Zhan Long Chapter 1335

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The country fought the 6 th date, fought the official conclusion also to have 27 hours from the country.

I had almost forgotten when the real world was, was actually unimportant, great aspirations of monopolizing at present, so long as one can realize again diligently, I also did hold true by going to offline rest?

The iron skull city has conquered, has left behind near thousand Tian Ling Empire NPC repair city wall, several million players also together keep in the city to defend imperial, the imperial palace main hall as for iron skull city was received by us, the near 200 000 army of captive also completely reorganizes, they have joined into the Tian Ling Empire army, at least before the king throne was conquered again we will not throw his host in addition.

The cool breeze has stroked the hisses wind forest, surpasses thousand China players enormously and powerful pushes onward toward Ze deep pool city, our next goal is to destroy completely the Russian main city, the people in Ze deep pool city have been contending with us, even has acted as attack fire Divine Mountain and Fan Shu City main force, this time did not tidy up them together has been unfair to that many in the Chinese players who fire Divine Mountain died in battle.

„Wan Er." I called one suddenly.

Lin Wan Er immediately orders the silver dragon quit flying, turns head to visit me with a smile: „How, dear?"

I have referred to the west side, said: „I want to go to Chi You tribe one time, attacked the matter of hammering skull city to give you to be responsible for temporarily?"

„?" The young girlfriend has opened the small mouth, said astonished: „Can my I be good?"

„I can be good, why aren't you good? I will be quick."


I progress to move toward the front immediately, Han Yuan, Xiao Li, Jing Yin, Long Xing, Xia Ye and other palace guard Yorozuo long turned around in abundance good the military salute: „Holds the spear greatly, what has to order?"

„I must temporarily leave, one listens to the hot cloud princess on the military deployment, understood?"


Lin Wan Er is quite high in the Tian Ling Empire status, at least she has controlled fire Yun Cheng, shallow forest sovereign must to her courteous reception three points, but the prestige in army is also good, the command of fire Yun Chengjin thousand army, approximately the prestige in the Tian Ling Empire army was next to I.

Li Mu, Old K and the others nod in abundance, but under the iron skull city died in battle have been in sight semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate resurrecting to lead thousand [Zhan Long] player in Li Meng Yao, Wang Jian that and the others to come once more, to attack Ze deep pool city, everybody has also spelled, hangs again must fall 8 levels or 16 levels, appearance that but they as if do not care about.

A spin body, after the god shape changes the body, has fired into the West.

Turns on the big map, Chi You tribe situated in the western boundary border region, is western limit ZONE of destiny entire big map, is the iron skull city and rear of Ze deep pool city, was two cities has provided many practicing level resources and equipment resources, before NPC of iron skull city has brought at least over a million Chi You armies from Chi You tribe, wants to come to that side should also to have many, if I can obtain their boosts, that conquered Ze deep pool city is not any issue, and there is a Chi You tribe to work as the backing, favored attacks and captures two city later defenses.

My flying speed is fast, the earth is rapid after the body moves, quick entered one lava volcanos region, on the earth is fiery red, as if entered a stretch of restricted area, this agrees with Chi You this evil spirit's hypothesis actually very much, after all Chi You's attribute destroys, making the earth turn into this appearance to be also normal.

In the ground, hands grasp the pointed weapons soldier to look up me, but they will not fly , can only think so.

Really, in tribe map everywhere is forts and villages, residents is huge, army quantity thousand these many that can provide, according to my predict that in Chi You tribe almost all young can take up the pointed weapons absolutely incessantly become the soldiers, they at least can provide to surpass thousand NPC army! NND, on the map the most valuable resources here, want to come the sky rose and brown pupil certainly here not to discuss big enough chip, otherwise Chi You tribe dispatches the military strength of reenforcement more.

Finally, when I leap half map, suddenly in the ground took off several shadows, impressively is several superhuman, the foot pedal blood cloud combat general, wears the armor, the appearance of devils, a hand grasps to fight the evil spirit of hammer to drink a sound track lowly: „Where you are sacred, dares to excel at rushing to Chi You tribe?"

This person is called „rather side", looked at Pin Jie is five-star god level BOSS, should also be the side of Chi You tribe commands.

I raise the eyebrow saying: „Ning Fang, are you host of Chi You tribe?"

Ning Fang shakes the head: „I am only a young god, endures the host of tribe, who are you?"

„Tian Ling Empire holds spear Li Xiao Yao greatly, commands the mighty force, seized the iron skull city, comes to fix with Chi You tribe especially, but also asked you to present the host of tribe for me." I am respectful.

Ning Fang the brow raises, visits me with a smile: „Depends on you? You are in that legend Lord Frost disciple, doesn't look like like?"

„How can that confirm?"

„Eats my hammer, do you dare?"


The Chi You tribe friendly kind, Ning Fang the killing heart was too how can there be heavy, raised to fight the hammer to rumble, the five-star god will attack me naturally not to pay attention, did the sword standard directly keeps off, but he was superhuman, several other arms also brandished the pointed weapons attack, my speed was faster, waves the double sword continual standard to keep off successfully, looked that a flaw made use a [Blade Rush] near body, double sword one horizontal, [Strength of a Thousand Men] collided!

„Bang bang bang"

High quota injury figure flies, must fly to draw back Ning Fanghong directly, Sif's strength will be shaken by me draws back, let alone is this trivial Ning Fang.

„How is possible?"

His big mouth puffs, the vision visits me imposingly: „Are you a god?"

I grip tightly the butterfly: „From your domains, truly should be the god, now can present advocation of tribe for me?"

„Follows me!"

His falling slowly to the ground, I also dives, has stepped into a main hall with several evil spirits, here was the core of tribe, by the main hall had to be similar to the female celestial same maidservant, was holding the fruits and melons and food, in addition some grasped the long halberd held the [gold/metal] I to act as the palace guard, walked to go forward along the stair, saw two lines about 20 + people of Chi You tribe combat generals, basically was BOSS of four star and five-star god level, vision ominous severe looks at my this „humanity".

However, sat the human on king throne actually frightens me to jump, unexpectedly was one does not have the fellow of head, the upper body scarlet fruit, the eye to appear in the position of double breast, the mouth appeared in the position of navel, handle Axe and a shield laid aside about, but I looked to understand that who this person was the punishment day, the pointed weapons that Axe and shield constituted were the doing relative in legend.

According to the [Legend] legend, punishment day is Chi You's subordinate, after Chi You Yellow Emperor defeats, the punishment talent does not meet the indignation challenges Yellow Emperor, finally was reduced the head, therefore the double breast continues to brandish the dry relative to fight Yellow Emperor for the eye and navel for the mouth, this is the evil spirit who has planting, has not thought that he can be the master of Chi You tribe unexpectedly.


The punishment day spoke with the navel, making people slightly somewhat ill: „What do you come to here to make? Who are you?"

I said respectfully: „I am Tian Ling Empire hold spear Li Xiao Yao greatly, has led 1 million armies to trample flat the iron skull city, becomes the host of iron skull city, the punishment day head of the clan, my this time comes to fix with Chi You tribe."

Punishment day great anger: „What? Have you trampled flat iron skull city unexpectedly? You may know how much grain the sovereigns in iron skull city do comply to supply Chi You tribe and pointed weapons every year? You have killed this dog emperor unexpectedly, the supplies of our Chi You tribe by whom?"

„Tian Ling Empire is more fertile than the resources of iron skull city, the iron skull city already extinguishes, the nature came to become reconciled with Chi You tribe by Tian Ling Empire. Just, what I have not thought is"

Saying, my vision one cold, the sound was severer, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Punishment day, you are the god of Huaxia, unexpectedly can trade with these other families, sends your clansman and Yan and Huang descendant battles, can you know the crime?"

Punishment day in consternation: „Yan and Huang descendant?"

One group of god level military officers under stair also in abundance change countenance: „Yan and Huang descendant who which comes, is your boy is certainly deceiving us?"

I sneer: „The Tian Ling Empire adventurers are the Yan and Huang descendant, includes me, haven't you believed? Believes me, fights for me, this is the road that you can take only!"


The punishment day pounds the table, will have done Qi Cao in the hand, gets angry: „Do not talk irresponsibly here, why you said that you are the Yan and Huang descendant, after Chi You Great Emperor five dragons dismember, the bloodlines of Yan and Huang cut off."

At this time, Ning Fangdao: „Head of the clan, might as well try him with moonlight jue, the bloodlines of Yan and Huang descendant can echo with moonlight jue, otherwise we killed him to feed the dog!"

The punishment day nods: „Good, comes the human, takes moonlight jue!"

Quick, a bodyguard holds the fine box to walk to go forward, the punishment day said: „Boy, this is moonlight jue, the treasure that Yan Di leaves behind, is the treasure of our town clan, if you are the Yan and Huang descendant, your blood certainly can make moonlight jue echo, otherwise you prepare to be decapitated!"

The box opens, the moonlight is bright, I one passes shortly had a scare, this moonlight jue how with my with my Saint day jue that similar, in the shape is almost same!

Without demur, the finger wipes on Jianfeng, the blood drop splashes on moonlight jue.


Moonlight Sheng, shoots up to the sky greatly, should this echo?

„How how to be possible?" The punishment day is surprised: „Unexpectedly moonlight jue will echo your this boy is really the descendant of Yan and Huang bloodlines, the day, what have we done?"

I have not spoken, actually pulls out bosom Saint day jue, said: „Since this is moonlight jue, what my this is?"


That ominous Shenning side looks at Saint day jue, the whole body shivers, the both legs that cannot bear unexpectedly one kneels before me softly, the body play trembles, said: „This is sunlight jue, until now unexpectedly also some people have God faith token"

Zhan Long Chapter 1335

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