Zhan Long Chapter 1344

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„Matter that you should not know, should not ask!" Pearl scolds one.

Shi Lin ka knees down hurriedly, kowtows again and again: „Your highness forgives, end really do not inquire that is only...... Thought that humanity appears is here unusual, here belongs to the territory of our purgatory regiment!"

The Pearl sound was slightly gentle, said: „The dark blue billows Great Emperor was killed, his strength also has a large part to be absorbed by Sif, present Sif is very formidable, perhaps if we do not borrow the human the strength unable to contend, is unable to take revenge for the dark blue billows Great Emperor, you to me, Sif are we with the human common enemy, in the city of Tu Dragon, anybody can not injure humanity, otherwise puts to death immediately!"


Shi Lin ka holds the fist in the other hand: „End will guarantee certainly to complete task, but also asked your highness to give me a faith token, making me be able to convince these scattered regiment, I know that the 200,000 defeated troops of tenth and 11 th regiment paced back and forth in the antiquity certainly, so long as there is a faith token of your highness, they certainly will come to the city of Tu Dragon along with me."


Pearl takes down the saber, throws it on the ground, said: „Shi Lin ka, this is my saber, you brought it to go then."


The hoodoo takes a fall is very loyal, turns around to instigate to fight the wolf to go, only had about several thousand people of military strength, left behind at least 30 thousand Hybrid Demon armies to give Pearl, by the Pearl ability and wisdom depending on about 70 thousand troops who these military strength almost can contend with Sif, in addition the hoodoo cassette came back as well as Tian Ling Empire and Dragon's den reinforcements, sufficiently crush Sif's army.

The reconstruction is a vast project, soon after Queen Zi Shu and Odelia brought the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den army to come again, Odelia that for a long time has not seen has probably treasured hunt, in the hand was grasping a handle flame war spear.

„Yo, what is this?" I asked.

Odelia hee smiles: „The treasure from broken lonesome god day boundary, snatches from a god emperor hand, Dragon Shenmao, what kind, looks like very gorgeous?"

„Yes, delivers me not?" I asked.

She digs the small mouth: „You are Tian Ling Empire hold Ge Yo greatly, what also lacks? If you like Dragon Shenmao, that greatly holds the token of spear to give to me to play."

„Haven't you stirred to overturn the heavens the Tian Ling Empire army?"

„Ha, this you know!"

Was chatting, suddenly a telephone access of outwire, came from **: „Li Xiao Yao!"

„Um, Wang Dui, is the motion preparation tonight?"

„You...... How do you know?" He is astonished.

I show a faint smile: „How can not know that I the coming police force, wait for me immediately."



offline, quiet going out, has not quarrelled Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, afterward opens my A4 to howl to speed along the campus, directly soars the base of Hangzhou protector squad to go, when arrives, had not actually seen that entrance there of underground walk has a slender form in I, Shen Bing will not appear greets me here.

Discomfort that the stabbing pain, could not say at heart suddenly.

Enters the underground hall, Xing Lie welcomes to come: „Boss you come, Wang Dui in the conference room, we passes immediately."



In the assembly hall sits one group of people, besides the platoon leader rank above protector squad members, several senior officials, has the Nanjing Military Area Command Sun Xiang, moreover in the person who this conference attended is only has three rank, obviously the importance of this conference, and this group of people in I, this really somewhat feel extremely flattered unexpectedly.

„Li Xiao Yao, you come." Sun Xiang stands up to say with a smile.

I saluted, said: „Is unfair to everybody, I came lately."

„Sits down, does not use politely."

Along with my sitting down, ** said: „This conference I think that everybody should also understand for anything, in the day after tomorrow, a secret military science and technology trade fair will be held in Beijing, at the appointed time the military heads in B country's will attend, discussed that about purchasing the detail of Tian Xin Corporation bone-script defense system, the bone-script is the American is keeping thinking about the technology, they will certainly not miss this trade fair, perhaps can also rob transaction on the spot, we cannot be negligent, the center had instructed gravely must protect the good bone-script, at least cannot be robbed before the sell."

Sun Xiang receives the words, said: „We basically have been clear, Buesst science and technology back group involves GJH in legend, their intentions control the world, therefore tries to attack the Eastern strength, breeds to install the person science and technology to study more than 40 years ago, will otherwise not have today such wild situation, this Cooldown our motions have yielded many results, has captured two ministerial rebels, but breeds to install the organization of person also to occupy as in China, the anticipation words, they this to Beijing trade fair to take the action, now, the only issue on is also has. Another matter is also thorny."

Saying, him was going to me the vision, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you are very intelligent, you should know what I refer to is what?"

I nod, said: „The day after tomorrow is also the day that I and Wan Er become engaged, breeds thinks of the person instigates person Wang Ze Cheng just to like Wan Er secretly, and since continuously I destroyed they too many plannings for action, therefore they will possibly begin to the trade fair of Beijing, but may also to begin in my engagement scene."

„Right, is really intelligent!" Sun Xiang commended had a look at me, said: „Therefore our joint north and south move together, the north, the Beijing Military Region and Lanzhou Military Command collaborates to send out over a thousand elites to protect Beijing trade fair, the colleague of practice has more than 100 people, three Royal Air peak, more than 20 Royal Air scala media, provide the special troops of electromagnetism weapon in addition, should be able to guarantee the no worries."

Saying, he deeply inspires, said: „Li Xiao Yao is our protector base biggest trump card, is we most trustworthy companion, since he possibly by the threat, we must be responsible for the safety of his family member, how the only subject of this conference ensure the Li Xiao Yao engagement ceremony carries on safely, moreover does not injure and any innocent person."

** Said: „The hotel that engagement ceremony is held decided in the town center day cheek international hotel, I have sent at least 200 people to suppose to ambush in the surroundings to select, had leisure the mixed person appearance to meet first Cooldown to have the report . Moreover, the axe, Xing Lie and other protector squad of the elites will also ambush in the hotel, the total number of people of joining the motion approximately over 400 people, but can only cope with A level following breeding to think of the person, if Wang Ze Cheng began personally, we can only play the obstruction to affect."

I know ** meaning, my this Yang Flame powerhouse most major function deters, moreover is the function that beheads, breeds installing facing Wang Ze Cheng this S level, only then I get rid to be able its uniform, sending the average person to bring death, in front of this monster, even if the well-trained special soldier also appears vulnerable.

Nodded, I said: „Weapon equipment I will prepare, where so long as you told me Wang Ze Cheng, I was responsible for solving him."

Saying, me was clenching teeth, said: „But my request."

„What requests?" Sun Xiang asked.

My layer on layer fist falls on table, in the eye passes is killing intent, said: „The Wang Ze Cheng design had killed Shen Bing, partner who I most treasure, therefore I did not guarantee that I can keep his life, receives words that does not stop, do not blame me."

Sun Xiang is stunned, said: „Li Xiao Yao, if Wang Ze Cheng were captured alive, has the research and inquiry value very much, this point you should be very clear."

I gain ground to have a look at him, asked: „Grandson flying in circles general, you know that loses the pain of good friend?"

„I know, therefore cannot lose." The grandson flew in circles somewhat hesitates.

I show a faint smile, am working as surface corners of the mouth of one group of general officers one, said: „I turned on the roof louvre window to speak frank and straightforward remark, I want to massacre Wang Ze Cheng personally, otherwise I soul in heaven that did a disservice to Shen Bing, was unfair to own conscience, must kill personally, no discussing!"

Sun Xiang clenched teeth, deep looked at my one eyes, looks straight ahead to say with me: „Li Xiao Yao, from the courage and uprightness, I admires you are a man, I also know that policewoman Shen Bing has been loving you, this is man this matter of doing, but from the discipline, you can't individual hatred substitution motion, you understand?"

My straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise, say with a smile: „General, if because of the courage and uprightness, because of the conscience, is not because hates, you think that I can be willing to work with you?"

Grandson flying in circles naturally knows what I refer to is anything, the military physical culture internal that many issues, nowadays also several people join the army for the faith, all, serve the people and consciences, this is the principle that we receive, therefore, Sun Xiang nods, said: „Existence of Wang Ze Cheng truly poses the enormous threat to common people, if necessary, you directly strike to kill!"

„Thanked." I show a faint smile.


Afterward, ** carefully arranged the action detail, Tian Xin Corporation to develop telescopic sights recently, can detect the person within the body gene mutation , means that so long as breeds to think of the person to approach will appear in our field of vision, did not have to hide again . Moreover the nano bullet has also made some improvements, the lethality was stronger . Moreover the personnel who this time carried out the task were also in history most one time.

However I am worried to have an accident as before, the people who after all attended my engagement ritual are the relatives and friends, I will not like the small wolf, Fox and Qing Qian these people having the matter.

That can only walk one step to look at one step, if Wang Ze Cheng dares to come, he definitely cannot leave.

Discussed with Xing Lie and axe, they ensure certainly will not make Wang Ze Cheng offend somebody, even if were wounded or died in the line of duty will not make the guest on the scene suffer distress.


** After arranging all, I once more have arranged, guest completely centralized in banquet hall, but I also in banquet hall, and has related Tang Qi and Q-Sword, the old man also participated in this motion, some deep night time Lin Tiannan also sent out five Royal Air level powerhouses to join the motion, arranged around the conference site, even if were Wang Ze Cheng comes personally is also brings death.

Zhan Long Chapter 1344

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