Zhan Long Chapter 1361

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The reinforcements of both sides continuously push onward the scarlet mountain range, bloody battle 7-hour-long on this broad map, is mutually wounded finally, no one has asked for the advantage, but is Sif about 500 thousand Hybrid Demon armies who summoned from the purgatory also loses in this battle of attrition to we quite advantageous point completely.

In the battlefield is filling the thick smoke, the map of most scarlet mountain range already by palace guard mass-criticized the ruins again, in the mountainous region has covered entirely the pits that the depth varied, everywhere was the dense and numerous corpses, the bloodstain incarnadine the earth, rich blood smell was flooding in the noses.

„Whish...... Whish......"

At the same time the Hybrid Demon war flag flap flap drags in the strong winds, but grasped the barbaric wolf of war flag to ride to drop down into a corpse.

The Han deep pool rides Thunder dragon to plunder, the long blade cuts off the war flag, the corners of the mouth are having the cruel smiling face, said: „The Hybrid Demon war flag does not match under this sky flutters!"

„Treats and cures the wounded soldier rapidly!"

Looks at the palace guard wounded soldier everywhere, discomfort that I am filled with, although these NPC are system Shua newly comes out, but in miserably is howling at present, no matter what this feeling everybody will give birth to the pity.

Jing Yinti the long sword of bloodstained, the order was saying: „Doctor, a bit faster manages!"


Large quantities of rear service NPC enter the battlefield, lifts the wounded soldier to go to the temporary build in the tent to treat and cure, the buckle that the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces this fight is not really small, should already more than half.

The Han deep pool raised to be damaged the war flag to walk, said respectfully: „General, Sif led less than 10 thousand military strength to draw back into the front calcining pelvis, do we need to continue to kill? This massacres Sif's best opportunity, if we hesitated now, perhaps forever lost kills Sif's opportunity."


Frost floating, raises is cutting Hua sword, above the sword blade edge is lingering radiant stars, this fights was also lucky that the personal participation of Frost successfully repels Sif, perhaps otherwise by the Sif present strength, a Pearl person completely cannot hit.

„Does Frost also support to kill Sif?" I asked one.

A Frost pair of wonderful item has swept the north, said with a smile: „I only know the fight, the important matter in pattern I do not understand, therefore this must think your decision, only needs your decision, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den numerous brave warriors can, as you enter the calcining pelvis place, links the root to capture Sif, Sif had been injured, runs not far."

I have been struggling at heart, indecisive.

At this moment, rode the white horse to lead dozens BOSS level Hybrid Demon military officers to clash, Pearl grasped the blade edge of King, on the face is bringing some joyfully, said with a smile: „Why doesn't continue to attack? So long as we launch a powerful attack again, believes Sif remainder can only the little darling tied up, Li Xiao Yao, attack?"

My hanging down view, looks at the ground the bloodstain with gradually the skeleton of putrefication, gained ground, puts out a hand a palace guard in finger of distant place, said: „Pearl you looked that the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces lose seriously, they are only ordinary humanity, does not have the Hybrid Demon formidable vitality and resiliency, our war at least has produced over 10 thousand famous wounded soldiers, these wounded soldiers are the empire elites, must leave behind Cooldown therapy to them, otherwise at least will sacrifice more than 50%."

„This......" Pearl digs the small mouth, said: „Dispatched to have the army of strength to attack is OK, I examined a moment ago, the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces put together the officers who at least also 15 thousand can fight."

I have grasped the fist: „It is not good, this remaining 15 thousand officers must remain are guarding the square city, the state power that otherwise fights to win laboriously perhaps quickly must cup one hand in the other across the chest to give all vassals, the shallow forest is your younger male cousin, you may probably for this little younger male cousin consider that guards the military strength of landscape to be good......"

Saying, I put out a hand a player team of finger of distant place, said: „Moreover you looked, the lackey who the adventurers of various roads to resist Sif raise also lost much, needs to rest to attack again . Moreover the calcining pelvis is the domain of scarlet mountain range most deep place, Sif cannot be inescapable, relax!"

Pearl pair of bright eyes deep visits me, smiled suddenly: „Shallow forest has your this Li Master, does not know is really good fortune that his several lifetime cultivate, is good, depends on you saying that after waiting to arrange clothes, we again."

Saying, Pearl points at behind mighty force saying: „The military strength that Sif summoned was too strong, has killed my many people, the military strength that now I can contribute was also only more than 170,000 people."

I somewhat am awkward somewhat am also sigh with emotion, said: „Lost that many......"

„Yes." Pearl stands up from failure to discontinue, the fair war boots splash immediately many blood, but she thinks little, walks the ultra short distance slowly visits me, pair of beautiful eyes as if can completely understand that all my thoughts, show a faint smile to lower the sound saying: „Said that how long you also do want to delay?"

I was visited to be flustered by her somewhat, lowered the head, said: „Waits in any case again......"


The Pearl micro smile, turns around to say with a smile to Frost: „Lady Frost, this was really laborious you, many thanks to you and Li Xiao Yao led the Tian Ling Empire army to come to make me gain the victory in this Hybrid Demon contest, but I also had a request to invite Lady Frost and Li Xiao Yao help."

„What busy?"

I and Frost asked together.

The Pearl eyes circulation, said with a smile: „Actually is very simple, I must guard the northern boundary to need the massive Hybrid Demon armies to be the backing, but under my hand Hybrid Demon almost the buckle in this war up, was again incapable of dominating in the northern boundary, therefore...... I hope that you after attacking and capturing calcining pelvis can give me to use the purgatory crack that Sif leaves behind."

I am startled slightly: „Does your highness plan to use purgatory crack summon own military strength?"


The Pearl nod said: „Hybrid Demon in purgatory was summoned, directly recognizes the main summoner, therefore I hope that can retain this purgatory crack, Ok?"

I smiled: „Your highness will crack a joke, you want more armies, can open a purgatory crack?"

„Easier said than done!"

Pearl purses the lips, said: „By the strength of dark blue billows, his life also can only open three purgatory cracks, Sif along receiving the strength of dark blue billows, opens purgatory crack one time, but this should also be the last time, no matter Sif whether died in battle, this purgatory crack was last exists in this potential surface the purgatory entrance."

„Originally is this......" Frost looking pensive.

But I had also discovered this precious turning point, can exterminate the Hybrid Demon golden opportunity truly, if this purgatory crack were destroyed, then Hybrid Demon in mainland will only kill one few one, but is not beforehand such killing unceasingly.

„Ok?" Pearl looks to me, said: „You are the Xiao Yao king, the person who also wields military power truly, only needs your nod, since I can the true guarding northern boundary, this also be we continuously dream, is right Li Xiao Yao?"

I deeply inspire, said: „My class his heart cannot different, Pearl you are humanity, is not Hybrid Demon, why can make Hybrid Demon survive in this potential surface?"

„Because...... Why because of......" Pearl is unable unexpectedly smooth saying, after several seconds later, leisurely said: „Because I have become Hybrid Demon, I know that suffering, knows that pain, Hybrid Demon and humanity same have the thought that same can ponder that same has the mood, therefore I hope that you can help me, Ok?"

„Good, I help you."

My look is somewhat indistinct, has a look at the north, said: „After one hour, starts to the general attack of calcining pelvis place, I lead 8 thousand of palace guard elite to take the lead, Frost leads the Dragon Rider army corps team to bring up the rear."

Frost nods.

Pearl said: „My army?"

I smile: „Your also need more military strength guard the northern boundary, do not do again had sacrificed dauntlessly, enabling on my person to be OK, after we overcame the purgatory crack, naturally can dispatch the warhawk to ride to search to ask you to receive in the past."



Quick, the [Zhan Long] team has arranged clothes, 11 thousand player army arrays grave unfolds in the mountain valley, waited for me to issue an order starts to attack the scarlet mountain range final region.

The distant place, the blood red light beam shoots up to the sky together, is bringing the fragments of crushing energies, that is the purgatory crack effect, Sif also summons innumerable Hybrid Demon to come with us to contend with this purgatory crack, if this time is not the heavy artillery that we bring are many enough, perhaps is unable to gain the victory of this war.

Crosses a meeting again, Han Yuan, Xiao severe instigate to fight the dragon to shoot up to the sky, from the sky was crying loud and long, the 8 thousand people of palace guard also fitted out, will look again in the future that 200 + cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider soldiers also prepared to finish, Frost jumped, soared in airborne directs personally.

„Works as!"

The long sword comes out of the sheath, my distant looks at the calcining pelvis place, this stretch of basin is not big, but the topography is very important, was scarlet mountain range final Yi Shounan attacks the place, the basin surrounding innumerable Hybrid Demon armies in waiting for us, the airborne sword spirit cavalry soldier circled, in the ground the demon palace rode to be ready in full battle array.


I issue an order, the innumerable troops started [Assault], this is we and Hybrid Demon territory influences finally fought!


Two hours of bloody battle, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry becomes first steps into the military strength in basin, is the Dragon Rider army corps team, afterward is the heavy cavalry of palace guard.

Half childhood, 64 invincible might artillery appeared in the basin again, the fire was unceasing, rumbled the smashing the Hybrid Demon army of Sif subordinate.

Two childhood, 70 thousand + Hybrid Demon of Sif subordinate also survival only remaining several thousands, these tens of thousands people encircled the purgatory crack again, make by the stance of dead striving for success.

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, in proud Lifeng, Ha Ha said with a smile: „General, only needs you to issue an order, we can destroy the purgatory crack, to cut to kill Sif this female devil directly!"

„Waits again."

I stand in the frontal line, order continues the fire to cover the attack.


Soon, in the thick fire gunsmoke, rides comes rapidly, is an demon palace rides, in the hand is holding at the same time the white flag.

„Was careful that cheats."

Jing Yin is gripping tightly the long sword, said: „Archer, prepares to kill him at any time!"

More than 1000 palace guard heavy bowmen pull open the long bow, the bowstring tight sound link up into a single stretch.

Zhan Long Chapter 1361

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