Zhan Long Chapter 1341

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„Li Master!"

The shallow forest does not give a thought to the status of Great Emperor, mentioned the Chinese-style gown unexpectedly on single Xigui on the ground, the sound shivers saying: „Li Master, you are the back of empire, if you go into seclusion that to be possible not to know what to do, on this day under just initially decided that in iron skull city and Ze deep pool city and highest heaven city and other cities managed the vassals not to have the thoughts of returning home, if Li Master withdrew at this time, perhaps empire soon chaos!"

Saying, him was kotowing said: „Also looks at Li Master to be able three to think, accompanies the shallow forest again!"

I shake the head smile: „Does not need to be worried that I later naturally some people will replace hold the position of spear to come for you to defend this world greatly."

Puts out a hand to hold this young sovereign, I said with a smile slightly: „Shallow forest, you should also be able to feel actually that my heart, again did not say here, I was good at attacking a city to seize territory, can win this powers for you, but must speak of defends the landscape, this was really not the matter that I excelled."

Nearby, Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, your life is opening up territory for the empire Bi earth, I and others am willing forever to follow you, so long as there are us , the empire does not extinguish!"

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe, scenery sound and the others kneels down in abundance: „I and other eternal lives followed the Sir!"

I am somewhat helpless, their this group of people are my one raise to pull up, can be called to me is confidential and loyal and devoted, is also because of this, the power of army had by my one, today the shallow forest also recognizes my this Li Master, if because of the villain slanderous talk, what to do won't recognize tomorrow? I do not want to end up to turn out the fate that trusted aides are eliminated after they have outlived their usefulness, casts aside when no longer needed finally.

Therefore insists on saying: „Shallow forest, my intent has decided that does not need to urge again. After waiting for the Pearl intelligence to come soberly, when is I abdicates."

Shallow forest straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tighten, clench teeth: „Li Master, you...... Can you discard us really?"

I smile: „No, I have not walked away, I as before also in this mainland, but possibly did not ask the humans affair, if the day plume empire were confronted by danger, I certainly will come back, this point please believe me."

The shallow forest has recognized finally, nods: „That...... That shallow forest no longer felt embarrassed Li Master, but, after Li Master, who can also be capable holds the duty of spear greatly?"

My saying without hesitation: „Strong wind from afar regiment commands General Zhao Kaiguo the thoughts to be exquisite, is good at defending, can hold the post, after Zhao Kaiguo, Zhou Ning, Fang Ge Que."

The shallow forest nods the head: „Shallow forest surely complies Li Master saying that once Li Master resigns holds the title of spear greatly, General Zhao who the shallow forest then does obeisance the strong wind from afar armed forces for new holds the spear greatly!"

Saying, shallow forest hesitant, said: „Li Master, since has not left empire, does not want to hold the post holds the spear greatly, that...... To Li Master how does the shallow forest confer a title?"

„What title?" I asked.

„Shallow Lin Xiang...... Confers rank and title for Li Master for the king!"

„Confers rank and title for the king?"

I stare, said: „I have opposed the appropriate 1 st minister eyes, not of the same surname did not call the king, Tian Ling Empire was the world of Hakkas, was surnamed, but I was surnamed Li, wasn't this good?"

The voice of shallow forest renounced: „No, I am under this day the lord, I said that can then yes, the shallow forest opens up territory Bi earth with the help of Li, sweeps away the outstanding heroes, is these for several thousand years the lord of first mainland, the custom of predecessor I do not need to comply with, only needs Li Master to nod, then can confer the title of prince upon for you, who does not dare, since?"

Nearby, Lin Qiong, Situ Xin, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing and other senior general single Xi kneel down in abundance, said: „Inviting Li Shuai does not need to decline, you can handle one ‚king' character!"

I am the broken cauldron male, this time must confer the title of prince upon, is an extremely official.

Thinks also well, after resigning from holds the spear, greatly no longer has any real power, what to do if the game brothers were bullied? Um, confers the title of prince upon seems very reasonable, who dares unable to pass with the king?

„Good!" I nod, no longer rejection.

The shallow forest is joyful: „Good, I have picked a lucky day hold the conferring the title of prince upon grand ceremony! Just...... What title to a Li Master is quite good, general thinks that what title should give?"

Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Li Shuai commandeds the troops westbound, sweeps away the iron skull empire and Ze deep pool empire, how confers the setting king?"

My whole body trembles: „No, trades Situ Tongling......"

Lin Qiong shows a faint smile, said: „Li Shuai has performed the distinguished service for an empire series, but a dynasty merit becomes, then draws back the body, might be considered as quits while ahead, moreover Li Shuai natural disposition likes Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the name is Li Xiao Yao, was inferior...... Seals the Xiao Yao king? How does your majesty think?"

The shallow forest claps the hands to say with a smile: „Good, this is really extremely good, Li Master thinks how confers rank and title is the Xiao Yao king?"

I nod: „Um, does not have the issue, said according to your majesty is."


The shallow forest retrocedes, knees down, said: „I instantly seal Li Shiwei Xiao Yao king, Xiao Yao, was not always imprisoned by the world, his Wang Jue passes from generation to generation, will never cut away."


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) attains to seal as 【Xiao Yao king】( Wang Jue), player Charm + 400, increase the hideaway attribute: attack power + 20%, physical defense + 40%, salary for each month 1000000 gold coins, may draw out in the major main city prefectural repositories, Wang Jue the player uses transmission, the repair expense wait / etc. to be completely free, the murder drop rate turned time, the death drop rate reduces 50%, and may transfer at will any army in the regiment, the population upper limit was 10 thousand!


Saw that such System Announcement I was happy, wants is this effect, I can Xiao Yao Zi Zai did not ask the humans affair, but the common people no one want to bully my person, otherwise I staged a comeback, same called the king!

Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „Congratulates Li Shuai to call the king!"

The Han deep pool grins to laugh: „General called the king, we can also with being popular drank spicily!"

Jing Yin represses laughter: „Sir, although called the king, but will soon resign from the military affairs, your Han Yuan was actually the senior general who the palace guard hand grasped the military authority, how can fill of enjoyment with the Sir?"

Han deep pool simple and honest scratching the head: „After that I was weary of the war, then also resigns from the military appointment, took families general Xiao Yao Zi Zai."

I in consternation: „When did you have the families unexpectedly?"

Dragon Xing is stunned: „Han Yuan wife or the Sir you help to betroth, how did you forget?"

„This......" I was speechless, probably really has that a matter, when processed holds the spear military affairs to authorize greatly conveniently, has not thought that Han Yuan such boorish fellows have gotten married.

Somewhat speechless, selfish saying: „even connected Han Yuan have gotten married, probably I truly was the time have also gotten married......"

The shallow forest said with a smile: „Li did Master have others of having a liking for? If present, the shallow forest bestows the marriage for you......"

My hurried [say / way]: „Doesn't use, the woman of my deeply love in another world, will become engaged with her for these days,...... Should calls the engagement with the speech of this world, right, was this."

„That congratulated Li Master!" The shallow forest laughs.

Jing Yin also holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Congratulates the Sir, does not know that is which female that fortunately, becomes the wife of Sir?"

I think that said: „Hot cloud princess, Lin Wan Er."

„, Is the hot cloud princess!" Jing Yinzhang Zhang Xiaozui, said with a smile: „That no wonder, hot cloud princess natural beauty National Beauty, truly extremely has also been a match with the Sir!"

The dragon whetstone tilts the head looks at Jing Yin, said with a smile: „General Jing, do not think that we do not know, you are also like holding the spear greatly, is?"

Jing Yin the cheek is red, shakes the head hurriedly: „Where has, end the only desire will be to follow the Sir fights up and down the country, has not thought matter that this deep love between man and woman!"

Xia Yebao the arm in the bosom, said with a smile: „Actually has not related, if Sir not abandoned, can treat as the concubine accepting our General Jing Yin, I think that the hot cloud princess manner is kindhearted, certainly this beautiful woman will not wear the small shoes to General Jing Yin."

Jing Yin the cheek is red: „This...... This may really be intolerable, not to mention Sir is not that and the others......, even if...... Female who a that hot cloud princess so peerless beautiful woman cannot accommodate my this army horse family background......"

I was somewhat disorderly, but looks that the scenery sound wears the red fine battle dress to be colorful, if the appearance of peach blossom, thinks somewhat elated, no wonder the person said that the man biggest happiness is three wife four concubines, originally truly is this, therefore walks to go forward, holds on Jing Yin the hand, takes advantage of opportunity to hug the bosom her, Jing Yin in short supply whole body tightens immediately, kills that moment of iron skull city wall more anxious than her one person alone simply.

„Sir, I......" she was completely disorderly, the tender body shivers slightly.

I smiled, support her in bosom, said: „Jing Yin, I knows your regard, but your I am not a person of world, I am strange people, person who sooner or later must leave, if I wanted you now, actually cannot accompany together with your appearance, teaches you to miss every night, likes not being probable, this has harmed you, therefore fate so, does not need to demand."

Lets loose her, Jing Yin two lines of tears fell, single Xi slowly kneels down, the sound trembles: „Has Sir word, Jing Yin died with no regrets!"

Xia Ye sighs with emotion in side sighs: „Scenery scenery, why bother is this reason? The Sir can see through, you actually cannot see through, a sentiment character, harms many people very anxious, a reason character, actually teaches many people to endure the pain of missing."

The shallow forest makes a fist in side: „Therefore is a person is quite good......"


After a while, I also asked: „Shallow forest, Pearl matter how?"

Shallow wood-road: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Lady Frost the cloth has gotten down law, is the Pearl elder sister drives away the evil spirit in within the body, simultaneously is protecting her body not to be destroyed, these 12 day should have the result, Li does Master, you plan to process the Pearl elder sister? She is the younger sister of emperor first, is my older female cousin, you may do not injure her......"

„, I am not that person!"

„Um, good!"

The shallow forest holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Older female cousin's matter took responsibility by Li Master has been OK, the shallow forest believes that Li Master judgment and decision power, the matter, Li Master cannot only let go her to return to the northern boundary, it is said north tople days the boundary had a chaos caused by war, Sif and between zither Ge have produced a fierce battle, the Hybrid Demon casualty completely."


Zhan Long Chapter 1341

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