Zhan Long Chapter 1355

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„The words of armor camp......"

Yan Zhao Warrior wrinkles the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards, said: „I pour too have not understood, knows the young emperor has sent out one crowd so-called ‚armor health/guard' joins the major regiments to control the situation of senior general, whose control in concrete armor camp is I have not paid attention, you know that our such players command basically in being busy going to war, who will have the leisurely mood to go to control these political strategies to fight?"

I shot a look at his one eyes: „On your this when also holds the spear greatly, these matters had not cared unexpectedly."

Yan Zhao Warrior claps hands to laugh: „Your does not have the conscience, I did not bring Qing Qian, micro coolly back and forth to take plane to attend your engagement ceremony for these days, you think me for whom!"

I: „Considers as finished, I from other way found, needs your this to hold the spear help greatly the time I will speak."



Looks back that Yan Zhao Warrior goes far away, I keep mouth shut, NPC military officers who now I can trust who? Huyan Li, Qu Hu? Perhaps inevitably, these two people had not been passed by shallow forest buy, as for Situ firewood, he is loyal and devoted to the sovereign, if knows that I want to be disadvantageous to the young emperor, perhaps will quarrel to become enemies, as if only trustworthy military officer also only then forest arched.

One, Lin Qiong to my individual strength and Military Control ability deeply subdues, from initially decided that fought up and down the country with me was loyal and devoted, came again, he also received the armor health/guard that the sovereign sent out closely to monitor, his here should be a breach.

Stands up from failure to start, is riding god fierce fine horse long walking on the Tian Ling Empire king main road, I hit a sound to refer to upwards, several seconds of latter warhawk rode to search falls rapidly, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Commands, what has to tell?"

This „commanding" is quite of pleasant to hear, the words on king appeared are extremely arrogant.

„Determines, where the vault of heaven armed forces commands the forest arched."

„Reply commands, at this time everyday, forest will command will go to the drunk immortal building in Beijie to drink."

„With also whom who he does drink together?"

„Whom did not have, he."

„Um, I knew, you go, transmitting orders Jing Yin, let her from the palace guard rode in the camp to choose 5000 people to ambush again outside the city, momentarily listened to my verbal command."


Reason that elects Jing Yin, this has the reason, Han Yuan is crude, perhaps meets the misdemeanor, Xiao Liduo seek actually irresolute, Dragon Xing and Han deep pool same extremely in crudeness, Xia Ye in being responsible for the important military affairs of palace guard, is not suitable leaves, but Jing Yin is only a Yorozuo is long, but obtains my entrusting with heavy responsibility, is the recognition military officer who vice- commands the rank, the prestige in the armed forces is not low, moreover is a heroic woman, thoughts exquisite beside also decisive brave, this point on being doomed she can become the important matter.


Progresses to come to the Beicheng area slowly, the drunk immortal building is quite illustrious, is in the city sells 8 levels of good wines only the shops, the player does not want to purchase the good wine to from here purchase from the player hand, the sales volume is good, can be accepted by the majority of players along with the prices of price fluctuations later 8 levels of good wines.

„, This honored guest......" small two welcomed to come to receive a guest, actually saw on my shoulder the golden palace guard symbol, could not bear the whole body tremble, said: „In this general...... You are drink wine?"

I nod smile: „Also is, is not, I am find the person, do you have to notice that another general drinks here, name was his Lin Qiong?"

„, Is the forest commands, he will come at this time everyday, drinks wine in top layer 7 Lou Yajian, the Sir you need slightly notifies one?"

„Does not use." I beckon with the hand, said: „I and he are good friends, I look for him and that's the end."

„Good...... Good."

He is timid, grasps the cleaning rag to stand there shivers, storekeeper walks, said: „Did king three sons, how you, look at what to look?"

„You of storekeeper look, what military rank is this person? How recently in the shop to come that many highly placed people?"

Storekeepers looked from afar, the shoulder that presses down hurriedly kneels down with him together, trembling [say / way]: „Small perforation does not recognize a superior, does not know that your highness arrives personally, asking your highness to forgive!"

I have not spoken, really somewhat cannot bear such scene.

Alone goes up steps on, has walked up to seven buildings step by step, the seven buildings in drunk immortal building are the tower have gone against likely, only then a theater box, by forest arched this armed forces commanders wrapping.


Shoves open the wooden door, a strong wine taste transmits, my knitting the brows head, said with a smile: „A person drinks the alcohol to drown one's sorrows, bursts oneself."

Lin Qiong a mail-armor and helmet has not unloaded, turns around to look at the discovery is I, knees down hurriedly: „End see will hold spear greatly...... Not, end see Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang!"

I am holding his arm, said: „Gets up, like this is why polite with me, comes the person, adds chopsticks and a cup."

Small two took wine class to come immediately.

I sit in the forest arched opposite, said with a smile: „How you were, daily bought wine, this likely was not that vault of heaven armed forces that I knew commands, unmatched in the world on general Lin Qiong!"

Lin Qiong liquor air/Qi, eye red, selfish pouring out wine, said: „Initially, end will follow general, fights up and down the country, the succession of victories, is very happy, but now...... Now is ‚bird and good bow conceal completely', end in the mansion will have covered entirely the informer, the armor health/guard everywhere is, even your majesty promoted 7 armor health/guard personally became Yorozuo of vault of heaven armed forces is long, has controlled all military authorities gradually."

His armored hand pounds suddenly on the table, said: „Daily Yorozuo long called the roll, they could not mention then do not come, when end will want to handle according to military law they, they have put out any nuisance loyal Monarch command unexpectedly, moreover these Yorozuo long drums moved the senior generals to purchase to open up wasteland, bought the house, to raise to wait on the concubine in the city, diverting war material wantonly, the day killed, this group of people looked like one flock of locusts are nibbling the strength of vault of heaven armed forces simply generally, held the spear to hold the spear greatly greatly......"

His eye red visits me: „End has wanted to retire, I am not really willing to see vault of heaven armed forces that leads that gradually becomes one crowd does not have the waste of strength."

„No, you do not use!"

I said the sentence firmly, afterward carries the wine class to toss down, a pungent flavor inflow throat.

„Your highness, do you think?" He visits me astonished.

I said lightly: „Armor camp is who helps the shallow forest do?"

„This person is very mystical, it is said called ‚high Liancheng', the armor health/guard of these armor camps were his one train, the total number of people have at least achieved 3000 people, it is said now your majesty bodyguard completely changed into the armor to protect, but was not Situ Xin the palace guard of imperial guard or your highness."

„Where does high Liancheng live?"

„Lives in the side hall in imperial palace, he will be your majesty love...... Since we conquer iron skull city and Ze deep pool city has monopolized, your majesty starts to believe the words of this high Liancheng, it is said that tall Liancheng exposed the evidence that several senior generals have plotted a rebellion, afterward helped your majesty attack to still a vassal in fire Yun City border, therefore was subject to thinking highly."

I deeply inspire, said: „Really is laughable, person of monopolizing is we, but final great accomplishment actually by a high Liancheng such villain seizing, the shallow forest is muddled!"

Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Actually cannot blame your majesty completely, the slanderous talk is difficult to resist, multiple advising that high Liancheng said things just to frighten people, said that many plotted a rebellion and carve up the day plume the intention again, therefore your majesty has had the greatly strengthened restless feeling, this will make that many silly matters, making the armor health/guard enter the major military compounds, causes now the entire Tian Ling Empire army terrified restless."

I nod: „It seems like does not still the armor camp, I cannot compete in the Hybrid Demon territory wholeheartedly."

Lin Qiong one startled: „Your highness, did you plan to dispatch troops to the Hybrid Demon territory?"

Saying, he goes down seat hurriedly, knees down, said sincerely: „Requests earnestly your highness to bring end to attack the Hybrid Demon territory together, this Tian Ling Empire Lin Qiongzhen day is not willing to treat."

I show a faint smile: „Does not worry, how we think to butcher this high Liancheng and armor Wei Men!"

„Yes, how does your highness plan to do?"

„Are your vault of heaven armed forces also how many trusted subordinate military strength absolutely loyal in your?"

Lin Qiong hesitates, said: „After first armed forces , the armed forces and Zuo Jun, the right armed forces basically had been controlled by the armor health/guard, the imperial guards health/guard of only armed forces directly belongs to my control, about 7000 people, are stationed in Nanmen of Tian Ling Empire city."

„That is good, 12 : 00 o'clock at night punctual conduct."

Lin Qiong eyes one bright: „End will respectfully follow your highness military order!"

„You dispatch the warhawk to ride to search to inform Situ Xin, at midnight when withdraws defends all imperial guards of imperial imperial city gate, arranges some trusted subordinates to be in the Emperor's garden again, I will also officially inform one new to hold the spear greatly, making him hold troops, the mid-night arrives, immediately opens the city gate, my 5000 palace guards enter from East city, your 7000 imperial guards escort Nancheng District to impact the imperial palace directly, enters in the imperial palace, as long as meets the armor health/guard, executes summarily, destroys the den in high Liancheng, for a penny and for a pound!"

„Yes, Your highness!"

Lin Qiong is excited, said suddenly: „But, can our such words, let aim at your majesty the pointed weapons that high Liancheng becomes angry out of shame? Your majesty is in several thousand people of military strength of high Liancheng now!"

„Relax, the Dragon Rider soldier who I will send palace guard enters the imperial palace, protects your majesty."



Discussed, immediately left the drunk immortal building, Lin Qiong did not have the tipsy feeling, progressed to directly soar the vault of heaven armed forces imperial guards health/guard the big camp.

I and Yan Zhao Warrior help supply each other, he has in a big way holds the spear token, can order to open the city gate at any time, if Yan Zhao Warrior moves with me together, any regiment does not dare to obstruct us, although...... Perhaps he not in which regiment the words do not have to dare to prevent us, after all I have a title of Xiao Yao king now, simultaneously has the military authority in the empire as before.

Then waited, is waiting for the darkness, dim light of night tranquil time is we gets rid.

Zhan Long Chapter 1355

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