Zhan Long Chapter 1357

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The shallow forest has been mad results in whole body to shiver, the hand is grasping the armored hand, gets angry: „Li Master, you knows that what you are making? You are starting the mutiny, you is a stratagem go against!"

Saying, he draws out the sword of king suddenly, Jianfeng is pointing to me and one group of palace guard and imperial guards health/guard, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Come, has killed me, you can displace!"


„Your majesty!"

Lin Qiong knees down, in the eye full is the pain, said: „I and others do not want to plot a rebellion, but is the strengths of armor health/guard unceasing corrosion major regiments, the Tian Ling Empire generals were supervised to look that lives to might as well die simply, high Liancheng offers the slanderous talk, deceives your majesty trust, is controlling the empire military authority step by step, hasn't your majesty discovered?"

„All truth, I will discover with the eye." The shallow forest said the sentence lightly, afterward looks to me, said: „Li does Master, you want to be this emperor? That shallow forest helps you."

Saying, him has been raising the sword of king, wiped directly to the nape of the neck.


The flame spatters in all directions, the sword of king was shaken, in the butterfly sword straight injection following great column in my hand, the left leg retrocedes one step, the cloak raises on single Xigui slightly there, sinking sound track: „Shallow forest, I never have for day to want this throne, but you must remember, my behind these military officers open up territory for the empire Bi earth the hero, at any time cannot disappoint them, you entrust with heavy responsibility the armor camp, even during links me to monitor, this is the action of unenlightened ruler."

Yan Zhao Warrior and Jing Yin and other military officers all kneel down, I always do not kneel down to NPC, this time is an accident.

Shallow forest dull standing there, said: „What is your this? In front of my to massacre high Liancheng, now will you also recognize my this sovereign?"

„You are always a sovereign, but violates silly."

I, said: „Pearl has rebuilt the city of Tu Dragon in the northern boundary, her only duty is to guard the northern boundary, will not come back to compete for the world with your this younger male cousin the main imperial throne, you may feel relieved greatly, if your I and Pearl do not trust, how that will trust these for the brave warrior who you guard the territory, does not have giving loyalty to of these brave warriors, how long can your this emperor also work as?"

The shallow forest retrocedes dejected several steps, sits on the stair, said: „How Li Master wants to punish the shallow forest, entirely according to your convenience, I do not have the objection."

I gain ground to have a look at him, said: „I will soon lead the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces to expedite the northern boundary, Tian Ling Empire is guarded by Situ firewood and Tantai feather, all military authorities completely as before during your majesty grasps, Situ Xin, Tantai feather believes loyally your majesty also knows, in I fire off the northern boundary comes back, naturally can hand over to begin all military authorities, if your majesty does not feel relieved me, can take my Wang Jue truncating greatly, I am also good as apologizing by this."

At this time, Situ Xindai one crowd of imperial guards were flushing, looks at our one group of people, could not bear ask: „Li Tongling, what is your this is making?"

„Anything, your majesty has not given you to protect."


I transferred with Lin Qiong, Jing Yin, Han Yuan and the others am departing on the stride.

At this moment, suddenly has after death broadcast the voice of shallow forest: „Li Master......"

I have anchored the footsteps, turns around saying: „Your majesty, how?"

Shallow forest eye is red, mutters asks: „They said...... Said that Li Shiwei tall Quanzhong, merit are high, is the first under heaven person who deserves, Li Master wants to be the emperor, nobody can prevent, but the shallow forest is only Li Master plays with among the puppet in fingers and palms, is really such?"

He laid cards on the table finally.

I thought suddenly a whole body feeling of weariness, is hanging down the view, said: „These years have been going on an expedition continuous, I was already tired, I have thought returns to own life, this imperial throne...... Sits is lonely, I rather with several good friend together travelling world, moreover my individuality is not suitable to be this emperor, the shallow forest is not necessary to receive other people's instigation, Li Shizhen wants to seize your throne, perhaps will not wait till today, not when you will rely on this any nonsense armor camp."

Saying, my distant hand, the butterfly sword was flying from the iron pole, grips the sword hilt, layer on layer pricks the ground the sword blade edge, my sinking sound track: „Today is working as in front of that many military officers and friends pledged that my Li Xiao Yao will never covet the imperial throne, so long as my Li Xiao Yao is living for day, whom I will not make capture the imperial throne from shallow forest, wants to shallow forest displacing, to tread my Li Xiao Yao corpse to step onto the imperial throne!"

Shallow forest whole body shivers, tears rolling fall: „Li Master, shallow Lin Zhicuo...... Shallow Lin Zhicuo......"

I nod: „My triumphant returns."


The battle dress raises gently, draws a sword to walk.

The shallow forest has the world, however in the face of the absolute authority, where the will of the people can not vacillate, he is very young, line of bad missteps are also unavoidable, moreover he truly has pure bloodlines the lord of Tian Ling Empire, supports him, is equal to supporting the series in Chinese war zone, this step I cannot go astray absolutely, will otherwise lead to the blunder.

Late at night , the Tian Ling Empire cold wind blows the person to be out of control shivering somewhat.

On the city main road does not have too many people, only then the pointed weapons and armor of hit and friction sound of heavy cavalries, Lin Qiongti long sword, silently with me, after walking was quite far, said: „Your highness, did we on such attack the Hybrid Demon territory really?"

„Um, other?"

On his face has one to worry that said: „Our act is no different is the mutiny, I was worried...... Was worried that your majesty will go out of town while us, assembles flame Dragon Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and imperial guard main force, interrupts our rear guards, blocks the expeditionary force and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den army completely north the ice ridge mountain, in that case, our perhaps again also not being able to go home garden......"

Saying, on his face was completely sad, said: „A handle scepter, a throne, making many people fall to the ground for it number of people......"

I have not spoken, still instigates the god fierce fine horse to proceed.

Yan Zhao Warrior walks in the one side, said: „This point can feel relieved that I remained behind Tian Ling Empire to be good, the Tantai feather and Qu protected these people are not the person of failing to see the bigger problem, even if were the emperor has the order, they were also not necessarily able to act accordingly, after all Li Xiao Yao was the empire first high-ranking court official, everyone not under killer to you."

I cannot bear smile: „Cultivates the behavior really difficultly, wants to quit while ahead is difficult, early knows is this, I initially should not accept to confer the title of prince upon, should not propose that leads the palace guard Northern Expedition."

Yan Zhao Warrior laughs in spite of trying not to: „The Northern Expedition is not considered as that what misdemeanor, but polishes the post-war buttocks, do not worry that too, with single-hearted devotion the Hybrid Demon territory stilling, the good and evil you now are also the major general, was a great person, always do not worry about these trivial matters, is right?"


„Does the [Zhan Long] player expedite the Hybrid Demon territory with you together?"

„Should the meeting, before the war will soon break out, I to everybody the news, the player who wants to enter the war together will come, does not know that can trigger a system task anything."

„Has not related, has not triggered us also to mobilize several big guilds to kill, Sif on a person, killed her to win."

My distant looks at the north, a darkness, shook the head saying: „These matters are not we can about, can win said again, I do not hope actually Sif died in battle."


„Sif is living, at least has a balance, Sif died, Pearl was north the boundary has advocated, truly speaking...... Pearl is a very far-seeing originality girl, can she lead the Hybrid Demon army to counter-attack Tian Ling Empire, I do not have anything to grasp absolutely, now therefore I can do makes a balance point, lets Pearl and shallow forest north and south surrounds and protects, resistance foreign land player and Hybrid Demon influence."

Yan Zhao Warrior deeply inspires, said: „You, when holds the Cooldown of spear greatly, has probably worried is these matters?"

„It is not, performing high service through hard work!"

„Ha, said that you are fat you to breathe heavily!"

„Ha Ha, when the uncle comes Hangzhou to play again, asking me to eat meal!"

„No, you come to Changsha, our Changsha outstanding people spirit, the younger sister paper is also attractive, the words that you come I invited you, coordinated process......"

Lin Qiong asked in side surprise: „Holds the spear greatly, what coordinated process do you want to invite your highness?"

Yan Zhao Warrior touches the nose: „On the general, said you do not understand, that is the pastime of another world, you never may probably understand......"

The forest arched straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise: „Snort, holds spear word to be bad greatly, pastime of our Tian Ling Empire were many, four of drunk immortal building had the Silla female to dance to add to the fun, three buildings had the foreign country uncivilized nationalities female to brandish a sword, how you can say that Tian Ling Empire has not whiled away the time."

Yan Zhao Warrior smiles, did not argue, winked to me, made one to despise Lin Qiong is „LO thousand compelled" the expression.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry, does not know that said anything.


Night, a piece of flare has illuminated the starry sky, the innumerable palace guards and vault of heaven armed forces left Tian Ling Empire continuously, the conveyer invincible might artillery, the dragon crystal artillery to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction, although a world series, but the war circles as in the sky of empire, the northern boundary Hybrid Demon territory is an enemy, the player who moreover, the sky rose leads the US influence has propped up a vassal influence in iron skull city northwest, is the enemy, has the demon mountain to enter East China Sea again, sought for islands as the standpoint, was resting and building up strength, believes that soon after will stage a comeback, but most let is the clear pupil that I was worried. Develops black ink, she and maplewood was drunk and other Indian players were occupying the seven luminaries city to be getting stronger and stronger, bought in the player of each small server to move into, but along with moving into increase of player, city Shua new several times, the area was also getting bigger and bigger, has developed to have 9000 thousand to register the giant city of player, wanted compared with Tian Ling Empire male towering, in the forthcoming fourth round country fought, the seven luminaries city will be a lethality threat.

However, as if this must give Yan Zhao Warrior to handle, the fourth round country war, did not have the accident I to be on the Chinese southwest border line to carry out the combat task.

Zhan Long Chapter 1357

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