Zhan Long Chapter 1358

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Dawn daybreak time, palace guard majority crossed cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the scenery sound followed close on me behind, is riding the white horse, said: „Your highness, this expedition, our stratagem which ensures success about how many?"

I look at the north, without hesitation: „Must win!"

Jing Yin smiled: „The of your highness self-confident does not lose when completely initially held the spear greatly."

„That is natural, the Pearl military strength did not lose to Sif to be too many, in addition we, have the leading a cheer of dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery again, wants to lose was difficult, let alone the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength together will also attack the scarlet mountain range with us."



Again shortly afterward, Tu Dragon Fort arrived, now is named as „slaughter Dragon's den", in the city wall is carving „Tu Dragon" with the traditional character two characters, but Tu Dragon, instead has not been and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider gentlemen cooperates in fact intimately, we have not arrived had several Dragon Rider gentlemen to fly high to dance in the air to come, is person Qing Luo, raises Dragon Jianyue to fall, said with a smile: „Dragon Rider the Sir, you will come finally, Lady Frost and Your Highness Pearl waited for a long time."

„Um, Kaesong gate."


Qing Luo eats delicacies lowly, the city front door slowly opened, the palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and others entered the city one after another, however also enters that moment of city in us, suddenly west the city heard a crowded conch sound, the cheek of Qing Luo changed color: „It is not wonderful, as if also had Hybrid Demon to come to attack a city!"

„Comes frequently?"

„For these days had also several waves, the population of however coming is only several thousand people, is the stirring up trouble tactic, where god knows Sif that ruthless spicy woman studied such obscene tactic."

I smile: „A bit faster in the past had a look."


We have not gone to the administrative hall, because Frost and Pearl together have mounted the western city wall, when I fly, Pearl said with a smile distantly: „Li Xiao Yao came!"

Falls gently, actually sees the north dense and numerous crowds, at least came hundreds of thousands of Hybrid Demon, and as if incessantly is Hybrid Demon, toward the rear area can see that again ID of player linked up into a single stretch.

„?" I smiled: „As if clear pupil developed black ink they to have the idea to slaughter Dragon's den!"

The Pearl delicate eyebrows are light: „These join the adventurer of Hybrid Demon camp, wants to attack slaughter Dragon's den? How like this, won't they care about the human the life and death?"

„In fact they truly do not care." I am unable to explain the mechanism of player, has to say.

Frost is hanging and vertical, continuously black hair handsome flies upwards in the cold wind, but the facial expression on cheek actually quite tranquil, as if all are unable to make her mood have mighty waves, looks enemy who the West blots out the sky, she said leisurely: „Qing Luo, ordering the Dragon's den armed soldiers to prepare to meet head-on, slaughter Dragon's den just reconstructed, cannot fall to the enemy absolutely in their hands."

„Yes, Sir!"

I also turn around to look to behind palace guard one group of senior generals, said: „Goes to move the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery, they dare to approach the city to attack them, does not use the economical shell."

„Yes, Your highness!" Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand smiles.

The shell that this time we bring is half of Tian Ling Empire stock, in the quantity is absolutely enough, therefore does not need to save anything.

Also at this moment, system ting from the sky fluttered suddenly, the population of , participating were too many, triggered the random system task, moreover was the edition duty


System Announcement: All players please note, 【Protection slaughter Dragon's den】 The edition opens officially, the player enters in the slaughter Dragon's den domain to participate in the duty voluntarily, kills the hostile player and NPC can obtain duty points, final points MVP will obtain at least the God Tier super military officer, if can counter-attack, captures the scarlet mountain range map of opposite party, then the reward turns time!


I cannot help but slightly one happy, is really the good deed, is one time pulls open with the seven luminaries city player strength disparity good opportunity, so long as our people obtain enough many points, then the people in seven luminaries city will pursue on Level and equipment.

Immediately said in [Zhan Long] guild channel: „Good, slaughter Dragon's den had the edition duty, online immediately coming, the whole show telephone awakened, wanting top equipment not to be loaf, first defended slaughter Dragon's den, then killed!"

Wang Jian laughs: „Well, Li Mu that bad luck fellow just covered the quilt to sleep, I make Bai Qi awaken him immediately!"

Wolf: „Immediately comes...... I go, I and arm of old K am also wearing a cast, this must go to kill the enemy heroically, is unable to admire itself simply...... That anyone, Xing Lie, do not lead the younger sister to practice the level, the preparation embarked to defend slaughter Dragon's den!"

Xing Lie: „I have not led the younger sister, is they requests me to work as under the firebase this......"

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „Do not explain that explained conceals, said again, Xiao Lie was fierce you are the majors, but also there are any embarrassed, by your qualification, many younger sister papers wants to pursue you but actually!"

„Right?" Xing Lie is dumbfounded: „I why unmarried......"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Because of too aloof!"

Xing Lie is suddenly enlighted: „I must learn from the boss, am surrounded by beautiful women......"

My eyes stared round: „Mother cannot speak at a venture, when I was surrounded by beautiful women!"

Wolf laughs: „Right, the major general Xiao Yao elder brother, the resentment he, your military rank is higher than 4 levels him, empty!"( Spatial military academy military rank is divided into major, lieutenant colonel, colonel and senior colonel, therefore high 4 levels)

Yue Qing Qian asked: „Brother Xiao Yao puts on the appearance of major general military uniform, is very certainly graceful?"

„Sincerity leads......" the Xing Lie honest acknowledgment.

Dong Cheng Yue cropped up, said: „The commander-in-chief who is unable to explain, real Qing Qian, has the opportunity you to have a look really......"

Li Mu has gotten online, hey smiles: „Does the East city beautiful woman, lead to let of person not being able to close up leg?"

Dong Cheng Yue: „Leave the thick, monster kaoliang, I did not speak to you!"

Li Mu is angry: „Mother's I and Xiao Yao age only differs three years old, is the wool he is Brother Xiao Yao, I was the monster kaoliang!"

The people laugh boisterously.

Yue Qing Qian said: „That and other Xiao Yao elder brothers wear the military uniform again time, Sister Dong Cheng Yue remembers that a racket picture passes to the line to make everybody has a look, we want to take a look!"

Dong Cheng Yue nods: „Um, but I think to put at the forum to meet the sincerity fire, the destiny first person, the MVP player in Chinese war zone, unexpectedly in the reality is air force few general officers, definitely very much causes a stir!"


I am somewhat speechless: „Do not discuss that face value, your uniforms controlled, hurry to buy potion to come slaughter Dragon's den, the Indian has attacked a city with Hybrid Demon together, you did not come slaughter Dragon's den not to have."

„Come comes......"


Finally, Lin Wan Er uses the status of hot cloud princess, transmitted the highest heaven city, the order palace masters has established transmission, quick, large quantities of [Zhan Long] players directly have transmitted from the highest heaven city to slaughter Dragon's den , was really intelligent, knows that reasonably used the main city characteristics superiority, so long as in fact Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city and iron skull city three cities grasped in the hand, most rode the armed forces, the strongest air force, wasn't sur- entire map transmission, on this day under possibly our?

Under the city, the mist and dust is billowing, innumerable Hybrid Demon sweep across to come, what front line is one flock of approaching speed very quick barbaric wolves rides, the pointed weapons in barbaric wolf equestrian are the denticle blade, is used to chop the city wall is very actually convenient, moreover their Movement Speed were too quick, is used to do the surprise attack should better, but, can advance the city under foot the front rapidly, Sif but actually is also very intelligent.

„Heavy artillery preparation!" The scenery sound raises the long sword, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Mass-criticizes!"

Artillery sound reverberations sky over the city, the entire western city wall are shivering under the reverse thrust, mushroom clouds ascend above the earth, under the saturation bombing, the innumerable barbaric wolves ride became pile of hashed meat, but in them what approaches the city is greets their is the palace guard and Dragon's den armed soldier and [Zhan Long] archer, the archer and Musketeer together catches up, the barbaric wolf of remnant blood rode almost unable to bump into including the city wall to be killed.

The attack of this dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery was too intensive, the front about ten thousand barbaric wolves rode soak continually have not turned are given to eat by us, the seven luminaries city player team that this caused the back row was somewhat awkward, to was not, did not flush is not, finally under lead of some guild, hundreds of thousands of people have fired into slaughter Dragon's den, greeted their naturally as before is the fierce fire!

Under mushroom clouds, player died in battle frigidly, although my some do not understand significance that they died like this where.

Strength disparate some of both sides were big, although the seven luminaries city is the super city, however was inferior in the science and technology in Tian Ling Empire were too many, let alone the might huge invincible might artillery, they even including comparing the heavy artillery of dragon crystal artillery might did not have, only then burnt the fierce Hybrid Demon heavy artillery, the might approximately and hot crag artillery was equal, the destructive power to the city was minimal.

The players arrive under Dacheng quickly, degenerates into object who kills, but I and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha and other god level players start the god shape to rush to the city to kill people in abundance to capture points, otherwise first possibly was Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and one of the Xing Lie several people.

The player on city are getting more and more, shortly afterward, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Prague], [Judgement] and other Guild players also 11 appeared again, and product.

A most force wave of fight was the Hybrid Demon tribe has sent out 9 levels of Hybrid Demon thousand monster, tens of thousands of thousand blamed to coordinate the spirit flowered insect to start to start the demolition to the city wall to strike.

What what a pity is Frost , a stars chains made their spirit flowered insects erupt ten million/countless outside the city, but on the city the quality of player was also getting higher and higher, the Dragon Rider soldier lifted off in abundance, about 2 thousand thousand monster will strike to massacre one by one, the seven luminaries city players under city seized the chance to attack a city, probably the 200 000 + person mounted the city, but quick completely had been killed by us.

After four hours, attacks a city formally announces the failure, they dropped out after slaughter Dragon's den had the corpse innumerably started to retreat.


Bang in the sound, the west gate altogether 7 city gates open in abundance, the innumerable cavalries to going out of town to follow up a victory with hot pursuit.

This time we do not care about the opposite party to have the ambush, has the ambush to be also same, we must kill the scarlet mountain range with this spirit, smashes Sif's lair, such northern boundary stilled, let alone our strengths above the match, were ambushed by far are unimportant.

Zhan Long Chapter 1358

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