Zhan Long Chapter 1351

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When the night falls, entertains the guests to eat to drink in hotel as before, everybody majority of will be the tomorrow's airplane ticket, but will have the duty to entertain as the host family much, will otherwise neglect, will therefore sing K with Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others in the evening, I and Wan Er, East city have been invited along, to around 11 : 00 o'clock at night times will be loose, went back to rest respectively.


The reading hall in hotel, Fang Ge Que sits in the wheelchair upturns to look at «Broken Cauldron», probably is an profound imaginary novel, but the Enchanted Painting snowscape sits in the one side drinks the fruit juice, Matcha also, her Xue Jing elder sister Xue Rou.

„Scenery, will you go back tomorrow?"

„Um, when does the elder sister you go home to have a look? For a long time did not have."

„, Was busy at the matter of this nobility company recently for serveral days, you know that everybody in [Zhan Long] work room gathers capital to start an undertaking together, must this brand making in a big way."

„So that's how it is."

I held the hand of Wan Er to walk, stood under the spotlight, said with a smile: „Supple, this nobility business license what has managed?"

„Um, has handled the Boss." Xue Rou shows a faint smile, said to Xue Jing: „Reported to you, one of our this nobility men's clothing founders, Schoolmate Li Xiao Yao......"

Xue Jing has no alternative smiles: „Held Schoolmate Ge I already to see many times greatly."

At this time Fang Ge Que also gained ground, says with a smile: „Xiao Yao, planned really faded out this to play?"

„Um, mostly was this."

I shook the cell phone, said: „The duty were too recently many, Cooldown that on plays has also tailed off, therefore, all defenses of Chinese area must think that you discussed with Yanzhao uncle, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai these people, I later possibly every so often cannot help."


Fang Ge Que places on the books the leg, said with a smile: „Does not have what relations, each of us likely is the stars of space, some are radiant, some are dim, just likes the star combustion their life, your stage perhaps is not all in the game, today's matter makes me broaden the outlook, originally the follower in legend truly exists."

My brow raises, says with a smile: „I also think you are an unusual person, how otherwise possibly to achieve today's achievement , to continue CBN to fight net first for a long time, was called the law god by everybody, this is the average person is unable to achieve."

„Ordinary." Fang Ge Que said leisurely: „I am very ordinary, moreover is one loses the disabled person of both legs, therefore in I am willing to concentrate on playing, completes each detail, makes every effort own peak, is about this share faith makes me arrive now, must say that any law god and invincibility, this I have not been at all, in my Class course, many challengers is really more outstanding than me...... You are one, one is the forest of «Conquering» heyday roasts, oh...... But you 11 soon will leave, only then I also remain same place."

He has shown a moved look, said: „Sometimes, but also thinks really very lonely."

„Invincible loneliest."

I laugh, approach the racket his shoulder, said: „Brother, insists well that you are the pride of Chinese area, do not make the foreigner underestimate our Chinese, really...... They dare to despise us, that conquers them, since this is the faith that I have insisted."

Fang Ge Que somewhat changes countenance: „Um!"

Xue Jing said: „Good, our eldest children must go to the room to rest, your three also earlier rest."

Xue Rou looks at her appearance, cannot bear spit the tongue, said: „Scenery, are you all right? [Legend] Guild have several people, how been served probably Lao Fang to rest by your girl?"

Xue Jing cheek one red: „Boss lives cannot take care of oneself, what my this vice- does Guildmaster help him have not to be right?"

Xue Rou hesitates: „I, when [Legend] vice- Guildmaster has not done this work, is takes care of everything by Lu Chun Yang and Xuan Yuan Feng several people, it seems like that the [Legend] atmosphere now is different......"

Fang Ge Que somewhat is also awkward, actually coughed, said: „Little Demon, I and scenery she......"

„What does not have, yes?" Xue Rou said with a smile.

Fang Ge Que did not deny that said: „It is not, I like scenery very much, is associating with her."

When then Xue Rou this being startled of elder sister: „Oh, scenery you must consider, Lao Fang is one only will play the waste material of game, later you want daily necessities anything to attend."

Xue Jingxiao: „Elder sister! I know that I am an adult, isn't this matter clear? You took care of your matter to be good, the aunt may because continuously you did not have the boyfriend to worry!"

Xue Rou chuckle: „Snort, this did not have pleasingly? Has pleasingly also just became engaged, waits again, is my man not to appear!"

Fang Ge Que holds the volume chuckle: „Xiao Yao, the [Zhan Long] two beautiful woman elders both seemingly are passionately devoted to you, which it seems like that the [Zhan Long] atmosphere also very to goes!"

I am somewhat speechless: „We such mutually do not dirty again, earlier washes to rest, tomorrow you must catch the airplane."


„Future treasures."

„And you too."


Has packed off Fang Ge Que, I brought Wan Er to go to the room, Lin Tiannan have also arranged the room for our two, depended in the same place, Lin Wan Er requests in my room to drink to make tea, generally speaking this was a suggestion, a girl late at night must go to your room to drink tea, this was obvious, but we two relations to this situation, as if did not have that to will intimately.

When Lin Wan Er drinks tea, my cell phone has made a sound, is a strange number

„Hello, are you?"

„I am the grandsons in Nanjing Military Area Command fly in circles, will Li Xiao Yao, your 10 : 00 am have free time?"

„Um, what matter?"

„Comes to a Nanjing, 8 : 30 am times I will send a military helicopter in your hotel attic superior you."

„General, what matter is?"

„Ha, I also think that you knew, originally ** the general has not told you, is this, Wang Ze Cheng dies, domestic breeding thought of the person to organize also almost completely to be exterminated, therefore regional protector squads will have over 70% members to be drafted into the special troop army directly, tomorrow morning will hold a give a ranking ceremony in Nanjing, the outstanding people in each region protector squad will give a rank together."

„What military rank am I?"

„In all protector members is highest, major general military rank."

„Subordinates in the air force?" I slightly one startled: „I also think that I enlist am integrated the army!"

Sun Xiang laughs: „You want to result in beautiful, do you want to enjoy happiness in the tank? Does not have the gate, makes you join the air force after the military consistent discussion decision, is responsible for the air beat, by your ability, can implement the unfixed point on border line to attack, the effort can certainly make our enemies have a headache."

„Um, major general on major general."

„Since you complied, that such has decided that your military uniform and medal have prepared, on you tomorrow military region headquarters."


Here, Wan Er that my vision glance, actually side discovery drunk tea was in a daze, in a pair of beautiful pupil full was disappointed, I was then hurried the [say / way]: „Grandson flying in circles general, I want to ask that in my short-term won't have the military task? And...... Should be insufficient directly to stay in Nanjing to serve immediately, some of my also many matters......"

Sun Xiang said with a smile: „I know that you just became engaged, congratulate you, relax, your status is special, we do not demand you to serve, you can continue your life in Hangzhou, but the situation on border line, once is anxious time you have the duty to join the motion team immediately."



I opened relations that has exempted proposes, Wan Er also heard, this has revealed a joyful face: „Snort, calculates that you are also a little conscience, after being insufficient just to become engaged, made me defend the empty gate alone."

„Where can, the wife......" I throw the telephone in the one side, grasps her.

Wan Er sip the small mouth, said: „The words that once more joins the army perhaps, you accompanied my Cooldown to be shorter, East city that fellow has also been shouting, accompanied my Cooldown to be short, accompanied her Cooldown to be certainly shorter."

I am grasping her small hands, said sincerely: „Relax, my completely ceiling capacity will accompany you longer, as for East city that fellow...... Um, perhaps I leave also well, she will be pale absorbed."

Wan Er spoke haltingly a red lip, visits me spookily: „Fool, you thought that an East city such fool will have forgotten you easily? I can tell you very much responsiblily, I too understood East city, she was such girl, once decided to be good to you, this whole life will be good to you, does not have others again."

„That......" I somewhat was what to do ignorant.

She shows a faint smile, walks arm in arm in my arms, small sound track: „I am very mean-spirited, is...... But I do not think that East city so is for a lifetime uncomfortable, wait / etc. I, when I have overcome the psychological barrier, went to say with East city that making her live with our two same places."


My moral nature trembles, said: „Is...... Do the two girls in legend serve a man together?"

„Is beautiful you!"

She stares beautiful eyes to visit me, spookily said: „Looked again, if our two both want...... Moreover that side the father and East city uncle did not say,...... This matter is good to have a headache, you carry out the task in any case first, perhaps came back later to experience, I with East city can psychologically this pass/test."

„Um, good...... Right, tomorrow morning cannot accompany you, I must go to the Nanjing Military Area Command to carry on the give a ranking ceremony, Major general, what kind , is your husband very fierce?"

She eats to smile: „Big idiot, if I have your such ability, my liao kicks, at least lieutenant general military rank."

My Cooldown incomparably regretted that unexpectedly does not have liao to kick, too should not, it seems like later have any important matter to with bosom pretty little wife discuss.

„Was right, Xing Lie and do the axe also together go?"

„Um, that is must, goes forth to battle three brothers, they with me in the same place, is quite safer."

„That is good, I turned head to go to say well with them that making them probably all probably the belt of entire tail come back my husband, otherwise they do not come back."


Zhan Long Chapter 1351

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