Zhan Long Chapter 1362

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„Do not put the arrow!"

I drink one hurriedly lowly, the heavy bowmen who lets all palace guards put down the bow and arrow, this demon palace rides definitely does not come the surprise attack, but should have other goal: „Puts him to come."

Really, this demon palace rides progresses to directly soar the commander's flag that does not fear death very much, but I and Yan Zhao Warrior, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu and the others stands under the commander's flag.


„Is which Your Highness Li Xiao Yao?" On his face travel-worn, in the eye is passing a fear, both sides are making war, humanity and Hybrid Demon were unable to co-exist, will therefore not have before any both armies, does not cut the custom that causes, momentarily can a sword reduce him.

„I am, how?" I grasp the butterfly sword to ask slowly.

„Your highness!"

He holds the fist in the other hand to cup one hand in the other across the chest to salute, said: „Our Queen Sif wants to ask you to go to our big account discussing official business, does not know whether your highness can accept this invite to go to a to chat?"

The violent temperament of Han deep pool has come up immediately, raises the eyebrow saying: „Puts your mother's fart, how many wheels we only needed to come to mass-criticize again can your this trivial tens of thousands to unravel, why can the Sir brave hardships and dangers your camps by the body? To discuss that the words of matter make Sif come our armed forces big account, otherwise anything do not discuss!"

The demon palace that this transmitted orders rides by the imposing manner in Han deep pool is frightened stares, said: „But...... However Sir Sif queen truly said...... If your highness does not want, small this goes back to report after carrying out orders."

„No need." I smile: „All right, I go with you."

Jing Yin hurried [say / way]: „It is not good! Your highness cannot go personally, once Sif covered your highness, we what to do?"

I have smiled, the racket strikes one's chest saying: „Relax, the body of my dying, Sif how me, said again, if I were covered, too long, you did not use hesitant, directly camp that attacked Sif and that's the end."

Dragon Xingwo the long spear, was saying: „Such being the case, end will accompany your highness to go together."

Lin Qiong also grasped the long sword saying: „Your highness, Lin Qiong is also willing to go together."

Jing Yin blinked, said: „I must go......"

I think that said with a smile: „Dragon whetstone remains behind the artillery position, here also needs you, Lin Qiong and Jing Yin accompanied me to go to be good, everybody stayed here, before I have not come back, do not act presumptuously . Moreover, my one hour did not come back, directly attacked."

„Yes, General!" The Han deep pool and Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye nod together.


Summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, I, as soon as drew the reins to go out of the array, Lin Qiong, the scenery sound two military officers followed . Moreover, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu and Wang Jian four people did not feel relieved me, opened the god shape to follow, the total number of people were not been also many, but Sif wants to kill our group of people not to be but actually easy, when especially I gained ground to notice that the Frost soaring in airborne felt relieved.

Sif has swallowed the soul of dark blue billows, has absorbed he part of strengths, but as before is not the Frost match, now Frost was the true first goddess, in the strength has been unparalleled in the world.

The demon palace rides gingerly led one group of peerless powerhouses to enter oneself camp, after we stepped into the big camp felt here to have how pitifully, many Hybrid Demon broke the leg to break the arm, their food sources generally were the corpses, but here may not have the corpse of humanity, some Hybrid Demon were hungry swallows the similar corpse, even some were gnawing their breaking arm.

Lin Wan Er knit the brows, has not spoken.

I slowly progress the line, vision solemn looks at the surrounding all, this is the war, Sif's road has arrived, even if were she has swallowed the soul of dark blue billows forcefully, in the end have not fallen to any good end.

„Armed forces account of queen Sir...... demon palace rode to refer to with the long sword in that side".

I did not fear to cheat, progress on the past, this big account was crude, was several rags builds, lifted that moment of curtain screen, 78 five-star god level Hybrid Demon BOSS have drawn out the pointed weapons.

„What's wrong, doesn't welcome?" I asked.

„Receives the weapon." Sif sits in the master position, stands up saying: „Li Xiao Yao, long time no see, leading your friend to come to sit?"

I nodded to smile, leading everybody to walk, even Frost was also unsolicited grasped to cut Hua sword to take a step, when she took a step to enter, Sif slightly one astonished, but one crowd of Hybrid Demon military officer statures started to tremble, the supernatural power that the Frost body pasted was the purest bright strength, but this crowd of Hybrid Demon almost soon have not gasped for breath under the so formidable pressure.

„The Frost goddess also came......"

Sif smiled, afterward tilts the head has a look at own shoulder, on that also has the Frost previous fight to the sword mark that she leaves behind, her shoulder was pierced by a Frost sword, the army that also this sword lets Sif starts the rout.

The Frost corners of the mouth have a smile, did not speak, followed side me, when I sat down, she stood in me behind, was the role of beautiful woman teacher acting gives me to be the female bodyguard?


„Said." I sit down later one arms, said: „Sif do you ask me to come certainly to have the matter?"

Sif nods, somewhat sigh with emotion saying: „Has to acknowledge that the Tian Ling Empire technological strength truly must surprise people, the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery completely changed the entire war pattern, Hybrid Demon lost, the strength from purgatory could not block bombing of heavy artillery unexpectedly, but I want to plead as before...... Pleaded Li Xiao Yao to hold the spear to give a Hybrid Demon way out greatly."

„Gives your way out?" Lin Qiongyang the eyebrow said with a smile: „If the defeated is we, perhaps Queen Sif is not necessarily able to release people a kind of way out?"

Sif smiles not to speak, has tacitly approved this speech.

I asked: „Does not know how Queen Sif does want me to give your way out?"

Sif said: „Held the spear to be very clear greatly, the Hybrid Demon influence was unable to recover, then wants to stage a comeback is almost impossible, we could not pose the true threat to the day plume empire, therefore I hoped to hold the spear to lead the brave soldiers greatly to withdraw from the calcining pelvis place, this was our final territories, so long as held the spear to withdraw from the calcining pelvis place greatly, Sif is willing to resign the [Assault] canyon several million golden reserves, as offering to the day plume empire shallow forest your majesty tribute ritual . Moreover, I also one and gives hundreds of thousands of sets of armor and pointed weapons of Asura stock first holds the spear greatly, does not know that held under spear intent greatly. How?"

I raise the brow, said pertinently: „Perhaps Sif goddess does not want the calcining pelvis place, but wants calcining pelvis in the purgatory crack?"

Was said concern by my language, Sif is then awkward smiles: „Since holds the spear to know that greatly this matter, Sif is speechless, does not know that holds the spear to be willing to make me greatly continue to hold the calcining pelvis place?"

„Does not hope."

I am categorical, said: „A calcining pelvis day in your hands, my day sleeps on pins and needles."

Sif sighed: „I knew, I early should guess correctly how holds in spear and the others outstanding to let off me greatly, such being the case, Sif no longer has also struggled, holds the spear now to raise my severed head greatly to go to the verbal command army, on this day under during your grasped."

I shake the head: „No, I cannot let off this purgatory crack, but not necessarily really must kill you."


Sif one startled, the vision circulation, as to understand anything suddenly, said with a smile: „Perhaps because of Your Highness Pearl?"

I nod to smile: „Intelligent, can worthily the person of making a false counter-accusation dark blue billows, if your Sif died, that Pearl was equal to losing the match? Therefore I cannot make you die, on the contrary, I can also to you an opportunity, making you lead your troops to continue to north evacuate, go to the Asura and god demon well of rest and build up strength."

„That price?" This intelligent Queen Hybrid Demon has also completely understood my thoughts.

I smiled, said: „Is very simple, tells me the purgatory channel what's the matter, how needs to control?"

„Really is this."

Sif stands up, arrives at side me, attaches the meatus auditorius: „Purgatory channel is being maintained by the dark strength, I summoned the purgatory channel time used 10 giant dark quartzes to provide the strength, the strengths of these quartzes were just good enough to maintain the purgatory channel, but...... Once the quartz were destroyed, that balanced was broken, shuts tightly the strength naturally to close the purgatory channel."

My knitting the brows head of: „So long as the quartz were destroyed can close the purgatory channel?"

„It is not." Sif eats to smile, said: „The closure of purgatory channel naturally needs a process, if holds the spear to ruin greatly a quartz, that will probably need one year to close, but will hold the spear greatly, if will ruin 9 quartzes, that only took one day to shut tightly the strength to destroy the balanced strength to close this seat surface bridge voluntarily."

„If I do need this purgatory channel to maintain for one week?"

„Ruined 7 quartzes to be OK."

„Good." My corners of the mouth raise, said: „Deal, but this quartz needs your just before leaving time destroys, Ok?"

Sif shot a look at my one eyes, said: „Holds the spear greatly, we encounter that many years, I may not think really you so will be bad, the matter of this doing a thankless job completely made me be done."

I laugh: „Deal?"

„Um, finalized!"


After we leave the Hybrid Demon camp, fight has ceased officially.


After several bangs, earth intermittent shivering, that is Sif ruins the dark crystal the sound, in an instant, around that huge direct access to the highest authorities great column lingered ten golden lightnings to break 7, the army of Sif subordinates formally started to withdraw, withdrew from the camp tidal, the purgatory channel that only the remaining that creakied kept the calcining pelvis.

I gained ground to blow a whistling, a palace guard warhawk rode to search to fall: „Commands the Sir!"

„Told Your Highness Pearl, she can lead the troops to move into the calcining pelvis place."

„Yes, Sir!"

Frost shows a faint smile in side: „Xiao Yao, you for shallow forest student, really take great pains......"

I nod, but thinks that the shallow forest suspects me unexpectedly, thought that the moral nature is somewhat grieved, ok, the life is this, every so often will fall a fate in deep sorrow.

Zhan Long Chapter 1362

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