Zhan Long Chapter 1330

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When I raise the sword blade edge, thousand + melt god cavalry has walloped to go under leadership of various Highway God level players, we at this moment can be called absolutely are the morale like the rainbow, disregards the killing of demon crystal artillery and bow and arrow completely, under the crazy rushing city, builds the scaling ladder preparation to enter a city to fight, moreover after the melt god cavalry arrives in Dacheng next, started to brandish bottom of the pointed weapons attack city wall, one of the melt god warhorse flying general effects was to promote own striking power of 40% to the city wall, therefore this mount simply on was the nightmare of defense player.

They rush to the city to engage in a decisive battle with us arrive at being concerned about face dizziness that the flying general + speeds away not to attack radically, 40% city destructive power effects that the defense words, the city cannot block the flying general, are in a dilemma, will trade to make in the city is the words of Japanese probably thinks that committed hara-kiri by Emperor Xie the graciousness of restoration.

Flies that moment under Lincheng I to start sword broken landscape, the destructive effect to the city is also good, the sword air/Qi penetration city wall, the wound some cracks, the arm has raised, the [Soul Army] symbol rotation, first purple thunder Ji Che appears under the city, airborne thunderous, gathers the purple thunder to strike to the city wall root!


Everything may become vulnerable, the players in city are in abundance dumbfounded, 247 levels of god level archers said in great surprise: „Is Xiao Yao Zi Zai purple thunder Ji Che, mother, immediately the collection fire second falls that purple thunder Ji Che, hurry up, cannot let its sustained attack, otherwise the cold blade edge closed definitely could not defend, city wall one broken, who can block the state cavalry?"

Cooldown, the archers, Mage, Musketeer city the forehead dew outside the city, start plunging fire purple thunder Ji Che.

How I will make them prevail with ease, the shield of left hand condensation stars protects purple thunder Ji Che, simultaneously said loudly: „Cleans up the person on city!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha three people fly in rapidly like lightning Lincheng, the AOE skills erupt, clears instantaneously, not far away, their demon crystal artillery also transferred the direction, must rumble first purple thunder Ji Che, is really the thorny, purple thunder Ji Che cooling Cooldown 10 minutes, is my 10 minutes can summon one, cannot be ruined absolutely.

Draws out the both arms suddenly horizontally, keeps off the double sword in the front flies high to make the defense gesture, a not far away demon crystal artillery „" opening fire, the next quarter shell exploded in my chest, has created thousand + injury, as if not much, a Darling Duck cure technique has pulled back HP that I lost.

Death God's Elegy was raising town Yue Dao and shield flew, leading one group of melt god cavalries to compose shield around the purple thunder car(riage), exclaimed loudly: „Protects purple thunder Ji Che, we hang not to be unimportant, purple thunder Ji Che cannot lose absolutely!"

I from the sky move, the demon crystal artillery that will rumble 11 eat, a Cooldown American soon the violent walked, raises Axe, violent Berserker to roar: „FUCK, can the shameless Chinese, how use such tactic?! The brothers, clash together with me, in any event must ruin that purple attacking a city car(riage)!"

One group of American players have jumped down from the city, but the rapid melted god cavalry submerges, at this time also wants to flaunt the hero, that is courting death simply, the pointed weapons of melt god cavalry are not the ornaments!

At this moment, the cold blade edge turned off is submerged by the flames of war completely, in the city under the city made into one group, in several li (0.5km) front everywhere was the flame and crowd, but the focal point of fight unexpectedly was my purple thunder Ji Che, to protect purple thunder Ji Che, melted the god cavalry dead in battle much, the American players but who was killed by us were more, have numerous number!

Purple thunder Ji Che condenses a heavenly thunder to attack every 10 seconds, has rumbled a about 5 meters gulf the city that under the cold blade edge closed, probably again crossed nearly three minutes of Cooldown, „" a heavenly thunder demolished, has punctured this city wall completely, the above crushed stone cracks to collapse immediately, about 10 meters important pass city wall became the ruins.

Even, we noticed that area inside the Great Wall reenforcement player who came from the iron skull city!

The butterfly sword empty shakes, I laugh: „To!"

My first Cooldown overran, rides the wind to cut the rapid second to kill one crowd to try to intercept our people, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Xue Rou, Old K and the others have killed, in an instant several thousand melt god cavalries entered the area inside the Great Wall region, spread to kill to the surroundings rapidly, iron skull city players in the Cooldown city were attacked front and rear, which can also be able to resist, in the city also unceasingly saw that [Vanguard], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild the players rushed to seize the area just outside the city gate.


Monk's staff cutting edge of cold glow twinkle a remnant blood archer beheading, said goodbye is the tears is also raising the bloodstained monk's staff, was saying to the corpse of opposite party: „My Buddha mercy!"

Just said on the forehead on 78 arrows, several iron skull city archers planned that the second fell this Monk, has not actually thought that his skin so will be thick, said goodbye is also the tears slowly gains ground, the Buddha turned into the deicide, in the eye ominous light suddenly to launch: „Mahler Gobi Desert!"

Brandished the monk's staff to kill, completely after putting down the butcher knife vertical achieved Buddhahood to put behind the brain.

Soon , the cold blade edge closed majority is the Chinese players.

No one has thought that was known as the western boundary first pass the cold blade edge closed to be attacked and captured unexpectedly less than 10 minutes, and own loss was exceptionally serious, was dispatched to block our iron skull city players at least to surpass thousand person in the cold blade edge pass and immortal trace basin region by the sky rose, the person but who can escape was less than 20%, was very frigid, almost every fight was the war of annihilation.

„Also in what? Attack iron skull city!" Ye Lai raises is drinking fire Axe, laughs.

Jian Feng Han, Q-Sword, short spear trick, Mu Xuan and the others also 11 appearances, I could rest assured that these main Guild Guildmaster level players have not hung, that is good , to continue to attack!

However before the attack, I transmitted orders, recuperation one hour, not for other, to wait for the Tian Ling Empire NPC army, a half after about hour, the palace guard and flame Long Jun and other NPC regiments 11 appeared, and has brought the serious invincible might artillery and Long Jing artillery, Han Yuan, Xiao Li, Long Xing, Xia Ye, Jing Yin and other Yorozuo long ride the warhorse to walk in the front line.

The people stand up from failure to discontinue, hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly!"

I nod: „Some haven't the following how many people arrived?"

Scenery tone channel: „Probably thousand army has not arrived, our heavy artilleries have delivered completely, altogether 1700 Long Jing artillery and thousand Long Jing artillery shell, in addition 25 invincible might artillery and 1000 invincible might artillery shells, once more, the hot crag artillery altogether shipped more than 4000, the shell was countless."

„Is very good." I slightly peaceful a point, finally was confident, the might of hot crag artillery is very ordinary, rolls the war a little uses, to attack a city appears some weaks, must say that the might must be the invincible might artillery, although only then 1000 invincible might artillery shells, but has been able to make the sky rose tears fall absolutely.

The attack might of invincible might artillery I am have profound understanding, the city wall of casting galvanized iron can rumble directly broken, is the city wall defense of iron skull city firm also has Tian Ling Empire to be firm?

Must know that in Tian Ling Empire experienced the multiple besieged city war, the city has fought the soul of dying in battle player to be included points by the system, afterward was used to promote the city defensive power, the Tian Ling Empire defensive power at least was two times of iron skull city! Long Xing has tested, invincible might artillery can the relaxed rumbling broken Tian Ling Empire barbican wall, then the iron skull city can block the invincible might artillery? Obviously cannot block.

Looks at a distant all trades invincible might artillery under shipping of temple knight level powerhouse through the cold blade edge pass, my cannot help but moral nature secretly rejoices, these 25 invincible might artillery can be as good as the mighty force absolutely! Even, thousand China players besiege the iron skull city, is not necessarily able to attack, but 25 invincible might artillery can actually achieve! I hold the post of Tian Ling Empire holds spear that long Cooldown greatly, the authority of use main has probably researched and developed about the weapon, even the Tian Ling Empire state treasury was extracted a lot of money to be used to develop the invincible might artillery by me, the Chinese war zone two big sharp weapons, one is the great variety of ground cavalry soldier, moreover is very strong, was known as that first under heaven cavalry soldier city, second is a heavy artillery, but the heavy artillery is not the Tian Ling Empire city characteristics exclusive, but was given by me step by step developed.

To come this to hold the position of spear truly to help me a lot greatly, if not because has this authority, perhaps many matters cannot make, for example I with hold the ribbon attached to an official seal of spear to withdraw the control military fund from the state treasury greatly directly, other commanding level player is not good, is lucky this, otherwise China will not have the invincible might artillery.

[Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Vanguard] and other Guild the players went by killing the American players outside iron skull city, we did not worry, I order the Death God's Elegy Military Control 5000 melt god cavalry full-time protection these 25 invincible might artillery on the contrary, I also together marched in the armed forces of palace guard, more to finally more must be careful, cannot the laborious several hours the invincible might artillery that transported from Tian Ling Empire be sneak attacked to massacre by others.

Thinks of here, immediately has reported the news with Wan Er and East city, making their two dispatch thousand [Zhan Long] archer, Mage, the Musketeer long-distance elite player to protect the invincible might artillery together, because I think that a very important point, the city characteristics of iron skull city are the flight mount unparalleled in the world, their lion vulture knight quantity is numerous, at least in thousand above, once the sky rose has been ready for any sacrifice, lets this thousand lion vulture knight and lion vulture archer together from the air attack invincible might artillery, I needed all guard.

At this moment, suddenly „drop", a news came from [Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior: „Xiao Yao, how did your side situations carry on?"

„Final stage, will soon have attacked a city, uncle how?"

Yan Zhao Warrior turns on communication, in the sound brings to worry that said: „Told you latest news, you surpassed 80% players to bring the iron removal skull city Tian Ling Empire, therefore Tian Ling Empire was at absolutely the void stage, in soon , the maplewood was drunk, demon mountain, smile and frost forest and the others the official forums to post the post in the India, Germany, Britain, Japan and other server at separately, requested that the person of this server in some point set, counter-attacked Tian Ling Empire together, they claimed, if the Chinese area wants to monopolize, that was psychologically prepared Tian Ling Empire carved up."

Is this one type exerts pressure?

My moral nature sinks, said with a smile: „Uncle does not need to fear that we immediately start to attack the hammering skull city, Fang Ge Que defends Tian Ling Empire with you together, you will not think that the military strength is insufficient."


„Because the front player will die in battle to return to the city resurrecting unceasingly"

„Your boy forgot you to make everybody resurrecting designate that was in sight the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate?!"

„Depends, has forgotten , the uncle you strove for fortunately, I believed you and Fang Ge Que skill!"

„You wanted me and Fang Ge Que short remaining life"

Zhan Long Chapter 1330

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