Zhan Long Chapter 1352

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„Boss, the Shen Bing mother is not willing to comply to sign the agreement, what to do?"

On the helicopter, the axe scratches the head, the appearance that has no alternative: „I telephoned yesterday, the word of praise said completely, but she did not relent as before, thought the resurrecting Shen Bing elder sister in the game is to one blaspheming of her daughter, what to do?"

Xing Lie also said: „I am also at a loss."

My tranquil [say / way]: „Do not be anxious, in the morning after the give a ranking ceremony ended, we asked the aunt to say in the afternoon together in the past well that we must be a little patient, should be able to convince her."

„Um, good!"

8 : 30 times, airplane arrives in the Nanjing Military Area Command, the specialist greets us to enter the big assembly hall, sees many familiar faces, truly is the outstanding people in each region protector squad, even many people also know me, greeting in abundance, and massacres the S level to breed to think of the human to me to extend the congratulation, simultaneously they as if also from the hearsay learned that I will be awarded the major general, therefore called by the general.

Changes the blue uniform of air force, the whole person even more appears straight, Xing Lie and axe is a feeling pleased appearance, obviously the feeling has made a name for oneself.

The give a ranking ceremony has been quickly held, very **.

Altogether 1 major general, 3 chicken colonels, other majorities are the lieutenant colonel, major, captain and others, the Xing Lie military rank are the major, the military rank of axe are the flight lieutenants, once there is a motion to enroll my subordinate, although we know to the flight are not many, but to breeding to install the fight experience of person by far to be richer than any special troop, this is also military rank such high reason.

The give a ranking ceremony is presided over by a military officer of general, afterward has issued one „KILLS" operation plan, because, presented one crowd to stir up trouble the stable evil person on the southwest border line of China, according to the combat report, majority was breeds to think of the human, had from YN, there is from MD, even several were chosen as the S level breeds to think of the human, it seems like bred to install the development of person science and technology to use finally, in affected China to stabilize in the way of development.

This plan in fact is one time breeds to install the Decapitation Strike of person to the S level, temporarily is undecided concrete Cooldown, but in one month, will add on part of air forces by regional protector squads, has formed the special combat unit, the establishment is a division, the designation is the border independent division, about 7000 + people of appearances, appoint me as the division commander at the scene, once in fact arrives in the battlefield of border line, I was the commander-in-chief.

Sun Xiang worried that I am inexperienced, has provided two air force deputy division commanders to me, making me learn from them much, but the ages of two people are older much than me, this also cannot dispute, many studies.

Has deliberated on the KILLS plan around 2 : 00 pm, the return trip, returned to Hangzhou, has continued our life, when because above has not decided to send our regiments to attack, they in waiting for the best opportunity, all carried on the security.

In the afternoon, arrives in Hangzhou time around 3 : 00, Wan Er and East city drove a business automobile to wait for us downstairs the hotel, when I am bringing the axe and Xing Lie, wears the brand-new air force uniform, to wear the major general to appear , in their field of vision, obvious two female somewhat were disorderly, my appearance was that type of outstanding ability, is joined to this uniform again, perhaps to any young girl is fatal killing.

Lin Wan Er some do not dare to visit me, chuckling to oneself that endures handsome said: „Pig, your this is really graceful!"


I also in a low voice from happy, looks to East city: „Yeah, how East city didn't you speak?"

Dong Cheng Yue could not come to a stop, is holding the glass, visits me silently, the hoodlum said very much: „What added? Others see your Shuai Cheng this, the both legs were crisp, cannot come to a stop"

The Xing Lie tears quickly smiled: „Two elder brother's wives are really charming!"

The axe is staring the big eye: „I had only heard the man can lead to let the woman not being able to close up leg, unexpectedly will have to lead to make the woman unable to come to a stop, the Boss, you are really different"

„Please call me." I said very much seriously, „axe comrade!"

„Yes, Major General Li Xiao Yao!"

My satisfied nod, this also almost.

Lin Wan Er speechless visits us: „Feeds, do not see the Shen Bing mother? I come to take you to pass specially, but can also go?"

„Urges to go faster, walks you!"

I have a look at a military officer military uniform, said: „Can change the body clothes to go again?"

„Does not use, this more convincing."


About four points time, arrived Shen Bing home, this is one is located in the courtyard in suburbs.

The vehicle stops slowly, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue get out first, I and Xing Lie, axe follow, after passing through the gate, discovered that the aunt is weaving the woolen sweater, but in the one side also aunt, should be the neighbor, the aunt knows us, stares slightly: „How do your you come?"

The neighbor aunt actually had a scare, when has she seen this type of weaponry?

At this moment, the Sir in next door came, shouting: „Juan her mother, Bao Kuaishu, you abundant several has given you and ice ice her mother tastes, before it's too late."

But when he sees us, the steamed stuffed bun in hand fell the ground, has been shocked, visits me saying: „Young fellow, your this crowd of becoming a soldier how to arrive at this to come, whom looked for?"

My well-mannered [say / way]: „Sir hello, I am the Shen Bing colleague, looks for the aunt."

„." Sir has a look at the military rank on my shoulder, immediately stares, said: „Major general the young fellow is extraordinary, young is the major general ice ice her mother, this young fellow is the general of genuine goods at reasonable prices"

The aunt has gawked staring, said: „Li Xiao Yao, I know you, ices the ice living time, mentioned you frequently."

My eye heat, remembers Shen Bing to live the appearance of time, immediately feels like a knife twisting in the heart, said: „Aunt, I came to here am to tell you that Shen Bing elder sister's memory derivation agreement in destiny game, so long as you signed on the line."

„No, is not absolutely good!" The aunt shakes the head to say firmly: „In I will not make my daughter play in this what resurrect, is your this insults you to know to her one? Li Xiao Yao, do you understand that ices the ice is all my, she walked, soul also keeps me, I do not want to make her be operated by others in the game."

I nod: „I understand that I understand."

The sound has slowed down, I said: „Aunt, the memory derivation system in fact is a record, do you know? Shen Bing elder sister's each thought in game, each motion, each psychological change changes to one group of data to pass to the server actually, her laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness, actually continuously in these data, if she has the soul, that soul there!"

Saying, me was clenching teeth , to continue saying: „Aunt, before the Shen Bing elder sister dies, what did not have to say to you with enough time, you do not want to know that what words she also did have to you say?"

The aunt collapsed instantaneously, the shoulder is shivering, the tears flow: „My I"

I: „Aunt, I will buy a game hard helmet for you, allowing you to enter the game, sees the Shen Bing elder sister, this is I to your commitment, by that time, you can know that what words the Shen Bing elder sister also had to you saying that even, so long as you wanted, you can every day get online to accompany her, even the telephone and virtual connection, you can call her at any time, don't you want like this?"

In the aunt has cried to be thin crash-bang, Lin Wan Er helps her wipe tears with the paper goods, passed the long time, she looks up me, said: „Can Li Xiao Yao, really like this? Can my I also see our family Shen Bing?"

I nod earnestly: „Yes, Ok, moreover asked you to believe that we want to see her very much again, she was your daughter, was we dearest friend!"

„That that good, I complied to sign."

Finally, the aunt decided to sign, the agreement has given Ouyang Nuoyan in the afternoon, the later matter was also not we can control. Has been busy to about around 7 : 00 times, this completes all, finished eating the food to return to the dwelling.

Returns to the dwelling time, Qin Wen, Tang Qi are eating meal in the living room, gain ground looks at my brand-new major general uniform the time, Qin Wen the look was blurred: „Was this this too also graceful? Wan Er, does your husband have the brothers?"

Wan Er throws smiles: „Don't cousin, please crack a joke well?"

Tang Qi is narrowing the eye: „Truly led, was the major general? Xiao Yao, you now are completely extraordinary, can promote the major general really?"

I nod: „Um, in the morning give a ranking ceremony that accepts in the Nanjing Military Area Command, this can also have the vacation."

„Envies, envy!"

He grasps the fist, said: „To this military uniform, my sincerity very much wants to enlist in the military, I ask that the army does return the important person now? By my present ability, what military rank will the words of enlistment give me?"

„At least is also the lieutenant colonel rank, the protection border that so long as you are willing to risk one's life with us is stable."

„I think actually" he scratches the head: „Is family's old men definitely will not agree that I enlist in the military, if I want to enlist in the military, they definitely will put out any fine-looking man not to become a soldier and so on to come the resentment I, is really awkward."

I shot a look at his one eyes: „Looked that your this welldoing does not have to plan to become a soldier, does your this aristocratic family juniors ultra promising Class well!"

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles: „Is."

In fact, is not all people are willing to handle my such matter, perhaps many people are willing to be engaged in the civilian post or the idle difference in the army, but goes to [Assault] to breach enemy lines, breeds to install person type with the S level is not the words that the thing of person breaknecks, that really few personally wants, after all the life is own, therefore I admire Xing Lie and axe group of brothers very much, they do not have my such cultivation to be, the list selects at is not breeds to install the match of person, but can actually fierce fearless facing, even if the S level breeds to think of the human, this is really the man.

Relatively speaking, actually small wolf and old K two person also quite having courage colors, facing variation Wang Ze Cheng dares as before on, has such brothers is my this whole life biggest pride.

Does not want to be too many, gets online, should pay attention to wear and Sif war between.

PS: Has the beautiful woman bibliophile to be French filament posture to lose weight, the skin care improves looks,( thin whole body, thin belly, thin four limbs) have the need to lose weight the handsome fellow sister of cosmetology to increase the slightly letter: 499000111 come the safe to make proxy idly, the big brand is trustworthy, raises loses the fallen leaf given name to be possible Bao Youyo!

Zhan Long Chapter 1352

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