Zhan Long Chapter 1343

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„But, how to divide into two Hybrid Demon territory? Standpoint where?" Frost raised the question.

I hold Pearl to sit down in the one side warm chair, took one bowl of warm thin rice gruel to feed her little eating up from the aide hand, the Pearl soul is just released, but the body also gradually transformed to the living from the dead, although was containing extremely tyrannical death strength as before, but at least is a live person, the live person needs to eat food, even if were the powerhouse of Frost such Lord level also needs to supplement the nutrient.

„Do you still remember Tu Dragon Fort?" I asked.

Frost in consternation, said with a smile: „Naturally remembers, but Tu Dragon Fort changed into the powder pink / white under dark blue billows that large-scale attack, should establish very much difficultly again?"

I show a faint smile: „Actually is not difficult, looked that we do want to do, the day plume empire is having jurisdiction over all national territory of seven big kingdoms now, means that all resources in our hands, the collection massive people husbands, reconstruct Tu Dragon Fort, even can also assemble the army to defend imperial, could not spend many Cooldown."

Pearl is stunned: „Xiao Yao, you were said that can contend with the northern Hybrid Demon army using the army strength of empire for me?"


I deeply inspire: „So long as you can meet as an equal with zither Ge, Sif, we sacrificed are also are again worth many, I resigned from held the position of spear greatly, but orders not to issue officially, therefore the lightning attacks while this rare opportunity immediately, otherwise somewhat was possibly late."

Saying, I look to nearby Tantai feather, said: „The Tantai feather obeys orders!"

The Tantai feather holds the fist in the other hand hurriedly: „Please greatly hold the spear to order!"

„Around Tian Ling Empire also how many armies?"

„Except defending the imperial city must beside army, 40 thousand people can dispatch approximately, if the Sir wants to collect the people husband, can collect over 1 million people in three days approximately."

„Good, that gave you to manage, immediately assembles the army to cross cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, pitched camp in Tu Dragon Fort, before this slaughter Dragon Fort has not established completely, do not withdraw troops, assembled as far as possible many people husbands again, performed the Tian Ling Empire biggest resources, must be newly-built to belong to our forts in the former site in shortest Cooldown intrinsic Tu Dragon Fort."


Nearby, Frost said with a smile slightly: „Does not need too to be worried that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den about 40 thousand military strength, I will also dispatch half, making Queen Zi Shu and Odelia lead Tu Dragon Fort to assist together."

„Um, that it would be the best."

Pearl has eaten a thin rice gruel, said with a smile: „Thanks everybody!"


Soon, Pearl health restored similarly, the Tantai feather brought a cream-colored magnificent and expensive long gown to put on for her, the empire princesses who also let this experience life and death had princess's several points of bearing, when I and Frost accompanied Pearl moved toward the main hall from the icehouse, one group of bodyguards in abundance kneel down: „Your Highness Pearl!"

Above both sides the main hall, one group of official military commanders establish separately, I put out a hand a finger of throne, said: „Shallow forest is not at temporarily, Pearl you are here highest authority owner, goes."

Pearl actually with a smile shakes the head, walks to put out a hand to grip my hand, draws me to arrive around the throne, afterward stands in the one side, no one sits in the throne, said with a smile: „The throne is the shallow forest, when my this older female cousin will not overstep one's authority!"

„Um." I satisfy smile, this it would be the best, if the Pearl indignation, does not want this Tian Ling Empire really the main imperial throne, that perhaps was another catastrophe.

In the crowd, an old minister holds the fist in the other hand to leave ranks, the sound shivers saying: „Subordinate see your highness...... Has not thought that your highness restored the intelligence unexpectedly, this is really the good fortune of Tian Ling Empire, Locker Great Emperor and soul in heaven of Great Emperor will certainly feel because of the recovery of your highness gratified, Your Highness Pearl, under is the world of Hakkas, the old minister requested earnestly your highness to stay behind on this day, ascends the throne for the emperor, inherits the ancestral legacy of property, becomes the lord of Tian Ling Empire!"

Pearl looks to this old man, said: „, Is blue clothes Sir Hou...... You are father's old minister, how to confuse right and wrong, Tian Ling Empire initially decides, most needs rests and builds up strength, if I overstep one's authority to ascend the throne for the king here, shallow forest what to do? Do not forget, the shallow forest is the genuine sovereign!"

Blue clothes Hou is excited, sound shivered was saying: „Your highness bright mirror! The shallow forest is his father truly the bastard that brings from the northern territory, oversteps one's authority by him for the king I and others refused to accept, now Your Highness Pearl recovers, can make the bastard continue for the king again? Your highness, you are, justifiable empire bloodlines!"

Pearl is nipping the red lip: „Blue clothes marquis...... How can you say this grade of words to come?"

Blue clothes Hou Baoquan kneels: „Your highness, the old minister is willing to remonstrate with the emperor at risk of death, so long as your highness is willing to keep Tian Ling Empire to ascend the throne, inherits the ancestral legacy of property, how dies obsolete? Requested earnestly your highness!"

Saying, blue clothes Hou behind also two old ministers together were kneeling down in the place.

These three old ministers as if usually discussed politics they have not appeared, now the shallow forest went on an inspection tour, they braved unexpectedly.

The person emergence of old liners, the people of reform faction naturally have no time to let, the Tantai feather draws out the half the long sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Blue clothes marquis, your this old fogy, the shallow forest Great Emperor waits you not to be thin, how you can when he goes on an inspection tour wants to support new Monarch, the thing of your this old codger, father this delivers you to go to hell!"

Three old ministers were startled.

Almost one group of military officers and officials went to me the vision, crazy Lei Jun commands Ou Yeti the hurried [say / way]: „Holds the spear greatly! You a bit faster spoke, such gets down Tian Ling Empire to be definitely in great confusion, you were wield the three services to hold the spear greatly, was the broken cauldron male, was Tian Ling Empire takes responsibility by rights ought to!"

I nod, the sound said very much lightly: „You do not need to be worried that Your Highness Pearl will not keep Tian Ling Empire, she will return to the northern boundary once more, establishes an empire and Hybrid Demon contends."

Blue clothes Hou holds the fist in the other hand to say immediately: „Holds the spear greatly, I and others am willing to follow your highness to go to the northern boundary, the life and death follow!"

„No, you did not have the opportunity."

I let somebody cool off or calm down smile, said: „You, if goes to the boundary with Pearl north , certainly in every possible way will instigate her to wield the armed forces to seize Tian Ling Empire again, comes the person, gives me to draw blue clothes Hou He another two old ministers, chopped!"

Several gourd warrior Mashangchong.

Blue clothes Hou Xia must the whole body shiver: „Holds the spear to forgive greatly, Your Highness Pearl forgives!"

Pearl knit the brows, said: „Xiao Yao, cannot look in father's face...... Gives them means of livelihood?"

I show a faint smile, raise the eyebrow saying: „That looks in the face of Locker Great Emperor, forgives your three not dead, but you remember, the day plume empire only monarchies are the shallow forests, this is the world of Hakkas, the shallow forest is also the descendant of Hakkas, is the Pearl younger male cousin, who dares to instigate to seize a struggle with my Li Xiao Yao for the enemy, I will not let off."

Blue clothes Hou nods again and again: „Old minister does not dare, the old minister does not dare!"

„Good, you are also can govern and rule those who are able of city, north you go to the boundary along with Pearl, hopes that you can assist Your Highness Pearl attentively, understood?"

„Yes, I and other certain compliances hold to make the edict greatly!"

Pearl visits me to make all these, is out of control to show a faint smile, smiling face that even Frost also reveals the applause, this is the [say / way] of imperial person, must deter this crowd to have the old minister of counter- heart, otherwise, they will also be popular the wind uprise, when the time comes I greatly did not hold the spear, that was very difficult to manage, was equal to that gave Yanzhao uncle to keep a festival of difficult solution, when the time comes can definitely let him **** asked me to do accounts, perhaps with me will say that „Li Xiao Yao you in a big way held the authority of spear to take away, I was sufficed".


Around 11 : 00 o'clock at night, large quantities of palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and flame Dragon Jun and other soldiers crossed cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, carries the massive commodities, simultaneously the carpenter, mason and other specialized people husbands also together, started to rebuild one in the former site in Tu Dragon Fort „the city of soul", Pearl was north the boundary Hybrid Demon once three services command, unexpectedly arrived once more, stood above Tu Dragon Fort highest remnants of destroyed buildings, howled to northern one.

Soon , the mist and dust comes in waves, the innumerable demon palaces ride, the barbaric wolf to ride to come.


The Tantai feather mentioned the lance, loudly was shouting to clear the way to the West: „Shield, bow and arrow, prepares to meet the enemy!"

„Wait / Etc.."

I lift the arm, said: „The Tantai feather, does not use tight, these Hybrid Demon will not attack us."

„Holds the spear greatly, how can?" His vacant.

In fact after is these Hybrid Demon approach in abundance, completely stays in same place, although some barbaric wolves ride the distant raising denticle blade here one to whoosh to my humanity army lineup intermittently, but does not have the sound, because they must wait for that order of Pearl, does not have the order of Pearl they are is impossible to begin.


Pearl drinks lightly, said: „Which regiment are you?"

On a shoulder brings the barbaric wolf of flower to ride goes forward, single Xi kneels down, said: „Your highness, we are the joint armed forces of seventh regiment and ninth regiment, after under Tian Ling Empire was scattered on continuously You Yi here, when we want to return to the scarlet mountain range, actually the soul of discovery dark blue billows Great Emperor tries to swallow Sif goddess the body."

„Then?" Pearl fills dignified asking.

This barbaric wolf rides makes a fist, calls out one, said: „Hateful Sif revolts against swallowing of dark blue billows Great Emperor unexpectedly, she uses ninth lunar month the charm of mirror reverse to swallow, the soul of dark blue billows Great Emperor building up, instead obtained part of strengths of dark blue billows Great Emperor, later, Your Highness zither Ge knows this matter, then mobilized four regiments to attack to Sif."


„zither song your highness has defeated, Sif has governed 1 st, 3, 4, 5 and 6 five big regiments of Hybrid Demon territory at present, but Your Highness zither Ge has also been captured, the second, eighth, tenth and 11 th regiments of her subordinate were scattered, the 11 day level regiment of our Hybrid Demon tribe has half to fall into Sif during grasps!"

His maliciously makes an effort to insert in the ground the denticle blade, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Your Highness Pearl, please take revenge for us, revenges for the dark blue billows Great Emperor, must massacre Sif this villain, she called the king in the scarlet mountain range."

„Did Sif call the king?"

Pearl shows a faint smile, said: „Snort, that just right, I want to fight it out on the land of this piece of death with her very much!"

Saying, Pearl looks to him, said: „Do you name?"

„End is the assistant regimental commander of 7 th regiment, calls Shi Lin the card!"

„Good, Shi Lin ka, I grants the heavy responsibility of your Tu Dragon Fort three services marshal, leaves behind your seventh, ninth regiment, leads four big regiments that few people Going out draws in the qin song subordinate, belt more people come back as far as possible, we will soon take Tu Dragon Fort as the foundation, develops enough military strength and Sif contends, understood?"


The Shi Lin ka loyal and devoted nod, puts out a hand afterward a human army of finger of distant place, said: „Your highness, why can you with the ants of these humanity in the same place, they why be able here?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1343

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