Zhan Long Chapter 1333

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The country fought the 6 th day, the distance third round country war ended also has 37 hours.

I already continuously online over 60 hours, although the whole person was drowsy, but after all Yang Flame body and spirit strong in ordinary people, unexpectedly can tough it out, was similar to the old man had said that where you will never know your limit, only then went to the unceasing attempt to break through itself unceasingly.


The Chinese players group by group fell under the demon crystal artillery fire of iron skull city, under the city the overlapped player corpse has piled quickly has several meters deeply, system also diligent Shua newly, but Shua did not fall the corpse that recently just produced as before, after we attacked a city continuously for over 10 hours, the American has revealed very obvious weary condition, but their demon crystal artillery was unceasing opening fire, that 10 thousand shells should be also not much left.

In the main battlefield outside east gate, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan, short spear trick, Call Me Master and Misty Clouds and the others, everybody was waiting for that waited for I initiate the order of final general attack, in fact the conditions were also ripe.

„Xiao Yao, what are you having scruples their?" Q-Sword proposes seven to kill the sword, on the face confuses completely, said: „Always felt that you in being afraid anything, you were also seeing, so long as the people in iron skull city kill to be surrounded and exterminated by us, we have consumed 1000 thousand + players in the city wall with them, their losses under us, the after players in many iron skull cities it is said died in battle, did not give up getting online, now in the iron skull city can have 1000 thousand person defense is good . Moreover the present is US time zone 2 : 00 am, their online player not over 800 thousand people."

I nod the head, think saying: „Q-Sword, do you have the discovery, the sky rose had not used their NPC armies, as well as 30 thousand lion vulture teams, that 30 thousand lion vulture Knight and lion vulture archer should be insufficient not online to be right, they also we first begin, then wins by striking only after the enemy has struck."

„We wait like this poorly are not being the means." Ye Lai grips tightly to drink fire Axe, said: „Or makes use strikes, or gives up attacking the hammering skull city, then attacked Ze deep pool city to be good."

„No!" I shake the head firmly, said: „Iron skull city is our number one enemy, two Ze deep pool cities cannot compare an iron skull city, today must take the iron skull city!"

„Did preparation attack?" Lin Wan Er smiled faintly to ask in side.


I lift the hand, turns around to look that is long to Han deep pool and other palace guard Yorozuo, said: „Advances front the invincible might artillery and dragon crystal artillery, concentrates all shell firepower bombardment east gate regions, I want you in a half hour to raze the East city wall!"

The Han deep pool said excitedly: „Yes, General!"

I look to one group of Guildmaster level players, said: „Invincible might artillery, only then trivial 25, must protect properly, the sky rose is very likely to send out lion vulture Knight to raid, therefore our major Guild are the player dispatches their flight, the arrangement around the palace guard position, protects the invincible might artillery."

The people nod in abundance, has ordered, the next quarter innumerable flight is the player gathers, regardless of the quality, in the quantity had about 100,000 people, resists the 30 thousand lion vulture army some strength of iron skull city to fall short, but delays them not to have the issue, let alone we have over a hundred th god level player, this deterrent at least can be as good as 5 thousand lion vulture Knight!


After dozen minutes, 25 invincible might artillery set up in an array, the front is the dense and numerous dragon crystal artillery positions, the heavy artillery total is over 500, has aimed at the east gate in iron skull city together, Han Yuan raises the right hand, falls suddenly, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Opens fire!"


Large flames emit, the earth as if in shivering, the next quarter innumerable flame and shock-wave is wreaking havoc in the city wall region, fire bone-chilling cold, an accurate invincible might artillery falls in the city gate building, throws off it directly, but the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others withstand an attack of time invincible might artillery, is about to turn into half blood, in abundance backlash.

In an entire city wall almost does not have the complete spot again, the artillery skill of palace guard is adept, accurate was also high, rumbles the Going out shell almost 30% to fall in the city wall region, the American players who was responsible for defending which have seen such weaponry, either persevered is killed same place, either directly withdrew from a defended position.

The short three minutes, on the main wall presented turtle grains, the galvanized iron of casting was melted to the fever by the scalding hot energy of invincible might artillery, a red piece flowed following the wall, in the city wall also presented cracks, the city wall brick by the strength of invincible might artillery the rumbling crack, was away from the avalanche of entire city wall not to be long.


„...... This invincible might artillery real skirt!" Ye Lai could not bear spoke a bad language.

Mu Xuan shows a faint smile: „Very is truly powerful."

Drunken Spear asked: „Xiao Yao, we seize the chance to attack now, should be able to break the city?"

I shake the head: „Was not anxious, waits for the invincible might to mass-criticize to put down the first city wall to say again."



At this moment, suddenly in the city presented shadows, in an instant unified piece of Wu Yunfei, was the lion vulture regiment, finally the sky rose dispatched the trump card to go to battle! The lion vulture army, this is also the characteristics of iron skull city, they have a world sharpest airborne army, but now, is killing to us.

A sword blade edge pendulum, I spin the body to fly the sky, said loudly: „Prepares to defend!"

The butterfly sword points to the front, the order said: „Jing Yin, making the front the dragon crystal artillery muzzle face upwards, kills them without the difference, the fine silks, dark Moon Elf give me the point of no return, prepares to kill lion vulture Knight!"

Here is the positions of our palace guard, the sky rose wants to capture 25 invincible might artillery in our places, that must pay frigid the enough price to be good.

Airborne, some front person of god shapes of lion vulture army change the bodies, originally in the sky rose, ancient musical scale and rain rhythm and the others came.

In me behind, the god level player also 11 lift-offs of Chinese war zone, the Dragon Rider gentleman, warhawk Knight and Great Péng that bird Knight as well as we have wait / etc., probably about 10 thousand people protect sky over the invincible might artillery position, so long as they dare to come, we dare to fight.

„Bang bang!"

In the ground, the dragon crystal artillery has shot upwards about hundred rounds, from the sky surges suddenly shock-waves, the dragon crystal artillery explodes in the crowded lion vulture regiment crowd, this effect can be imagined.

The sky rose has not thought that I will make the heavy artillery act as the anti-aircraft gun, immediately orders her person to adopt the three-dimensional stratified flight tactic to reduce the loss, moreover after all 30 thousand airborne armies were too many, the flying speed is also fast, the dragon crystal artillery has also consumed a small part, the quick army threatens the border, launched the attack from our sky to us directly.

Lin Wan Er is controlling silver dragon Little Bai, looked at the surroundings anxiously, said loudly: „22 connected, composes the protection network, do not make us pass through, hurry up!"

I returned her and Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu and the others side rapidly, the player in Chinese war zone also act accordingly, the color of Five-Starred Red Flag sea, have formed continually a big net to cover in the dragon crystal artillery position sky, greeted [Assault] of match.


The sky rose avoids my this position, from another direction surprise attack, but , the in position god godship explosive force is sufficient, killed thoroughly the crowd instantaneously, directly soared the ground to go, but other spots are not smooth, the Chinese players launched the assorted skill counter-attack, shook in abundance lion vulture Knight, but could not stop the impact of match as before.

Famous lion vulture Knight passes through from the body side, our population inferiority are too big, the protection network was hit instantaneously tattered and torn, simply does not want the protection network, holds up the sword rush, airborne instantaneously randomly has become one group, the player blocks the sky at melee, but in the ground, headed by the fine silks and Dancing Forest and the others archer department seeks for the position, then aims at airborne lion vulture Knight 11 to kill, Cooldown airborne is rains general has the corpse of player to crash likely unceasingly, crowded incomparable.

In the ground, Han Yuanti the long blade is defending in the invincible might artillery front, saw that the sky rose came, this brave warrior roared to clash Going out, the long blade has swept away, a shake, was shaken by the sky rose unexpectedly draws back two steps, his instantaneous violent anger, long blade from bottom to top selected, „" cut away sky rose 200 000 + HP, stimulated to movement Thunder dragon to kill forward, called out one is one time takes advantage of opportunity to cut.

Where the sky rose is willing to pester with this four star gods, immediately a Jianfeng advanced to move, the long sword rumbled combo to attack suddenly above an artillery body of invincible might artillery, has wiped out 27% its HP toughness.

Where the palace guard Yorozuo long scenery sound can endure these, holds up the sword to graze to go, collided in the sky rose together, simultaneously is responsible for defending the imperial palace guard heavy cavalry also to draw out the saber to fire into the sky rose, she wanted to destroy the invincible might artillery here, that must withstand the challenge of numerous temple Knight level powerhouse.


I tenesmus, defend in the position above 20 meters places of invincible might artillery, flies high to exhibit [Seven Stars Teleportation], as long as some people think that must by my butterfly sword baptism, but the person in US war zone nobody has been able to block my handle world Country Weapon now.

The airborne tangled warfare is still continuing, but in our positions, long-distance in ground is the player reenforces after all unceasingly, arrow arrow repetitive flying to airborne, kills lion vulture Knight, but Q-Sword, Lin Wan Er, Ye Lai, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha and the others also opens the god shape is changing is to fight tooth and nail, near 20 minutes under fights with all might intensely, the air raids of 30 thousand lion vulture regiments formally announced the failure.

Tings resound through the skies, ancient musical scale and remnant dream, met with, blue the long neck hair and other iron skull city god level player of dying in battle to announce that 11 fluttered in airborne, but our losses were not small, Wang Jian, Bai Qi, Wolf and Meng Yao and the others once more died in battle one time, [Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild the top players also hangs one in large numbers.

But the result is favorable for us as before absolutely.

The sky rose leads the lion vulture regiment that about 2 thousand people do not arrive at to retreat, other about 30 thousand lion vulture armies turned into completely the corpse lies down in our positions, and has left behind big pile of equipment, defends the imperial player to share for our these, but their victories have ruined our 5 invincible might artillery and 40 + invincible might artillery, has not had a fracture.


„Continues to attack the East city wall." In I collect a additional 14% [Drain] effects three stars magical instrument ring to throw into from the ground wrap, at the same time orders to continue to attack to the Han deep pool and Jing Yin.

The [Zhan Long] monthly ticket list was done fifth, this possibly is [Zhan Long] last time clashes the list, asked everybody powerful, the disparity was not big, returns first three!

Zhan Long Chapter 1333

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