and (spear gun), it may be said that was methodical, so long as we will start [Assault] to enter the firing distance of their heavy artillery, the firing distance of demon crystal artillery at least about 1200 yards, in fact we now already in their firing distances, but they have not been willing to open fire, wants to put to go in us hits again.

„Now what to do?" Lin Wan Er looks to me.

I fly slowly, said: „All stop going forward, inform major Guild, the accumulation flight is the player comes to here."

Straight flew near kilometer high, soon, in the ground the Dragon Rider gentlemen and warhawks rode to search and ride Great Péng bird, mixed wool crow and other mount the people to fly to gather, but Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan and Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others opened the god shape to fly, was less than five minutes, airborne at least gathered the team about 2 thousand person, visited me unable to bear the heroic spirit soar to the heavens, NND, we also had such lineup, that many person top players flushed, hasn't made them crash directly?

„Can?" Q-Sword smiles, he definitely also thought that in the chest the heroic spirit is turbulent, any does deeply love the player of war class game to feel because of present excited?


I nod, take the lead to fly Going out, dives to go suddenly, the direct impact on the artillery position of match, the side, Wan Er, East city, Matcha and Li Mu and the others also one after another followed, 2 thousand + hominization made the crowded meteor to fall to the earth, but ground Chinese player also Qi Qi the pointed weapons of pulling, the cavalry soldier started [Assault]!


Japanese Han players discovered when our intentions has appeared too late, Frost Forest roars loudly is letting the archer with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow fire dizziness, but I am also one shout, opens single-handed, the shield of stars + the imperial day, the imperial day effect makes the shield of amplification stars increase directly, presents together at least the light screen great shield about hundred meters radius, „" standard parry all arrow arrow attacks, when the shield of shatter instance stars, I have also wielded a sword to enter in the crowd.

„" The landing sound is unceasing, the Q-Sword casting hundred sword skills fell to the ground to erupt instantaneously, destroyed two demon crystal artillery directly, the Lin Wan Er bright moon storm destroys one similarly, Dong Cheng Yue [Thunderbolt Finger] and Dancing Forest meteor arrow also one after another erupts in the crowd, all kinds of skill erupted together, immediately the position in Japanese war zone instantaneously randomly has become pot gruel, 300 demon crystal artillery almost artillery have not sent are destroyed half, after they sent out dozens artillery, completely gave to hew pile of scrap iron.

The distant place, [Zhan Long], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard] and other guilds exuded the shocking war cries, the cavalry soldier rushes ahead, in addition the part of NPC heavy cavalries' coordinated attack, is similar to I expect, our 2 thousand people advanced to pull the position of opposite party directly, but the rush of ground cavalry soldier directly made the player square formation of Japanese Korean War area completely loose, started to collapse slowly.

„Crosswise clashes!"

Old K raises Axe, [Whirlwind Slash] + is jumping to cut barbarically awe-inspiringly, he opens the god shape is changing the body, adds fully, few people can with it contending, but I choose another direction to rush ahead, the AOE skills cover the attack, by converging attack that under we collaborate from outside with the inside, the first battleline of Japanese war zone in instantaneously already disintegration.

The short 20 minutes, they already fell into the pattern of rout, could not block our attacks completely.

Even near the ear the system ting again and again, Frost Forest, Lee, Yao Yue and other god level players were struck to kill by Lin Wan Er, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Ye Lai and the others one after another, in the jungle the Five-Starred Red Flag on Chinese player top of the head spreads, the red sea submerges this eating delicacies wind forest rapidly, but Japanese Han players are the objects who our war conquers by killing.

Is treading corpse forward [Assault] of enemy, at first also resists, afterward degenerated into has slaughtered completely, here altogether 1000 thousand + the day Korean War area player, after they died in battle, is the stochastic mapping rebirths, can gather that many person sincerity not to be easy, Lee and Frost Forest these people at the forum summoned that the player builds up in some Coordinate, but now like this is actually slaughtered, this is overdrawing their prestige simply, actually I also very sympathize with them, but the sympathy turns over to the sympathy, they with made the sacrifice truly to be worth respecting for the motherland for the game player like this, the standpoint was different, Only can continue to slaughter!


Near two hours of battles, 1000 thousand + the day Han players have dropped out at least over 800 thousand corpses, other is defeated and dispersed completely in the eating delicacies wind forest, they have been doomed in this country fought to organize the next wave of offensive, after all fell the level 4 levels of even 8 levels again, many players are not willing to withstand this sacrifice price.

„Rapid battlefield cleanup, we do not have too many Cooldown to waste here." Q-Sword shouted to clear the way loudly.

Major guild battlefield cleanups time, my landing mark time in the battlefield, the long spear and bow that arrow breaks off everywhere, one group of NPC soldiers were covered completely kill here, in the commander's flag of iron skull empire cover entirely the hole hole of arrow arrow from the sky to flutter at the same time, even was also burnt down an corner/horn, did not have the humane fellow to reduce the head as for the commander in chief of this army by Li Mu and Wang Jian two, therefore, I tore off the commander's flag to admit the package, this gadget took to frighten the morale of troops of opposite party NPC army in the face of the enemy position.

This game does very exquisitely, must grasp these details, the collection beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people can achieve a world series together really!


The team continues forward running, again meets is also only some matches of collapsing at the first blow, Vietnam, the Philippines and other servers were conquered by killing directly, such one, attached to the western boundary treaty of alliance member nation around US war zone is almost given to extinguish by us light, was the Americans and our frontages faces again.

even connected Chang fights, our buckles are not too big, 3200 thousand person remaining 2700 thousand +, sufficiently have also fought with the US area region, and we at present are the morale like the rainbow, but reviews the player in iron skull city, they back and forth rushed about had already been utterly exhausted, in addition in the dragon certainly the operational unfavorable situation of restricted area and Jiu Li City, the elite player has almost hung 1-2 times, moreover this time their first time carried on the defensive war, the native place fought!

„Front was immortal trace basin."

Q-Sword opened the god shape to fly my front, inquired: „We kill directly, is how is it?"

„They definitely laid an ambush around immortal trace basin." I smiled, said: „Sky rose is not a fool, once our people enter the immortal trace basin, her person from all directions will well up, with [Assault] the person in stance attack basin."

The Q-Sword corners of the mouth raise, reveal wipe the quite smiling face of outstanding ability: „Our people are more than them."

„Understanding." Was too convenient with the smart person speech, I said: „Issue is who works as this bait?"

„Must be guild that is good at defending." Q-Sword thinks that said: „Ok, I go, [Hero's Mound] recently obtained crag beast mount in the map of south border region, is called the crag beast to ride, the crag beast of altogether 2 thousand + person rides, physical defense has superimposed 170%, moreover every time when was attacked one time loses over 10% HP can superimpose 5% physical defense, highest 100%, in other words the crag beast rides altogether can superimpose to 270% physical defense, should enough resist killing of sky rose."

„Um." I nod: „That had work [Hero's Mound], I will arrange [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild to unfold in the surroundings, once their ambushers appeared, we will kill them from the surrounding, coming a move of praying mantis to catch the cicada canary."



Q-Sword is also a straightforward fellow, raises the long sword, does not care about the stance of oneself this China area most perfect player, Ha Ha said with a smile crazily: „Brothers, attack with me!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1328

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