Zhan Long Chapter 1363

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After one hour, the enormous and powerful bright camp Hybrid Demon army crossed the ice cold mountain ridge to enter the calcining pelvis place, Pearl leads personally, rides a hair snow white warhorse, one crowd of five-star BOSS Hybrid Demon, the devils visit us generally, although these Hybrid Demon achieved the cooperation with the human army, but after all a side was a living, a side was the soul, therefore being hostile to this races was impossible to abandon completely, was Pearl strength of forcing a oneself has gotten down makes these Hybrid Demon not have the sword to add together, this was also the place that I most was worried about, if Pearl which day were not in charge. These Hybrid Demon surely became the enemies of humanity.

This time Pearl army strong, possibly in the future our match strong!


„Saw the purgatory crack!"

Raises the Axe Hybrid Demon military officer to instigate to fight the wolf to dash about wildly to go forward, in the eye is bringing frantically, although his eye already blind, above is covering black cloth.

„It is not right." The Hybrid Demon military officer who another wears the black mail-armor and helmet clenches teeth saying: „Supports purgatory crack dark quartz to be damaged seriously, what's all this about? In this case, purgatory crack basic on support how long!"

At this time Pearl also gawked, before raising the long sword was leaping immediately, in the eye is bringing astonished: „How...... Why can be this?"

The Han deep pool raises long blade to say in side respectfully: „Your Highness Pearl, before Sif just before leaving, wants to ruin the purgatory crack, I and others stopped luckily vigorously, perhaps otherwise this space crack vanished."

„Is Li Xiao Yao, really this?" Pearl questioned asked me.

I coughed, shows neither approval nor disapproval.

Pearl digs the small mouth: „You come with me!"

She rushes to Tienchu that the purgatory channel has formed rapidly, I also opened the god shape to pursue, quick, two people simultaneously were built on airborne, the strong winds bone-chilling cold swayed our battle dress, Pearl are narrowing pair of beautiful eyes, looks at the flame space crack, element raised suddenly, the strength surged, immediately the bottom heard one to shake greatly, a blood red arm ripped open the rock magma to drill from the purgatory, was a rush of blood to the head red stone giant, 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, roared an entire body to climb up the ground, to Pearl respectful lowering the head, was saying with the sad sound: „Does my master, have what instruction?"

Pearl anything had not said that waves, this stone giant stepped the serious step to go to the place that one crowd of Hybrid Demon were at immediately, looked like the army builds up general.

„Saw?" Pearl asked.


„What saw?"

„An army of destruction entire humanity space, is ready to make trouble in the below of this crack sufficiently, they need Cooldown, so long as to Cooldown, they can destroy the world fully."

„......" In Pearl beautiful eyes is passing gratified, said: „Xiao Yao, has ruined 7 in 10 dark quartz thank you, thank you helps the road that I chose me to take."

I tremble slightly: „Your highness......"

She as if had completely understood my thoughts, said: „I know that you and shallow forest are guarding against me, after all I once was a Hybrid Demon king, in your eyes I had been framed as an evil soul, but Xiao Yao, did you have to think that I now am humanity, I was the daughter of Locker Great Emperor, I was a humanity, will my how being cruel enough let the human destruction?"

„Why do you want to thank me?"

„Because of your loyalty to empire." She said spookily: „This stretch of world belonged to Hakkas, the war makes her be split up, lets her sores all over the eye, now a world series, Leon Lai common people welcomed the brand-new peace time, this is prosperous times, no matter what no one is able to deny, but...... However I was still the daughter of Locker Great Emperor, I have also thought brought back own all, but passed, I will act to still the role of northern boundary."

„Thank you, Pearl." I lower the head to say.

„Does not need to thank me." Pearl is holding my both arms, said smilingly: „The shallow forest is father's younger brother's son, is my younger male cousin, has the bloodlines of Hakkas, you make the person of Hakkas continue to wield the world, but is not other people usurps the throne, this point I should thank you, said again you do not need to be so respectful to me, I am your majesty emperor elder sister, but you are Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang, we treat as an equal."

My vision looks to the north, said: „Sif walked."

„Yes, you bleed off!" She somewhat is angry intent visits me with a smile: „You are worried that I am too idle, therefore leaves behind such a powerful enemy to me?"

„Aha, this saying said...... Do I have do not uphold justice?"

„Snort, you are clear."

She also looks to the north, said spookily: „Heard that north Sif sent zither Ge to go to the place of boundary border region to seek for handle day territory [Soul Army] to go, was everyone nobody knows, but it is said this handle [Soul Army] can summon the brave warriors of deep sleep in day extremely place to battle for oneself, I think that Sif had certainly the idea, otherwise not such giving up purgatory crack easily."

„Right, had not seen zither Ge the trace, originally was does this." I find the clue make, is somewhat speechless.

Pearl throws smiles: „Your this three services command did not have the appearance of three services commander more and more, unexpectedly such information has not grasped, it seems like that the sphere of influence of humanity was limited."

„Yes." I nod earnestly: „Crossed ice ridge Shan Wangbei is not the sphere of influence of humanity, we also can only expand the influence to the ice ridge mountain, regardless of north the boundary had any chaos caused by war, can only look how you resisted and deal."

Pearl looking pensive visits me, will sigh several seconds later later: „Really hopes that you forever can , the world need your such person."

„Why said?" I am somewhat accidental.

She smiled: „Because you are the same with me, hopes that Xiataiping safe of this day, hopes square put on a show of peace and prosperity, such person also not perishes by the authority and desire, what can be true is the world weak one fights."

When I remembered suddenly initially founded the [Zhan Long] Guild manifesto, fought for the weak one? For more than one year, as if we also truly in fulfilling this manifesto, have been resisting with the formidable match, step by step lags behind the shrine them, at least we can have a clear conscience, inside and outside the game, we have no qualms in anybody.

„Purgatory crack were most also one week to close." I laugh, said: „Has not led mighty force to arrive while Sif, you hurry to summon the new army, otherwise Sif army stages a comeback I worried that you can not be a match, you also saw, for this war, the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces loses seriously, we many strengths have not helped you."

„Um, you go busily!"



Spins the body to fly away, reviews looks, discovered that Pearl shuts pair of beautiful eyes to stand in airborne, the strong gale howls to sway her long hair, the god of journeys strength emerges in the space crack together, immediately follows great roars, we have not even seen Hybrid Demon appears, this time summoned seemed elite, uniform 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, did not have below 9 levels that miscellaneous personnel again.

The palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and Dragon's den Armed forces withdrew from the calcining pelvis place slowly, the distant place have built up wound barracks, the therapy process have at least taken the reality Cooldown over 10 hours.

The distant place also has the fight of small stock as before, the Indian players in seven luminaries city, although the majority gave up, but also many people go to stir up trouble as before, hopes that can recall the tendency that Sif suffers defeat, the clear pupil developed black ink to mobilize the armies of 7000 thousand people to come scarlet mountain range killing, in truly has completely the superiority at first, but afterward the Tian Ling Empire player discovery friend sworn brothers were bullied in the scarlet mountain range, immediately is not glad, spontaneous pushes onward the scarlet mountain range, finally entered the total number of people of this map to surpass 3000 thousand, superiority on equipment, Level and skill has let us sufficiently by an enemy two, in scarlet. Under the mountain range routs the seven luminaries City Allied armies.

In short Cooldown the clear pupil developed ink is impossible to start once more has attacked, moreover knew when news that Sif suffered defeat she will not attack again, because such did not have the significance, she was not not studious person.

Li Mu rides the big dragon to drop from the clouds, on pointed weapons is moistening a bloodstain, it seems like when was before strikes to kill several warhawks rode to search stays behind, he grinned hey says with a smile: „Indian lost one time, really fights on despite repeated setbacks, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk also is really competitive, this is not willing to give up as before, I took really!"

The Lin Wan Er god shape flew, stands on my raspberry wing, said with a smile: „Because has several million manpower to go against them in the seven luminaries city, takes a broad view at the entire seven luminaries city, only then the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk two people are the true soul leader."

„Um, yes."

I look at the direction of seven luminaries city distantly, deeply inspires, said: „By strength of the city can with we contend that for a long time also only then seven luminaries city, the next round country fights it inevitably is our eye-sore and thorn in the side, making everybody well prepare, I do not think that world one unification month by others was made was split up."

Wang Jian laughs: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, this really is a little difficult, the world vassal edition that is new to split to serve, each vassal in regional newly-built small towns, is the secondary lord city, holds these to lose the player in main city, gives them to practice the level, to make up the equipment opportunity, the manner of game operation side was too clear, is makes us unable to idle, hits, we have a war, 50% money of consumption may fall in their pocket."

„Has not related." I smiled: „The total stock of Chinese Destiny Branch has accounted for 47% of destiny corporation, is the biggest shareholder, the battle of attrition is China is also making money, our players had virtual wars have also created income for the country, perhaps we killed the contributions of several hostile heroic level players to be equal to under-construction adding several nails for two aircraft carriers on!"

„Ha Ha, yes!"

„Prepares to retreat, everybody was tired, earlier rests!"


Zhan Long Chapter 1363

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