Zhan Long Chapter 1329

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The oppression of the people tramples, in eating delicacies wind forest past tranquil was already nothing left, Q-Sword leads [Hero's Mound] to be the approximately 200 000 + person of main clashes to rush horizontally, directly soars the cold blade edge to close, the map that but first Cooldown can arrive is the immortal trace basin, looks from afar, the immortal trace basin surrounding silence, is static to make people feel somewhat fearfully, ambusher who although cannot see the iron skull city players, but they will give under us to wrap in the immortal trace basin inevitably.


„We when?" Ye Lai raises God Tier to drink the fire to ask.

„Does not worry."

I ride in raspberry carry on the back, said: „Ye Lai, you and mist lead few people from the jungle as circuitous as the north of immortal trace basin, when I order to kill together."


I look to Jian Feng Han and Simple, said: „Jian Feng Han and simple beautiful woman, you and short spear trick and Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others lead our one-third military strength from the eating delicacies wind forest as circuitous as the immortal trace basin south, waits for the signal, kills together, Q-Sword this time is attacks the American player in basin, definitely has no way to withdraw, we cannot make him die in the immortal trace basin in vain."

Jian Feng Han layer on layer nods: „Um!"

Simple said: „You, Xiao Yao can you bring [Zhan Long] to be the main force of head from the frontal attack?"


I deeply inspire: „Once the fight win in immortal trace basin, we must make use to attack the cold blade edge pass/test, to strive to take this important pass in one vigorous effort, cannot close the stay to be too long in the cold blade edge, we did not have too many Cooldown, the iron skull city was also known as that was a firm city, 48 hours were not necessarily able to take, let alone were the present already less than 48 hours."

Simple is proposing the scepter, slight bow smiles: „Good, diligently, come on, MVP of our China war zone!"


Saw that Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai and Bai Li Ruo Feng had the person to walk, the Chinese players in eating delicacies wind forest respectively went along with Guildmaster, many of them were once matches, but actually all without hesitation listens to my verbal command today, approximately this was the charm that the country fought, before the common powerful enemy, can turn into the companion the match.


The distant place hears the war cries, the 200 000 + person who Q-Sword leads entered the immortal trace basin most probably, but NPC and player who the deep place of immortal trace basin is some pitched camp, about 50,000-60,000 people, the sky rose is also enough natural, sending out that many people to work as the bait, wants to come to destroy completely our cutting edge teams also suffices to spell.

The [Hero's Mound] team enters rapidly, wreaks havoc in the crowd, simultaneously an artillery sound, around the immortal trace basin in the surfaces of over 70% radians presented the American player, is not only the player, the NPC army and demon crystal artillery also together attack, Cooldown boom, in the [Hero's Mound] team the fire occurred repeatedly, the losses that causes instantaneously were quite serious.

But we can see, 2 thousand + crag beast that Q-Sword personally leads rides is quite truly fierce, goes against about bombing of being bewitched crystal artillery to rush ahead, meets no resistance, stiffly kills a none remaining the 50,000-60,000 people in basin, afterward Q-Sword drinks greatly, leads the crag beast is riding to scatter in all directions to resist wells up to all directions the ambush player.

Approximately nearly 20 minutes, in immortal trace basin already full is the person, this map is very big, the player quantity of now holding absolutely over 300 thousand, about 300 thousand iron skull city players have encircled the 200 000 person who Q-Sword led, and sky rose was not stupid, the important pass that the cold blade edge closed opened greatly, the innumerable iron skull city players gushed out, deployed troops for defense around the basin, she has thought that we will attack their ambush rings from the surrounding, what a pity she could not think of our determinations.


The butterfly sword comes out of the sheath, I said loudly: „Informs all allies, the attack! The person by iron skull city should not be obstructed, breaks through their lines of defense, surrounds the immortal trace basin, cannot let the [Hero's Mound] person blood white print!"


Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha and Meng Yao and the others draws out the pointed weapons, together fired into the immortal trace basin with me, the [Zhan Long] about 10 thousand online players gathered a mighty current direct impact on get down, the rear area, many Chinese War zone Guild joined to fight the circle together, the huge crowd was continuous, the north-south direction also transmitted soars to the heavens the war cries, [Judgement], [Vanguard], [Appearance Alliance], [Flying Dragon] and other Guild also launched the attack.

The hindrance that [Zhan Long] faces is actually smallest, when I enter the basin after the gradient dive, only then probably less than 100,000 people of iron skull city players stop in our front, and gathered shield, this shield thickness may not be really small, at least hundred meters, have been divided 50, they are very intelligent, know that must disrupt our lineups, to delay our ram speeds through multiple shield, otherwise is facing the Chinese area of entire server strongest ground cavalry soldier, they will die without burial ground!

However they want to be many as before, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry has the effect that the flying general + speeds away, the flying general can maintain the [Assault] speed over 50%, speeds away , then can coordinate the flying general dizziness match, because how trivial shield was blocked? However, blocked premise is not the rapid crack, this does not have what issue, our apex broken against players were many enough.

Holds up the butterfly sword high, I said loudly: „God level player walks in front, must first Cooldown break shield, the back row overruns directly, do not stop to prolong contact!"

Saying, the butterfly sword was raising, sword broken landscape already crush in basin, about hundred players in range, miserable howling unceasingly, even fell nearly 50% people by the second directly, my attack power now was really too high.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha and Wan Er and the others opens the god shape to clear the way for the entire team in abundance, the seven colors of the spectrum skill occurred repeatedly, twisted to break to pieces their front several lines of defense instantaneously, the melt god cavalries has been brandishing the pointed weapons, the blood incarnadine this stretch of basin, resisted our these guilds is not the top guild of iron skull city, naturally could not resist, suddenly collapsed.

„Be careful, that side had the demon crystal artillery to calibrate us!" Yue Qing Qian most keen ears and sharp eyes, early have discovered the enemy intelligence, that hides three demon crystal artillery behind shrubbery, under the protections about hundred NPC soldiers.

„Li Mu and Old K, you destroy them!"


The [Zhan Long] two brave warriors left the ranks to fly rapidly, after several seconds, exploded the fierce sound to be unceasing, an demon crystal artillery directly was attacked to explode the chest cavity, but Li Mu and Old K equipment was good, could not kill, laughs to kill one group of NPC soldiers, did not need to manage them, very played HI, for a short time could not pull back.


When we enter the basin center completely, actually discovered that the [Hero's Mound] person has been divided into two halves, the player plan of iron skull city has massacred the crag beast that this crowd almost cannot kill to ride using the division tactic?

„Q-Sword soon could not block." Yue Qing Qian assured [say / way].

I clench teeth, said: „Brave clean, you lead a group of people to reenforce Q-Sword, other people come with me, killed thoroughly to the middle in the past, was divided into two to kill to the two sides, shut off the people in iron skull city to return to the path that the cold blade edge turned off, since they dare to come out today, do not want to go back!"

One Second Hero raises the lance to nod to meet the command with a smile, he is [Zhan Long] ranks among the best the physical defense player, has the person to rescue Q-Sword by him should better, but, because can break person also very few that he defends.

After dividing forces, the [Zhan Long] also 5 thousand + people, other guild same places, little over 1 million people killed as before thoroughly from the [Hero's Mound] middle open areas in the past, as long as all the way saw that the players in iron skull city rapidly killed, everybody has killed to get angry, now only looked that the national emblem did not look at the city, my class, did not unite it!

After killing thoroughly the tight encirclement, rapid separation, I lead troops to rush ahead to south, Death God's Elegy leads troops to rush ahead to north, this boy dares to spell to dare to kill, this makings make the person appreciate, although he is only small minute of pledge Guildmaster, but I entrust with an important task as before, in Old K, Wolf and other players of main pledge group team leader rank in this fight must obey the command of Death God's Elegy, obviously I to his attaching great importance to degree.

Regards as friend, my trust can trade a Death God's Elegy stronger strength to burst out, but our [Zhan Long] needs talented person like this, everything cannot appoint people by favoritism, this point I understand.


Cooldown every little bit passing, the Chinese players all over have sphered the entire immortal trace basin, although the cold blade edge closed the direction they to send at least to cross 1 million people to impact our encirclement rings, but did not help matters, they sent out 300 thousand + people who here laid an ambush to hang one time, but many of them estimated that must fall 2 levels and 4 levels of even 8 levels.

Near three hours of preying, by the absolute strength and population crush, the 300 thousand + people in immortal trace basin almost do not have the life, even several god level players tried the flight escape also by killing by the Yue Qing Qian, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and other beautiful woman killers in airborne, in the basin the present full is equipment and potion, [Flying Dragon], [House of Prestige] and other Guild was in the battlefield cleanup.

I have rejected the request of Li Mu battlefield cleanup, ordering [Zhan Long] all people to give up the spoils of war, directly soars the cold blade edge pass/test, our Cooldown are not many, cannot make the sky rose have in the opportunity that the cold blade edge pass/test deploys troops for defense, the rhythm that we attack is faster, they more will handle to guard . Moreover the sky rose supposes that multiple to ambush in the eating delicacies wind forest and immortal trace basin, has probably not thought that we on [Enemies at the Gate], perhaps, the sky rose will plan routed us quickly in the cold blade edge Guandong side.

Perhaps is receives the [Zhan Long] mood to infect, [Vanguard], [Judgement], [Hero's Mound] and other main Guild also in abundance gave up to collection of spoils of war, has fired into the cold blade edge pass/test under the order of Guildmaster with [Zhan Long] together, under the quick pass/test gathered over 500 thousand China players, does not need to order, starts to attack the important pass!


The cold blade edge pass/test, a black area just outside the city gate, physical defense is good, but after is only an area just outside the city gate is not the main city, therefore in the soldier upper limit are not most over 1 million people, and city wall is narrow, most accommodates 20 people to stand abreast in row, if erects the demon crystal artillery unable to accommodate more people, but now above the cold blade edge turns off at least 200 demon crystal artillery to open fire together, the innumerable archers bend down to fire toward under the city.

Does not see in the sky rose, ancient musical scale and rain the rhythm and the others form, does not see the war sharp knife blade, feather god and other Guild player of the forms, defends is the second-class Guild players who the protection against the cold blade edge closes.


Zhan Long Chapter 1329

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