Zhan Long Chapter 1342

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„Why will Sif and Qin Ge hit?" I asked astonished.

The shallow forest shakes the head with a smile: „This was unknown, we send the Hybrid Demon territory to pry the military situation the warhawk to ride to search whole army has been annihilated, nobody can come back, therefore also nobody knows that the Hybrid Demon territory exactly had anything, only what can determine was there is having war between a Hybrid Demon, the frost Sir was saying that seemed one strove for the power in fights."

„Strives for the power?" I knit the brows: „Qin song was the dark blue billows direct descendant that brought personally from the purgatory, Sif perhaps is controlled by the soul of dark blue billows, what good battle had, left accidentally?"

„Mostly is this." Lin Qiong in bypath: „Ok, making in them fight, we just sit Shan Guanhu to fight, the empire is newly-built, many matters take each article manages, these vassals makes must split, makes is wanting Feng Shang, nothing ratio these were thornier, just Hybrid Demon territory in fought for us has striven for extremely good government Cooldown."

The shallow forest nods: „Um, Lin Tongling said is reasonable, Li does Master, now what to do you plan?"

I without hesitation: „First returns to Tian Ling Empire, has a look the situation of wearing, your majesty you also earlier return to the great power plume, Tian Ling Empire is an imperial capital, the host of your this country cannot stop over is too outside long, then said that you did not have the male offspring, nobody assumes the imperial capital."

The shallow forest was somewhat awkward, scratches the head saying: „Male offspring's matter, said again, I will make contribution"

One group of military officers have smiled.

Pulls out City Return Scroll, I returned to Tian Ling Empire directly.

The body of wearing was detained in the underground icehouse, the elite soldiers of innumerable imperial guard and palace guard defended imperial outside, Tian Ling Empire to wearing have regarded as important, will not make any accident occur absolutely, but the Hybrid Demon territory in the civil war, is pouring also well, will wear here not to have any accident.

„Holds the spear greatly!" Several guard clashes me to salute in abundance, it seems like they had not obtained the news that I confer the title of prince upon, otherwise should kneel calls the king to get up.

„Um, is here guarded by whom?" I asked.

The voice has not fallen, backs down one person from the place, holds the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „Holds the spear greatly, the flame Long Jun Tantai feather is guarding here, wore already frozen, but your majesty ordered me to dispatch to encircle several here as before with large army . Moreover the frost Sir also here, should not have any mistake, your majesty was too careful."

„Careful always good, you come with me, we have a look to wear."


After attacking and capturing the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city continuously, I in the prestige of day plume empire am at the height of power, Tantai feather armed forces command also always do as one is told to me, having one crowd to guard to walk together along the stone steps, walked for nearly ten minutes, until surroundings already very ice-cold time, finally at present transmits the bright, a gigantic ice crystal appears in the center of icehouse, inside freezes the body of wearing, but one side, Frost standing silently there, did not say a word.

„Frost." I call one lightly.

Frost turns around to visit me immediately, on face flies the smiling face: „Xiao Yao, you come!"

Saying, the beautiful woman teacher opens the soft snow arm suddenly, grasps me, buries the cheek in my napes of the neck, said: „I also think that could not see you again!"

„How can?" I asked.

She looks up me, a pair of blurred beautiful pupil deep visits me, said: „I do not know, but has an illusion, thought that you possibly will not come, fortunately, you appeared finally finally."

I put out a hand to embrace her slender waist, said with a smile: „, I certainly will again not come back, here has the person who I miss."

„Not?" The pretty face of Frost flies to blush, somewhat lifts standing of foot non- handling there, said: „You never walk, is good, accompanies me exactly here, even if you are strange people."

„Um, good!"

„Said it and meant it."


I am holding the hand of beautiful woman teacher, has turned around to look in ice crystal, said: „Wears will wake when up?"

„Law is pulling out to the evil soul of her within the body, has completed about 90%, does not need to worry, is quick she to revive, at that time was a true Princess Tian Ling Empire."

In a faint trace blood red energy investment ice crystal, pulls out separates out black energies, can hear the soul faintly the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, this sound is somewhat familiar, is occupies to wear of body evilly spirit.

Frost smiles: „This evil spirit named Vana, is the dark blue billows a void angel that brings from the purgatory, was very evil, the body and spirit that was good because of wearing was very intrepid in the purgatory, moreover her soul was firm, occupied that moment of body in Vana, her soul hid in the corner of body, can survive."

„This" I put out a hand to pull out the bosom Saint day jue, gains ground to have a look in ice crystal, sighed saying: „This is genuine"

„Xiao Yao, how were you?" Frost asked suddenly.

I smile: „Anything, I had not resigned from the empire to hold the military appointment of spear greatly."

„?" The beautiful woman teacher opened Zhang Xiaozui: „Is your this retires after meritorious service?"

„Um, yes, later together guarded Dragon's den to be good with you."

„Um, is well good!" The pretty face of beautiful woman teacher smiled one to spend.

„When wears must be able to wake up?"

„Also must wait for three double-hour approximately."

„I wait for here!"


Then, chats with the beautiful woman teacher here, at the same time distributes the invitation when the guild channel, important friend completely please, but sees in the good friend list head picture dim Shen Bing, is out of control a blade twist is grieved, what the Shen Bing head picture uses just entered the cloth Armor bowman in new village, had not traded, she exposed such to reveal half milk to come to be wildest, at that time let everybody speechless, but now, as if Shen Bing can speak a few words to us again, appeared that luxurious.

The three double-hour in game convert reality Cooldown less than one hour, quick, the ice crystal surroundings presented cracks.

Frost walks to go forward, treadons this stars energy, slowly is vanishing these ice crystals.

„Puff puff"

When the ice crystal falls to the ground all, wears falls to the ground under the rising typhoon of strength of stars slowly, suddenly long breathing a sigh of relief, long opening eye: „Was my I rescued?"

She visits me astonished: „My I know you, you are the palace guard command Li Xiao Yao"

I knee down immediately, said: „Li Xiao Yao see your highness!"

Nearby, Situ Xin also together kneels down, said: „Imperial guard commands Situ Xin to see your highness! Your highness, Li Xiao Yao merely has no longer commanded, is the teacher of sovereign, was wielded the empire military authority holds the spear greatly!"

Wears the whole body to be incapable, sitting slowly on the ground, shows a faint smile: „Is this, I have not really misread you, the present is who is wielding Tian Ling Empire?"

„Is a long story." I do not know how should say, after wearing dies, the matter that she has not thought of were too many.

Nearby, Situ Xinwei I represented, said: „Your highness, you after fire Yun Cheng dies for one's country, the Hybrid Demon territory attacks in a Tian Ling Empire service, Great Emperor died in battle heroically, later, truly leads the army to come to reenforce from northern, after restoring the empire, supports to have Locker Great Emperor fellow-student of the same department bloodlines child shallow Lin Weidi of truly, now, the 1 million mighty armies of day plume empire have conquered fire Yun Diguo, the highest heaven empire, the full moon empire and iron skull empire and Ze deep pool empire continuously and other big kingdoms, we have completed a series, the side completely world, only then an empire, is the day plume, Li Shuai is the day plume holds the spear greatly., Is wielding under the entire day total the military authority of thousand troops!"

Wears hears dumbfoundedly, long visits me: „All that Li Xiao Yao you achieve made me shock simply are only, oh, two emperor brothers also died in battle unexpectedly, this was I have not thought that then big emperor brothers and two emperor brothers' descendant?"

„In striving for power, truly was ordered to assassinate by completely."

„This" wears clenches jaws, is grasping the pink / white fist, air current maneuvers in surroundings: „Truly where, I must tear to shreds him, was too hateful!"

„Truly had been killed Yu Zhenqian by Li Shuai zhan." Situ Xindao.

„, That is good"

Wears gains ground, has a look at Frost, bows to salute saying: „Frost Sir, many thanks your graciousness of life-saving."

Frost shows a faint smile: „All right."

I walk to go forward, help up to wear, takes the dry and clear clothing to put on to her from the bodyguard hand.

Wears truly is an extremely bright female, looked at my one eyes, said: „Xiao Yao, since the host of Tian Ling Empire is the shallow forest, after I resurrect, how do you plan to arrange me?"

I hesitate, said: „Do you still remember all of Hybrid Demon territory?"

„Remembers, what's wrong?"

„I hope after your strength recovers, goes to the Hybrid Demon territory."

„Why?" She is shocked.

„Because you have the greatly strengthened rallying point in the Hybrid Demon territory, it can be said that after the dark blue billows died, you were highest in the military authority of Hybrid Demon territory, you can reorganize an army there, contended with Sif, qin songs one of the, what you represented was the strength of humanity, kept in balance Hybrid Demon by your strength, this can obtain the long-time stability."

I implored the tone, said: „This is the most perfect means that I think, performs me to support you for the northern boundary queen fully, for your newly-built capital city, founds an empire, like this you and shallow forest rule the north and south separately, the world was Dading."

Wears a face to be astonished, deep visits me: „Xiao Yao, you truly already today we are no longer as we have been"

Right, a mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, only then north Gempek goes to the boundary to call the king, the imperial throne of such shallow forest can safeguard, otherwise many old feudal officials definitely will seize the chance to support Locker Great Emperor pure bloodlines, perhaps the struggle of when the time comes throne really wanted the worldwide chaos, since I planned to fade out the regiment system, that must arrange the matter, otherwise kept a mess to Yanzhao uncle, did not scold me to be strange by his straightforward individuality.

Zhan Long Chapter 1342

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