Zhan Long Chapter 1340

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„You came finally, is really the long in coming!" Dong Cheng Feng stands up, sees the daughter to say with a smile: „Yue'er, sits to father here, a bit faster."

Dong Cheng Yue definitely wants with me to sit together, but Dong Cheng Feng such does definitely has the reason.

Lin Tiannan clashes my with a smile nod: „Xiao Yao, you come."

I also nod: „Uncle Lin."

Saying, I earnestly looked at an old man, afterward bows to salute, said: „Master."

The old men are very self-satisfied: „Good!"

To come Yang Yanji a powerhouse to be so respectful to him, the old fogy definitely very much enjoys!


„In heard you to play has made the significant progress?" Lin Tiannan asked.

I had not said that nearby Qin Wen said: „Uncle, Li Xiao Yao has completed initially to your commitment, seven big main cities, does not remain takes completely, after over the two days, propaganda that on various game impurities definitely blots out the sky."

„Really is this, has not thought really that Ha Ha......" a Lin Tiannan face happily visits me.

Saying, Lin Tiannan somewhat awkward appearance, was saying with a smile suddenly: „Actually, makes your several come to eat meal today together, the matter must discuss with you."

I suddenly have to plant not the good premonition: „...... What matter?"

Dong Cheng Feng teased in side: „Your master called, you can guess that had any important matter."

„This......" I beat a drum.

„Both sides guardians came, this matter......" Tang Qi smiled suddenly: „Whoops, I probably was understand anything......"

Lin Tiannan stands up, in the hand is carrying one glass of red wines, said: „Actually is not considered as that what important matter, was you and Wan Er, if decided in together, then had free time while me recently, your master also had free time, we held an engagement ceremony first, what kind, your opinions? Does not use embarrassed, here said."

I and Lin Wan Er flash was shocked.

The matter came suddenly, although we each other deeply loved the opposite party, but married this matter not to think, but engagement, as if...... Also is a little far!

Dong Cheng Yue also side father, silently looks at the tabletop, has not spoken.

Tang Qi had a look at Dong Cheng Yue, in the vision to pass over gently and swiftly not to endure, is gripping tightly the fist.


Yes, Dong Cheng Yue has been in love I, what can I give her? Can't consume others? Perhaps the engagement is also a way of solution.

Stands up slowly, I said: „I want actually, does not know that Wan Er is......"

The Lin Wan Er vision is scalding hot, sip the red lip, was saying: „I, if said is not glad, the fellow of your this violence definitely will punch me, I agree!"

Lin Tiannan cannot bear says with a smile joyfully: „Good, I entrusted the subordinate to subscribe the hotel anything's preparation one, about one week, the invitation can send Going out, as for your friends, oneself sent out the invitation to be good."


At this moment, suddenly Dong Cheng Yue said sentence: „I did not agree."

„29-day lunar month!"

The Dong Cheng Feng sound was slightly severer, said: „What do you have not to agree?"

It seems like Dong Cheng Feng should also be knows that among us something, he is understood mostly the daughter likes me , will therefore have at this time such performance.

Dong Cheng Yue raises the proud cheek, said: „I did not agree!"

„Why didn't you agree?"

„Because I also want to attend the engagement ceremony...... her voice to be very young with them together", said: „, Needs the bridesmaid? I must work as......"

Lin Tiannan smiles: „Originally is this...... Ok, you are the Wan Er best friend, came the bridesmaid to be most appropriate by you, Wan Er didn't you have the opinion?"

Lin Wan Er actually looks at Dong Cheng Yue, the eye was a little red, said the sentence: „Sorry, East city......"

Dong Cheng Yue lowered the head, the tears almost fell: „Anything has not sorry, is shallow to reason, can only like this......"

The scene is a little awkward, Qin Wen said hurriedly: „We let us not gawk, are eating the thing, can drink a liquor? The service people, come two bottles of red wines, right, wants you most expensive that!"

The old men also stared my one eyes, seemed saying that is your this brat stirs up a good luck!

I am silent, although does not know one have made the mistake anything, but always cannot withdraw the responsibility, but looks at the Dong Cheng Yue appearance, truly thought that loves dearly her, therefore also looked at her two eyes.

Finally was seen by Lin Tiannan, his sigh, shakes the head saying: „Who not young, has not related, Cooldown can destroy all faith, the so-called love, so-called rigid, under the corrosion of Cooldown anything is not, when you arrived at my this age, was anything can see through approximately."

Tang Qi said: „Uncle Lin penetrating view!"

Lin Tiannan shows a faint smile, starts with Wan Er and I discussed that Cooldown and detail of engagement, the hotel decides in the Hangzhou city best hotel, Cooldown three days later, actually my age can become engaged actually, is Wan Er is a little small, is only 20 years old, the engagement is a little early, but also is only the engagement, has not related.


Is eating, suddenly the cell phone has made a sound, came from Ouyang the telephone of face, after the connection, she very sweet voice passed on, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao, you rested fully, I had worried you were still sleeping, therefore does not dare to disturb."

„Rests the foot, what matter does face have? Do not weaken my equipment? Let me tell you, I wanted liao to kick, my equipment cannot weaken, otherwise I went to the Consumer Association to sue you to go!"

Ouyang Nuoyan throws smiles: „No, did you regard as that type to telephone not to have the bad woman of good deed me certainly? Relax, this time does not weaken equipment, but wants to ask you to coordinate some technological innovations of our development department, the concrete matter we approximately Cooldown will meet to speak in detail tomorrow, how is it?"

„Is OK, what matter concrete to disclose?"

„Business secret, did not disclose temporarily!"

„Good, then on noon tomorrow together lunch?"

„Um, I invited."



Continues to discuss that detail of engagement, Lin Tiannan this friend are quite many, it is estimated that over a hundred tables, as for me and Lin Wan Er friend basically are in the games, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Dancing Forest, Q-Sword and Ye Lai these people will definitely come, gathers together, dozens tables, think quite to be extravagant, but has not related, the solemn Tian Xin Corporation little princess becomes engaged, is not grand does not make sense.

This food has eaten around 9 : 00, finally ate to the full.

Returns to the dwelling time around 10 : 00, have gotten online, what should get up to come to see to unify the later map is.



A appearance of JP equipment in Tian Ling Empire, actually saw only the city as if once more to reinforce, the city wall surrounding has cast thick galvanized iron, in addition also cast on many Jing bristles awls, such came the city more difficult to climb, many players are setting up a stall in the city gate, but on my shoulder was reappearing the MVP symbol, opened the package, doing changed the sword, the pure honored sword exchanged.

Immediately a vigorous strength floods into within the body, NND, two world Country Weapon, had the feeling that the unmatched in the world, who and fights.

Turns on the big map again time, suddenly feels thousand Lijiangshan red, the city on big map, the dense and numerous majorities have marked the place Five-Starred Red Flag has seized, only then dozens secondary lord cities in the hand of small server, do not hurt the essentials, they make the inadequate any substantive threat to the Chinese area radically.

Turns over to the sheath the double sword, walking slowly on the main road of city, I now am 255 levels, is full Ji, not wanted not to strive, only if the next edition clears 275 levels, otherwise I now am existence of most peak, in fact truly has reached the peak of this game.

„Drop", a news came from [Prague] Guildmaster Yanzhao uncle: „Li Xiao Yao, congratulates your!"

„Uncle, what has to be good to congratulate?"

„Haven't you known? After this country fights, your CBN fought the net rank to surpass Fang Ge Que becomes the true first person of Chinese war zone, this was the inside information, I also think that the virtual department has informed you, after 12 : 00 am Shua was new, you will notice that your CBN fought the net rank is first."

„Faint, is quick, I also think that also has very big disparity."

„Ha Ha." Yanzhao uncle straightforward laughing: „Do not crack a joke, you now are the destiny first person in the true sense, conquers seven big main cities, this is your great achievements, the human spirit that Fang Ge Que accumulated in the past is high, he has not stood in the altitude of your today after all, therefore was surmounted is also normal."

„Um, that truly must congratulate." I think, said: „Uncle, I will become engaged the day after tomorrow, flies Hangzhou one?"

„I scratch, do you become engaged? With whom...... Li Mu or Wang Jian?"

„Go away! Naturally with Wan Er......"

„Aha, the Cang Tong goddess became engaged, does not know that many bean noodles must have tears streaming down the face! Helps me arrange the hotel, I am certainly punctual!"



Switches off communication, in guild announced the news that I and Wan Er become engaged, has started a stir immediately, everybody indicated to come, even many people said did not have their invitations also to come Hangzhou to witness the engagement of Guildmaster and vice- Guildmaster, was actually Wan Er was too small, otherwise made us marry according to the Lin Tiannan hot-tempered appointment directly.

Unknowingly has arrived at imperial palace, four imperial guards guarded left a straight military salute: „Holds the spear greatly!"

„Your majesty in?" I asked.

„Your majesty not." One of them said: „Yesterday your majesty went to the iron skull city to inspect, has not come back, General Situ Xin and General Lin Qiong accompany your majesty to go together, holds the spear not to need to be worried greatly."

„Um, knew."

In any case convenient, I from the transmission biography iron removal skull city, later again inquired directly, knew that the shallow forest led 2000 palace guards to go out of town, south iron skull on the seven mountains marking a border of side.

Opened the god shape is changing the body flew, seven mountains marking a border as if were by far exceedingly high general, saw the dense and numerous armies in the direction of summit, the shallow forest.

Speedily flew, jumped to leap close to before, took a step to arrive in front of the king, bowed to salute saying: „Your majesty!"

„Li Master!"

The shallow forest is somewhat excited, says with a smile: „Many thanks Li Master fights a bloody battle for empire wins this powers, you look, this at present the landscape simply is beautiful like the picture."

I smile, said: „Is your majesty landscape beautiful like the picture."

The shallow forest stares.

I held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, I turns in resignation holds the duty of spear greatly, my duty has been accomplished."


Shallow forest shock.

Zhan Long Chapter 1340

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