Zhan Long Chapter 1350

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„Sits down, chats will walk again!" Yan Zhao Warrior is holding my shoulder.


My pain shouted one, here had been scratched open by Wang Ze Cheng, wound simple treatment one.

„How is it?" Wan Er and East city all kind encircles.

„Sorry, I am not...... Yanzhao uncle who intends" to be full of apology help me examine the wound, simultaneously has a look at Wan Er and East city, cannot bear say with a smile: „I go, Xiao Yao your this engagement ritual is very interesting!"

„Said?" I asked.

„Clearly is buys one and gets one free!" He Ha Ha said with a smile.

I am somewhat speechless, East city cheek red said: „I to Brother Xiao Yao am very earnest unrequited loving, the uncle do not crack a joke, is the serious point good!"

Yan Zhao Warrior quickly smiled: „Unrequited loving that ringing the universe, ratio makes widely known?"

I sat, Wan Er and East city also side me, but this table was one table that the Yan Zhao Warrior, Mu Xuan, Ye Lai, Call Me Master, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Simple and other Guildmaster level players gathered, looked like looks like the highest control center of Chinese war zone actually very much, I sat, everybody exchanged greetings.


„We said seriously." Yan Zhao Warrior is pinching chopsticks, said: „Although Xiao Yao you truly brought everybody in Chinese area to hit seven big main cities, the third round country fought us to wipe out the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city two Daijouike continuously, has made the world fearful and apprehensive, now at the world forum is *****, they used the vassal system resting gradually to live to rest up to pull closer with our disparities, the fourth round country war was the sincerity is difficult to hit!"

I said with a smile: „Uncle, you said that many, what actually wants to say?"

Fang Ge Que hey smiles: „This intention was too obvious!"

Yan Zhao Warrior laughs: „Yes, clearly, I in want to tell you that Xiao Yao do not step down to the second line, truly speaking, develops black ink and demon mountain these people to socialize with the sky rose and clear pupil you quite to be experienced, once you have drawn back, they hit, I really do not have any assurance to defend the landscape, especially does not have you, [Zhan Long], six palace cosmetics and other Guild the strengths will reduce significantly, let alone you withdraw from the regiment system the words, the palace guard and strengths of vault of heaven armed forces these regiments greatly fall short, you must know, Han Yuan, Xiao of severe, Jing Yin, Dragon Xing palace guard., Xia Ye and other group of people only listen your, that forest of vault of heaven armed forces arched was also stubborn the fellow, only admired you, you walked, a such big outdoor shop can only our table of people of support."

I coughed, said with a smile: „This is actually not matter, I have stepped down to the second line, is not does not do, plays I am at the meeting, otherwise should bored."

, I then also said: „Since you take over hold spear greatly, that must well shoulders the war flag of Chinese area, this is your responsibility, is not I, does not close my matter, however, the uncle I did not hold the spear greatly, actually as before was the Xiao Yao king, the NPC army resources that China area only the player of conferring the title of prince upon, in my hand can have cannot compare you too to be much less, relax, the fourth round country fought heartily your hit, has been defeated, I will come back to wipe the buttocks for you!"

Q-Sword smiled the tears to be about to come out: „It is not good is not good, your this crowds do not have the moral integrity fellow, how such dialog can be [Zhan Long] and [Prague] Guildmaster says, I want to drink to eat meal well, you leave this."

Jian Feng Han also said: „Is, do not have the moral integrity, nearby one table is a beautiful woman, our limelight image."

I have turned around, immediately one group of beautiful women greeted, was really beautiful woman one table, Wild Beauty, falls the wild goose, six he, Yue Yao Yan, Dancing Forest and the others, no wonder Jian Feng Han such was sitting respectfully, but wasn't this fellow had a very attractive girlfriend? Unexpectedly also eats in the trough to look in the pot, really despised, thinks of here, I turn around to have a look at East city, she also visits me, the small mouth digs, makes a kiss the posture, at heart is very immediately disorderly, do I want to study with Jian Feng Han?

The Fang Ge Que expression is very proper, asked: „Xiao Yao, you returned to the original topic a moment ago, what comes back? Is what meaning?"

I think that has lowered the sound, said: „That...... Your experience crossed in five buildings a moment ago, bred to have person that type of thing......"

„Um." Mu Xuan said: „Before saw in the news, this time was to see the honorable person."

„Is this type of thing, and China has incessantly." I clench teeth, said: „Around the world actually has this technical research, the back was powerful arriving makes the organization that the person is unable to withstand, on the border line of Chinese area also appear bred to think of the person much, our army resistances bred to think of the person to be very disadvantageous, therefore the border line probably needed the manpower......"


Wan Er opened the eye: „You...... You have promised me, will not enter the war!"

I turn around to shake hurriedly her hand: „Wan Er, I guarantee strive with every effort, but if...... If the real border needs my strength, I really will possibly go, I am a serviceman, you know that protecting our homes and defending our country is a responsibility of serviceman, moreover my present strength also truly is they need......"

Actually everybody is very clear, takes a broad view at the world, breeds to think of the person facing the A level and even the S level, only then I can achieve kill them lossless . Moreover the efficiency also by far high topest special troop who moves, many duties can only be accomplished by my such person, only then I can complete.

Wan Er is nipping the red lip: „I...... I do not want to remain a widow!"

East city also said: „I do not want with remain a widow together!"

Wan Er looks at the boudoir honey, is out of control to smile: „Your this fellow, today is I becomes engaged, do not snatch the actor's pay again, must snatch tomorrow will again also snatch to be good!"

East city is away from me to shake the hand of Wan Er, is compensating smiling: „I am wrong, Wan Er should not be angry, Brother Xiao Yao is your, clip clop!"

I: „......"

Yan Zhao Warrior looks that I deeply inspire, said: „Um, if must participate in the modern warfare, I can only bless you, to admire you, said, this is the matter that the men should handle, I was what a pity old, at this time will enlist in the military also mostly rejecting by the army, had to plant the feeling of simply serving the country the non- gate......"

The Mu Xuan vision glance, looks to his abdomen: „Also must enlist in the military on your this pregnant woman same wholesale market , do you want the central authorities scaring to death?"

„I......" uncle had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly.

Fang Ge Que said: „Xiao Yao, if you enlist in the military, should unable to get up to play?"

„Um, but I will take away the hard helmet, on if needed, but there majority of Cooldown is the open country training moves anything, the opportunity on playing are not many, I do not think , in the game was bred to think of the person killing."

„Good." Fang Ge Que nods, said: „Since this, you refueled were many on one to play recently, stabilized the situation, at least before the fourth round country fought for Chinese area creation best war conditions."

I said: „Um, the Hybrid Demon territory that side I have been handling with every effort, if our China area can Pearl propping up, that sufficiently is the Hybrid Demon camp of head contends with Sif, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk, demon mountain and the others is joins the Hybrid Demon territory not to have the absolute superiority, other matters are not I can handle."

Saying, I looked to Yan Zhao Warrior: „Uncle, you must run the running highest heaven city, deals with NPC of highest heaven city much , to promote to defend the highest heaven city own density, the city that actually we need to pay attention to are not many, the highest heaven city has the transmission capacity, must defend, the iron skull city has the most formidable flight mount resources, sends the player to search for lion vulture mount, Ze deep pool city has the losing clansmen of punishment day Military Control Chi You tribe to guard, will not have the too major problem, most easily attacked is Tian Ling Empire and Full Moon City, defended is OK."

„OK, understood!"


I stand up, bringing Wan Er and East city to continue to propose a toast, many elders have not seen from the start, but is very intimate exchanging greetings, does not know are one doing.

To around 3 : 00 pm times, the banquet was almost ended, everybody's room has arranged in the hotel, respective organized activities.

The activity of [Zhan Long] is very simple, in the afternoon goes to the tomb, holds a memorial service for Shen Bing and Dong Cheng Lei together, they are the people in [Zhan Long] palace, being worth holding a memorial service.

Altogether 30 + people arrive at the tomb, at first chatted, when saw the autumn wind and weeds in tomb, everybody was silent, mood also heavy, yes, our life were very splendid, has the friend, had the game, had the family member, was here, Ah Lei and Shen Bing only then the cool breeze accompanied.

First is the Dong Cheng Lei tomb, his simple and honest photomontage on the tombstone, lets think to feel sad, when Dong Cheng Yue that the person cannot bear bursts into tears, Dancing Forest and eye of Yue Yao Yan and the others was also red.

Afterward is the Shen Bing tomb, my standing and waiting for a long time silently in the tombstone front, watches the picture on tombstone, Shen Bing is a beautiful woman, but pretty girls have hard luck. Xing Lie and axe, two tall men's have been crying to the Shen Bing tomb, is constraining at first also the sound, afterward almost turned into howling.

My nose acid, the tears cannot bear tumbles, has scratched scratching with the sleeve hurriedly, said low voice: „Xiao Lie and axe, were good, do not cry, making the Shen Bing elder sister see your present appearances, she can laugh your, said that your mother artillery, being doomed this whole life could not make the girlfriend......"

The Xing Lie tears could not stop, the sound said off and on: „If the Shen Bing elder sister can also laugh at me, my rather this whole life does not make the girlfriend, the boss, we......"

„Let alone."

I wipe the tears on cheeks, said: „This is our missions, the base applied for joining the military completely, from now henceforth your I am a serviceman, now can burst into tears, later can only burst into tears, the Shen Bing elder sister looks at our three in the space!"


Xing Lie nods, the vision also strengthens, although he is the top sniper in base, but is actually not old, is only a child, however the cruelty of losing and reality of companion, actually tempers him more and more likely is a stone, each mountain results in the man, probably like this tempers.

Zhan Long Chapter 1350

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