Zhan Long Chapter 1338

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A bang, in the iron gate of city wall also after dragon crystal artillery sustained attack one hour, but the avalanche fell, but under the city wall full is the corpses of Sino-Russian two big war zone players, this is finally a war, we also know, therefore everyone leaves no ground is going all out.


A brown pupil face dispirited raises the lance to stand in the city wall, as if a death to the old man is common, at this moment his mood is the heart like the dying embers, RBN fights certainly the net first person, has not reversed by the destruction destiny eventually.

„Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

Brown pupil lance straight is pointing at me, angrily rebukes saying: „You think that you is a vanquisher? You have a look, this Ze deep pool city you hit to be also what kind , the people in Ze deep pool city will not submit, the war will swallow you once more, you wait!"

I was silent, cross long time had gained ground, on the face completely was the bright smiling face: „Has not related, after I fire off seven big main cities, has gone into seclusion, how you like hitting how hit, I have conquered in any case."

The brown pupil was almost given to irritate by my this irresponsible words, raises the lance to kill on the opening god shape, but was in the midair by the Lin Wan Er bright moon storm to be curled, after eating the Dancing Forest consecutively 4 outstanding arrow arrows, again was killed.


System Announcement: Players 【Dancing Forest】( China) struck to kill the god level player successfully 【Brown pupil】( Russia), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!


Dying in battle of brown pupil formally announced the failure of Ze deep pool city army, made them lose the courage of final stand.

Even after we kill the imperial palace, has not received the too big hindrance, arrives above the king main hall, a Li Mu this cruel-hearted fellow sword chopped the head of muddle-headed senior king, afterward raised the head to make me seize the throne, I chose as before have seized the pattern, the next quarter, ting fluttered in the sky of entire server


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) has destroyed the king throne of Ze deep pool city, and decided 【Seizes】 The pattern, Ze deep pool city belongs to Chinese war zone officially, before the country war completes, the Russian players enter Ze deep pool city to seize the king throne again, then can seize the city sovereignty instantaneously again!


What what a pity is, the player in Russian war zone lost has fought intent, the strongest ally iron skull city has hung, what significance do they struggle and have again?

At this moment, opens the forum of Chinese area again time, has seethed with excitement a piece, even, the post is Chinese Destiny Branch president Ouyang Nuoyan sends, in addition tops red, the instantaneous reply number walked on the violent

【Tops】( Post person: Ouyang Nuoyan) congratulated the Chinese war zone to conquer the entire seven big kingdoms, thank Xiao Yao Zi Zai!

【Content】: Before three minutes, the Chinese war zone strengths captured the sovereignty of Ze deep pool city headed by Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and other player successfully, this is competition in cross epoch significance, this is a Chinese player conquers the magnificent feat of entire server, will certainly forever write down virtual athletics the annals, thanked Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the guide in this Chinese war zone helped us win this great honor, thanked each Chinese player of entering the war, the honor was each of you, I thanked everybody on behalf of all members of destiny China Branch sincerely!

The reply counts the Shua Shua violent to increase, truly, today is the celebration of our China player everyone, everybody is enjoying this moment wild with joy and excitement.


The punishment day raises is doing the relative, leading the clansman to step onto the main hall, bowed to me, said: „Holds the spear greatly, my clansman has completed the mission for you, now, should be you keep the promise the time."

I nod joyfully, received from Li Mu was Ze deep pool city senior king the sword of King, holds in the hand, said respectfully: „Punishment day, from now henceforth, you are the lord of Ze deep pool city, I confer you in this for Ze deep pool city monarch, hopes that your clansman can treasure each inch land of Ze deep pool city, here each inch land is dyeing the blood of Yan and Huang descendant."

Punishment day single Xi kneels, received the long sword, said: „My punishment day will certainly respectfully follow holds the order of spear greatly, defends Ze deep pool city, pledges to fight to the death to give loyalty to the bloodlines of Yan and Huang!"


I nod, Ze deep pool city was stilled truly, had the punishment day to lead several million clansmen to move into Ze deep pool city, here even compared with the iron skull city must impregnable, now only annoyed was the Tian Ling Empire situation.

Combat report picture that sends from the front, Tian Ling Empire is struggling hard as before, Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior and rumor and the others rate audiences defend a city, but besieged the Tian Ling Empire player too to be really many are too many.

Li Mu is raising the long sword, said: „Now we have two choices, the first choice does not give a thought to the weary long-distance raid to reenforce Tian Ling Empire, the second choice offline sleeps immediately."

I clenched teeth, said: „Lao Fang and Yanzhao uncle to let us, in the front hits does not have the extra worries, is defending Tian Ling Empire by 1 : 5 force comparison, we have no reason to give up them, making all melt god cavalry and speed quite quick riding war be the player builds up, immediately turns back in order to help friendly forces Tian Ling Empire."

Q-Sword nods: „Um, I also think."

Jian Feng Han is raising the long sword: „Matter is not suitable late, we hurry, otherwise I thought that Yan Zhao Warrior such one big certainly will be drunk to punch the fathers by the demon mountain and maplewood the age not to know."

Yue Qing Qian at side chuckle: „Snort, the uncle is hale and hearty, said without you are so delicate!"

Jian Feng Han tilts the head says with a smile: „Yo, small LOLI said unexpectedly this words, how you know that he is hale and hearty, you......?"

My speechless [say / way]: „Good Murong cold, do not sexually harass our Qing Qian, cannot withstand to sexually harass, the daughter unfamiliar face hides thinly."

Jian Feng Han laughs, the nod has not spoken.

In this time, Lin Wan Er was actually gaining ground, said: „Actually, radically not needing long-distance raid."

„Why?" I asked with amazement.

Her dimple smiled faintly: „The highest heaven city is the territory of our China area, did you forget? The city characteristics of highest heaven city are the palace master who in the imperial palace has to realize the long distance transmission, I have made the commanding Ai zither of purple bagpipe with highest heaven city say, making her clear one transmission, the direct connection highest heaven city and Ze deep pool city, we hurried back to Tian Ling Empire to be most like this also for one hour."

„Good!" Li Mu and Old K laugh together.

Lin Wan Er also said: „Also has the limit, because the distance was too long . Moreover the palace masters in highest heaven city had been massacred by us most probably, therefore the transmission population has the limit, most can only transmit 40 thousand people quickly, transmission appears in the south jungle of Ze deep pool city, the words that we must go to hurry."

I look to Q-Sword, said: „Q-Sword, you thought that these 40 thousand person what people do go back to be quite good?"

Q-Sword shows a faint smile: „This simple, the bright level players must turn back in order to help friendly forces, moreover is [Zhan Long], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance] and [Enemies at the Gate] these 78 main force Guild dispatches the main force to go back, how is it?"

„OK, this."



The player who turns back in order to help friendly forces 11 choose, altogether 40 thousand people, other people remain to guard the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city completely, arrives at south Ze deep pool rapidly the side, really gigantic transmission appeared, everybody progressed to abundance, I was also opening the god shape and Lin Wan Er flew shoulder to shoulder, „after Shua" a ray glittered, already appeared outside Beicheng of highest heaven city, NND, this transmission was really the convenience is quick!

Has grasped the butterfly sword, I to Wan Er, East city, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others said: „The main force that the fourth round country war, must guarding placed Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city, especially the highest heaven city, must grasp in our hands, BUFF of this entire map instantaneous reenforcement was too simply strong, there are these palace masters, we momentarily can attack any position."

Li Mu nods: „Proper, I also thought that the highest heaven city must defend, the iron skull city should better also defend, trained large quantities of lion vulture Knight to come, can we also make the tyrant airborne are not?"


Flushed Going out rapidly, the player are getting more and more, soon after the later 40 thousand armies build up, directly soars Tian Ling Empire to go in my issuing an order, although only then 40 thousand people, but over 30 thousand are rides the war is the players, suits the group war, the population, although little has the confidence to be drunk under the besieged city of and the others to enter from the demon mountain and maplewood the city.

Should the US war zone team that the sky rose leads also attack Tian Ling Empire? However, they just hung shortly, must come Tian Ling Empire also to have Cooldown, wants to come should not to have us to be so quick, therefore this time must face also merely is the India, Germany and other war zone in the players, moreover is one crowd does not have the player of NPC army and heavy artillery, this anything was easy to do.


Crosses Wu Shenhe, distant can see that many foreign players run amuck here, even the person in many Indian war zone is practicing the level in the hot crystal basin, as well as one group of people raise the pointed weapons to put to death the barbarian tribe in hot crystal basin, this, the barbarian is the important component of palace guard infantry, the tribe is also extinguished that to be possible not to be good.

Must by it place, be killed in any case!

Raises the sword to control raspberry to enter in the crowd, working off anger of raspberry is almost heavier than me, the yawn is a coiled dragon rest/breath fires the ashes one group of people, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry started the effect that the flying general + sped away, killing of meeting no resistance in the past, one group of people easily accomplished levelled off here non- Chinese player all, was proceeding, can distant saw Tian Ling Empire.

Past in prosperous Tian Ling Empire was submerged by the flames of war now, some entire city high and low everywhere people in fighting, even the maplewood was drunk, demon mountain and the others not to know where did dozens Dragon Rider, is wreaking havoc above the sky, looked at the past from afar, looked like torching of winged insects sky over Tian Ling Empire is the same.

But Tian Ling Empire has not fallen to the enemy, on the city also has the countless Chinese players as in unyielding is persevering, [Prague] and [Legend] two big Guild are most solid strength, the fire of dragon crystal artillery bang falling to city, in addition defending of NPC army imperial, although Tian Ling Empire seems like creakies, but can also support absolutely again for over 10 hours.

Moreover now our these 40 thousand peak regiments kill, Tian Ling Empire was very steady!


Hence, «[Zhan Long]» was near the end completely, since has thanked everybody continuously the support and concern over the leaf! Next month, the old rule, [Zhan Long] final one month of renewal turns into every day one, renews Cooldown at 12 : 00 am, in this Cooldown the leaf will try hard to prepare the new book, to everybody a changed beyond recognition losing fallen leaf style novel, asks respectfully the anticipation! It is expected that [Zhan Long] about December 30 will end book, the new book follows will meet with everybody!

Zhan Long Chapter 1338

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