Zhan Long Chapter 1331

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After a sound refers , a warhawk that in top of the head circles rides to search falls rapidly, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, what has to tell?"

„You go to Fan Shu City."

„Has what order?"

„Makes Chi Yu Han lead 5 thousand Heavy Flame Archers and 3 thousand Flame Hawk Archers goes to Tian Ling Empire to help to defend a city, Chi Yu Qing leads other armies to continue to remain behind Fan Shu City, after Chi Yu Han arrives Tian Ling Empire, obeys the direction that flame Dragon Jun Fang Ge Que vice- commands to be OK."


After next ends the order, my secret sigh, before the third round country war makes war, I have 30 thousand + Fan Shu City armies, is the present total, only then less than 10 thousand Dragon's den armed forces, majority have been buried in the dragon certainly restricted area and fire Divine Mountain, was really a pity that was good has also caught very precious opportunity because of their dying in battle, otherwise we did not have the qualifications to stand in the domain of iron skull city at this time.


Distant, the player in Chinese war zone started to sphere the iron skull city, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Ye Lai and the others seizes an attacking a city region respectively, this time we scatter in all directions the lineup, encircles the entire city, around the iron skull city three secondary lord cities, similarly were also sphered, two soon captured.

The sky rose is a smart person, knows that this attack cannot be friendly, can only give up a rook to save a king, first preserved the iron skull city to say again, will otherwise branch out too many military strength to go to three secondary lord cities instead to implicate the main city, and in the iron skull city also had at least 100 thousand NPC armies, this was also in sky rose was grasping the trump card, so long as these NPC armies did not die, the iron skull city did not extinguish.

2000 thousand + China players encircle watertight the iron skull city, after one hour, three tings transmit one after another, Lin Wan Er seizes a secondary lord city, Simple seizes one, Don't be Foolish seizes one, after seizing, only leaves behind few military strength defenses, other people rush under the iron skull city completely.

The toot reverberates, the general attack formally started!

I have flown the position of [Zhan Long] and in palace guard, here is the East city wall, withstands the impulse strongest place, besides [Zhan Long] and palace guard, [Hero's Mound] and [Judgement] two big Guild elite here, imperceptibly we have also tacitly approved the East city wall are the breaches, treads the sheet iron skull city to start from here!


Q-Sword raises seven to kill the sword high, the mighty force from side, the [Hero's Mound] crag beast rides the physical defense superelevation, although the attacking a city effect is well below to melt the god cavalry, but is used to attract the firepower with consuming the opposite party skill is good.

Quick, in the city the fire rumble, demon crystal artillery explode the shock-wave storm that forms to sweep across here.


One group of commanding general level players stand are not having the sound same place, the war is not the one day and one night, under we do not need getting up, the storm to sweep across anxiously, the cape of people flies upwards together, in the meantime, the palace guard China , South Korea deep pool grasps my commander's flag to stand erect in the battlefield front, the war flag flap flap makes noise, above is one big „commander-in-chief" character, I hold the spear greatly, is the genuine marshal of this expedition, can take on this Shuai Word.

Moreover commander's flag in [Zhan Long], makes the [Zhan Long] player have a sense of pride, Chinese war zone that many top Guild, but our [Zhan Long] has this great honor only!


This is a battle of attrition, I have not let on the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry, looks that in these players of small guild attack under the city crazily, then batches was killed by the archer and Musketeer under the city, simultaneously the function of demon crystal artillery also cannot be underestimated, many heavy cavalries cannot withstand bombing of heavy artillery, let alone the sky rose centralized entertained us in the East city wall the majority of demon crystal artillery.

Yue Qing Qian stands side me, is grasping the dagger, looks at the distant place, the delicate eyebrows are light, some did not endure saying: „Does Brother Xiao Yao, we like this visit them to bring death?"

I irrelevantly replied: „Qing Qian, do our intelligence systems have the information of relational demon crystal artillery shell reserves?"

„Has...... her to blink actually", said: „Before two hours, we place the player informer in US war zone to obtain the news from iron skull city weapon department there, the reserves of demon crystal artillery shell altogether is 10 thousand +, left compared with our Tian Ling Empire dragon crystal artillery shell reserves, I know that Brother Xiao Yao meaning, uses two third-class players to consume the demon crystal artillery shell reserves, but these shell enough they got for day a night, our people were not necessarily able dead for day a night......"

I deeply inspire, the heart thump thump the beat, said: „Choice that this has not chosen, we cannot brave the firepower of being bewitched crystal artillery to attack a city forcefully, this will only make us fall into passively."

Q-Sword in a side nod: „I support the view of Xiao Yao, the sharpest attack class branch of the services must the good steel use on the knife edge, otherwise we are unable to rout the iron skull city at one fell swoop, after all the sky rose and ancient musical scale these US top players manage this city nearly one year, they are not the person of having unearned reputation, the defense and attack of iron skull city are the entire server are second to none."

Wan Er stands side me, has a look at me silently, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly a applause, she also knows that experiences that many in the game and reality, I truly also changed much, wanting the important matter unable to arrest the section, otherwise this iron skull city will never be us, but the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others also meet times to pose the fatal threat to Tian Ling Empire.

„Supervises the medium following guild to continue to attack a city, should not be interrupted." I said.

Q-Sword and Ye Lai nod together, actually now at the forum of Chinese war zone already noisy was extremely busy, is not only Q-Sword and Ye Lai, the leader level player who Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior , etc. had not come also together posts the post, encouraging everybody to attack a city crazily, the iron skull city hits not to be someone, but is each person in Chinese war zone, this is our common glory.


The fire sound is lingering on faintly, under the city quick hung the dense and numerous Chinese players, we were waiting, but some innumerable entering a city scaling ladders have also been hanging above the city wall, many Chinese players rushed to the city wall, but in the players by city killing to throw, but everybody advanced uninterruptedly, formed the oppression by this uninterrupted attack, making the release demon crystal artillery that the American players in iron skull city must keep come to decompress for oneself.

On the city, the sky rose grasps the long sword, in the eye is having the spunk, said suddenly loudly: „Saves the reserves of demon crystal artillery, the multipurpose hot crag artillery, Xiao Yao Zi Zai this is consuming us!"

The ancient musical scale said: „It is not able to save, their offensive were too fierce, joins the pressure of demon crystal artillery to be not very big, the brothers on that city must with their engaging in hand-to-hand combat hand-to-hand fighting."

Sky rose sword blade edge raises, said: „Order strong gale rides the city wall, the hand-to-hand fighting on the hand-to-hand fighting, feared that they are inadequate! We are the people in iron skull city, never dreads all forms of fight!"



The sound in city is not small, the demon crystal artillery cut the transmitting frequency in abundance, changed into the lethality slightly many hot crag artillery, I put out a hand in immediately a finger of city, said: „Elegy, leading 5000 melt god cavalries to destroy the city gate, their demon crystal artillery collection fire attacks you immediately to remove!"

„Yes!" Death God's Elegy laughs, he already like this ordered in waiting.

Lin Wan Er loudly said: „Healer, adds over a hundred to fight BUFF to all melt god cavalries of attack!"

In one minute the BUFF in addition holds completely successfully, the Death God's Elegy incarnation god shape, overran rapidly, over a thousand Moon Elf cavalry soldiers who simultaneously Li Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan lead also, Moon Elf Knight is the female player, and [Zhan Long] female player mostly is a beautiful woman, these 1000 people attract much attention, not only the offensive and defensive ability is very strong, physical defense is also second to none.

Finally, these 5000 melt god cavalries just arrived under Dacheng, the sky rose in city immediately orders the demon crystal artillery collection hot salvo, the crowded heavy artillery erupts immediately in the crowd of melt god cavalry, without enough time destroys the city gate radically, Death God's Elegy said hurriedly loudly: „Defense stance, withdraws slowly, we cannot block!"


Li Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan lead the Moon Elf cavalry soldier to get up immediately, raises the shield, the shield and iron umbrella defense fuses, enters in the perfect defense stance, after withstanding bombing, retreats slowly.

But the sky rose as if indignation in city like this does not make them depart, raises the sword blade edge to jump on the god shape to dive, above the sword blade edge the reappearing skill ray, „" spatters in all directions on two Moon Elf cavalry soldier female shields, after shaking the shield, is combo, the direct second kills, comes lava broken again, another female also sobbed to fall to the ground.


My hatred surges, is raising the butterfly Swordsmanship: „You hold troops here, I shield them to retreat!"

Jumped to fly like lightning, instantaneous velocity full, just liked the meteor falls to the city.


„Be careful, Guildmaster!" In the city the ancient musical scale shouts one, took off with another two god level players has gotten down the shield sky rose.

But was late, sky rose was locked by me directly, the double sword did not have the skill, rumbling of quickest speed Going out, „" god level energy disintegrations, the sky rose was rumbled hum the backlash, HP falls, the hurriedness released invincible skill, probably she has not thought that I will come that quickly?

„Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" Above the top of the head, the big shout of ancient musical scale transmits.

My does not lift, fights the boots step on to tread the ground to rise straight from the ground suddenly, time Yang to strike who the whole person flat land breaks out, erupts to ride the wind to cut directly, the golden light shoots up to the sky, where the ancient musical scale thinks that I like this counter-violence, rode the wind to cut instantaneously to the second has killed, but the sky rose rapidly flies the city wall under the cover of ancient musical scale.

Dense and numerous arrow arrows and magics come, the American player on city were too many, and majority is the war sharp knife blade Guild elite, such attack may be able be underestimated.

Raises the arm rapidly, the shield of stars!


The transparent radiant shield appears above city, various unceasing standard parry injuries.

But after my right hand suddenly suspends, makes use to overrun, the butterfly sword ray soars to the heavens, first world Country Weapon nobody can leave its right, numerous strikes [Seven Star Fragment Slash] such to rumble on the tower over a city gate!

„Be careful!"

The sky rose was shouting loudly.

But this struck fell as before, „bang" the statue of iron skull city present age king towered the city wall in rumbles torn to pieces , the second fell several archers is a player.

Strikes draws back, I retrocede to fly away, the eye has stayed on the sky rose.


The sky rose grips tightly the pink / white fist, visits me to depart bitterly, as if we are the matches of being destined, this will fight soon will also decide the victory and defeat among us.

Zhan Long Chapter 1331

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