Zhan Long Chapter 1345

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To near early morning time planned to finish, even went to the hotel „to step on point" with Xing Lie and axe personally, naturally also set belonged to our plans, this time came was the people on one's own side, lossless was everyone cannot have a wee bit damages.

Returns to the dwelling time already East flood white, thinks that today must have the lunch with Ouyang Nuoyan, does not know that this destiny China area CEO has any matter to need me to help.

11 : 00 pm woke up in a hurry, washes one to bring Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to embark, Thai restaurant of agreed location in town center, when we arrived Ouyang Nuoyan, their altogether 7 people, several is the branch staff.

„Came, sits, the vegetable has selected."

Ouyang Nuoyan showed a faint smile, looked at me and Lin Wan Er, said: „First congratulates two, we played a Chinese area most focused attention on pair of lover must become engaged finally, I come not to walk today tomorrow, even if were you have not sent out the invitation I also to go to me!"

I smile: „Thanks the face supports, was right, what matter today asks us to come is, please don't eat meal that simply?"

„Naturally not."

She sat down slowly, has referred to one about 30 -year-old high and low man, said: „This is director TOM of our technology development department, this meeting also mainly because of him, come, TOM, introduced you latest research to Xiao Yao, Wan Er and East city, memory production and deriving technology."

The TOM nod smiles: „Xiao Yao Brother, I am your faithful bean noodles, although I have only played a preliminary trumpet, infiltrated a [Zhan Long] minute of pledge."

„Ha, originally is the person on one's own side, said that concrete is any situation."

„Um." TOM turned on the tablet PC, above one stroke, the three-dimensional ray presented the technology has produced an exceptionally complex human body brain structure singular point shape gently immediately, he coughed, said: „Actually this technical research and development many years, operated the clothing from «Conquering» the time by the national mystical organization develop, to the present of destiny, this technology were skillful, the memory production and deriving technology, remember actually using one of the person the unceasing production and grew more individualities, experiences, NPC of destiny has used majority of such technology, was open about the facts you saying that main NPC technology from honorable person, the technical disposition synthesis that Tian Ling Empire wore came from research and development department vice- director Liu Wei, the memory derivation of shallow forest came from. Called of Lanzhou Military Command major general, he added that has wanted to see you, Ha Ha."

I asked: „That Frost and Sif these people?"

TOM coughed, said: „It is not good, I cannot disclose again, actually these are the secrets of corporation, we sign the confidentiality agreement, that anything this time found your main reasons, is we want through the family member and friend who the memory rebirth and deriving technology resurrect in the reality elapsed."

In a flash, my Dong Cheng Yue was shocked, a pair of beautiful eye opens looks at TOM, muttered: „You were said that can resurrect the elder brother in game, right?"

An Ouyang Nuoyan nod: „Yes, moreover please believe that our technical capabilities, this player's memory in game was he initially remained in the game, we will use these technologies to continue to grow his individuality with other all sorts, changed a view, we can resurrect him in the game, reality over 70%, but technological limitation , can only resurrect in the game"

Dong Cheng Yue suddenly sitting there, bites the red lip, in the eye socket the tears is circling.

I pat her shoulder, said: „All right, all right"

But who once thinks that Ouyang Nuoyan also said: „Disposition is the real derivation, if you told him after he died matter that had, his mood accurately will also reflect, means that has not said with enough time, finally had the opportunity to hear him to mediate tells him."

In a flash, the Dong Cheng Yue mood collapses, has tears streaming down the face.

Ouyang Nuoyan said: „Now, I need your authorization, because this concerns the human rights law, must therefore have the dead family member's authorization we to dare to use him in the game has preserved the disposition and stored data, at present the player candidates of two elapsing, one is Dong Cheng Lei, one is Shen Bing, therefore this is the important purpose that today asks you to come."

Saying, she looks to me, somewhat embarrassed saying: „We and Shen Bing mother have negotiated, but she in resurrecting daughter's the matter to the game conflicts, thinks that this is a impossible matter, this matter probably also needs Xiao Yao you to go to urge her."

„Um." I nod: „Aunt knew that I and Xing Lie, axe several people, I will persuade her several days later, the human are many urged quite to be also good again."

„Good, that such decided!"

Starts to eat meal, I and Dong Cheng Yue are quite silent, East city certainly in thinking the elder brother Dong Cheng Lei matter, but I, I actually in thinking, if Shen Bing resurrected in the game, what she will say to me, she knew that she died, will have what kind of mood? They were only a string data, was a living life body?

In the afternoon, the meeting conclusion with Ouyang Nuoyan, later Cooldown was used to prepare the matter of engagement ceremony busily.

The banquet hall is very big, and has occupied the banquet hall in entire 2 building, the guest about 2000 people, perhaps are probably more, Lin Tiannan also , the treasure daughter's engagement ceremony he must worry personally, as for the old man also, has the feeling of being decorated with lanterns and colored streamers.

„What kind, Xiao Yao, such arrangement satisfaction?" Lin Tiannan asked one suddenly.

I have a look at the ornaments of distant place, smiles: „Also good, but this most was not our people on one's own side here, genuine banquet hall in 5 buildings."

„?" Lin Tiannan is narrowing the eye, said with a smile: „Your sum ** has decided has planned?"

„Um." I lower the sound: „We will reassign more than 1000 servicemen to disguise as the guest to participate in the conference from the Nanjing Military Area Command, after the genuine guest enters the stadium, shifts to 5 buildings, when the time comes I stay here, the uncle you and Wan Er goes to the building, on time, if Wang Ze Cheng does not come, I come up, if comes, here was a hiding everywhere place."

Lin Tiannan deeply inspires, racket my shoulder: „You must be careful, Wang Ze Cheng that bastard may not be a human, you cannot lack coming back of arm few leg, I do not hope that my daughter marries a disability."

„Relax." I smile self-confidently: „Wang Ze Cheng develops Yang Yan the ability with my DNA sequence sudden change rule, but previous time I have encountered, that Yang Yan is just false Yang Yan, so long as Wang Ze Cheng dares to come, tomorrow will make his blood splash at the scene, was Ah Lei and Shen Bing revenges with that many being driven to death after suffering an injustice revenges!"


The scene of engagement ritual is blocks, has the person who the invitation or knows well to come, about 50 + people of bright sentry posts are checking, started to block from this afternoon, after all I and Lin Wan Er status is very special, our engagement ceremonies must focus on protecting, if a protection does not have, that instead in light of this did not have the silver.

That night as if crosses very long, out of the window bamboo shade drags, the protector base arranged at least 20 + people to protect around our dwelling, to this time, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue security appeared even more important, good to have me here, Tang Qi this Royal Air peak powerhouse, therefore safe was not the issue.

Next morning woke up starts to get ready.

„Is pig, about to have a look at formal clothes to be appropriate?"

Lin Wan Er is holding a fine box, inside thinks of one brand-new western-style clothing, this is Lin Tiannan sends in the morning, it is said is specially custom-made, as for calling any sign me does not look clearly, but very expensive is affirmative, after having put on, the makings of whole person become seriously are instantaneously grave, Lin Wan Er smiled grins with ear to ear: „Is good to lead!"

I smile, put out a hand to hold in the arms her slender waist, asked: „Married a such graceful person, is felt that the pressure is big?"

„Bah!" Her cheek one red, supported the front full peaks and ridges saying: „Don't be concerned about face, if you are very graceful, my such big beautiful woman was married by you, were you pressure were bigger, snort!"

Dong Cheng Yue at side chuckle: „Is! The Wan Er show love do not delay again Cooldown, a bit faster changes the clothes, immediately must pass!"

I turn around to look, slightly one startled, East city has changed the clothes of bridesmaid, the formal clothes of this low chest have revealed the fragrant shoulder, is binding the young girl exquisite figure, sets off to be composed very Dong Cheng Yue, I cannot bear say with a smile: „East city this clothes are quite appropriate!"

Dong Cheng Yue is speechless: „And other fiancee puts on her, you will be shocked."

Lin Wan Er stood on tiptoes to start on my chin to kiss, said with a smile: „I change the clothes."


About after ten minutes, Wan Er walked from the room, is one set of yellow white Lian Shenqun, is really attractive, the front folds the design perfectly the dress material is binding the proud twin peaks of young girlfriend, that wiped the gully that beautiful resulted in does not make sense to be simply suffocating, Lin Wan Er cheek slightly red, as if also not too the custom wore such clothes, every time walked one step, the charming curve of show buttocks obviously under outlining of clothes, she soon some will not walk, looked up me, dug the small mouth saying: „Puts on this to be very familiar with!"

I smile, to praise sighed: „Wan Er is quite beautiful"


She purses the lips, probably titter.

„Embarked embarked, Tang Qi was driving!" Dong Cheng Yue said.


I mentioned nearby linearity suitcase, inside was placing my butterfly sword . Moreover the waist was also leaving an electric arc sword, the both legs both sides were tying up two sabers, it may be said that was fully-armed, probably no one could look that such wore the youth club whole body of straight western-style clothing to hide the sharp weapon of murder!

„A bit faster boards!"

Tang Qi walks from outside, finally heaves in sight was Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue wears the appearance of formal clothes, the flash petrifies, the opening mouth stood there is motionless.

I have pushed his: „Hey, do not stare at my wife to look, is the brothers quickly drives, today is my big day, do not have something go wrong to me, did your fellow prepare?"

The Tang Qi racket the front, said with a smile: „Prepared, said what again I looked was the young lady, was not your wife."

„Is my wife!"


Actually I think young lady who he said is Wan Er, what he said is Dong Cheng Yue, finally my such saying, Dong Cheng Yue on the contrary feeling pleased lowering the head of happily.

Silly thing, does not know that has a good time in spite of poverty anything.

Zhan Long Chapter 1345

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