Zhan Long Chapter 1348

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„Has killed him!"

Lin Tiannan the Wan Er protection after behind, low shouting to clear the way of clenching jaws.

One group of bodyguards overran, who once thinks that Wang Ze Cheng took advantage of opportunity to entrain a sturdy steel bar from the floor crack, Yang Flame the enthusiasm emerged, the steel bar instantaneously instantaneous, swept away loudly.


Four the bodyguards of Royal Air levels this were struck to select, Qi Qimen snort is falling to draw back Going out, already severe wound, a self-satisfacation of Wang Ze Cheng face: „What kind, but also who dares to come?"

In this time, „clang", the long sword that section of roaring flame wrapped was piercing the floor suddenly, I controlled Yang Flame the enthusiasm to run out of the ground, broke the flagstone to arrive in the ground, just horizontally between Wang Ze Cheng and people.


„Brother Xiao Yao......"

Yue Qing Qian behind was summoning me in me, she noticed that my clothing many were scratched, even the sound shivered.

Wang Ze Cheng actually laughs, the migration, goes round me suddenly, the hand grasps just likes the fiery red steel bar of leather whip, the foot pedal wall overran, calls out one: „Lin Tiannan Uncle Lin, ten thousand victories want your dog's life to come today!"

Lin Tiannan clenches jaws, protects daughter to retrocede hurriedly.

„Makes way!"

The voice of old man conveys, he kept off in the Wang Ze Cheng front, the double palm transported the perfectly round bracing cold, „" one caught the fiery red steel bar, drank a Royal Air peak the strength to start lowly, the numerous foot trampled to the Wang Ze Cheng abdomen, here captured this weapon for criminal, by the wrestle skill, obviously the old man be higher than several Level to come compared with Wang Ze Cheng, but by the strength, Wang Ze Cheng actually be stronger than the old man.

„Bang", old man pulled the scalding hot steel bar to draw back continually dozens steps, the face whiten, the steel bar is seizes, but severe wound, the sleeve has almost also burnt.


Old K roars, the natural disposition of street ruffian reveals completely with nothing left, worked on a chair entraining the ferroguinous chair leg, the direct impact on Wang Ze Cheng, the violent shouted to clear the way: „Protects Wan Er and Uncle Lin, our that many people, but also fears a Wang Ze Cheng such bastard?"

Wolf has also smashed a chair, although does not have any too big skill, the guts that but my group of brothers go all out even must be bigger than these bodyguards!

How can make them brave hardships and dangers?

I had speedily caught up at this time, the long sword was unconstrained flame air wave bang to approach the back of Wang Ze Cheng.


The Wang Ze Cheng cry likely is not a person, the back has given birth to green rock shape scales unexpectedly, „bang" surges butterfly sword Spark to fly upwards, but strength of Yang Flame the has separated enters his body spatially, my body flies high, the sword potential one old immediately has raised the left fist, gathers the full flame strength on the vertebra of bang after his brain on!


Numerous fist, poured into the three visceral cavities and gall bladder flame vigor not to go, even the flame was passing the skin and scales in the body of combustion Wang Ze Cheng, changed into the average person already my these two to be struck unravelling, although the Wang Ze Cheng physique was strong, but also already not being able to withstand gradually, but he clenched teeth to support, the body flushed forward, suddenly a long-handled fan Going out!

In the clear sound, Old K and chair leg in Wolf broke, simultaneously Wang Ze Cheng false „Yang Yanjin" puts out, immediately Old K and a Wolf launching draws back Going out, two arms both seriously distorted, was about the bone fracture.

Surroundings, one group of people pull out weapon aiming Wang Ze Cheng, the next quarter stormy sound of gunfire resounds, large flames spit to this S level breed to think of the person, Wang Ze Cheng raise head to laugh, his even eyes, mouth and ear leave have the careful scale protection, basic on the fires of fearless these bullets.


I raise the sword horizontally between Wang Ze Cheng and Wan Er, the vision was dim, said: „Are you how is it?"

Wang Ze Cheng has smiled, smiles extremely miserably: „I soon had all, but as a result of your existence, I lost all, you said that what I do want to make?"

I the butterfly in front, the treasured sword that this handle destroyed the hardest defenses presented volume mouths and cracks slowly horizontally, is similar to my present body is ordinary, gained ground to have a look at him, I said: „You have defeated, this is the fact, I give you an opportunity, independent combat with me, we minute of victory and defeat, decides the life and death, how is it? If you have liked Wan Er, that kills me, this is you best proof."

„Does not want!" Lin Wan Er said hurriedly loudly: „Our that many people, why can you also brave hardships and dangers obviously?"

I crack into a smile: „Wan Er, do not speak, this is the I and Wang Ze Cheng matter, we must have a showdown eventually, that elects today!"

Lin Tiannan is holding daughter's shoulder, said in a low voice: „Wan Er, obeys the Li Xiao Yao words, right that he said."

Actually, we understand, if Wang Ze Cheng must massacre our several people at risk of life, I could not block, but we lose were too many, Ah Lei and Shen Bing death, has sufficed, cannot some people lose the life again for this reason.

Wang Ze Cheng smiles grieved, in the palm is dense the roaring flame, said: „Good, if I defeat you, I will pinch to explode your head, will also carry off Wan Er, here all people, snort...... Do not want to go on living."

He said very superficially, as if the life and death insignificantly was in his eyes same.

Mu Xuan is nipping the silver tooth: „Was insane, simply was insane......"

Fang Ge Que sits in the wheelchair, said lightly: „Mu Xuan, do not speak, do not speak, has a look Old K and Wolf Totem, their injuries probably need to wrap up, you have studied the first aid, has a look."



The ZGTV staff who Fei Er brings to photograph this engagement ritual, as a program that on the game channel broadcasts, is the present completely is different, the staff hands and feet of ZGTV shivers, courage entirely to crack in live transmission this god demon showdown, the body of Wang Ze Cheng the person non- person and ghost were not clever, but my whole body is lingering dozens flame remnant armor, similarly likely is not the ordinary people, our showdowns, being no different is the decisive battle between god and demon.

„After all people, falls back on the corner!"

I open the arm, strength of unceasing spitting Yang Flame enter in the butterfly sword, simultaneously small sound track in communication: „Axe, erects your electromaguetic rail gun, locks on the S goal, if I have defeated, gets rid decisively, do not make him injure and innocent."

Axe nod: „OK, the boss refuels!"

The vision sweeps, Xing Lie also appeared in the distant place, a sniper's rifle of every shot hits the target by him in the staircase, here the straight direction, I also felt relieved horizontally like this.

„Come!" I show a faint smile to Wang Ze Cheng.

This smiling face seems an insult, Wang Ze Cheng has the feeling that a sleepy beast fights, roared to clash lowly, in close that moment that a hand and foot and used I also the sword, the flame butterfly sword in airborne slightly has shaken, the spiral flame bracing cold swallowed on his shoulder, what made me not think was Wang Ze Cheng is going all out unexpectedly, when butterfly „tittering" drilled into his within the body, his sharp claws also revolved, but, „bang" a sound bang in my abdomen!

Flame remnant armor disintegration several pieces, HP was turbulent, the formidable strength is makes me fly high to fall to draw back, returns to the rest/breath suddenly, supports the ground single-handed, after flying high to turn several, fell to the ground.

Just fell to the ground Wang Ze Cheng to come, the whole body was wrapping the roaring flame, the flame sharp claws slanting swept away.

How could to make him act in a self-serving manner like this?

My moral nature anger, both hands grip tightly a butterfly sword sword to swing suddenly, an under foot wrong step, the dodging character Secret Art in riding the wind swordsmanship, appears behind his side suddenly, the butterfly sword rocks, erupts 78 swords to fall on his scales instantaneously, chops scale dispersing to spatter in all directions, the blood crossflow, he likely is the wild animal general is roaring, calls out one one pitch-dark, brings the tail of pointed cone to break the pants to extend from the back, that is long from the vertebra, he truly already complete mutation.


Tail iron whip same brushing on my arm, burning ache, but I have not retroceded, an instantaneous body sinking right leg of landing sweeps away, sweeps the Wang Ze Cheng huge body turned at the same time exploding from bottom to top to kick a foot! „Bang" Wang Ze Cheng has almost not been able to fall to the ground, but my spin body body situated in him, both hands has pushed the ground fiercely, then the formidable counter- tension to airborne continuously is trampling the Going out four feet, the flame spurts to open, Wang Ze Cheng , the scale that carries on the back piece by piece has also fallen off.

Nobody cheered, all people have turned very quiet.


Not far away, Q-Sword grips tightly thin sword, the whole body air current is lingering, his formal clothes slowly stirs, the Tang Qi hand is grasping the throwing knife, the vision is staring at us, is protecting proximally, once I fell into the dangerous situation, he can first Cooldown get rid without a doubt, this was a friend, a farther place, the Drunken Spear form also appeared, the legend he was a follower, now looks like truly is this, he defended in Yan Zhao Warrior, Fang Ge Que and Mu Xuan front, weaponless, but around the fist was lingering the wind rest/breath.

„Wan Er is my!"

In the Wang Ze Cheng mouth is flowing the blood, actually fierce bending down visits me on the ground.

On the butterfly sword in my hand presented several giant volume mouths and openings, actually in the heart fights intent to be soaring, is angry: „Has sufficed, for your selfish desire, how many people you harmed dead a tragic death, did you still remember Dong Cheng Lei? Do you still remember Shen Bing?"

„Dong Cheng Lei, an idiot, died died, what Zuxi? Shen Bing, that policewoman? Ha, before she dies I have not let under enjoy her body, was really a pity!" Wang Ze Cheng is laughing.

My short of breath launches a psychological attack, leapt the step to clash, Yang Flame the bracing cold has arrived at boundary more than enough, imposing manner locking, the flame pressure has kept Wang Ze Cheng from fending, the butterfly sword layer on layer pricked in his chest cavity.

„Ah Lei is not an idiot, he is the world best elder brother!"

My short distance looks at a he fierce face, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Shen Bing damn, she should freely live around us, your this bastard, was you have killed them!"

When Wang Ze Cheng quack laughs, goes crazy the swaying from side to side body, „Bang" wrenched apart the butterfly stiffly, the fist also fell on my chest, several flame remnant armor were destroyed.

I do not go to control these aches, jumps is a knee hit on his chin, is in airborne both hands to grip the sword hilt, the flame strength emerges crazily, before Wang Ze Cheng falls to the ground on numerous breaks the sword to prick in his chest the butterfly!


The roaring flame puts out completely, burnt down his heart rapidly, broke the sword to puncture thoroughly his body directly, sewed him on the floor.


Wang Ze Cheng crazy is struggling, but has not helped matters, the heart and bloodlines were fired the flying ash that moment, his body no longer moves finally, in the eye pupil also lost the appearance, this Buesst youngest CEO died finally.


Whole body shivers to be incapable, I knelt by the Wang Ze Cheng corpse slowly, in the mind recalled all sorts of passing, could not bear nose acid, began supinely does not make the tears fall, said loudly: „Ah Lei, the Xiao Yao elder brother revenged for you! Shen Bing, Li Youngster revenged for you! Your soul in heaven, rest!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1348

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