Zhan Long Chapter 1339

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Spent less than a half hour, several hundred thousand people of our reenforcement have killed under the city, the Indian war zone and player many of German war zone fell many levels, moreover in the morale and single body battle efficiency were well below me, especially the front about hundred god level players cleared the way, almost cleft the waves general keeping off to flee.

The south city wall is being guarded by the [Prague] person, the group team leader wandering all sea raises the lance back and forth to rush ahead, the whole body is bathed in blood, when he saw we arrived under Dacheng immediately shouts loudly: „Long Jing artillery shield, opens the city gate to put [Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound] these Guild people to come , mother, came that many new forces, looked how A San also clamored to capture Tian Ling Empire!"

The melt god cavalries and hundred deep pools ride to ride the war are the player enter the city in abundance one after another, but I raise the long sword to have in the city surrounding, the double sword just likes seizes the life Yama to take away the life to be innumerable generally, at this time I from top to bottom already almost a piece blood red, moreover insisted that N for a long time does not have offline, god knows has killed many people, if the country fights is also the red name, my name certainly already red.

„Hundred deep pools ride, shield flank the friend pledge!"

Q-Sword was shouting loudly, same brandished seven to kill the sword to fly the bang outside the city to kill, all god level players were almost displaying their flight and god shape are changing the body superiority, moreover on many of them's Level 245 levels, had at least 10 levels of Level roller compactions facing the match, was hit is not painful, when at this time did not gain points to treat.

About 100 million people encircle Tian Ling Empire, but Tian Ling Empire defends imperial players in thousand about, but should suffice, our god level player superiority is very distinct, moreover we have the heavy artillery reenforcement of NPC, the Tian Ling Empire city is impregnable, reviews western boundary treaty of alliance and German war zone and Indian war zone and other players is the pure cavalry soldier or is the step war is attacking a city, lacks the help of NPC, without attacking a city combat tank, does not have the heavy artillery, only then crude scaling ladder, but the scaling ladder already burns with the fire, what basic on cannot pose too big threat to at least 50 meters high Tian Ling Empire tall wall.

They are besieging a city, rather they are deliver the experience.

Tian Ling Empire experienced the previous country to fight the later defense to promote, the city wall has been highly also 50 meters, converted into a about 60 yards distance, long-distance under city was the players was unable to deliver to the city the attack, the ejection of archer arrived in the city became soft and weak, their only broken city methods were to dispatch to the branch of the services of city wall destructive power promotion come to the storm corner, what a pity the city wall root of Tian Ling Empire reinforced, and in the city the firepower of player was very intense, wants to defeat is not absolutely simple.

After slaughtering comes back, spins the body to stand in the city wall edge, the blood splashes following the butterfly sword unceasing flowing drop.

Not far away, Yan Zhao Warrior said loudly: „The toughness of city wall can restore 1% every minute, therefore do not make them concentrate a sustained attack place, the collection fire suppresses, strives to reply tough Cooldown to the city wall!"

Lin Wan Er also falls above the city wall, after an order, silver dragon Little Bai howled , the dragon flame swept across the earth, at the same time, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Matcha four Dragon Rider gentlemen also summoned the big dragon to dive, the flash has created the ruinous attack to the city, eliminated no war zone a big region unexpectedly, this attack too was also strong.

At this moment everybody true feeling the disparity of both sides, altogether three rounds country wars, each round country has fought our strengths to spread out match, the present distance arrived nearly in the situation of crush, the demon mountain and maplewood were drunk died in battle separately, has killed by Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting, will not reactivate mostly again.

Although ended from the country war also has at least 15 hours, but all are finished really ahead of time.

Watches the city high and low dispute with slaughtering, my static sitting pours under the crenelation, calms down the later weary feeling to blot out the sky to come, to have a look at Cooldown, then said to Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er, I wanted offline to rest, [Zhan Long] gave you to direct."

Lin Wan Er falls gently gently side me, kneels to sit, both hands place on my leg, said with a smile: „Early should offline rest not? A bit faster goes, in the refrigerator has to eat, hot one can eat with the microwave oven, eats to rest again, will otherwise awake hungrily."


I have held her fragrant shoulder, said: „Kisses again offline?"

She throws smiles, actually cheek red collects.

My front surface kisses on her lip, just scratching the surface after kissing, has separated, cannot work as everybody's surface show love, otherwise many Wan Er crazy bean noodles really wanted insanely, after all Wan Er in their mind was the unreplaceable Cang Tong goddess, although everybody knows that she was my girlfriend, but after all usually in game we were well-mannered, was too affectionate is not quite a little appropriate.

offline, the whole person soon was ignorant, goes to the hot dish rapidly, wolfed down to eat much, afterward took a bath goes to bed to rest.

This sleep rests gloomily, does not know how long has rested, hears the ear to have girl's laughter, this long waking up, actually discovered that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue sit in my bedside eat between -meal snack, sees I awake, Wan Er says with a smile: „Finally awoke, East city, 100!"

Dong Cheng Yue digs the small mouth to extract one 100 Yuan to give Lin Wan Er from wallet.

„Which is your this is playing?" I partly sit, rubbed the eyes.

Wan Er said with a smile: „I bet your this sleep to rest definitely for over 24 hours, East city said does not have, you looked that altogether has rested for 27 hours, is afternoon 3 o'clock!"

I am somewhat speechless: „That 100 have my half."


Lin Wan Er ill-humored saying with a smile: „A bit faster gets out of bed, then takes a bath to eat a thing, adjusts the biological clock, you looked that you tossed about yourself any appearance."


Crawls, does not forget to ask: „In game how, I have rested for 27 hours, that country fought has fired off for 12 hours, was the final result how is it?"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Finally definitely is ‚happyend', Brother Xiao Yao the merit covers the century, has taken the main cities of seven big kingdoms successfully, now the shallow forest is the mainland in trim mainland, moreover a server has conquered all first-level host cities, just also triggered the new edition, probably is calls ‚empire time' to come, now the entire mainland belongs to the day of plume empire, to maintain the basic operations of major servers, the edition has brought out vassal system, in other words the major main cities will renovate one to be similar existence in vassal, brushes the Xinfu Armed forces, NPC and others for not main. The players in city provide duty, supplies and other services."

„Ahem, the system big god is really sinister deceitfully, even if were takes seven big kingdoms they also already to think that the good escape route, really not to stem from my anticipation."

„Yes, I also like this think." Lin Wan Er eats to smile.

„Was good, I have taken a bath, you two treat individually in my room."

„No, we and others you washed." Dong Cheng Yue is bad smiling.

Without the means that first washes, even if were seen anything does not suffer a loss.

After taking a bath, knows that the dinner has decided that does not eat at home, but exits, because Lin Tiannan and Dong Cheng Feng two fathers treat today together, invited me and Tang Qi, Qin Wen three people ate meal together in the past, is a potluck, but the place in any large-scale restaurant, understood at a glance that the scale will not be low.

Also good, can well ate one greatly, now anything has not eaten one to come greatly happily.

Took a bath, watched a meeting official forum, everywhere hegemonic position the discussion about Chinese area, and during my offline, as if the reward of MVP player also issued to me, was a sword, was a world country pure honored sword, China one of the ten great swords, Ou Ye Zi work, but with for doing of ten great swords is only the five-star magical instrument, this disparate was a little big, but did not matter, in any case profited was I, as for doing the sword, donation Meng Yao will have used, the blood younger sister on this looked after many some.

Relations that because has not gotten online, therefore can only examine the attribute of pure honored sword in the account of forum, looked, felt that a little exploded, this explosive force is not inferior in kills the sword for seven of world country

【Pure honored sword】( World country)

Attack: 28500-37200

Strength: + 1090

Stamina: + 1085

Magic: + 1070

Agility: + 1050

Additional: Promotes the user 275% striking power and 50% attack speeds

Additional: Neglects the goal 60% defensive powers

Only effect: Raises magnificent , to promote the user 12000 strength values

Only effect: The fierce mark , to promote 50% attack sputtering effects

Only effect: The emitting light , to promote in the surrounding 1000 yards the 100% attack speeds of friend side player

Only effect: The cliff, has 10% to cut off the effect, can wreck the pointed weapons that the opposite party uses to resist, causes in its 10 minutes unable to use

Only effect: Vanishes, disintegrates the defense of match is the skill, making its defense effect reduce 70%

Special effect: Has a familiar task and handles it with ease, reduces to need Level to request 30 levels

Introduced: The pure honored sword, before the Flood god artisan Ou Ye Zi's god did, raises its magnificent, such as the cotton rose beginning left, view its mark, rotten such as the tour of row of star, view its light, chaotic such as overflowing of Yutang water, view it broke, the precipitous such as the trivial stone, view its talent, the shining such as vanished, this so-called hooked purely

Needs the charm: 2000

Needs Level: 255

Raises magnificent, the fierce mark, emitting light, cliff and vanishing, these big skills were enough aggressive have made this be in the sword top magical instrument sufficiently, from now henceforth I can the left hand pure honored sword, the right hand butterfly sword, verbal command world Mo Gan not, since?

In fact, seven big kingdoms have submitted to completely, is the verbal command world!

Looked some little time, turns off the computer, the night falls, was exits to have the dinner Cooldown, five people pushed in a car(riage) go on a journey, I and Tang Qi in the front, Tang Qi drove, three female sat in behind, Qin Wen is watching the forum, sang the praises for us, this elder sister also rather extremely in sympathizing.

Arrives in the large-scale restaurant time is around 6 : 00 pm, after entering the theater box, smelled the fragrance that greeted the nostrils to come, the vegetable already on the table, Lin Tiannan and Dong Cheng Feng two uncles already, in addition the person, looked familiar very much, was my family's old man, this old fogy unexpectedly also here!

Zhan Long Chapter 1339

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