Zhan Long Chapter 1359

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Has not disappointed us, after the pursuing troops left slaughter Dragon's den entered of desolated forest land, have encountered the ambush, the players at least several million seven luminaries cities ambushed here, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword rate audiences fiercely attacked, finally broke through the encirclement ring of match stiffly, collaborated from outside with the inside, near four hours of intense preying have repelled the mighty force of seven luminaries city.


The sweeping battlefield, the heavy artillery of palace guard has left behind gulfs in the desolated forest land, the seven luminaries city player and NPC corpse able to move unhindered lies down in the gulf, piles of equipment and potion and other goods sparkle the flood light in the soil, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha have the person to clean, I bring Wan Er and East city to continue to sweep these not yet massacred enemy in the ground.

Under the god shape my flying speed is too fast, round trip such as wind strikes to massacre the completing the order form enemy.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue have composed the twin stars, the common onset and retreat, letting the person has to acclaim, this to is not the sisters actually surpasses sisters' boudoir honey truly to relate to be good not to make sense, even makes me feel some envy.

„Your highness."

Jing Yin instigated the warhorse to lead one group of guard cavalry soldiers to walk, said: „Sif's military strength dropped sharply, do we need to enter the scarlet mountain range in one vigorous effort?"

„In scarlet mountain range will not be definitely simple." My distant looks at the West, said: „Sif managed was so long, definitely was the large army Hybrid Demon territory has deployed troops for defense in the scarlet mountain range . Moreover, they attacked a city, pay certain price to give up retreating, this was not quite reasonable, should belong to the deceptive attack, attracted us to attack the scarlet mountain range."

The scenery sound stares slightly: „Do we also want to continue to attack?"

„Naturally." I smile joyfully: „Since this war is unavoidable, that choice now was good, we wait first, making the Pearl Hybrid Demon army attack in front, the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces waited for the opportunity to act were good, prepared our heavy artillery, the heavy artillery science and technology was the superiority that we opposed the enemy only, must grasp well."

Nearby, Dragon Xingti long spear, hey was saying with a smile: „This point Sir please feel relieved that 64 invincible might artillery can rumble north boundary Hybrid Demon to be bruised and lacerated absolutely, waits to cook the hot pot!"

I somewhat helpless has swept his one eyes: „On Hybrid Demon is some sloughs, your taste may be really heavy."

Dragon Xing laughs, has not continued again anything, Han Yuanti a handle flame long blade is dashing to come, to hold the fist in the other hand actually saying: „Your highness, palace guard war beheads more than 20,000, is one wins simply!"

„Um, does not want proud......"

I visited him, said: „Han Yuan, your this looks like good the blade, is what background?"

„, This!" The Han deep pool has a look at the blade in hand, scratches the head saying: „At this time we a recluse who looked for from endless place, was called ‚hundred to build up old person', was a 70-year- old person, however the skill of casting might be called the empire unparalleled, this handle blade added on the soul of flame beast to forge together with the thousand years profound irons, hey, hundred built up the old person to be invited to be by Ministry of War the regulator masters, will build a handle while convenient weapon for empire all senior general each people."

Saying, Han Yuan has a look at the butterfly sword in my hand, said: „Your highness, your butterfly and pure honored is unmatched in the world treasure, naturally cannot take a liking to every iron in our hand."

At this time I also noted, long spear in Dragon Xing the hand is also the new casting, a shiny black piece, the strength was vigorous, but Jing Yin the weapon was the long sword that a handle lingered incorruptible, was suitable her fight style, the strength of heroic woman is weaker, the superiority was „skillful" character, but the swordsmanship was better to be able the biggest display clever characteristics.

The grade of these pointed weapons generally are the five-star magical instruments, but should not be general with equipment of player, otherwise makes hundred build up the old person to forge the weapon to take away to sell specially, that got rich. It seems like Tian Ling Empire also had the new characteristics, was this hundred builds up the old person, can NPC of casting five-star magical instrument, taking a broad view at the mainland should be matchless.

Had a look at the surroundings, the battlefield to clean similarly, but Pearl has led about 1 million Hybrid Demon armies to kill slaughter Dragon's den, from us galloped, but passed toward the scarlet mountain range, therefore I ordered: „Continues to march."


This Tian Ling Empire altogether came about 1000 thousand + player armies, the player and Pearl army leads the way together, after all everybody comes to the system task, everyone wants to enter the scarlet mountain range earlier many with some duty points, that is going to by them, the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces remained to bring up the rear, I personally brought [Zhan Long] about 3 thousand to ride the war am the player and palace guard march together, protect the security of heavy artillery, I focused on the victory of this war, but was not points many.

At this moment, suddenly „drop", a news came from the clear pupil of seven luminaries city develops black ink, behind her name suffix „city lord" the mark, it seems like mixes well, has become seven luminaries city to have 9000 thousand players the owner of super city, actually also she is quite as if suitable, maplewood being drunk is partial in the military force, insufficient wisdom.

„Xiao Yao, can you attack the scarlet mountain range?" She said.

„Um, yes." I replied one simply.

The clear pupil develops the cheek in black ink dialog box to reveal a disgruntledness, pursed the lips saying: „You must be ruthless, destroys completely the scarlet mountain range, supports Pearl to assume the northern boundary, was equal to further isolated seven luminaries city, what means of livelihood didn't you make us have?"

„No." My micro smile: „I how possibly that vicious, moreover our fights is impossible to destroy completely the scarlet mountain range, even if not possibly destroys completely the scarlet mountain range to be ruthless Sif's army, my this time duty ruins the purgatory channel that Sif summoned, otherwise the inexhaustible purgatory monster welled up, overthrew the rule of Tian Ling Empire sufficiently."

The clear pupil develops black ink to sigh one lightly, said: „Actually, the majority of matches have submitted to the Chinese area, not? Your Yan Zhao Warrior new officers take office, become holds the spear greatly the first day to order to remit Full Moon City West the crimes of two vassals, and establishes a new second-level lord city there, making the player of Vietnamese server move into, the Vietnamese admitted defeat to submit , is this insufficient?"

Did the Vietnamese bow the head?

I stare slightly, has not thought that Yan Zhao Warrior has such wrist skill unexpectedly, it seems like defends world aspect he truly to be an expert compared with me, my conduct attitude too Quick Thunder Swift Wind, not suitable use soft method.

„Clear pupil."


„We attack the scarlet mountain range time, do not meddle, Ok?"

„That is the regiment system of our seven luminaries city, looks like some people attacks Tian Ling Empire to be the same, can you not meddle?"

„Also right." I self-ridicule smiles: „Sorry, I too have pondered self-centered, but you, if meddles does not have what advantage actually, temporarily the Chinese area not to the intention that the seven luminaries city begins, should you also understand?"

„I know, but we will not be without a fight as before, even if we cannot preserve the scarlet mountain range, cannot preserve the purgatory channel, we at least can guarantee that the player in Chinese area enters the scarlet mountain range, at least must die seven to mature can ruin the purgatory channel!" Her expression somewhat is slightly strong.

I can feel the clear pupil to develop the anger of black ink, in she was a proud woman, the result first round country fought lost fire Yun City, subsequently was chased into the northern boundary to join the seven luminaries city, now the Chinese area is the momentum is dreadful, the clear pupil developed black ink not to be willing that to obey in our wills, will therefore make the final revolt.

The revolt revolts, this fought was imperative.


Turns round to look to Jing Yin, I said: „Sends out the warhawk of palace guard to ride to search, pries the scarlet mountain range surrounding enemy intelligence, do not let off any detail, they will certainly fight a decisive battle with us in the scarlet mountain range."

„Yes, Your highness!"

Warhawks ride to search to hover to fire into the upper air, I look up, at the same time controls raspberry to paste slowly walks.

Around 5 : 00 am, the Chinese war zone 1000 thousand + player and NPC armies arrive in the scarlet mountain range, has not received any blockade, entered in the scarlet mountain range.

In the scarlet mountain range map, the square formation neat Hybrid Demon army is waiting for us, they prepared to be very long obviously, morale Sheng.

The square formation about 1 thousand people in front line, a barbaric wolf ride high has raised the denticle blade, exclaimed loudly: „For the Hybrid Demon dignity, came for the opportunity of dark blue billows Great Emperor revenge, Sif goddess with us in, kills, brothers!"

Dozens ten thousand people of square formations have killed together, the momentum, in the less than half scarlet mountain range instantaneously the dust flew upwards astonishingly.

„Your highness, you look there!" Jing Yin puts out a hand to aim at the Northwest suddenly.

The dense crowd has killed, is the players in seven luminaries city, all over and vast, just like the clear pupil develops black ink saying that the Indian will not give up, to defend the scarlet mountain range, they soon will have gone all out with us, this also means that our 1000 thousand + people must face many we 5-7 times of matches!

But 100 million do about people possibly unfold on a map? They have the massive people also in the seven luminaries city toward here lining up road on!

My vision sweeps, [Judgement] Guildmaster Ye Lai the conference, raises Axe immediately, loudly shouted to clear the way: „With me comes, to block the scarlet mountain range the foot along the route, they come many people, we kill many people!"

Ye Lai led 100 thousand + people to kill, Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword two fought the duplicate class grandmaster to lead the player camp to meet head-on the barbaric wolf to ride to directly, Yan Zhao Warrior leads few people to defend in the entrance of scarlet mountain range, defended the escape route for us, otherwise was ruins purgatory channel also few individuals to live.


In the sky, the dense crowd has killed, with establishing Dragon recited the sound, rode the riding the wind dragon the sword spirit cavalry soldier, and these sword spirit cavalry soldiers promoted into 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, attack power, physical defense , etc. had the large scale promotion, the population can have over a million!

I have held breath a cold air, is this strength in Sif hand?

It seems like we underestimated her, military strength that Sif grasps now absolutely above Pearl, even can hit two Pearl military strength!

Zhan Long Chapter 1359

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