Zhan Long Chapter 1347

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The sound of gunfire resounds, but the ball of bullet on one group of roaring flame flies away, my Zuo Zhangning Juyang flame armor keeps off his bullet, the same instantaneous right hand air current surges, has disintegrated suitcase outside packing instantaneously, reveals inside brightly burnished butterfly sword hilt, takes advantage of opportunity to hold the sword hilt, if quickly a lightning sword has attacked Going out, simultaneously drinks one in communication lowly: „Motion, executes at the scene, does not need to be forgiving!"



Air/Qi the glow to surge, this strikes has not failed, but had actually been blocked by the arm of Wang Ze Cheng, on his arm one scarlet red scales, obviously physical defense not low appearance, but was struck directly by the butterfly sword presented a sword mark as before, the blood seeps out, even if were not fatal also lets his enough ache . Moreover, surrounding „guest" dispersed in abundance, took out the weapon that hid respectively, on the (spear gun) of everyone has installed the silencer, puff puff the sound made a sound, this was by the place that Wang Ze Cheng hurt.

„Big brother, in us has ambushed, this is an ambush!" A A level dragon blood soldier was shouting loudly.

„To Going out, found Lin Tiannan and Lin Wan Er!"

Wang Ze Cheng speedily retrocedes, at the same time loudly exclaimed: „So long as there is a Lin Tiannan iris data, we can relaxed unlocking Oracle Defence System code-breaking, we look that their guests enter the building, Lin Tiannan definitely have not left!"

How I possibly ask him to leave, an arrow step overran, a body sinking foot tramples the plate suddenly, this really strikes made Wang Ze Cheng lose balanced, his violent anger raising palm has clapped, above the fingertip stretched out the black sharp claws, this which person, simply has not distinguished with a wild animal.

The sharp degree of this sharp claws cannot be underestimated, I do not dare to go to meet hardly, am sideways to avoid!


The floor tile pierces instantaneously, even has not appeared including the crushed stone, but is directly by him, as soon as struck to turn into the powder pink / white, this S level bred to install the strength by far A level of person, even brought a point to destroy the day to extinguish the place the strength, Wang Ze Cheng quack smiled, lifts the face, the smiling face was exceptionally fierce, plundered suddenly, the palm has grasped in a front of protector squad member, unexpectedly stiffly the [Assault] (spear gun) dividing into two, the member front also presented together the dog marks, the blood crossflow, sobbed a sound backlash falling to the ground severe wound.

The Wang Ze Cheng intention is very simple, he knows unable to massacre me, therefore wants to kill the surrounding special troop to give vent to indignation.

I sharply pursue to go, in hand the butterfly sword gathers full Yangyan the energy, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Wang Ze Cheng, your this scum, your match is I, what do you run to run?"

Leaves that moment of sword in me, Wang Ze Cheng turns around suddenly, suddenly the yawn is green juice spatters in all directions.


In the fierce cry, I open the hot armor guard hurriedly, the whole body almost completely under Yang Yanjia the protection, that green juice kept off outside, but fell to melt the rug and floor tile in the place unexpectedly rapidly, even the half metal [Assault] (spear gun) also together was melted, the corrosion intensity of this juice was too rather strong!

Strength of Yang Flame the can resist luckily.

A surroundings intermittent sound of gunfire resounds, bred to think of the person to make into the screen to fall to the ground dead, the blood flowed place, moreover in not far away, Q-Sword and Tang Qi distinguished single Tiao a A level to breed to think of the person not to drop the wind, even occupied certain place above, Q-Sword waved a handle thin sword, punctured the whole body a dragon blood soldier is the blood hole.


Tang Qi fist wind bone-chilling cold, bang in the abdomen of another dragon blood soldier, this dragon blood soldier is actually maneating, opens the mouth to bellow, but Tang Qi is not the affable lord, lifted the hand is throwing knife Going out, Tang Men concealed or hidden weapon was very accurate, that throwing knife pricked in the mouth of dragon blood soldier directly, the blood spattered in all directions.

The A level breeds to install the vitality of person to be exceptionally tenacious, this dragon blood soldier draws out the throwing knife, actually above sees green and glossy one piece, in his double pupil passes the roaring flame, the anger is exclaiming: „Your this smelly S13, do you dare to quench the toxin on the concealed or hidden weapon?"

Tang Qi waves the arms about is a chest of throwing knife hit opposite party, said: „Young master is Tang Men people, what making a toxin be, what's wrong, your refuses to accept to nip me?"

The dragon blood soldier called out one also really to overrun, body continuously several (spear gun)s as if nothing has happened, but Tang Qi was not silly, the rapid backlash, hid behind a steel shield of special troop, the dragon blood soldier struck suddenly, the sharp claws passed the shield, this attack intensity was also too ruthless, Tang Qi was flabbergasted, this boy was also ruthless, drew out a handle saber dagger on with a sudden burst divided.


The dragon blood soldier is one whins, the wrist skill place had been severed by Qi Qi, Tang Qi is quick of eye and hand, the speed goes far beyond these special troops, has snatched a [Assault] (spear gun) rapidly, turned round to get angry strikes, exerts however has spiked in the mouth of this dragon blood soldier the muzzle directly, did not wait for him to cut by biting the rifle stock to take away the trigger, consecutively for several gunshots, this dragon blood soldier had been exploded then.

The dragon blood soldier almost whole body proliferates the scale of invulnerability, the nano bullet is being hard to penetrate, Xing Lie and axe and the others is the dependence accurate marksmanship fire eye kills, but Tang Qi completes to strike to kill using the oral cavity, is very intelligent, and Tang Qi deeply had self-knowledge, selected the ability by the close combat only, he might as well present Q-Sword, must therefore display own special skill, with poisonous and used the concealed or hidden weapon, this can subdue, and bred to think of the person to oppose the enemy with these, does not need to care about any rivers and lakes morality and justice.


In an instant, breeding in 2 building thought of the person to be solved similarly, 7 levels of A levels bred to think of the person to be solved 6, had been reduced the arm by Q-Sword, the true threat on only remaining Wang Ze Cheng, has also wanted to come them to test to accomplish bred to think of the person much, but after too many are been too many, complete strength also that many that they who our several motions massacred can take.

I also finally know why Wang Ze Cheng chooses to take revenge to me, but does not go to Beijing to attack the trade fair, because Beijing there alert is more stern, compares perhaps me and Wan Er engagement ceremony here is easier to go well, but Wang Ze Cheng has not thought that we will have the alert, and there are many preparations.

Downstairs have several hundred well-trained special troops, in addition my such Yang Flame powerhouse and Tang Qi, the Q-Sword two Royal Air peak, in the building one group of master bodyguards, as well as the old man also, want to go well also difficultly.


Present Wang Ze Cheng likely is a stray cur, has also disregarded including behind master's order, the matter that wants to handle only takes revenge to me, ruins all my, but was a pity that until now I already was not the small security of that not having a thing in the world, individual strength back backer, any point sufficiently crush Wang Ze Cheng.

„Kills off, does not remain!"

My consecutively three swords, leave behind three wounds on the shoulder of Wang Ze Cheng, at the same time goes to the scene to order: „You avoid Wang Ze Cheng, his attack is fierce, I wanted nobody dead in the line of duty today can destroy completely all breed to think of the person!"

„Extremely arrogant!"

Wang Ze Cheng pasted to leave, sneering that actually could not bear, both hands supported the tread to crawl, the complexion visits me fiercely: „Was I have brought ruin and shame upon oneself, drew certainly in you to front the back!"

Saying, him was turning around to fire into near banquet hall bearing wall pillar there, the sharp claws on double palm pricked among the walls, just liked cuts the bean curd same relaxedness.

„What does he want to make?" Xing Lie loudly shouted to clear the way: „Aimed fire!"

In all directions ping gunshot, but Wang Ze Cheng „skin" was really too thick, the nano bullet is unable to penetrate his skin surface scale, but at this time, his double palm flew the roaring flame, „bang" an acoustic shock passed the floor cement tile, went to 3 directly!

It is not good, he is seeking for the position that Lin Wan Er and Lin Tiannan are at!

I raise the sword to overrun hurriedly, simultaneously lowers the sound to say in communication: „3 groups, the S level goal passed, was directly from the floor cement ratchet drill in the past, careful alert! Xiao Lie, you had the person to reenforce from the elevator immediately in the past!"

„Yes, boss!"


Three similarly is a banquet hall, at this time the bridegroom and bride are kissing on the stage, „bang" a Wang Ze Cheng this monster flushed Going out, Jie Jie's crazy has been laughing, was a mucilage has spurted to the new person direction, the masters were scared, which can also protect the new person, I penetrated the floor quick of eye and hand, an arrow step arrived at the new person front, the butterfly sword windmill brings the roaring flame to form a defense shield, surged all the mucilage.


I clench teeth, flame rises suddenly, outside about 5 centimeters place of the flame remnant armor lingers to revolve in clothes, the steps overran, follow close on Wang Ze Cheng to fire into 4, the guest who one crowd attended the wedding is dumbfounded, how could they have seen such weaponry, but the bridegroom is about 25 -year-old high and low young people, decides looks at my back, muttered: „This appearance, this sound...... Is [Zhan Long] Guildmaster Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Day, he also here......"

The bride stares dumbfounded: „Husband, is really that Li Xiao Yao?"



4 are not the banquet halls, but is the sauna hall, middle-aged man courage entirely to crack who the Wang Ze Cheng broken stone, frightens one crowd enjoy, but Wang Ze Cheng as if no interest to them, the fish dive, directly soars 5 to go, but I raise the sword also to follow close on to come, an arrow step overtook suddenly tightly, opens the hand to hold the Wang Ze Cheng ankle area, gave a loud shout: „Leave to me!"


Wang Ze Cheng stiffly pulls, layer on layer falls falls on the place, quack is actually laughing, the both feet started the exuviae to turn into the superhuman hand, split the leather shoes brace, raised legs is layer on layer a foot tramples above my both legs, thousand honored strength made people very uncomfortable, I drew back several meters continually, saw Wang Ze Cheng to rise with a spring, the double palm has ripped open five floors.

The quarry stone spatters in all directions, the hand of Wang Ze Cheng according to five rugs, the probe head looked to outside, heaving in sight had Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Yue Qing Qian and Matcha and the others.

„That is...... What ghost?!" Yue Qing Qian is pointing here.

The Wang Ze Cheng broken stone, corners of the mouth full are the fierce happy expression: „Wan Er, your genuine boyfriend led you to walk."

Zhan Long Chapter 1347

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