Zhan Long Chapter 1336

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„Sunlight jue...... God faith token......"

I was also dumbfounded, this Saint day jue is Pearl leaves my, but defers to the present plot progress, the God in their mouth should be Yellow Emperor, Saint day is jue the faith token of Yellow Emperor? This no wonder, otherwise that group of people in bright temple will notice that Saint day jue looks like saw various gods do arrive general?

Pearl should not know that Saint day jue is the God faith token, otherwise with this Saint day jue can approximately the verbal command four directions.


„Now, you believe that I was the Yan and Huang descendant?" I asked.

The punishment day already held is doing relative, single Xigui on the stair, said: „Since...... Since is Yan and Huang descendant, is lord of the side, and also has the God faith token, that...... My punishment day also then recognized your this Yan and Huang descendant, thinks that my Chi You tribe clan fool's paradise side, has been living the exceptionally poor life, has not actually thought that in Eastern Tian Ling Empire unexpectedly was the agglomeration of Yan and Huang descendant."

I said: „Fights for me, Ok, punishment day?"

The punishment day somewhat hesitates, what after all I grasp is Saint day jue, is the faith token of Yellow Emperor, but Yellow Emperor is to reduce the person of his head, he naturally is not resigned, „punishment day dance does the relative, fierce will firmly often in", if he will submit easily that is not the punishment day.

Looks at Pin Jie, the punishment day at least is god level BOSS of Hybrid Demon king rank, has bright prospects!

I continue saying: „I know that Chi You tribe crosses here not well, but I keep promises in the Tian Ling Empire status now, so long as you are willing to fight for me, I can guarantee what Tian Ling Empire and iron skull city can continuously is Chi You tribe provides the grain, pointed weapons wait / etc., treats as own clansman you, like this?"

For the survival of clansman, punishment day clenches jaws, said: „Since is this, I thanked your this to hold the spear greatly...... You are Yan and Huang descendant, was equal to that our descendants, I believe you, said that how you do want Chi You tribe to help you?"

„Dispatches troops, helping me attack Ze deep pool city, later dispatches enough military strength to move into the iron skull city again, guarded the iron skull city for me, the resources of iron skull city can directly provide to your part treats as to repay."


Punishment day hesitant, asked that one group of military officers under stair, asked: „Thinks?"

Ning Fang has not planted, said again and again: „This young general hand grasps the empire military authority, may be called the first under heaven person, in the hand also has the God faith token, do we also hold true by do not obey his dispatching?"

Other one group of military officers also second the motion, after all everyone likes holding the thigh.

Saint day jue may really help my one be busy!


„Holds the spear greatly, how many military strength do you need?" The punishment day asked the subject finally.

I deeply inspire, said: „The people in Ze deep pool city resist certainly stubbornly, my person was exhausted, the battle efficiency will be greatly affected, therefore you can be more to my military strength, our Tian Ling Empire buckle will be smaller, the punishment day, how many people can you give me? If there are if possible, I hope that you can go to battle with me together, if attacks Ze deep pool city to be quite smooth, I make you lord of Ze deep pool city, the Military Control entire Ze deep pool city, how is it?"

„Are you really a god?" The punishment day asked my one suddenly.

My hand, an exquisitely carved superior god godship reappears suddenly in the palm, then seeps within the body, said with a smile: „What question also has?"

Punishment day action makes me be startled, his single Xi kneels unexpectedly suddenly, said: „Since you is a god, then the punishment day submits to you are not considered as that one shame, Chi You tribe is willing to give loyalty to you, Li Xiao Yao, hopes that you can lead my clansman to cross not to need to worry about food or clothing, have the life of dignity, if you deceive me, my punishment day will die will also draw your together under nether world!"

I nod: „Um, please get up!"

The punishment day stands up, said: „Ning Fang, convenes the clansman army immediately, selects 300 thousand armies, along with holds spear Li Xiao Yao to go to battle greatly, I together will also go to battle!"

„Yes, Head of the clan!"

My moral nature does not secretly rejoice by, such one, Ze deep pool city 99% probabilities fell into our hands, probably the brown pupil does not think that I will convince the punishment day with Saint day jue? Naturally, the condition that I pledge is also very attractive, making the punishment day lead the clansman to move into Ze deep pool city becomes the lord of city, only needed to give loyalty to Tian Ling Empire has been OK, was equal to delivering him a Ze deep pool city.

What I want is only seven big main cities submits, wait / etc. I do not care after the city joins the Chinese area the money of info clerk, the life is alive, this money wanted to be good sufficiently, were many also gives own burden.


The Chi You tribe majority of armies are the ground infantries, grasps the lance, sharp sword, bow and arrow, very primitive forms of combat, but this is a fight race, the battle efficiency will not compare these well-trained NPC armies to be bad absolutely, joining of these 300 thousand people were also doomed Ze deep pool city to be to us extremely easy to obtain.

Summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, I am in the ground to walk side-by-side with the punishment day together, the mighty force, this is really excited enough.

Chi You tribe to the traveling schedule of Ze deep pool city is about about 3 hours, we have the entire 24 hours to attack a city, Ze deep pool city was also doomed to be our it's in the bag.


When I arrive under Ze deep pool city, the distant place is war cries, the innumerable Chinese area player is attacking a city crazily, but how Ze deep pool city belongs to the main city of Russia, underground is a cold ice source, entire city on a character „cold", in the barbican wall the casting galvanized iron has not calculated as the defense that the Russian players even also sprinkle from the city with the cold water, ices up rapidly, therefore has formed a thick ice layer on the wall, the player wants to climb up the city wall to be almost impossible, skidding, only if the ice skater.

Moreover what is more important, our invincible might artillery and dragon crystal artillery resulted in the shell almost to fall in torrents completely in the iron skull city have gotten down, can therefore use here extremely minority, instead will be the players in Ze deep pool city at least 2000 demon crystal punmetals mountings in the city wall, to the city outside the wanton bombing, their city government authorities administrative style and achievements of local officials seemed not having Tian Ling Empire to be so corrupt, the shell quantity of stock was not infrequent, probably the Russian also has spelled, thought that the wanton bombing 24 hours won.


A news came from Lin Wan Er: „Dear, you come back not to have, we attack a city to come across the difficult problem, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han they plan the storm, but this...... The price was too as if big."

I reply with a smile: „Treasure Wan Er you look at the west side!"

Lin Wan Er looks at to the West time, actually saw fiery red, that is the color of Chi You tribe, 300 thousand Chi You armies sweep across, but, and their names to the Chinese players are the greens, the punishment day had decided that changes the flag to change thought that therefore has become the friend of Chinese side was lascivious, when saw the reinforcements of this crowd of Chi You tribes kill, the Chinese area player has exuded the cheers.


My Jianfeng points to the western city wall, the punishment day roars, waved the dry relative to lead the clansman to attack a city together, their offensive must swift and fierce, made the Russian player on city scared directly.


I changed into raspberry the god fierce fine horse, controls the dragon god's daughter to soar in the midair, close to the city, several swords chopped to turn a dragon crystal artillery suddenly, attracted the innumerable firepower, the shield of standard stars keeps off, in the operation reached the stage of perfection, formed own fight repertoire is good.

After I and Chi You tribe the army of appear, obviously has given a shot to the Chinese area player, offensive once more getting up gradually.

, In the city wall presented a god shape by far changed the player of body, was the brown pupil, RBN fights the net first person, was the inspirational figure in Russian war zone, distant visits me, the brown pupil loudly shouted to clear the way: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, were you too also wild? Just took the iron skull city, you want to attack and capture our Ze deep pool city, you did not worry that the sky rose did lead the western boundary treaty of alliance 5000 thousand person pouncing upon suddenly iron skull cities?"

I am calm and composed even in press of work smiles: „Worry, but was worried again I must conquer by killing Ze deep pool city, don't forget, how many times did you go too far Divine Mountain? Regarding your such enemies, we will never be softhearted, the iron skull city did not need you to be worried, the brown pupil, making the player in Russian war zone wash the clean neck to wait to be chopped!"

„Extremely arrogant!"

The brown pupil puts out a hand finger of I, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Your Chinese, if thinks really can hit under Ze deep pool city, that comes, what we will tell you with the war and blood are the fight nationalities!"

I did not have to speak the idle talk, but wielded the butterfly gently, said: „Li Mu and Wang Jian, supple, attacks a city fully!"

The falling body, I have established purple thunder Ji Che in city gate rapidly, wants fights a battle to force a quick decision, does not give them too many respite Cooldown!

The first purple thunder Ji Che attack makes the city wall tremble directly, I lift the arm, the shield of stars fall the dense and numerous arrow vector sum magic, the one side innumerable melt god cavalry flushed, is the purple thunder car(riage) resists the injury with the shield and body, when the purple thunder Ji Che second attack time, the ice layer on place above wall already rapid disintegration.

The brown pupil was anxious: „Herd heart, having a person of firepower to output them, must rout!"

The herd heart complained of hardship secretly, after a long distance magic, immediately ordered saying: „Winter horse Changsi, having the person to clash, punctures them, cannot [Zhan Long] to seclude in the city gate oral disc, otherwise the distance broken city is not far!"

Berserker that winter horse Changsi, RBN is listed third, opens the god shape to lead the close combats of several hundred Ze deep pool cities to be the player overshoots from the city wall, kills intent to be imposing.

His equipment was quite good, after eating Matcha and Lin Wan Er two sets of skills, hung.


But place above at least over 100 demon crystal artillery aim at us to snap, the melt god cavalry in surrounding soon died, after Yue Qing Qian grasped the dagger to assassinate Berserker, shouted loudly: „Brother Xiao Yao, we were been hot by the demon crystal artillery collection, walks quickly, otherwise without enough time!"

I know that thinks the second falls Ze deep pool city is impossible, battle of attrition that must fortify at every step.


Issued an order, after hanging about thousand melt god cavalries, evacuated.

Zhan Long Chapter 1336

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