Zhan Long Chapter 1356

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Late at night, was the night in reality, the Tian Ling Empire player majority of already offline, remaining was also the player who sparse going out practiced the level, moreover only opened the door, the main front door has shut tightly, every night in the main city was this.


I stand in the city gate, looked at the past from afar, a outside fertile plain darkness, anything could not see, but in silent faintly has actually heard the hoofbeat, 5000 that Jing Yin led rode the camp palace guard to come again!


In the whipping wing sound of warhawk, a warhawk rides to search falls slowly, said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, our people came, Sir Jing Yin sends me to notify one, once in the city holds up the flare, in our people immediately clash enter a city."

I nod silently.

Yan Zhao Warrior looked under the city, knit the brows saying: „Mother, how also 200 people of patrol teams patrol tonight in the east gate, is not our people."

„Whose person?"

„Imperial guard, but by Situ firewood control, probably is not the multitude of people that some armor health/guard holds the post is long."

„Did not have Cooldown."

I had a look at Cooldown, distance 12 point also a half minutes, therefore lifted the arm, corners of the mouth said with a smile: „After I kill this multitude of people length, you immediately the verbal command opens the city gate, puts the palace guard to come."


The roaring flame of body week is suddenly turbulent, I enter the god shape instantaneously change the body condition, the butterfly sword and pure honored sword come out of the sheath together, from airborne dives suddenly, eats delicacies lowly, rides the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men] anger to cut on that multitude of people long body, he dials the horse to turn around hurriedly, the shield in the front, loudly shouted to clear the way horizontally: „What person, dares to assassinate this general?"

My sword blade edge already passed his chest armor, under the flame of butterfly sword shines, sneers saying: „Kills your this person also to need to assassinate? Relieved dies!"

The long sword wields, shuts off the chest cavity, directly his head chopping.

The blood sprays, one crowd of imperial guards hurry to hold up the pointed weapons, is pointing to me, loudly shouted to clear the way: „What person, dares to assassinate the defense military officer?"

The flare holds up, shines on my face, I turn over to the sheath the long sword slowly, said: „Is I, what issue has?"

One group of soldiers are dumbfounded, kneels down: „Your highness! You...... Why do you want to kill this Xu Jiang khaki cloth?"

„Now I announced that Tian Ling Empire major regiment highest instructions: Eliminates all armor health/guard! Your matters, have not drawn back."


Really, tactic that my this takes action first and explains later is very reasonable.


The city gate opens abruptly, the innumerable palace guards ride the soldier in camp to enter a city under leadership of scenery sound again, her mount is quite quick, after speedy approach, said: „Sir, our people entered a city, now what to do?"

„Han did Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye go to the imperial palace personally?"

„Already sky over imperial palace, when we enter that moment of imperial palace immediately to descend to protect your majesty."

„Good, holds up flare, enters the imperial palace!"


One group of palace guards have held up flare, just likes the daytime according to the city, Yan Zhao Warrior also jumps down the city wall, the soldier who leads several hundred strong wind from afar armed forces gallops to go with us, the night of king main road did not have the past tranquility, lives the common people in city to shut tightly the main house gate, for fear that this turbulence will affect them.

Moved unimpeded all the way, imperial guard that tried to obstruct in abundance to greatly be also held the spear token stopping by Yan Zhao Warrior, this held the iron of spear to make truly very useful greatly.

When we arrive at the imperial palace entrance, the imperial guard all voluntarily retreats to go, what replaces it is one crowd of hands grasp the armor health/guard of pointed weapons, about 1000 + people of appearances, defend in the imperial palace entrance, multitude of people long are raising the long blade, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang, you bring the mighty force to rush to the palace thoroughly, is how is it?"

„Does not want to be what kind." I am grasping the reins of god fierce fine horse, shows a faint smile saying: „Landscape is our group of officers hits after the life and death, cannot fall into the young person hand, the armor health/guard deceives both superiors and subordinates and plots to murder Zhongliang, my this time comes to strangle to death your this group of counter- thieves, suffers to death to me entirely, kills without the amnesty!"

His face is angry, the long blade is pointing to me: „Li Xiao Yao, your this counter- thief, you expensive are the teacher of sovereign, expensive is the empire Xiao Yao king, unexpectedly starts the mutiny to plot to murder your majesty, simply is individual god altogether indignant."

My Jing Yin already could not listen, Jianfeng refers, said superficially: „Palace guard, kills!"

The war cries get up, the palace guard increases speed to overrun in abundance, the iron spear and sharp sword penetrate the body of match rapidly, these armor health/guard majority are the generations of some liquor pouch rice sacks, where can be the match of palace guard? Three next five go to two, less than ten minutes of Cooldown, 1000 people of opposite party completely have become the meat sauce, the buckle hundred people of palace guard.

Pushes directly into, presses up to the imperial palace in shallow forest.

On has had armor health/guard interception along the way, but was killed, until we arrive at outside the sovereign imperial palace time, finally presented about thousand people of armor health/guard to defend imperial, the dense and numerous archers have defended the main hall stair, a senior general of body draping a red band robe raised the long sword, said loudly: „Chaotic arrow kills, massacres this group of counter- thieves to me!"

An armor health/guard hesitant, said: „Sir, comes the person is Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang?"

„Kills to me!"

He exclaimed loudly: „Li Xiao Yao is empire counter- thief, massacres him, seals the lord of ten thousand households!"

Chaotic arrow like rain, but palace guard how is brave to fear trivial snapping, the heavy cavalries will be hanging in shield in abundance take to form a shield wall, „" opens the chaotic arrow ball, but the forehead of warhorse was being wrapped by the mail-armor and helmet, arrow Yane this is unable to inject, this round crowded chaotic arrow has not caused any losses to us simply.


My low roar, starts the sword broken landscape skill directly, twists the broken, giant house beam the stone column caves in the archer of being battered to death innumerable armor health/guard, the palace guard heavy cavalry covers in abundance kills to go, in an instant above the stair turned into pools of blood.

The military officer of that draping a red band robe draws back into the imperial palace main hall rapidly, but I also observed closely him, raised the sword to kill, Jing Yin, Yan Zhao Warrior and the others also led the heavy cavalry to step into the main hall.

This person must be high Liancheng without doubt.

The palace maid in imperial palace has lightened lamp bowl, according to here well-illuminated, but they saw the sword bright palace guard enters the imperial palace time, was dumbfounded, some even frighten to scream that they are usually living the tranquil life in the palace, when has seen this type of weaponry.



Fills in dignified low roar, the sovereign shallow forest appeared, wears the imperial robe, the hand according to the sword hilt of blade edge of king, the vision ice-cold looks at our one group of people, said: „What's the matter?"

tall Liancheng kneels down hurriedly, said: „Your majesty, the Li Xiao Yao intention plots a rebellion, leads the palace guard to enter from the city without your majesty imperial decree, has violated to bully Monarch to deceive the crime, requesting earnestly your majesty to order to punish mercilessly!"

The shallow forest looks to me, in the vision is bringing unprecedented ice-cold, said: „Li Master, what's the matter? Holds General Ge Zhao greatly, you with him, as soon as left sought the counter matter?"

Yan Zhao Warrior has smiled, saying with a smile of both arms thoughts: „Because I and Li Xiao Yao are the friends who life and death depends on, that is all."

The shallow forest looked to Lin Qiong, exclaimed lowly: „On general Lin Qiong, I wait you not to be thin, how you will participate in the stratagem going against, can you know you to violate have not been possible Rao She the capital crime?"

Lin Qiongwo is bringing the long sword of blood, said lightly: „Micro feudal official arrives at this today, has not planned to live walking, is only willing to follow Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang, even if dies did not regret."

Jing Yin is calmest, holds the fist in the other hand said respectfully: „Your majesty, Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang has not plotted a rebellion."

„Shut up!"

Shallow Lin severe shouted to clear the way: „Leads the palace guard to enter my imperial palace, this has not calculated that plots a rebellion?"

Jing Yin the corners of the mouth raise, said with a smile lightly: „Your majesty, you are Monarch of the country, should also know that your Li Master hasn't had your present status? You may not forget, isn't every bit of property of this landscape, somewhat Li Shuai helps you hit? Now ‚crafty rabbit dies, running dog to boil', ‚bird and good bow conceal completely', you ordered to monitor Li Shuai unexpectedly, even were having a high opinion of armor health/guard group of villains, your majesty, you that worried to lose your power?"

Shallow forest complexion is pale: „General Jing Yin, what do you mean?"

„Not any meaning." The scenery sound delicate eyebrows raise, dashing of heroic woman reveals completely with nothing left, lifts long Jianping in the front, said: „On this day, there are virtue those who are able to occupy it, if your majesty the line does not have the matter of virtue constantly, some that naturally people will displace."

The shallow forest is mad trembles, vision ice-cold visits me, said: „Li Xiao Yao, can you substitute for me?"



The sword blade edge turns over to the sheath, my both arms hold the fist in the other hand, said respectfully: „Shallow forest, you are the lord of empire, is Monarch of the country, you can govern good Tian Ling Empire, I deeply am proud for you, but you entrust with heavy responsibility the armor health/guard, making them seep in the major regiments, since old times had the word, chooses a person not to doubt the person not to use, you have violated the military commander big death anniversary, you entrust with heavy responsibility the armor health/guard, means that overcomes the military officers in half of the country to meet 11 to leave you for you to go, but finally you also soon will be a genuine loner."

„Li Xiao Yao!"

Shallow forest complexion is pale, exclaimed fierce: „In your eyes can once have my this emperor?!"

I gain ground visit him who lets somebody cool off or calm down, sound also gradually ice-cold, said lightly: „The shallow forest, I can carry in the throne you, can lag behind the throne you, my Li Xiao Yao has a clear conscience, wholeheartedly fights for state power for your Family, now series seven big kingdoms, you start to raise the armor health/guard, cruelly harmed my once friend, my intent in the world, cannot retire to yield, but can endure these, actually could not endure you to cruelly harm the friend of mine."

Saying, me was letting somebody cool off or calm down said: „Comes the person, chopped high Liancheng!"

Lin Qiong overran rapidly, the long sword flashes past, high Liancheng with enough time had not even said that anything the number of people flew.

„Li Xiao Yao, you are dissolute!!"

The shallow forest is angry.


My surface is tranquil, but at heart is actually overwhelming.

Sometimes we want to mediate, may in the face of all sorts of realities actually have to for not the matter of hoping.

Zhan Long Chapter 1356

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