Zhan Long Chapter 1349

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In the hotel was in great confusion, but quick headed by **, Sun Xiangwei the people of police and military appear, controlled the scene rapidly, but saw the appearance of special police officer and special troop, one group of guests were also stunned, Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior, short spear trick and Mu Xuan and the others to breeding to install the person event also to hear that this time actually sees with one's own eyes the person who once knew dead in the shape of monster at present, this shock was self-evident.


I sit on the ground, in the wound the burning ache, then cures from me with Yang Flame the enthusiasm, at the same time turns around to look to not far away Wolf and Old K, said: „Small wolf, old K, you fortunately?"

Wolf grasps is breaking the arm, grins says with a smile grieved: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, both of us are all right, jump for joy."

Old K hurts the cold sweat to brave, said stubbornly: „Right, cannot die, does not need to be worried about us, are you how is it?"


I grab the half butterfly to break the sword, said with a smile: „I am also all right."

At this time, Lin Wan Er has worked loose the protections of several bodyguards, dashed to me side, looks on my shoulder, the front blood red wound, the tears billowing, knelt to sit in the place cries saying: „You always yourself made that cut and bruised is satisfied, fool...... Crying foul!"

My within the body HP turned wells up, cannot bear fight a shiver, said with a smile: „I am all right, isn't my this is all right? Wan Er do not cry, takes makeup to spend to crying carefully, that is unattractive, as a [Appearance Alliance] man, I do not hope that the fiancee spent the face to hold the engagement ceremony with me, quick do not cry,...... Do not close right up against me, the blood can smear your clothes."

Lin Wan Er has not spoken, actually opens arm to grasp me, sobbing, was saying near my ear low voice: „I know that you are not me, but you...... However you cannot make me remain a widow, did not have the truth!"

I smiled bitterly, support her saying: „Was all right has been all right, that many people look that must hug also to go home, the show love will be envied the envy to hate by them in the presence of everyone."

Wan Er cheek one red, left my bosom, the fine jade nose has pulled out pulling out, said: „Here turned into this appearance, perhaps did this engagement ceremony have no way to continue?"

„This......" I looked up to the old man and Lin Tiannan.

The old men are dressing the wound, said: „This I, no matter, I am drink my apprentice engagement liquor, snort, now the first illustrious name was near is also given to blossom by others!"

Lin Tiannan said with a smile frank: „Has not related, engagement discussing official business continues, shifts to 6 building banquet halls, 6 buildings and 7 buildings were wrapped by me."

Mu Xuan sighs with emotion in side: „Rich, is that willful......"

Fang Ge Que sits on the wheelchair: „Xiao Yao, all right?"

„Um, all right."

My grateful nod, has a look afterward behind, asked: „Tang Qi and Q-Sword, are you also all right?"

Tang Qi grasps to quench the poisonous throwing knife, around discrete look, said with a smile: „All right, but this A level breeds to install the strength of person truly is not a lid, the cyclone cannot resist their sharp claws."

Although Q-Sword one is the blood, but is not his, has taken off the white coat, said: „I brought one western-style clothing luckily, otherwise had no way to continue to attend your engagement ceremony."


Therefore, engagement ceremony shifts to 6 buildings continues to conduct.

I turned head to look in the ground the Wang Ze Cheng corpse, truly died, could not feel including a aura, even if were breeds to install the science and technology people should be unable to get up again fiercely dead to come back to life?

** The order person moves the Wang Ze Cheng corpse, installed in a pitch-dark steel and iron coffin, but also remembers that initially Wang Ze Cheng presented the time what kind scenery, the suit and dress shoes, self-confident proudly, success youth appearance that school of going abroad to study, who once wants to circumstances change with the time, he fell to such a fate unexpectedly, wants to come also to have only self to blame.

Wolf and Old K injury urgently has processed, before we come, has arranged many medical care personnel here, they two bones have broken off, after the military doctor has processed, clamps the sheet iron, requested them to go to the hospital ward to recuperate immediately, how Wolf the reason to make us by „how my Xiao Yao elder brother's engagement ceremony I can absent" have nothing to say in reply, does not have the means that has to make milk two quite careful female that Matcha and violent walk sit nearby them, is looking, is good because of is also the people on one's own side, otherwise old K is so ugly, which female is willing to sit in his side.

The engagement ceremony continues in the building, this hotel was does not receive any guest today, all around had declared martial law, the police and military at least one after another dispatched over 2000 people to protect in the surroundings, I and Wan Er engagement ritual by the treatment, was unable like this simply the old-style fan device, moreover probably downstairs Tian Xin Corporation has also prepared over a hundred bold car(riage)s, was a little luxurious, but for a lifetime also one time, moreover did not spend my money, did not matter.

At ceremony, with Wan Er drinking the nuptial cup liquor.

Mu Xuan, Simple and Jian Feng Han and the others was cheering and disturbs, especially Drunken Spear, anxiousing to stir up trouble shouted to yell: „Xiao Yao and under Wan Er not in the presence of everyone show love? Gives us the show one to kiss, how is it? Does everybody think?"

The people applaud together, usually is serious, earnest Fang Ge Que to applaud to say with a smile: „Support!"

Lin Tiannan sitting with a smile side the daughter, without any statement, this engagement ceremony is one enjoys for him, entrusts daughter's happiness to a trustworthy person, moreover is the daughter deep love person, this will be any father will think the most gratified matter.

Without the means that I looked at Wan Er, said: „Come?"

„Come!" Her cheek micro red, as before is actually standing on tiptoes the foot, closes one's eyes gently.

I lowered the head to kiss, but that many people look, does not dare deeply to kiss, just scratching the surface -type has kissed, immediately left, but as if has not escaped the capture of flashing light.

Everybody applauds in abundance, I hint saying: „Nearly 1 point, made to the present everybody was also hungry, ate a thing, has let loose drinking, met me to be able tables of coming."

Q-Sword and Tang Qi and the others expressed „after we and others you", sat down.

I hold the fragrant shoulder of Wan Er to make her sit down, afterward turns around, ** on the shoulder is wearing the dazzling golden wheat ear with a star, does not know when he has joined the military, and was awarded the major general!

Actually, protector base is the police and military the special task force that collaborates to build, joined the military is also sooner or later matter.

„Congratulates Wang Dui, this major general seems like attractive." I smile.

„Do you want? Also." ** Groans smiles: „So long as you are willing to handle that many tedious matters not to have the issue, by your ability and meritorious service, the major general is most minimum."

I said: „Do not crack a joke, did the result of this motion come out?"

„Um." He stern nods, said: „Altogether 57 bred to think of person to enter the urban district to join this raid, was caught completely, 54 people were struck to kill, 3 people were used the strong effect anaesthetic rifle catching by us, we lost are quite few, 2 people died in the line of duty, 24 injured, 7 injured, were one time compares moves successfully."

Heard some people dead in the line of duty, I could not bear the moral nature as before one gloomily, this time we have prepared the extremely thorough plan . Moreover the motion population at least was over ten times of opposite party, may die in the line of duty as before two people.

„Too toward at heart." ** The racket my shoulder, said: „Today is your red-letter day, finally actually has become the motion scene, my this works as the innermost feelings of boss to have the shame, but these time also almost officially eliminated breeding of domestic southeast region to install the person organization."

He lowers the sound, said: „At least in short Cooldown we will not have worried for this again, is your injury how is it?"

„Also good."

I have a look at him, said: „Goes to Xing Lie and axe calls to drink, they were also laborious, making other people alert on the line."


** Shows a faint smile: „Relax, the present Hangzhou city had almost not bred to think of the person, enjoys your engagement ceremony well, then, probably also many matters need you to work hard."

I knit the brows, has not actually closely examined.

Looks at Wan Er, is beautiful elated, I want to accompany really very much for a lifetime in her side no longer depart, therefore I do not want to know ** later also wants to say anything, but the arch cups one hand in the other across the chest, said with a smile: „Wang Dui you as one likes, looked for a table to eat meal to drink casually."


** Turns around to go, he simply does not have the free time to sit to drink, since has put on the wheat ear military rank, that must certainly shoulder the responsibility that many others are not willing to shoulder.


After sitting down, actually discovered that Dong Cheng Yue sat in my right, has a look at her, I have not spoken, was only to own cup but actually: the liquor, handed in front of her silently, said the cup „East city, do we drink one cup?"

Dong Cheng Yue is astonished however visits me, but sees in the appearance in my eyes, smiles with tacit understanding, holds up half glass of red wines, touches after me gently tossed down.

„East city nice wine quantity!" Li Mu Ha Ha said with a smile: „Comes one cup again!"

Dong Cheng Yue but actually one cup, has really done one cup with Li Mu.

His one side, Dong Cheng Feng knit the brows in addition, but has not prevented, he knows that the daughter definitely does not feel better.

Aunt dull sitting in there, does not know that what happened, Meng Yao threw in her ear that smiled said anything, pursing the lips of aunt as if also wrong intent will smile.


After round liquor, pulled the Wan Er small hands to go to a round table to propose a toast, mainly by me came, to mention Yang Flame the bracing cold to melt enters the spirit in stomach, so long as I do not want to be drunk, temporarily should be nobody can drink to fall face down me.

„Yanzhao uncle, looks like you are not old, is very young." I said.

Yan Zhao Warrior lifts one glass of white liquors to toss down, says with a smile: „Clashes your words, I must do."

I laugh: „From now henceforth in the game the matter of Tian Ling Empire regiment system my as far as possible disciplinary training of juvenile delinquents, will look how the uncle you map out strategic plans in an army tent, come on!"

Yan Zhao Warrior is stunned: „Did you recommend?"

„Yes, I to Uncle shallow Lin Tuijian you as next held the spear greatly."

„Thanks!" The Yan Zhao Warrior serious expression of gratitude, puts down the wine class afterward, is studying the holding the fist in the other hand cuping one hand in the other across the chest shape in game, said with a smile: „End Zhao Kaiguo, many thanks Li Shuai leads by the hand!"


Wan Er and East city, Mu Xuan, Simple and other crowd of female endured to be out of control to smile completely.

Zhan Long Chapter 1349

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