Zhan Long Chapter 1364

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„Good deed that Li Xiao Yao, you do!"

Shouts at the sound to drop from the clouds, when I gain ground looked, actually discovered that a Sif beautiful cheek appears especially fierce, in her hand is holding up handle all over the body sky blue strange [Soul Army], likely is not the sword, likely is not the spear, the modeling is very strange, but the surface layer is surging Thunder Guang from day territory, understood at a glance outstandingly.

Lifts the handle butterfly sword to come out of sheath hurriedly, comes to square to keep off in the front directly horizontally, the whole body moves not to fear under Sif's domain of pressure god, is unable to avoid, can only defend.


In the hand the pointed weapons tremble slightly, the butterfly sword breaks unexpectedly directly is two sections, the pointed weapons in Sif hand take advantage of opportunity to divide, cuts open from the middle my overlord armor, the blood spatters in all directions, the pain cannot work as, her corners of the mouth full are the happy expression of despising: „You also want to fight me with this type of junk, have a dream!"

I raise pure honored sword hurriedly, but the result is as before same, but a standard keeps off, the pure honored sword also became one pile of fragments, only the remaining section of short sword hilts also grasp in the hand.


I am dumbfounded, look that the Sif both arms are holding up [Soul Army], pricks in its cutting edge my chest, a tap web ache transmits.



Awakens suddenly, actually discovered one lie on the snow white bed, originally is the dream! The mother, this realized how long bottom has rested, unexpectedly has the dream that such a brain hole greatly opened.

„", The room gate opened, Lin Wan Er finds out the attractive head to visit me, asked: „How husband?"

„Had a nightmare, Wan Er has come."


Wan Er arrives at the bedside, I take advantage of opportunity her hug in the bosom, buries the face in her napes of the neck, immediately in the noses is filling the light fresh sending fragrance.

„What nightmare, mentioned to me listens?" She has kissed on my profile with a smile.

I said: „Said that a little loses face, was crushed the pure honored sword and butterfly sword two world Country Weapon dream to oneself by Sif with a very strange weapon continuously, was given a sword by her through, death good pain!"

She pats my back, he he smiles: „Stupid did greatly pig, this dream also call the nightmare? It seems like you definitely were the game play many, face own intelligence quotient played to lower, what let alone, was good while today's weather, accompanies the father to fish? He had made us yesterday evening, goes?"

„Goes, why."



Has had the lunch, in the afternoon does not have what important matter, therefore, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi go, altogether four people, opened my A4 to embark, looked for one hour to find by not well-known waters has fished, here was very peaceful, the roadside was stopping several bold car(riage)s, was the Lin Tiannan people, three bodyguards smoked to play cards under nearby tree, 45 bodyguards were looking at outside in the car(riage).

Although is away from the car(riage) membrane unable to see their facial expressions, but they are visiting us, is a follower, discovered that is looked is only an intuition, does not have what science.


I used the finger to hit the glass of business automobile, inside person dropped the glass immediately, said with a smile: „Uncle, Young lady, do you come?"

„Um, prepared fishing pole to us?"

„Must prepare, in the reserve box, I helps you take."

„Does not use, we came."


In the reserve box has at least 10 fishing poles . Moreover the value will not be low, at least 1000, the rich man is willful, I have chosen two, brought Lin Wan Er to go to the bund, saw from afar two three old fogies fished here, one was Lin Tiannan, Dong Cheng Feng, one was my family's old man.

„Oh, the brat do you come?" The old men said with a smile.

I nod, squat to help Lin Wan Er reorganize the fishing pole, at the same time asked: „Master, do you always mix up with Uncle Lin? I also think you for example ‚the Hualong Group' and ‚proud Tian pledge' and so on the mysterious organization works!"

The old men stared my one eyes, said: „I also nothing, again said that for serveral days Lin Boss now is my parents of son or daughter-in-law, doesn't mix up well? Also, what Dragon Zu member your boy is, closes my trifling thing, do not forget, you became engaged with others unmarried girls, but also called Uncle Lin, what should call?"

I somewhat was utterly confused immediately, good and evil is also the first time!

Lin Tiannan visits me smilingly: „Right, Li Xiao Yao you have not called me directly."

Lin Wan Er is red in side cheek, waits for me to call.

I have the scalp one hard, was mad the sinking dantian saying: „Father."

„Um, good......" Lin Tiannan to be ecstatic, the fish sign starts to shiver, raises gently, probably the palm long carp has swallowed immediately the bait, Lin Wan Er called „father was really fierce" the time again, may give to be wild with joy him.

„Oh, messed up......" nearby Dong Cheng Yue as before doing well the fish line and fishhook.

Tang Qi said: „Young lady, do I help you?"

Dong Cheng Yue pouts: „No, I worried that Brother Xiao Yao will be jealous, one will be angry to send a merit pride goes before a fall to lose you to the lake, that is not good......"

Lin Wan Er throws to smile, pushes my shoulder: „Helps East city that stupid girl."

I nod, in the past helped her manage the good fish line, later made own, Tang Qi touches the nose, said: „This road has truly filled difficultly, my heart good pain......"

Dong Cheng Yue shot a look at his one eyes, said: „Was little false, I heard that in [Hero's Mound] doesn't have called ‚Qian mountain Syracuse' female to pursue you? Yesterday also together practiced the level, at the forum the affectionate picture had, but also showed off cleverness here, ignominious!"

Tang Qi in great surprise: „You link this to know unexpectedly......"

Dong Cheng Yue cracks into a chuckle, the racket his shoulder said: „Relax, I did not mind that this is best, you had the person who oneself liked, I also felt for you gratified, I had the person who oneself liked in any case!"

Tang Qi touches the nose: „The original [Hero's Mound] brothers thought that I and you are the officer match, thinks you should with me in the same place."

Dong Cheng Yue stares slightly, in beautiful eyes is passing color of the difficult solution, said with a smile: „Thinking oneself infallible forces a girl to go with the person who oneself do not like in the same place, added that is good for her, what isn't this two is sick is?"

Although I do not think one can with East city and Wan Er simultaneously in the same place, but East city these words said are reasonable, I cannot bear has raised up the thumb, this goods being wild with joy.


Starts to fish, at this time Tang Qi appeared the unique ability, he unexpectedly was the fishing master, less than a half hour continuously has fished many fish, even also fished at least one jin (0.5 kg) sheatfish, this let me and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue envies the envy to hate, Lin Tiannan and Dong Cheng Feng were praising the Tang Qi fishing technology to be good.

But I did not know about fish target shivering rule very that only some were patient, after spatial hooks, fought on despite repeated setbacks, finally also made me fish several watermelon small fish, actually Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two greatly beautiful little girls not only did not have the patience, did not have the technology, under the hook only considered to feed the fish continuously.

A person of bucket, to quick evening time, in the Lin Wan Er barrel has three fish, gross weight absolutely not over 32, in Dong Cheng Yue barrel only then two fish, only then the finger is long, I and Tang Qi look unable to bear smile, this young lady is not good at fishing fortunately but is good at acting like a spoiled brat, digs the small mouth, red the eye to visit me, visited me embarrassed to continue to taunt, said: „Has not related, girl Zichang attractive and sensible has been OK, can fish secondary."

She was happy immediately: „Clip clop......"

I supplemented one: „But at least must cook fish......"

She was also depressed: „I...... I will only eat the fish......"

Lin Wan Er somewhat is also speechless: „This......"

I clap hands smile: „Has not related, will eat is also one skill......"

Dong Cheng Feng could not bear smile in side finally, afterward said: „29-day lunar month, you truly this study, turn head I to buy a cookbook to you, well how studies to cook food, when leisure also a little can the matter be done is not?"

Dong Cheng Yue nods.

The old men grin, say with a smile: „Archaism has, a woman wants to retain the man, must first detain his stomach."

Tang Qi scratches the head, said: „Master Sir, I had heard another edition, the modern woman wants to retain the man, detains a stomach point with not to have, wants to be attractive and adorable importantly, moreover can detain the kidney of man......"

Dong Cheng Yue shot a look at his one eyes: „Snort, has not thought that you are this person!"

Was saying she looks to me, has depended like me, above the binding chest of small western-style clothing reveals a very obvious gully, good of small girl truly growth, she said: „Brother Xiao Yao, you are not that superficial person, right?"

I shivered with fright, said: „I naturally am not that superficial person, but do not depend that nearly, otherwise my kidney wanted boiling hot......"

Lin Wan Er threw smiles, stared my one eyes: „You said one time again!"

„Wife I made a mistake!"

„This also almost."

Dong Cheng Yue smiled the tears to be about to fall, no longer continued to entice me, but has fished with single-hearted devotion, because the Dong Cheng Feng proposition took these fish to go to nearby small fish village to eat meal in the evening, cooked these fish, everyone fished many only to eat many, according to this weaponry, the dish that Dong Cheng Yue can eat tonight also insufficiently fills the gap between teeth, do not look that this girl was slim, but the appetite was not small, ate meal each time are not less than me many.


Setting sun in the western sky time, fishing ended.

Has had a supper in the small fish village satisfactory, coaxed several elders happily, actually Dong Cheng Feng and Lin Tiannan these people did not have what class to pursue, saw daughter joyful was also happiest, moreover side the daughter had me and Tang Qi such „little friend", this also made them very gratified.

Finished eating, suddenly on the cell phone jumped out a news, came from Yan Zhao Warrior

„Xiao Yao, finished eating the food to get online comes to see, in Tian Ling Empire had the point small matter!"


Also had an accident......

I sink, is willing to decide not to have the good deed!

[Zhan Long] will end the book on January 10, the last month, asked the monthly ticket, the brothers please pound the [Zhan Long] monthly ticket!

Zhan Long Chapter 1364

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