Zhan Long Chapter 1346

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About 10 : 00 pm, the vehicle arrives in the hotel downstairs parking lot directly.


The vehicle door opens, Xing Lie is embracing a sniper's rifle, wears the special police officer uniform to walk, said with a smile: „Boss, the parking lot security, is our people, the elevator also completely is all controlled by us, safe, you went to five buildings to be good directly."

I nod: „Careful careful."


The axe holds the granule artillery launcher that is a little shocking everybody, grins to say with a smile: „, The sister-in-law is quite pretty, the boss, you may have the good fortune, envied dead brothers several!"

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „That...... Is Like a Flame in guild, Musketeer?"

Xing Lie was good immediately a military salute, said: „Sister-in-law, I am Xing Lie!"

Lin Wan Er smiled to him and axe, holds my hand to go to the elevator direction, but as the bridesmaid, Dong Cheng Yue held my another hand to pass together, Xing Lie and axe tilted the head look some little time, said with one voice: „Where incorrect appearance always feels......"


On the straight five buildings, the elevator door opens hears the bravo of people, is skilled, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wolf, Old K, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang and the others arrived, not only that Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Simple, Yan Zhao Warrior and Mu Xuan these people also came, an appearance of Mu Xuan imperial elder sister uniform, character and style ten thousand walking go forward, regrets saying: „Was a pity that my was small in has been stepping onto the assembly hall of engagement with others finally, what a pity......"

Yan Zhao Warrior Ha Ha smiles: „You left 38, others accurate fathers-in-law look in that side!"

Mu Xuan sticks out one's tongue, Lin Tiannan of distant place disguises not to see all these.

Q-Sword walks to go forward, said in a low voice: „I have brought the skilled people of several families from Henan, arranged in 2 buildings, so long as Wang Ze Cheng dares to come to make him be unable to escape even with wings."

„Um." I nod: „Our privacy systems do also well, after the guest goes upstairs, directly hands over the cell phone, Wang Ze Cheng definitely does not think that we will shift the engagement ceremony in five buildings, meets me to get down, you also get down from the elevator, the elevator has been completely controlled by our people today, others cannot come."



Is pulling the Lin Wan Er small hands, trod the red carpet to enter the banquet hall step by step, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, Matcha and Li Meng Yao and other female has exuded immediately the cheers, but looks that Wan Er and East city were colorful, if the appearance of peach blossom, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other saliva of male guest are about to fall, light from aesthetic viewpoint, today these two female truly distant has covered the crest of wave of other female guests, Mu Xuan that even if was famous for the peerless grace and talent must be not as good.

The quick about 11 points, the guest took a seat in abundance.

The masters look familiar very much, seems...... Was right, is Fei Er, that game channel female anchor, Lin Tiannan really had a mind, unexpectedly gave to invite her, Fei Er wore the uniform, the hand grasps the microphone to arrive in the stage, said with a smile: „Today is a big day, is matchless hero Xiao Yao Zi Zai and first beautiful woman of Cang Tong our China area engagement ceremony, said, I receive this invitation time is disturbed, because the pressure was too big, they are in Chinese war zone group star most radiant two, grand meeting that their unions also most focus attention on, I do not know that should say anything, uses the simple several words to express, blessed them to be on intimate terms to fall in love, happy, will never separate!"

The applause resounds, because is engagement ceremony, therefore is not complex, I walked to go forward, received the microphone, was pulling the Wan Er small hands, said with a smile: „Brothers, friends and elders, today are I and Wan Er engagement ceremony, everybody can supporting make me feel to appreciate, from now henceforth, Wan Er is my Li Xiao Yao fiancee, everybody today opened wide the food and drink, I first am I must say good bye now, one will accompany everybody, is not drunk continuous!"

People Qi Qi applauds.


Withdraws several steps, enters the curtain wall rear backstage, I rapidly the coat escaping, Xing Lie presented before the body: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, went to 2 buildings, that side ceremony must start."


The rapid detouring elevator, carries my equipment to rush to go downstairs, when I arrive in two buildings had another male master to walk, said with a smile: „How you come, the guests are waiting!"

I enter the arena rapidly, the vision glance looks to all around, in the building is almost hiding our snipers completely, but the guest is the special troop camouflages, naturally, they have also prepared a fiancee to me, is one about 25 -year-old high and low female, wears the formal clothes, truly somewhat is an excellent likeness with Lin Wan Er, but in the charm must miss.

The masters draw close to me to say in a low voice: „This is the military region most armed forces flower on time, officer Sun Xiang mentioned by name to make her disguise as Lin Wan Er personally, if you thought insufficiently on time, endured, we made contribution......"

My speechless: „All right, carries out the task time I do not select food!"

„Ha, that is good."

I have swept several again, discovered that in the crowd truly many special enlisted women, attire, puts on make-up very much to have unexpectedly tendentious act Matcha and Li Meng Yao, Yue Qing Qian, Mu Xuan and other guests and family members, for this motion, everybody also really took great pains. If just, the Wang Ze Cheng insufficient type does not dare to come, this laborious must waste.

However, by me understanding Wang Ze Cheng, this person sinister ruthless spicy, and has been keeping thinking to Wan Er . Moreover the lair near Xihu was given to raise by me, to my hate was the intense and deep-seated hatred, but I and Wan Er engagement ritual, he had no reason not to appear, if did not appear, that will only appear at the bone-script defense system trade fair of Beijing.



The miniature intercom of storehouse in ear transmits ** sound: „All groups pay attention, our helicopters reconnoitered the unusual person who 57 carry the mutant gene to enter Xihu District, 20 minutes can arrive in the day cheek international hotel approximately, the member who the surrounding lays an ambush do not alert the enemy, after putting they enter the hotel, immediately block all floors of entire hotel, the elevator forbid to use completely, must assure resident the safety on the scene."

I have turned head, turn on communication, said: „Wang Dui, goes to three fire escapes to send with large army the guard on 2, do not make them come up . Moreover, arranging enough sniper to lay an ambush in the surrounding several buildings, these breed to install person some to grow the sharp claws, can paste the building wall upward to climb up, cannot make them injure to the safety of my relatives and friends, as long as there is breeding of climbing a wall to think of the person, kills completely directly with the nano bullet."

** Said: „Um, I handle matters you to be able rest assured that the father will not make the Shen Bing event occur again, mother, Wang Ze Cheng this son of a bitch, how the father will make him live walking!"

This time, ** mood somewhat lost control, as long as knew that Shen Bing everybody is very angry, but ** in the ordinary day regards the daughter same to regard Shen Bing this intelligent clever girl, Shen Bing died in the line of duty later in several day, ** almost little spoke, others were hard to understand this old man sorrow, yes, looks that such a adorable girl passed away, perhaps did not have any ratio more painful matter again.



In the earphone broadcasts the sound once more: „Wang Dui, they had 41 people to enter the building, but has left behind 16 people outside, seems similar to Captain Li said that they want to climb up outside the hotel wall, reconnoiters the signal to be intense, a S level breeds to think of the person, dragon blood soldiers of 7 A levels, other is the B level members."

„Confirmed that who the S level breeds to think of person is."

„He wears the topee, cannot see."

„Supervises in the hotel all cameras, identifies system read screening with the face."


After several minutes, in the earphone broadcasts the sound of axe: „Boss, confirmed that truly is Wang Ze Cheng this grandson, mother!"

„Do not act rashly, do not obstruct them, puts on them two buildings!"



My slowly held the long shape suitcase straight, then drew nearby armed forces to spend female, her today's role acts Lin Wan Er, but was very obviously anxious, the fragrant shoulder was shivering slightly.

„Do not fear that one will begin, you hide in me behind and that's the end." I comfort her.

She actually gains ground to show a faint smile, said: „My name was Xia Xin."

„Xia Xin hello."

„Li Xiao Yao." She walks arm in arm in my arms, said with a smile: „If my this time has been wounded, you must be responsible for raising me, hee hee, you to are truly same, ultra commander-in-chief who they said that, if I died in the line of duty......"

„Stops......" me to say with a smile: „This belongs to my fight, once they come in you immediately to hide the backstage, fought did not finish do not come out."

„Snort, did you also look down upon me?" The summer joyful delicate eyebrows raise, said: „I am the wrestle master who in the special operations forces camp ranks among the best, I come to here not completely to disguise as your fiancee, I am fight."

I smile: „As you like, but the person of close combat must be I."


I turn on communication, inquired one: „Scans, did they bring the weapon?"

Xing Lie said: „Does not have the heavy weapon, has only carried the pistol, the boss, when do we begin?"

„Wang Ze Cheng appears , in front of me."




The front door of banquet hall opened suddenly, the person who wore the topee to think of walked, wore the young people of western-style clothing, not careful identification words, but also thinks really this group of people were only attend the engagement ceremony, but could not escape my eye, the result that their pate extravasations, after that was the wild animal changed body, leaves behind.


The topee lifts suddenly, an exceptionally pretty face appears in the front, is Wang Ze Cheng, his face twists gradually, said with a smile lightly: „Li Xiao Yao, do you want to marry Lin Wan Er really very much? You have almost destroyed all my, has destroyed my future, do you also want to get married the beloved woman?"

Raises the right hand suddenly, a pistol points to Xia Xin, Wang Ze Cheng is grinning to say with a smile: „Lin Wan Er, your this cheap person, which my cannot compare him, unexpectedly wants him not to want me, since this, the father kills to consider as finished you conveniently together."



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Zhan Long Chapter 1346

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