Zhan Long Chapter 1360

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Li Mu looks up the horizon dense and numerous sword spirit cavalry soldiers, cannot bear has fought a shiver: „Hasn't made a mistake? Where Sif did that many sword spirit cavalry soldiers, mother, the dark blue billows living time didn't have that many military strength?"

Matcha said leisurely: „The Hybrid Demon army's multiplication in purgatory should be the same with the place bottom prospective oil, finally was dug one to be rich by Sif flows the oil the oil well, therefore took to obtain such lineup."

Yue Qing Qian sticks out one's tongue: „Can we be victorious?"

„Can!" I said firmly: „Ground organization melt god cavalry defends, the archer, Mage, Musketeer prepare to resist the sword spirit cavalry soldier, protects our heavy artillery!"

„Good!" Wan Er and Qing Qian two vice- Guildmaster deployed troops and formed lines.

My spin body enters the god shape, raises the long sword vault of heaven armed forces to fly in the position of palace guard and above, at the same time the loud order said: „All heavy artilleries calibrate bombing angle, to sky bombing, do not allow the sword spirit cavalry soldier to enter our airborne domains massively, all heavy cavalries prepare to fire with the bow and arrow completely!"


The heavy cavalry of palace guard is different to other armies, all palace guard heavy cavalries not only need practice the equestrian skill, to sprint and clash, simultaneously the archery must study one of the skills, therefore, the heavy cavalries of palace guard are good at firing from horseback, happen to can apply on this type of weaponry.

Airborne, suddenly has broadcast a voice of female, the penetrating power is greatly strengthened: „Li Xiao Yao, congratulated you are cannozed as a king, the Xiao Yao king well you were improper, must run up to the scarlet mountain range to bring death, I really incomprehensible."

Is Sif's voice!

The distant place horizon, the golden color punctures before daybreak the darkness together, Sif raises the long sword to tread to empty to come, the surroundings crowd around the countless flight are being Hybrid Demon, above the ground is the dust flies upwards, the innumerable demon palace outrider mountain range deep place flushed, looked that the quantity surpasses the audiences of thousand absolutely! The day, the thousand 9 levels of Hybrid Demon demon palaces ride, this time planned that really made us unable to go back?

„Your highness"

Xia Ye looks at the distant place, the body shivers slightly, the long sword flame in hand flickers, he gains ground to have a look at me, said in a low voice: „We have not thought troops who Sif so many military strength we will bring radically insufficient, the strength is disparate, was inferior that your highness commands the army to retreat, end will lead the shield soldier to bring up the rear for you here!"

Long Xing also grips tightly the armored hand, said: „Right, General Xia Ye said right, Sir, you retreat! You are the Xiao Yao king, our we are just one group of military people, is different to you!"

Sif's purgatory army, the world changes color, the quantity was too huge, our beforehand intelligence systems have malfunctioned completely, basic told my Sif to put out the thousand sword spirit cavalry soldier and thousand demon palace on nobody rides, if knows that I on own initiative will definitely not attack. However in fact we arrived here, once defeats, anything did not have.

Long Xing, summer let the only reason that I retreat approximately are because my status is quite honored?

Leads the Tian Ling Empire army to fight up and down the country, establishes the innumerable unrivalled meritorious military service, finally actually must in the scarlet mountain range lose, but famous crack, this is they are not willing to see that probably Han Yuan, Xiao Li, Jing Yin think, turns head to look to me, on the face has filled panic-stricken with the doubts, the group of Yorozuo of palace guard long had doubts, other people did not need to raise.

Many Yorozuo of vault of heaven armed forces long soon despaired.

The clear pupil develops black ink not to threaten me, what she said is right, I want to complete my task in the scarlet mountain range, she can seize the chance to massacre our 70% elite, the clear pupil develops black ink is such a woman, she will not frighten others, will only live up to one's words.

When the people have doubts, I have lifted up high the top the butterfly suddenly, shouted to clear the way loudly: „What are you making? The preparation meets head-on! Don't forget, you are the empire servicemen, regardless of our enemies formidable, we must fight! Does not fight, how to know victory and defeat!"

Saw that my manner is exceptionally firm, a Han Yuan sigh, said: „Prepares to meet head-on!"

At this moment, suddenly behind airborne intermittent dragon howl transmits, the dense and numerous Dragon Rider soldiers came, the Dragon Rider soldier from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the blue radish leads personally, in addition is treading the beautiful form of stars, Frost finally also long in coming.

„It seems like has not come late, prepares to meet head-on." Frost shows a faint smile.

, Wore by far has also raised the blade edge of own King, said loudly: „Makes war!"

The oppression of the people rolling went, 1 million mighty armies that wore welcomes the thousand demon palace of match to ride to kill, the horizon daybreak, the dawn projected from the east side mountain ridge, shone on the mail-armor and helmet of soldiers, especially solemn and respectful, the cavalry soldier in next quarter ground has fought with all might in the same place, but the airborne dense and numerous sword spirit cavalry soldier has also killed, flew high to wield the long sword to start the sword air/Qi to kill, immediately Hybrid Demon and players in ground deeply were injured, there player main force was [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] person, the loss that they suffered was also biggest.

„Even if all hangs, must withstand to me!" Q-Sword is roaring in the crowd loudly.

But the airborne sword spirit cavalry soldier are getting more and more, the attack that cannot circle, the person in ground not only need receive the attack in ground, but must deal with the threat on top of the head, but also these sword spirit cavalry soldiers were too intelligent, first kills Healer, then kills the archer, finally is the Heavy Armor department, the loss of Cooldown [Vanguard] and [Hero's Mound] was unable to imagine.


The sword air/Qi punctures thoroughly the crowd together, wipes out big section of HP periphery a troop sword spirit cavalry soldier, Jian Feng Han opens the god shape to brandish a sword to kill the dense and numerous sword spirit cavalry soldiers, at the same time reviews exclaims loudly: „Li Xiao Yao, your this fellow also in what? With heavy artillery Ying explosion, to our direction bang, the player is being Heavy Armor, can block, the sword spirit cavalry soldier is the flight cavalry soldier, light Armor cannot block the high injury of heavy artillery, hurry up, do not hesitate!"

Simple stares: „Can't? We"

Mu Xuan directly has reported a news to me: „In, is mass-criticizing, hurry up, while present this golden opportunity!"

Yes, at least surpasses the thousand sword spirit cavalry soldier to occupy in [Vanguard] and [Hero's Mound] Guild sky, at this time can take the effect with the heavy artillery attack absolutely.

Lin Wan Er is raising the dragon tooth sharp knife blade, astonished standing in airborne, looks down to me: „Does husband, want to hit really?"

I clench teeth, did not do must do!

Raises the long sword, said loudly: „Heavy artillery camp, aims at the front sky sword spirit cavalry soldier most crowded place, non- difference bombing, fires off immediately!"

Almost does not need any military officer to order again, heavy artillery, several hundred heavy artilleries has shelled together, 64 invincible might artillery, immediately mushroom clouds crowded from the sky erupts, is almost the total graph covers, this ruinous attack might can be imagined, is only round bombing, at least made the sword spirit cavalry soldier buckle surpass above thousand!

Consecutively for several rounds bomb, on the earth already was one piece in confusion, the heavy artillery not only rumbled the sword spirit cavalry soldier, was the player bang has killed much [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] Heavy Armor, more was the remnant blood!

I mentioned the double sword suddenly, said loudly: „Han Yuan, stops bombing, after five minutes, bombs again! The [Zhan Long] brothers, kill together with me, replaces [Vanguard] and [Hero's Mound] brothers!"

Several thousand melt god cavalries have raised the pointed weapons in abundance, increases speed to full speed is also only several seconds, covers to kill tidal, in the top of the head, the ominous severe sword spirit cavalry soldier dives fearlessly, the sword blade edge strangles to death the sword only to wreak havoc in the crowd of melt god cavalry, just contacted us to have the casualties, but nobody stagnated, distributed stock shares to cut into, shields [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild the players to retreat, the impact of next quarter distant place Hybrid Demon was resisted by the melt god cavalry.

My skill turns gently, [King's Domain] starts, all have promoted a big section of attribute, hardly is keeping off.

Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Tang Gu and ball ball not silly, Tang Qi and the others are not willing to retreat, remains with the [Zhan Long] common onset and retreat, the airborne, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider gentleman also killed, strangled to death with the crowded sword spirit cavalry soldier in the same place, but Frost, Sif, and other top NPC have not begun, regarding them, the present fight is just the savoy.

After five minutes, the heavy artillery camp of palace guard bombs once again, the flame bursts out around us, the invincible might artillery the sword spirit cavalry soldier rips the smashing at the same time, our people were also affected, melted the god cavalry much also massacres by one and bang.

Everybody kills to get angry, since the strength of match by far in us, we also only had to continue to go all out.

One group of melt god cavalries were rumbled to massacre, exchanges another batch, Healer looks for the opportunity to bring back to life they, falls 1 level, everybody can withstand, our strategic intentions consume the thousand sword spirit cavalry soldier in Sif hand with their flesh and blood, otherwise this thousand airborne cavalry soldier will be inestimable to our injuries.

The seesaw battle continued fully for nearly three hours, in the battlefield has covered entirely the corpse, thousand person who Ye Lai led almost perished at the obstruction online bloody battle of foot completely, but in the fire also surpassed thousand people China players to hang, but can resurrect here, under our consumption tactics, was Sif's thousand sword spirit cavalry soldier is consumed to be not much left on the contrary, the thousand demon palace in ground rode is also given to block by us.

„Should show our airborne cavalry soldier."

The Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth raise, said: „Melon, making lion vulture knight go to battle!"

Yue Qing Qian beams into a smile, ordered in guild.

Quick, rode the riding war of warhorse and crazy beast is being the player cuts mount, with „Jie Jie" neighing, the massive lion vulture knight lifted off, was our [Zhan Long] lion vulture knight team to form unexpectedly, at least over ten thousand lineups, under the direction of Yue Qing Qian, rapidly dived, above the sword blade edge was wrapping the thunder awl energy, 11 bang killed in crowd that in the demon palace rode, the battlefield situation has sided instantaneously with us.

Zhan Long Chapter 1360

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