Zhan Long Chapter 1337

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A war cries piece, the mighty force under Ze deep pool city is attacking a city crazily, but will not take obviously this city quickly, after all the players in Ze deep pool city also, moreover their city walls are also quite firm thick, what is more important was our invincible might artillery shell reserves by far was inferior to attack the hammering skull city that many.


„Invincible might artillery, stops attacking."

Raised the butterfly to arrive at the position of palace guard, after I issued an order 20 invincible might artillery ceased fire one after another, Han Yuanwo full was being the long blade of blood walks to go forward, said: „General, how?"

„Perhaps this was not the means that the invincible might artillery has not dissolved the ice layer of their city wall surrounding to use up with enough time." My knitting the brows head, said: „Do this surroundings have the thing that what ignites?"

Xiao Limi eye: „Does Sir want to use the fire attack?"

„Right." I nod: „Their city walls with the ice layer casting, here weather were too cold, the water momentarily is icing up, therefore I planned that dissolves the ice with the fire, then the invincible might artillery can attack the wall in fact, some of our also how many shells?"

„Qi Bingda holds the spear, the invincible might artillery shell also has 100." Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand to say.

„Then few......" I knit the brows, said: „Thing of ignition?"

Xia Yedao: „General, this I know actually, when we come above journey, trees in the eating delicacies wind forest are the black, the native will call Wu Jumu, Wu Jumu will seep inborn out the tree oil, these tree oil will already burn with the fire, the water is unable to irrigate to extinguish, moreover this black ju ebon forest distance here will not be far, will make the officers go to fell?"

I nod: „Immediately has the person to fell, do not delay."


Xia Yetai the hand raises the long spear, after calling one, about 1 thousand + the famous palace guard heavy cavalry progresses to go in abundance, drew several hundred combat tanks, in the siege warfare this type of 4 horse 7 people of combat tanks lost to has affected, but the thing that was used for the haulage to ignite is actually good.

What our [Zhan Long] main attack is the Beicheng wall, but near the west city wall, the 300 thousand + armies of Chi You tribe is attacking a city crazily, attacking a city that the punishment day personally leads, these grotesque ancient times branch of the services that can fly many, this lets the player unusual headache in Ze deep pool city, Russian population originally few, registers player 1800 thousand +, but can online many not over 1200 thousand, but the person who now, can help defend a city were not most over 1000 thousand.

Although our population are inferior to them, but can draft obviously cleverly in fighting, moreover Guild that this line of we bring, such as [Zhan Long], [Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], [Vanguard] , etc., is the guild that is good at attacking, such as [Prague] kept Tian Ling Empire as for the guild that defends friendly, therefore Ze deep pool city wants to block our offensive not to be easy, in fact the idea of brown pupil is also quite simple, defends Ze deep pool city in 24 hours, they became the first-level main cities that under the Chinese war zone oppression of the people was a rear survival.

Does not worry to attack, after Lin Wan Er knows my meaning, makes the [Zhan Long] people start times deceptive attacks, the battle loss that suffers also reduced, we must preserve enough melt the god cavalry, they 40% also had on use to the promotion of city wall destructive power!


About after two hours, large quantities of palace guards come from the north, each heavy cavalry tows the firebrand that long one bunch of Wu Jumu is tying up, Han Yuan controls Thunder dragon to drop from the clouds, the dragon carries on the back is also bundling many Wu Jumu, said with a smile: „General, we come back, how this fire attack should we attack?"

„Simple, shield passage front goes to under the city, piles up black ju wood in city wall unceasingly, no matter what their rocket fire has not related, forms a firing line under the city, use rise the ice layer in scalding hot air current fuse city wall, after the ice layer melts completely, concentrates an invincible might artillery heavy bombing position, did the broken wall for it, understand?"

„Understood, immediately manages!"

Quick, Han Yuan gathered the blade shield camp soldier about 2 thousand person, the regiment that is I brings these barbarians who composes from the wild region, the barbaric manpower is greatly infinite, grasps a human body heavy that heavy great shield to run as before such as flies, behind shield is towing Wu Jumu the heavy cavalry and combat tank, was only concludes these combinations to spend enough nearly one hour of Cooldown.

After one hour, the offensive started.

Instructed by my, Drunken Spear leads [Flying Dragon] 3 thousand + to ride the war is the player takes the lead, short spear trick fellow is also a bravely irreversible brave general, the lead(er) when this type the duty of cannon fodder does not pass on responsibilities, the long spear wields afterward, several thousand people of war cries pieces has fired into the Beicheng wall of Ze deep pool city, all the way by demon crystal artillery, hot crag artillery and crossbow car(riage) and other long-distance instrument baptism, afterward close city time starts to suffer Ze deep pool city archer, Musketeer, Mage attack to fall in torrents, shortly will lose seriously.


My Jianfeng raises, palace guard lineup howls to go, the blade shield camp speedy approach city wall, under the shield of [Flying Dragon] player helps the heavy cavalry toward the city under piles up black ju wooden piles.

The players in city were scared, a player of Guildmaster level is dumbfounded: „Do these Chinese want to do? They planned that piles with this type of pitch-dark blockhead becomes the staircase climbs up the city wall? Oh, is the moron has a dream simply, do the Ze deep pool city wall 35 meters, depend on these broken woods also to pile highly to arrive in the city wall?"

They yacket, afterward a fiercer offensive will fall in torrents on the [Flying Dragon] player and palace guard.

Only herd heart delicate eyebrows light pressed standing there, said: „It is not right, these woods are...... Wu Jumu of eating delicacies wind forest? Day...... This group of Chinese want to use fire attack!"

„Can't?" Winter horse Changsi one astonished: „If is really this, ended......"

Saying, winter horse Changsi was turning around to call out one suddenly: „Hurry up, gets down the water pouring in barrel, the pouring on these Wu Jumu, cannot make the Chinese prevail absolutely!"

His voice has not fallen, Han Yuan of distant place has been controlling Thunder dragon, raises the long blade: „Archer, prepares the rocket!"

About 5000 dark Moon Elf archers the arrow arrow light the flame above in abundance, the next quarter, the heavy cavalry and [Flying Dragon] player retreats all, the innumerable hot arrows soar to the heavens to go, „" falling on black ju wood, these Wu Jumu inborn with fire the thing that not only burns, on the bark is seeping the ill-smelling oil taste, had much under bombing of demon crystal artillery in flaming burns, now and was covered by the rocket, immediately has fired one piece.

The players in city water unceasingly, but is unable to hinder Wu Jumu the flaming combustion, instead after by water pouring, burns to bring thick smokes, now is the north wind day, the gale blows, immediately the limitless thick smoke wrapped the entire city, the player in city wall did not feel better, coughs were unceasing.

„This is our golden opportunities!" Li Mu makes a fist, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Mother, the group of villains in Ze deep pool city have today, looks really crisply, when do we start the general attack? Takes Ze deep pool city at one fell swoop!"

I: „Do not worry, reburns a meeting, the ice layer at least 2-3 meters of city wall, have not melted completely!"


Li Mu had already raised the long sword, said loudly: „Melt god cavalry, the preparation builds up!"

This was we strongest wave of attack!


The fire flaming has burnt for nearly a half hour, roasts red the entire Beicheng wall, under the ice layer the galvanized iron level completely has also revealed that I turn around immediately, the order said: „Invincible might artillery, aims at right the city gate to bomb, in three minutes all shell antiquings!"


The heavy artillery camp attacks rapidly, the next quarter crackle of gunfire is unceasing, bring the shock-wave mushroom cloud to surge in the city wall, had burnt the red galvanized iron rapidly to melt, above wall also „" was exploded gulfs, a about 100 meters city wall was in an instant tattered and torn, but below Wu Jumu also gradually burns through, became pile of ashes, is the golden opportunity of attack.

Raises the butterfly sword, I show a faint smile: „Brothers, to!"

In a flash, everybody's mood got up, is not only the [Zhan Long] 5 thousand + people, [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] about 10 thousand people overran with us together.

Ze deep pool city player eyes in city were red, does not kill to get angry, but was smoked thickly got angry, their situations are at any time more awful, but the city walls about 20 meters widths had been mass-criticized only the remaining 10 meters by the invincible might are less, my first Cooldown opens the god shape to arrive under the city wall.

„Hurry up, the collection fire massacres Xiao Yao Zi Zai, he must destroy the city wall!" A group team leader was shouting loudly, he was raising the long bow, stood the edge in breakage city wall, the player closed, at that time pushed him the falling down city wall, was really too miserable.

At present a piece of attack skill chaotic dance comes, I condense the shield of standard stars to keep off not responsibly all, afterward on the butterfly sword the golden light shoots up to the sky, most kills to incur to fall in already the completely damaged city wall, rides the wind to cut to strike, the city wall brick changes into the powder pink / white in abundance, from inside to outside disintegrated the defense of city wall instantaneously, „" has ripped open a Dadong of several meters diameter in the city wall directly, the innumerable city wall bricks flew to the city, but the city also rapid avalanche, the players in city were already courage entirely to crack.

Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha and the others opened the god shape to kill, has almost defeated the garrison troops of city wall by the crush superiority, even the herd heart and players of winter horse Changsi two leader levels were buried in the Li Mu sword get down.

The Beicheng wall broke!


In entering city that [Zhan Long], [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] three big Guild keep pace with, clears the way in the god level player, breaks through the street fighting defense line that the opposite party organizes rapidly, killed in the city wall, in the city wall was not specially high, most also on 20 meters appearance, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery of palace guard rapidly thrust in the city, in started to bomb the city wall.

Another direction, punishment day to do the relative to break out the city gate, led the brave warriors of innumerable Chi You tribe to enter the west gate, Ze deep pool city almost lost the strength of resisting in this moment, they despaired!

Zhan Long Chapter 1337

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