Zhan Long Chapter 1332

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The [Zhan Long] 5000 melt god cavalries died in battle about hundred people, but periphery this price lets a Chinese player smoother close city wall in all directions, forcing the use demon crystal artillery that the sky rose has to continue to form the pressure.

But, at this moment changes suddenly the secondary to get up again.


The east gate front door opens suddenly, in city, the dense and numerous iron skull city heavy cavalries raised the pointed weapons suddenly, the strategic place came out, what lead was god level player Xia Guo, was known as that the iron skull city defensive power strongest man, simultaneously had to hide the Class iron knight, significantly promoted the defensive power Class, Xia Guo behind was leading the human majority was the person of his subordinates respective spirit positive guild, Guild that the US war zone was listed third.

„To, lets this crowd *** experiences our fierce!"

Xia Guo bellows, the oppression of the people sound sticks out suddenly, in the city at least surpassed thousand to ride the war is the player flushed together, continuous, the city gate that opened greatly accommodated about hundred people sufficiently together parallel, cavalry soldier speed Qi Kuai, 1. seconds a person through the city gate, one minute came out also 6000 people, therefore many people were directly vertical leap from the city wall, this was must go all out with us!

„Interesting, is their this is doing?" Q-Sword cannot bear say with a smile.

Lin Wan Er blinked, said: „Among the guilds of iron skull city noisy difference!"

„Said?" Ye Lai asked.

Lin Wan Er said: „We placed the human in US war zone saying that Xia Guo was a locally born Washingtonian . Moreover the industry of family was huge, fostered he very arrogant individuality, his game talent was good, in addition the large sum of money investment made him have the spirit positive guild that strong game strength, but this also made him more wildly arrogant, Xia Guo was looking down upon the Chinese and Chinese player, this time besieged a city by us, naturally could not bear such threat, therefore was in conspiracy with several other guilds unanimously to request the Kaesong gate to come out to fight a decisive battle, the sky rose was stubborn, but, can only , no matter what he opened the city gate."

I smile: „Sky rose iron skull city war zone commander-in-chief does not feel better!"

„Each family have the problem, is the same." Q-Sword said with a smile: „Weren't we also keep Tian Ling Empire the political integrity yue rumor? If he here, the chaotic direction of gesticulation, that fears iron skull city this whole life not to hit now."

Ye Lai laughs: „Q-Sword, you poke political integrity yue like this backbone, was careful after him, wears the small shoes to you."

Q-Sword shrugs: „What I fear, in reality he cannot move my iota, the game is different, great this nominal day imperial book repository festival yue we do not work as, what does not have, is quite good like Xiao Yao, does not join the day imperial book repository, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you look at now the entire Chinese area, once the country war, who can not obey the command of Xiao Yao? This is individual charm."

Ye Lai said: „Was a pity, in the world only then Li Xiao Yao, hey, if next time comments the Chinese war zone perfect first person again, perhaps is not one's turn you"

The Q-Sword straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise, look at Ye Lai to say with a smile: „Leaf fatty, your this saying I did not like listening, seemed not one's turn me to be one's turn you to resemble."

Queen Mu Xuan is a straightforward female man: „That cannot, leaf fatty grow into this also to campaign for the perfect first person, only if he accompanies the people of organization committee to rest completely."

„Heard that Yan Zhao Warrior is one of the group committee member members." Li Mu buckled the nose to say.

Ye Lai silent several seconds, said: „Xia Guo had the human to kill, on you, I slept"

The hoofbeat is fierce, Xia Guo leads hundreds of thousands to ride the war is the player to going out of town.

I issue an order: „Retrocedes 1000 meters, puts them, major Guild prepare the sharpest cavalry soldier team, prepared to fight it out under the city with them!"

Q-Sword makes a fist, the joint sound sticks out suddenly, says with a smile: „Should say that already divides victory and defeat, to decide the life and death."

Quick, the team of Chinese war zone also organized about 1 million riding wars to be the team, was primarily the [Zhan Long] thousand + melt god cavalry and [Hero's Mound] thousand hundred deep pools to ride, [Judgement] thousand + the spirit beast to ride, the [Appearance Alliance] thousand + kui beast to ride, the [Flying Dragon] thousand + blue sheep to ride . Moreover, knelt down to call on main also to bring thousand of thousand armed forces broken guilds + to ride the war is the player allies.

On the entire plain as if had been filled by warhorse, gets down from the upper air bird's eye view is certainly magnificent, the hundreds of thousands of cavalry soldiers of both sides like are two big theater curtains the shop on the plain, soon will fight a decisive battle!


Draws out the butterfly sword, raises high, I said loudly: „Attack!"

[Zhan Long] elite starts [Assault], under our leadership, Chinese area thousand + rides the war is the player goes turbulently, thousand + person who the distant place, Xia Guo commands also started increasing speed, comes, the American is truly arrogant and willful, in this case also dares to go out of town the field operation, this is they are courting death, no wonder we.

Both sides just a contact fit and unfit quality have stood have sentenced, Xia Guo behind riding war is the match who how the team possibly melts the god cavalry, let alone we also had the overwhelming superiority in the quantity of god level player, the both sides players alternate the impact, saw that the person in US war zone was dismissed dead unceasingly, skill rays erupted in the crowd.

The Chinese war zone is known as the cavalry first under heaven, now is a certificate, the opposite party, although has the population inferiority, but by far is also inferior in the average effective strength in us.

The sky rose stands on the city lathers, she does not know that what to do should, send for the reenforcement the words, that just our counting, came out the more better, kills their player Level large scale, Level fell to below 220 levels is unable to create to us too has threatened greatly, at that time attacked a city again simply twice the result with half the effort!

Iron skull city non- god level player basically is 235 levels, after hanging 2-3, basically Level about 228 levels, hung one time next 220 levels again, therefore Xia Guo led these people to go out of town the decisive battle, this act was really stupid, when did not have the strength also to flaunt the heroism, that was courting death.

Near two hours of engaging in fierce battle, Q-Sword and Drunken Spear, kneel down to call on main to shut off the escape route of opposite party, thousand + person who Xia Guo leads are made dumplings by us directly, almost nobody escapes, Xia Guo also by Yue Qing Qian grasping of red fox to the second, grasping of red fox had been supplemented 70% magic injuries, Xia Guo the defense is the physical defense, naturally is unable to resist.

In the encirclement ring, probably thousand + person desperately is struggling, tries to break through.

Q-Sword raises seven to kill the sword, said with a smile: „Do not bleed off, massacred completely said again."

I said hurriedly: „No, turns on the water, making them break through, we make use to pursue, having a look at the sky rose not to open the Kaesong door, the words that opens we directly seize the chance to kill."

The Q-Sword whole body trembles: „Scratches, Xiao Yao your this move was too mean."

Drunken Spear raises the long spear to show a faint smile: „Doesn't this just conform to the soldier bright truth of?"

Kneels down to call on main to raise the bloodstained long sword, pants for breath gently, in the fervor of crazily not having slaughtered replies.

Turns on the water we most to be an expert, the quick opposite party thousand + remnants „break through, but", directly soared the east gate in iron skull city to go.

My Jianfeng raises: „Pursues!"

The oppression of the people sound writings, Chinese war zone thousand + elite rides the war is the player covers to kill together, [Zhan Long] thousand + melt god cavalries, if puts a such troop, that creates the fatal confusion sufficiently, at least can make the barbican wall in iron skull city fall into enemy hands instantaneously.

Flies, while looks up in city, how now has a look at the sky rose to deal with such result.

The spirit positive Guild vice- Guildmaster speed is fastest, the broken dust rides to arrive under the city, raises the iron sword to say loudly: „Rose, the Kaesong gate, we have defeated, making us go, they pursued!"

The sky rose is nipping the red lip, has not spoken.

„Rose, you in what? The quick Kaesong gate, Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Q-Sword pursued!"


The sky rose actually slowly shakes the head, in eye is passing a chill in the air, said: „Xia Guodai you are lacking consideration for the whole to flaunt the hero, this is the price that you must undertake. All demon crystal artillery aim under city immediately, the preparation kills crowded, do not enable their any person close city walls, the city wall toughness of iron skull city to be continued to destroy again!"

Saying, sky rose deep looked at opposite party one, said: „If you want to make contribution for the US war zone, then resurrected on the dying in battle later city, turned around, killed several people with your pointed weapons again, do not let me look down upon you!"


Spirit Yang Fu Guildmaster clenches jaws, but also is the man who could mention can put down, immediately dialed the horse to turn around, raises the long sword to say loudly: „Turns around, attack, we even if today under the dying in battle city cannot lose the dignity!"

I deeply inspire, responded distantly: „Brothers, kill, does not remain, making them have hanging of dignity to fall! Month spirit cavalry screen, we consume a wave of their demon crystal artillery shell reserves!"

The people kill under the city rapidly, throws various skills to the enemy remnants, in an instant like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds kills light them, but demon crystal artillery also intensive bombing in city, all knights are on the player completely shields, in the moon/month spirit cavalry soldier by frontal line undertakes the injury, once HP were rumbled below half takes turns immediately.

A Cooldown demon crystal artillery unexpectedly has not rumbled to massacre too many people in nearly one minute, was consumed by us on the contrary very miserably.

A sky rose heart was all was probably chaotic, fell to draw back slowly one step, depended upon on the heavy shield that behind the strong gale rode: „How how can like this like this"

„Guildmaster, we now what to do?"

The blue long neck hair is raising the lance, said: „Their this clarified is consuming us, hit everybody's spirit to be consumed again like this similarly, what to do? Many brothers online over 36 hours, this way let alone have counter-attacked continuously, perhaps is their bodies completely will unable to withstand."

„What to do can also? What to do can I?" The sky rose asked back continuously two, on the face completely is the spunk, said: „Chinese too strong we, when the first Boguo war should unite Ze deep pool city attacking whole-heartedly their Tian Ling Empire, will not make Xiao Yao Zi Zai sit in Tian Ling Empire to this degree in a big way."

Ancient musical scale in bypath: „At that time Xiao Yao Zi Zai was just an unknown boy, who thinks that he can become Tian Ling Empire Commander in Chief NPC, who thinks that he can be so strong."

The sky rose nods slowly, in the eye has one to have made up mind, said: „Clings to tenaciously the iron skull city, this is the matter that we can handle finally."


Zhan Long Chapter 1332

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