Zhan Long Chapter 1334

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The east gate that a bang, under the enormous power of invincible might artillery, already creakied drove out officially, the heavy iron gate turned into more than ten scrap iron to scatter in all directions, but the city wall of that trim also loudly collapsed, a face caved in a about 300 meters length, was known as that the iron skull east city wall in western boundary first fortress such changed into one pile of ruins.

„Heavy cavalry, attacks." I show a faint smile.

This time I had not planned to the front line, unceasing attacked to kill one after another, my country fought points already steady sitting on the MVP throne, basic can shake this superelevation on nobody points . Moreover, my this Tian Ling Empire in everybody's mind held the spear greatly assumed existence of armed forces, but has not rushed ahead, in the front acted as the cutting edge military officer, that was Ye Lai, Li Mu and matter of Old K these person.

In the fierce hoofbeat, the mighty force of Chinese area goes turbulently, the grow like a weed East city wall, it may be said that is infertile, one side the blacksmith's shop, Dashengtang, pharmacy and transmission iron skull city and other constructions conquers by killing all the way, in players in iron skull city fought before two countries repeatedly threaten Tian Ling Empire, the Chinese players already suppressed a lot of fire nowhere to vent, now finally is one's turn them, was not ruthless is strange, moreover massacred pharmacy NPC to be also good, after letting their people resurrected, not have the place to buy the medicine.

Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Li Mu and the others led the team to enter in the city, their Military Control the Chinese war zone sharpest melt god cavalries and hundred deep pools ride, may be called the first under heaven cavalry soldier, the street fighting definitely does not lose to the opposite party, even the sky rose is impossible to resist is too long, next step was the double city wall, the super host city had the twofold city wall, although the double city wall was only spare, but the defensive power was already good.

Under my direction, the Chinese war zone about 1 million NPC armies headed by palace guard pushes onward to the city in abundance.

Also at this moment, airborne flies the warhawk of next palace guard to ride to search suddenly, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, urgent military situation!"


„Wang Cheng the national guard group of iron skull city, was known as that the Saint helmet regiment total thousand people of iron skull city most strengthening of the armed forces team under commanding Lei Dun leadership cover from the Western plain kill to come, they are also bringing simultaneously the army of a substantial number of Chi You tribe."

„Chi You tribe?" The Han deep pool stares in side, said: „What's the matter, Chi You tribe what's the matter?"

The warhawk rides to search saying: „Subordinate does not know that is one crowd of whole bodies burns the devil of roaring flame, in the hand is raising the sword and shield, the quantity at least 1 million, how do we work as?"

Jing Yin knits the brows: „The people in iron skull city agitated the army of Chi You tribe to enter the war unexpectedly, this we have not thought actually."

Lin Wan Er said: „Iron skull city and players in Ze deep pool city repeatedly attack Chi You tribe, it seems like it was they and Chi You tribe NPC of reached some agreement, otherwise was impossible to send the regiment to help the iron skull city."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Brother Xiao Yao, do not want to be too many, hurries the organization players to prepare to make war."


In I immediately with Q-Sword and Ye Lai communication, making them continue to attack the city wall, then makes Li Mu and Old K lead [Zhan Long] all people to return, in addition our Tian Ling Empire 1 million NPC armies, outside the city the total of player has also surpassed thousand, contended with this group of formidable matches sufficiently, especially in our hands was grasping the heavy artillery, the complete row became a piece plays a position game with them, Chi You army came also to die!

The East city wall of iron skull city broke, the words that they want to reenforce must attack the east gate, seals off here, will otherwise break the city as before, therefore we in same place waiting at ease for an exhausted enemy defensive war and that's the end.

Soon, Chinese player team, although is quite chaotic, but the NPC army the complete array finished, they be well-trained than the player are too many!

, In the horizon the dense and numerous NPC armies kill by far , the first NPC regiment of iron skull city has not entered the war, west was goes to the boundary to dispatch Chi You army to go, these Chi You armies radically were not the human, but wrapped the soul of roaring flame is being the biology, grasps to clash . Moreover, they who Axe, long sword and iron spear were calling also had the players in approximately thousand iron skull city also together to enter the war, total number of people in thousand about, but we had at least thousand person, in population absolutely crush.

„Makes war!"

I draw out that moment of butterfly sword also to mean that the fight opened once more, the positional warfare on plain, this is also the forms of combat that the player in Chinese area most loves, our cavalry soldiers were too strong, strong to earnestly seeks the opposite party to be willing with us the progressing hand-to-hand fighting on the plain!

„Roar roar roar"

The soldiers of Chi You army roared to clash, but the front surface suffered the round baptism of Long Jing artillery and invincible might artillery, exploded torn to pieces, after near must be entertained by the archer and Mage, near words must greet the palace guard heavy cavalry and [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry's greeting, on a Cooldown plain the fire was unceasing, both sides tangled warfare in the same place.

In the hand the butterfly as if the incarnation is the peerless weapon for criminal, my everywhere one visit is the blood, my present in addition held 225% entire attributes, meets the dark blue billows to fight, these Chi You armies were considered as anything, but 32 swords kill one, the group kills skill Qi Kai, a person can withstand a person of troop in the front.

[Zhan Long] is the guild of head acts as main force to go against in the frontage fights with all might, the short spear trick leads probably about 1 million people to cover to kill from the left wing, kneels down to call on main to lead hundreds of thousands of people to cover from the right wing kills, under the dual attack, the heavy artillery of palace guard, near one hour of engaging in fierce battle , the both sides superior inferiority has been in addition clear immediately, but when the Saint helmet regiment and Chi You army want to flee, we have formed the encirclement tactic without enough time, basic does not bleed off.

Has consumed for nearly 4 hours, finally had finished outside the city the fight on plain, opposite party thousand + NPC and player were cut to kill completely in same place, our battlefield cleanup has spent many Cooldown, but the distant place also transmitted Q-Sword, Ye Lai and the others the news, the second city wall in iron skull city is also solved.

„Enters a city!"

This has fought finally, the destiny fans of world in looking here fight scene, how pouring of was also witnessing iron skull city to stand erect western boundary powerhouse under the oppression of the people in Chinese war zone, this Chinese truly was makes the world experience our determination and strength, verbal command world and Mo Gan not, since!?

After I am bringing the [Zhan Long] people and palace guards enter the city together, sees everywhere is the corpses, the fight was really too frigid.

On game contact surface, Chinese war zone and population contrast of iron skull city already quite disparate, we total number of people thousand + human in iron skull city domain, but iron skull city only then thousand + person, and majority had been chased to kill to go out of town, remained behind the player in iron skull city imperial palace not to surpass thousand person absolutely.

Actually, most people were gave up, because did not give up not having the significance.

After a half hour, treading step by step in full is on the king stair of blood, Lin Wan Er said: „Sky rose has posted at the forum of US war zone, calling on everybody do not reactivate again, resurrecting also delivers equipment, to deliver points, she said that keeps the mountain not to fear does not have the firewood fever, wants the player in US war zone offline to rest first, after this round country fights, she will put out the new strategic plan, the US war zone will not submit."

I nod, yes, the sky rose has made contribution, but this logic of war truly was not she can control to result.

Lin Wan Er also said: „In sky rose, ancient musical scale, blue long neck hair and rain rhythm, remnant dream and other ABN fought the net ID people jointly to apologize to the US war zone at the forum, was their faults has caused falling to the enemy of iron skull city."

I: „They are honourable matches, dares to do and has the courage to accept responsibility."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Um!"

Dong Cheng Yue in bypath: „Was good, Q-Sword seized the city main throne, the person but who chooses finally he thinks that must be you, therefore you a bit faster pass, the people in Chinese war zone are waiting for this system to announce!"


Steps into the main hall, I led Han Yuan, Xiao Li, Jing Yin and other palace guard Yorozuo long to arrive at the king throne front, drew a sword to cleave in two throne, afterward obtained system System Notification, seized, entrusted and to destroy and other options choose one, but I had not considered that the direct selection attacking and occupying, the iron skull city is a firm city marvelously, if cannot seize too wastes simply.


System announcement: Fellow players please note, player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) has destroyed the king throne of iron skull city, and decided 【Seizes】 The pattern, the iron skull city belongs to Chinese war zone officially, before the country war completes, the American players enter the iron skull city to seize the king throne again, then can seize the city sovereignty instantaneously again!

When the ting flutters, in main hall all Chinese players cheer together, since expedition iron skull city, their majority could not withstand tired, on the armor breakages and faces were also stained with completely the blood, Matcha, Yue Yao Yan and other feminine the close combats were the cape of player are the white, now completely likely has actually soaked in the bloody water generally, everybody laboriously to the present, for was also this result.

Leaves behind part to defend a city, next step must discuss specifically.

My group team, the players draws again completely the Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han and other Guildmaster rank, this was also our highest control centers.

„Tian Ling Empire tactical situation how?" I asked.

Fang Ge Que was calm and composed even in press of work said: „You had a look at Yan Zhao Warrior and six his blood strip fluctuation speeds knew, they were outside the city with the demon mountain and maplewood to be drunk and the others to prey, the situation was not quite good, but luckily in the city the NPC army was also very powerful, otherwise feared us to fall into enemy hands the first city wall."

„How long can you also defend?" I asked.

Fang Ge Que stares: „Xiao Yao, you are"

Saying with a smile that Yan Zhao Warrior pants: „I had to plant not the good premonition, Xiao Yao this boy will not turn back in order to help friendly forces Tian Ling Empire, the side song I said that the ambition of this boy imagined compared with us must mostly!"

Six he said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, you are what kind, does not come back, we really must die by the resentment"

I deeply inspire, said: „I planned that killing in one vigorous effort to Ze deep pool city, received Ze deep pool city together! Russian player original base number are few, now can have thousand person to defend Ze deep pool city to be good, I am not many want, keeps thousand person to me, keeps thousand person to defend the iron skull city again, other complete going back, how is it?"

„Attacks Ze deep pool city with thousand person?" Fang Ge Que is stunned: „Xiao Yao are you insane?"

Drunken Spear Ha Ha smiles: „If Xiao Yao can overcome Ze deep pool city depending on thousand person, you absolutely are the Chinese area genuine hero, in the destiny annals strongest one about your!"

„Short spear trick, we go to Ze deep pool city to try!"


Zhan Long Chapter 1334

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